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Relationship and sexual problems Psychological support for sexual problems Sex is everywhere. Society has presented us with a general image of how sex should be. Sex has to be fun, and when this is not the case, the impact of this on daily life can become tremendously significant. Because of the taboos associated with sexuality, it is difficult to broach such subjects. When you run into sexual and/ or relational problems, problems for which you can no longer see the solutions, you can consult a psychologist/sexologist. Together with this professional, all difficulties can be discussed openly and respectfully in a safe setting. Some difficult questions:  How can I accept my sexual orientation and/or express it to the people around me?  Sex with my partner is painful, which causes me to resist it. How can I work on this?  My desire for sex has decreased, what now?  For me, sexuality is negatively charged. How can I approach it positively (again)?  I get sexually aroused but I am unable to come to a climax. What can I do about this?  After the arrival of our children, our sex life has been put on the back burner. How can we work on this?  How do we provide our children with the best information about sex?

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individual counselling focussing on the sexual identity and the experience of sexuality couples therapy targeting relational and sexual problems practical exercises for you and your partner information packets and specific training

With their unique range of services, Psypunt hopes to make it easier to freely discuss a difficult subject, one that all too often is silenced but that is an essential component of everyone's life. For all questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact Sare De Caster (contact person) without obligation.

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Psychological support for sexual problems  

Fertility Centre AZ Sint-Lucas

Psychological support for sexual problems  

Fertility Centre AZ Sint-Lucas