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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2nd Grade Letters to Santa Claus

The Azle News Springtown Elementary Dear Santa I want a chiwahwha and a Min pin!!!!! My Mom Dad and Sister has one too. But not me. I being a good citizenship. But isn’t. How is Mrs. Claues. Love Amayrani Dear Santa I would love a pupy. And a 4-wheeler. And sorst and pans. And can you plece try to make it

snow. And I want to have a phon. Ples giv suting for my twen and And a bindr. giv evons bets for me ples and giv Love Breanna suting to seskos and giv suting to cash and giv me aramp for my new Dear Santa bick and giv me a beol to. How are you doing how are the Love Cole raindeers can I get a iphone 5s and some video games ps-3 and a Dear Santa, dirt bike and another dome bag a How are you and the raindeer. fourewheeler. I will give you some For Christmas can I have a Americokies for cristmas. can girl doll, 4-wheler, computer, Love Bragson Iphone 5s, New Ipad, volleyball, new bike hope you buy me most Dear Santa, of what I wanted thank you very

Welcome to our Season’s Greetings section! Once again, here’s our popular special “Season’s Greetings” section! It’s our annual Christmastime insert of letters written by Azle and Springtown second graders to Santa Claus. The letters are filled with wonder and joy and innocence – and sometimes you’ll find one

that’s a little heart-wrenching. We print them as written and ship them off to the North Pole in plenty of time for Santa to get them. Advertisers make this special section possible and it’s their way of wishing friends and customers a Merry Christmas. The businesses in this “Sea-

son’s Greetings” support this community and we encourage you to do business with them at every opportunity. May these letters make you smile and appreciate the magic of the season! From all of us at the Azle News and Springtown Epigraph – Merry Christmas!

much. P.S. I will leave milk and cookies for you. Dear Santa, Love Lilly Can I havn a ak47 and can I havn a Flamthore and can I havn a Dear Santa, xbox1 can I ahvn a TV for me. Can I would want a big play house I havn a BatlFelde4. and a ipad a new car called a bug Love Anakin and a iphone 5 a new big blue bear and a new cat and $10,000 a gym- Dear Santa, nastics set up and I think that’s all! I wit a dirtbike and call duty Love Danielle gost. I will lev you cooke and milk. You no my dad Brin Bosch how is Dear Santa, Rudolph doing. I am so so sorry for not riding Love Garrett you win I was 2 it binn in my mind am I on the note list I wut sum toys. Dear Santa, Love Sarah I would give me a dird bike and a some video games and a Dear Santa, ipod. How are the ranedere I will What I want for chrismas is leave you some cookeis and milk uhm…this Rudolph stufft animal 4-wheeler. at build a bear work shop. O and Love Breckin can I have a girl lego city toy. Well now that I’ve said what I wanted Dear Santa, how are your raindeers good I I would lik a remote control airhope. plane and how are you’r rane deer Love Emily and I would like a remote control car and I would like a toy car. Dear Santa, Love Hayden How are you dowing plece give me a ipod and a ipone and I whant Dear Santa, som clows thak you. How are your you doing and Love Joey how is Rudolpho and can you get

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May we always have “Christ” in Christmas. We have nothing without Him.


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me American Girl doll. Love Julie Dear Santa, How are the rain deer? And what I want for Christmas is a computer and a American girl doll that looks like me. And a build a bear it would be lovely. Love Madison Dear Santa, I like some videos games. And a iphone 6. And a ipad with a lot of games. I would like a football field and a football. Love Drake Dear Santa, How are you doing? How are the raindeer doing? Well if I get presents I would like a American girl doll and a Barbie and a nuck please. Love Avery Dear Santa, Can I a phone and a computer and a build a bear and a 4 wheeler for me make it smoll and a American girl doll and make her look like me a can I have a ipod and a violin and a guitar and a corler full

Azle Paint & Body 233 W. Main • 817-444-5057 From our families to yours

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Owner, Wes Winstead

Don’t just have happy holidays, have healthy ones as well. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle wishes you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. We’re here for all of your health care needs now and throughout the year. From Emergency Services to Heart & Vascular to Women’s Services and more, we’re committed to you. And to bringing nationally recognized health care to Azle and our surrounding communities. So here’s to a year filled with good tidings and good health.

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Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

hair strips.

think I am good can you give me a it ples pretty ples. Cus I bulleven Love Morgan new dox for school. And cool stof. you. And the estrduny and the toLove William thfery and sandman. Dear Santa, Love Madison I hare den good this year. Can Dear Santa you get me some Monster high I have been tring to be good. Dear Santa, dolls, brbie, silly hair loopsy. Sins last cresmes or your rander I would like a unicycle one my Love Keely ok. May I have lots ov lego friends size. And I would like a puppy that ples. And lots uv monster hiy dolls does not bark all the time. How are Dear Santa, ples. And lots uv uthstuf but I rel- you and the raindeer? I would like I am trying to be good if you ley wunt a xbox 360. May have a hamster. I would like a bunney.

