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through the wall of the vagina may also bleed somewhat after the procedure. It is very rare (risk of less than 1/1000) that an infection occurs due to the puncture procedure. If fever occurs in the days following the puncture, this must be reported to the doctor.

How to use the egg cells in the future If you would like to use the egg cells in the future, please contact us again.

After egg cell identification, the egg cells are brought to the University Hospital (UZ) in a sealed transport box. This transport box is a sealed case which is kept at a constant temperature by means of a heating element. The freezing of the egg cells also occurs there.

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Dr. Tom Coetsier

Freezing of mature egg cells

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Dr. Tom Coetsier

Dr. Nele Van Renterghem

Dr. Isabelle Meire

Due to their size and to the presence of a spindle apparatus (special subcellular structure), egg cells are very difficult to freeze. The recent development of vitrification has made the freezing of egg cells possible with only a minimum loss of quality. In vitrification, almost no crystals are formed, instead the egg cells take on a glass-like form. This results in less damage to the egg cells when they are warmed back up.

Storage period The storage time of vitrified egg cells is 10 years, starting from the date of freezing. After 10 years, you can send a written request via registered mail for an extension of the storage time. If you do not, the frozen material can be destroyed or used for scientific research. If you choose to request an extension, you must also state your motivation for making the request. The conditions for storage have been regulated via the relevant Act of July 2007. You can decide to terminate storage at any time.

It is best to make an appointment with the doctor and the psychologist at +32 9 224 60 92 or + 32 9 222 99 22.

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Egg cell vitrification  

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Egg cell vitrification  

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