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Hoping for children Psychological support for fertility problems It can overcome you suddenly as a couple—you find you are unable to become pregnant. This is a very intimate matter, between you and your partner, and therefore it is kept a secret from the outside world. Before both of you know it, all kinds of medical tests are being performed, and you have started fertility treatment. And you feel the consequences of this on many levels: your relationship as partners, your work situations, your health, the broader family context, … The role of the fertility doctor in all of the medical aspects of the fertility treatment is absolutely essential. Guidance by a psychologist for coping with the entire process can also most certainly be advised. Difficult questions:  We really want a child, what do we do now?  How do I best handle my relationship with my pregnant colleague?  How do we explain to family and friends that we would rather not attend that party for the newborn?  How do we best handle our plans for the future, which seem to be falling apart around us?  How far can we go in this fertility treatment? How much can we handle? What do we tell our child later on?  How do we arrange all of this with our work schedules? What do I tell my boss? Based on our cooperation with the Fertility Centre at AZ St-Lucas Gent, we have put together a range of psychological support tools to make it possible to freely discuss this particular set of problems.

Services 

individual/couples counselling related to the course of the medical process attention to strengthening your coping mechanisms

 

decision-making support throughout the process advice relating to your personality, social context, work context, …

With their unique range of services, Psypunt hopes to make it easier to freely discuss a difficult subject, one that all too often is silenced but that is an essential component of everyone's life. For all questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact Heidi De Vylder (contact person) without obligation.

Contact details Gynaecological Centre Ghent Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 142 9000 Gent Tel 09/222.99.22 info@gcgent.be

Contact details AZ St Lucas Fertility AZ St Lucas, Groenebriel 1 9000 Gent fertiliteit@azstlucas.be tel. 09-224 60 92

Contact details Psypunt Lostraat 35 9000 Gent t 0499 22 27 27 info@psypunt.be

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Hoping for children - Psychological support for fertility problems  

Fertility Centre AZ Sint-Lucas

Hoping for children - Psychological support for fertility problems  

Fertility Centre AZ Sint-Lucas