Your Favorite Abigail Dear Santn Clus, I been good this yery so can you Dear Santa, get me a brby hous pleys. So hour I have been good. Will you get are ure dars like rowdof the red me some toys? May I have some nose rand. So hou are you bouy barbies, clothes and two puppys? so can you sind me a puppy so My mom wants some jewelry. Will can you or a fone or a as5 pleys or you get my teachers a couple stuf makup or can you get me and tla I’m sure the’ll injoy it? dlit or and kindlfir or and ipod or Love Ashlynn and ipad. Love Paig

from Dr. McCreary & Staff

Dear Santa, I have been a good Gril. I want

Wishing you a Merry Christmas …

Azle Area Chamber of Commerce 404 W. Main St. Azle • 817-444-1112

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa, I am looking forward to chishmiss. Pleas bring me a yonacon stuffed animal. So how are your rain der doing? I hope they are doing good. Love Wade

Frankie Robbins, Agent 3980 Boat Club Road Fort Worth, TX 76135 Bus: 817-237-8218

and a joyous New Year. May the joy of the season make all your wishes come true. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.

Beth Crowe Season’s Greetings to all of our friends, family and good neighbors in the Azle Area. May your holiday be full of cheer and good tidings.

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Have a very

Merry Christmas!

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Wishing You

Joy, Peace and Goodwill in the coming year.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Eagle Crest Villa.

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To All Our Customers

& Ha


REJOICE... In the Spirit of the Season! Christmas...a special time to remember those who have touched our lives with warmth, kindness and have blessed us in so many ways. Warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks from all of us, to all of you. 405 Commerce St. • Azle, Texas 76020


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Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 puppys for crismis. Do you want me to feed the Deers for you? And I want the stuf with it. It is fun talking with you. I wish a Holey jolly Crismis to evre oue. Love Lilly Dear Santa, I been faree nic to my sister. I kone you kone my sister. So I first yot to get a dirtbik for crismis and all drtbik stof for the drtbik ples. And can I hav a Ipad for crimis. Love Carson

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I want a ninju tartal set of the suar. I want a xbox one with madden 25. And splinter sell. Can I have a collog footdall game. Can I have a bebe gun to. Your Friend Gunner Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. I want a D.S. How are the rain deer? But I want a brari house and a monster high house or a chock bord ful of chock! I wrilly want the D.S.! Love Ava

Dear Santa, I went a xbox to play games on my Tv. So I can play games. Dear Santa, Love Parker How are you doing? I am fine and I want a xbox 360 for chrisDear Santa Claus, miss and a mine craft game for the Can I plese have a cherleding xbox 360 and toys. How are the sout and three barbese can I plese raindeer doing? have a bes to and a laptop I have Your Friend Bryant bin good a nice well I bin chring. Can I have a cholkbord with five Daer Santa, cholks and can I have some make I want a 22 rifle gun, a dirt ike, a up and a dress with know sleves. unackle, a pear of skates not roller Thank you. blades, bulits for my 22, a flach Love Summer light freand, a dog chage, a xbox 360 with the game colududymin Dear Santa, craft, a 100$, a laptop I will fead I wus hopen that you kud sid a the deers, and I want at misfeer, pupy and a chokbord with lost uv and teckno. chok. I oso bin a gud grl this yer. Your frind Caleb Love Shelby Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I would like a puppy for ChristI want hihls and dress up stuf mas. Thank you for all the stuff and hothus a burby slon and a you gave me. I will lev you ten pogo stick are the raandeer fine. I dollars. You are very nice. We love will lefe you calkies and a piece of you very nice. candy. I have bin a good girl this Love Adriana yaey I promis you are nice. I will make raiddeer food I want a puppy. Dear Santa, Love Madison I would like super Mario bros dream world. Super Mario bros Dear Santa, sticker star. I’v been a good kid. I will like a Love Bradden carig for my babby dolls. But how hav you been I hope you’r ok how Dear Santa, is you’r rainbere or thay ok. But Can I have a Iphone 5 and a suI will git cookes and milk out the per Mario bros sticker star game milk will be in the frig. and super Mario bros dream wold. Love Arly And super Mario bros galaxy. Love Koltan Dear Santa, I would lika a pocket knive and Dear Santa, a 4-wheeler and I would like a I would like a hellicapter. I want hunting coated hellocopter and I a x-box. I would like a tablet. I am hoping for a happy new year want a I-pod and a footboll jersey. am I naguty or nice circle and re- I would like a Halo 2. I want a DS. spond to me. I would like a bike. I want a juigi Love Tyler ghost. Love Javier Dear Santa, I have been a goo file. Will you Dear Santa, give me a bike and how are you I really want a huge remote condowing. So how are your randeer trol monster track and I would like duying. a tablet and can I have a huge heLove Jenisee licopter and I whould really like a red stunt bike and I whould like a

