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Toledo Street

It’s the principal street of Manzanares. There is a supermarket. Empedrada Street is the best street to go shopping because there are a lot of good shops: there is a shoes shop, there are clothes shops‌

In Jes煤s del Perd贸n Street there is a church called Jes煤s del Perd贸n hermitage, a supermarket (Mercadona), shops...

In this street there is a market, shops, a hermitage‌ It’s a long street

The Constitution Square is at the end of Empedrada Street. It was transformed. In the Constitution quare there is the town hall, shops, restuarants and there is a church.

It’s in the Constitution Square. The town hall is over the post office and next to some buildings and the police station.

It’s the castle of Manzanares and it’s next to the San Blas hermitage. The caltle is very big and old.

THE TRAIN STATION At the train station, you can travel to different places. You can buy one-way or round-trip tickets. Near the rail way station, there is a bus station. In front of it, there is a fountain. Next to the bus station, you can find a roundabout. 11

THE PARK In the park, you can do a lot of activities. Skating rink: You can go with your friends to skate. Playround: You can go with your children there. It’s a very fun place. Exercise area: There is a place for the old people, where they do some activities.


THE SWIMMING-POOL In summer, we usually go to the swimming-pool. It’s a nice place. We go there with our friends, and sometimes, we celebrate birthdays there. There is a sweet shop too!

THE FIELD Next to the swimming-pool, there is a field. It is called “José Camacho”. It is very big. Boys and girls usually go to play football there. There are two goals, and there is a lot of grass.


The theater There is a museum and a church,there are 3 fountains You can play football, basketball, or go skating… Next to the theater there is a church “Virgen the Altagracia” Near the theater there is a chinese restaurant. On the corner there is a bar and opposite the bar, there is a bank.




In Toledo street there is the Ancla hotel and there are two bars. Their names are Escena and Borriquilla. In Virgen de la paz Street there are many stores: shoe stores, clothing stores, and a supermarket. In empedrada street there are also stores like serrano and popular bank.

There is a Pharmacy on Carrilejos Street In the center there is the Gran Theater and behind it there’s a court. Manzanares City is very big. There are 20.000 people

In manzanares there is a pigeon square,

there is a church, Miguelon bar and Toro bar. In Alfonso Mellado street there are Milagrosa school and the municipal market. In Andalucia Avenue there is a bullring. On the river there are fairgrounds, in summer at the fairgrounds there’s a fair. There are also some bars called ligar and Teo. There is a river. Its name is Azuer

At the intersection San Blas there is a castle and

in virgen the carmen street there is San JosĂŠ school. In pigeon square go straight ahead towards the river and you will find lope de vega library and a kebab restaurant. In cristobal colon street there are a lot of houses and there are many bars like zaguan, shaman and escobar.

In jesus del perdon street there is a church opposite the optica. On the corner there is a sports store. On the corner of Andalucia Avenue and cristobal colon there is a flour factory. It’s very big


The Manzanares is a river in central Spain, the right tributary of the Jarama, which in turn is a tributary of the Tagus.  This river, which runs through the Community of Madrid, originates in the Sierra de Guadarrama, in the Glacier de la Condense, the southern slope of the long range, near a football field. It passes through Madrid. 

In Manzanares there are some fast food restaurants(for example Telepizza and Venecia). They usually sell pizzas.

We`ve got a train station called RENFE. A lot of trains cross this station. To enter a train, you need to go down a tunnel with a lot of stairs. Next to the train station, there is a bus station.

There’s a school called Divina Pastora in the neighborhood which has the same name as the school.

Near the Divina Pastora neighborhood, there`s a hipermarket called Eroski. It was called before Caprabo and it was blue. It has a very big free parking. It is near a roundabout with pigeons.

Every summer, Fercam opens its doors. It has a lot of vehicles and a big pavilion. It is situated at the river walk.

And there are lots of chemist’s, houses, schools (for example, Altagracia school)‌

Covered Pavilion In the covered pavilion you can play football and basketball. This one is opposite the running track and next to the indoors swimming pool. Inside there are many things.

Bus Station In the bus station there is a bar, a shop of baubles and buses. From it is several buses go out to several different sites. Next to the station there is a football field and there is a source with jets opposite the station that falls to the soil of his square.

Poligon’s Park The park of the polygon is opposite the hospital. We can find many types of animals: turkeys, ducks and fish. there is a lake . Also there is a solar system that explains to you the characteristics of every planet and of the Sun.

Hospital Manzanares hospital was built in 1972.

Grain Store It was a important building in the time of Franco. Now, the Garin Store isn’t have any useful and is abandonated. Is opposite the I.E.S. Azuer.

Running Track The running track is opposite the swimming pool. people go there to run, to jump, to throw objects... There is a very big stadium with seatings to see the competitions

Covered Swimming Pool The covered swimming pool Is opposite the running track. People go there to swim and to have fun playing in the water. There is a very big swimming pool on the left, which is for swim. a smaller swimming pool, for the kids and there is a jacuzzi, for relaxing.

Railroad Station / Train Station The Manzanares railroad communicates the town with Madrid, Valencia and other destinations, is one of the oldest in Spain, is not very big.

In Manzanares there are two high schools.

I.E.S Azuer It was building in 1980 and there are almost 800 students and there is one football court.

