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SPRING 2013 SATELLITE STUDIO HELSINKI 15 January–15 April 2013 Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada NOW for Architecture and Urbanism + Kulttuurisauna

HELSINKI SATELLITE STUDIO PROGRAM SPRING 2013 15 January–15 April 2013 (13 weeks) Host: NOW for Architecture and Urbanism / Kulttuurisauna Locations: Kulttuurisauna / NOW (Hakeniemenrantatie 17) Museum of Finnish Architecture (Kasarmikatu 24), museum’s villa (Puistokatu 4) Instructors: Tuomas Toivonen (NOW), Nene Tsuboi (NOW), Benjamin Reichen (Åbäke) and Martti Kalliala (Pro Toto) The studio consists of three parallel activities: A MAP Producing a new map of Helsinki and its relevant architectural sites. In the spirit of Nolli and Piranesi, we will investigate, identify and visualise a new architectural representation of Helsinki as an archipelago of mirabilia and monuments; an urban form that contains relevant buildings, narratives, intentions, projects and historical traces. We will produce in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Helsinki Bureau of Urban Planning a fantastic new map with descriptions of Helsinki’s (alternative) monuments and mirabilia. The map will be printed, published and exhibited.

Nolli map of Rome SATELLITE STUDIO HELSINKI / 27.9.2012

Piranesi’s Campo Marzio

Archive of the Museum of Finnsh Architecture

Ehrenström’s map of Helsinki SATELLITE STUDIO HELSINKI / 27.9.2012

WORKSHOPS ON THEORY A series of workshops arranged jointly with the Aalto University Theory of Architecture course will be attended by the studio. Workshop guests include: Sami Rintala (Rintala Eggertson Architects), Kersten Geers & David van Severen (KGDVS Office), Alexander Brodsky and Juhani Pallasmaa.

LESSONS held by Finn Williams at Puistokatu vaiila (2012)

FIN(N)ISH SAUNA On-site finishing touches at Kulttuurisauna: building the Stage and Pyramid Room. Documenting the building in photographs and drawings.

Kulttuurisauna SATELLITE STUDIO HELSINKI / 27.9.2012

Also: READING, THINKING, TALKING • A reading/seeing circle and discussions with a selection of texts and films on, about, and around architecture, urbanism and civilisation. A Journal • Each student will keep a studio journal and collect a relevant ideas, quotes and imagesover the course of the studio. This journal is to be made entirely by hand (text and drawings) A Journey • Each student will plan, research, document and make their own excursion to a selected destination in Finland and present their findings to the rest of the studio.

Tuomas Toivonen (NOW / Kulttuurisauna) Tuomas Toivonen is an architect, writer and musician, living and working in Helsinki. His works include conversations, objects, interiors, buildings, urban plans, enterprises, texts, music, broadcasting, publications and exhibitions. He is interested in people, atmospheric phenomena, analog synthesis, building things and making small contributions to culture and civilisation. Nene Tsuboi (NOW / Kulttuurisauna) Nene Tsuboi is a designer based in Helsinki. Her works include artworks for products and publications, designing graphics and spaces, organising events and exhibitions. Benjamin Reichen (Åbäke) Åbäke is a collective of four graphic designers based in London. Patrick Lacey is from the UK, Kajsa Stahl from Sweden, Benjamin Reichen and Maki Suzuki from France.Their physical work includes posters, CD and record designs, furniture, and installations in art galleries and public spaces. Martti Kalliala (Pro Toto) Martti Kalliala, is a Finnish architect currently based in Helsinki, working with an extended notion of the professional territory of the contemporary spatial practitioner.


NOW / Kulttuurisauna NOW is an architecture and design practice founded by Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi. Since 2005, NOW has worked on a wide spectrum of projects reflecting the varied interests and skills of the partners, and the agendas of their clients and collaborators. Kulttuurisauna is a new public sauna designed and operated by Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi. The building will also operate as the office of NOW and will be a venue for cultural exchange and production. Kulttuurisauna is currently under construction and will open in autumn 2012.

Helsinki Studio - Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism  

The Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University will host a Winter 2013 design studio in Helsinki, Finland. Directed...