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Crossing the Border How Far Are You Going?


If you are traveling only in Sonora, or the "frontier zone,” regulations are relatively simple. All you will need is an "Only Sonora" visa and vehicle permit. These can be obtained at the Sonora Tourist Center in Tucson, the 21km checkpoint south of Nogales on Hwy 15 or, if you are an AAA member, at any AAA office in Arizona. You will need your driver's license, a passport or birth certificate, and a vehicle title or registration - there is no charge. These are then processed at the Only Sonora building at Kilometer 21. The pass must be returned when you leave. If you wish to travel outside of the state of Sonora you will need a Mexican Tourist Card or visa. This can be issued for 6 months if you will be taking multiple trips or can be obtained on a trip-totrip basis. To get your Tourist Card you will need the following: • A valid passport or an original or notarized birth certificate. • A valid picture I.D. with address. • A minor traveling with one parent will need written permission from the other parent.

Yours to Enjoy Puerto Peñasco (AKA - Rocky Point)

Center for the Study of Deserts & Oceans Free Natural History Talks: in English Tuesday's at 2pm and Saturday's at 4pm. Learn about spring tides, giant whales, the vaquita, and more. EcoTours available. From USA: (520) 320-5473; In Mexico: (638) 382-01-13

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If you are traveling outside of the "frontier zone" you must also obtain the necessary permit for your vehicle. To do so you will need copies of the following: • Title • Registration • Drivers License • Major Credit Card • Tourist Card/Visa You will post a bond of $20 with the credit card to verify you will not sell the vehicle in Mexico. If you do not pay by credit card the price can rise to over $200. These entries are good for multiple entries over a 6-month period; however, if you will not be back in that time period return your permit upon leaving. Also, if you plan to have a trailer, boat, ATV, PWC or any other toy, bring the documents for those as well. And don't forget to get MEXICO INSURANCE. U.S. insurance is not valid in Mexico and you cannot cross the border without Mexico Insurance! For more information please contact the Sonora Tourist Center at 1-800TO-SONORA or 520-784-0551. If you are in Tucson, you'll find them at 4625 E. Broadway, Suite 100-B. Mazatlan

The Malecon Mazatlan’s waterfront street, stretches for miles. Beachfront restaurants, discos, night clubs and hotels. Plan to visit in February for Carnaval in Mazatlan, oldest carnival in Mexico and third largest in the hemisphere after Rio and New Orleans. Sinaloa Tourism Office: 888-643-6409


Driving to Mexico? Old West Mexico Insurance Will Take Care of You Ajo, Arizona is a unique little town south of Phoenix, west of Tucson, and just 40 miles from the Mexico/Arizona border. Those of you who have traveled to Rocky Point from the Phoenix area have come through this little town with the pretty plaza. It is the perfect stop along the way to get those last minute snacks, gas up the vehicle, and get Mexico insurance at Old West Mexico Insurance. Old West Mexico Insurance offers the lowest short-term rates on their policies and can be found serving their customers in the Ajo Transportation Building, located just past the Plaza. Cathy Boyd, owner, agent and broker, began her own business 2 years ago, but she is no stranger to the insurance field. Her late father, Ray Phillips, owned Ray Phillips Mexico Insurance and introduced Mexico vehicle insurance to Americans about 20 years ago. "I have been around the business all my life, and it is a privilege and honor to be a second generation business person in Ajo. I feel very lucky to have had my Dad as a mentor. Many will remember him as ‘the big guy with the cowboy hat’. He loved his customers and went out of his way to help them. I have taken what he taught me about customer service and combined that with the latest technology and facts along with inexpensive rates, to best serve the public.” Mexico insurance is a necessity if you are taking a vehicle into Mexico. The consequences of not having it, if involved in an accident, are serious. Without PR OF ILE


Mexico insurance, your vehicle will be impounded, fines will have to be paid, and you can go to jail. Old West Mexico Insurance takes the hassle out of purchasing Mexico insurance, offers low rates, and time saving ways of securing a policy. Their office is staffed with helpful people and they can deliver your policy by fax, mail, drop box pick up and - coming soon - online. On your next trip to Mexico, call or stop by and meet Cathy. She has the Rocky Point Times available and maps to Rocky Point, as well as suggestions of where to stay, good restaurants and the perfect beaches. All you need is the desire to relax under a palapa, walk on the beach, or just people watch. Leave the "peace of mind" to Old West Mexico Insurance, located at 321 Taladro, Ajo, and also found at or by calling 800-528-1621.

On the Road in Mexico Some common signs and their meanings

• Peligrosa: Danger (They really mean it too) • Curva: Curve • Poblado Proxima: Population ahead • Llanteros: Tire Repair Shop • Izquierdo: Left • Derecho: Right • Alto: Stop • Cuotas: Toll • Caseta: Toll Booth • Topes: Speed Bumps (big ones!!)

Mexican Insurance for RV’s, Autos, Boats, Trailers and Motorcycles

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“If you did not get your Mexico Insurance with us, you may have paid too much!” • 1-800-528-1621 • Located in Ajo, Az

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