I.E.S Pedro Ă lvarez de Sotomayor It was building in 1940 and there are almost 750 and there are two footballs courts.

Manzanares  Manzanares, in Ciudad Real is

a municipality of Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.  It has a population of 19,186 (2009). It is located near the Highway A-4 (Autovia of the South).  In this municipality, there are many monuments, important places, squares… We are going to talk about the important places in part B.

The Pilas Bonas Castle  The Pilas Bonas Castle was

built around the year 1239.  The Castle was the centre of Manzanares, because the municipality of Manzanares grew from the castle.  In 1864, the Castle fell into private hands.  Now, the Pilas Bonas Castle is a restaurant and a bar.

Bull-Fighting Ring  The Square of Bulls of

Manzanares was built in 1900. After the end of the Civil War, the square was reopened in 1944.  In this Square of Bulls, only one person has died: Ignacio Sánchez Mejías.

Asuncion Church  The construction of the

Asuncion Church was finished at the end of the 14th century, or the beginning of the 15th.  This church is the most important church of this municipality: in this church, people celebrate baptisms, Sacraments, and weddings…  The Asuncion Church, is in the Town Hall’s Square, or The Pigeon’s Square.

Flour Factory The Flour Factory is an old and very big factory

that made flour, but now, it is ruined and neglected: the windows are broken… For many years:


Telepizza is a fast food restaurant at the corner of Paseo de la estación and Pérez Galdós´ street. Here you can eat pizza, hamburguer and you drink coke, water and other things. It´s near the greengrocer´s too.

The greengrocer´s is near the Telepizza. Here you can buy fruits , vegetables and other things. The greengrocer´s opens at nine o´clock in the morning and closes at half past eight in the afternoon.

This is the toy shop (Juguettos). Here you can buy toys and things of babies. It is at the corner of Perez Gald贸s street and Luna麓s street.

That is an example of toy.

The dentist is next to the driving school. It is a new dentist in Manzanares and it is in Perez Gald贸s street. The driving school is new too. And it is opposite Juguettos. Here you learn to drive.

At the end of this street, it is the railway station. Here you can find a lot of shops, bars, houses, etc.

The Flamingos ´ bar is between the “Compro oro´s” shop and shoe shop. The bar and the shops are under the houses and behind the cars.

The parts store is opposite the car store. The two stores have got cars or things for them. They are under the houses.

Medina-Hierros is a factory of iron and metals. It was closed seven months ago. It was very large. It is near the railway station.

This is the railway station. It is at the end of Paseo de la estaci贸n street and next to the taxis station and near the bus station. Here there is a caf茅 and along the day pass many trains with a lot of passengers.

They were fireplaces of mainly holds. This fireplaces are near the railway station and on top there are nests of storks. There are three fireplaces of these in all Manzanares, but each one is separate of the rest.

This is the biggest school of Manzanares and it´s at the corner of this street and near Carrilejo´s café ; then there is a crosswalk in front of the school. But children do many graffiti in the wall. Then the chemist it´s on the left of the school and opposite the SEAT workshop.

There Is a bar near the garage. Here you can eat or drink a coffe. It is in front of a school. It’s very nice and cool.

Taller Hispano is a garage where you can repair your car. It is in Gibraltar street, near to the train station.

Here there is a pharmacy next to a esthetic center. In the pharmacy you can buy syrups and lozenges. In the esthetic center you can you can take a massage.

This is a center for people under sixteen years and over nine years. This center is in Perez Gald贸s street, near the Caja Madrid's English academy and next to the market. Here you can play whit the computers, wii, table tennins, billiards, etc.

This is an English academy financed by Caja Madrid. This academy is in the corner of Perez Gald贸s and Carrilejos street, under some flats and near Milagrosa麓s school and the market. Here can come people of all ages.

The Milagrosa school is opposite municipal market, is a entered school and religious. This is a school that is in Alfonso Mellado street opposite the market, and next to a nursing home, also called Milagrosa.

Inside the school you can play some sports like football, basketball, etc.

This is the municipal market. It opens in the morning from Tuesday to Saturday, from seven o´clock to two o´clock.

This sculpture is called “Centro Atractor” and is at the intersection of “Calle Toledo, Carretera de La Solana and Paseo de la Estación”. It is 9,70 high . At night it has got light.

Made by:  Pilar Reina Bellón  Pilar Mateo Parrado  David Caba Díaz  Iván Telo Salcedo  Jesús Labián Gallardo



CARRILEJOS STREET •There is a dry cleaner’s on

the right hand side. Go straight on and there are an electronic shop, a beauty salon and a pharmacy all next to each other. Go straight on and you can see the school ‘Altagracia’. In the rest of the street there are houses.


PÉREZ GALDÓS STREET •There is a telepizza on the

corner. If you go straight on you can see a greengrocer´s and a toy shop: Juguettos. Opposite there are a lawyer ´s office and on the left, there is a driving school: Naranjo´s driving school, and at the end of the street there is a municipal market. 29/11/12

ECHEGARAY STREET •In this street are a lot of houses, some of them are

deserted. It is in the suburbs of Manzanares.


VIRTUD STREET •There are houses and empty plots. At the end of the

street, there are plots and houses on both sides. There is also Cayetano’s garage.


Trabajo Manzanares 1ESO SSEE  

Trabajo de los alumnos de SSEE del IES Azuer sobre la localidad de Manzanares