play station 3 and I whould like a play station 4 and I whould like a pet snake and I whould like a PS3 and I whould like a x-box360 and I whould like a 3DS and I whould like a Iphone. Love Billy Dear Santa, I want a volcano lab and a minecraft on a computer and super Mario bros and a globe and dream world and pokemon gdd and donkey kong and swimming pond. Love Luke Dear Santa, I would like a DS3 and Lego city and Donkey kong asasen kreed black black ops ghost luigi ghost gtd5. Love Cambryn Dear Santa, I would like play station move of Mario luigi dream world and a 3DS a apple gift card playstation vida this witt be for cookers and milk. Love Gideon Dear Santa, I love you and your randers. I wont to hav phrete klos fat shos miklos and baring fax shos your stimik showing your stimik. A prete krown and a prete brastshat. A pipy for ksimis. Bor bestoand klos for them. Love Dellhia Dear Santa, What cinde of cookie do you want. I would like a bike. And I want Halo5. And I want a game cold call of duty ghost. Santa do you like to give toys to the people. Love Cesar Dear Santa Thak you for all the present! So I promis to give you some cookie. I love you! Some people don’t bleve you. But I do. I would like a disco ball I love to dance. If you’re rain dear are hungry I will give them carits. Love Danijae Dear Santa, I would like…For Christmas is a tablet. I’ll leave you some cookies in Christmas night. What I would like for my present is, an I-phone. I’ll leave you some hot coco. Love Anahi Dear Santa, I would like…For Christmas I’ll really like a kindle fire HD in a horse in I will left cookies in one more thing a DS Hello kitty 2

r u O From o t e m o H Yours

gaem and a brand new car in I will Dear Santa, like Luigi ghost. In I woule like How are you doing? I have been thing for science. a good boy. For Christmas I would Love Natalia like batman toys and manginext bat cave. Dear Santa, Love Riley For Christmas I want a Woody doll and a guitar. I would also like Dear Santa, new cloths and new video games. How are you doing? How is RuLove Hunter Ray dolph the red nost ran deer? I am good this year may you please breg Dear Santa, me a ninja slerd. I would like a pupy for ChristLove Chaystin mas and want cain of cookeys bo you like and I want a kindle fire Dear Santa, HD sowould you give me a x-box How is Mis. Santa? I have ben and a DS and ps3 and a tablet a I nise santa. Will you plese bereg me really would like a stuffed ani- a sparkle pink beress and a sparkle mal’s and I-pad and a Dance Stuff pink high heels? Will you bering I-phone. me a Ipod? Will you dereg me a Love Allyson chilgerns moder sikle that gose 200 mils per hoer please? Love Hayley Dear Santa, I would like a DS3 and a psp and Dear Santa, fegrnelse and a I-pod and a tablet How riley are the elves? I have and a x-box and a I-pad and some been good. Can I please have a pokmon that is god and I wan it to laptop and a gary of nalls please. I be pekuchoe. will it and I will like a pair of high Love Celeste heels. Love Morgan Dear Santa, I like my toys year live. I went a Dear Santa, xbox. I woule like a PS3. I would How are you doing I have been like a phone. What do you like good. Colud you bring me a collecwhat chacn of cookies. I woule tions of you and Justin beiber and like tablet. I would like the Lugi hello kitty. ghost. I would like DDS. I would Love Hannah like bros dream world. Love Julian Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing? Are the Dear Santa, elves ok? Will you please get me a I would like For Christmas. I laptop, tv. really want I want Dear Santa, we Love Carley ool like you. Santa, I wat a DS3. Santa I wish I had a x-box and a Dear Santa, I-pad. Halo3 foodo teshr. How are the elves? I’ve been Love David good this year. May I hplease have a remote controle plane and two Dear Santa, Minecraft items. One is for my How is the raindeers? I have brother. been good this year. Can I have a Love Jacob 3ds? Can I have a cell phone? Can I have a Ipod? Dear Santa, Love Ethan How is Ms Clas? Is Radolph good? This year I hope I git a Dear Santa, phone for chrismis. I hope I git a How are you doing? How are monopoly game bord. the elves doing? How is Mrs Santa Love Olivia doing? I wold like a nige tertle shell the red nige tertle mask. And Dear Santa, I wold like nige tertle wepen. How are you dowing? How rooLove boot doing? Because I like roodoof he was my favrit oen wen I wes Dear Santa, little? Can you please give me sum How are you doing? May I have legows pleas? Can you please give a little turtle? May I have a loptop? me a jasen weten gersey? Can you May I have a little puppy? pleas give me a phone? Love Vivianne Love Ty

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I hope youre deer is fine? I have been good this year? Can I please have makeup for doing my chores? And I want some high heels? And can I please have some fake nails? Love Tara Dear Santa, How is Ms. Claus? Can I have some sparkley high heels? Love Jasmine Dear Santa, How are the elves doing? I have played with my sisters a lot, so for Christmas all I want is for you to please help my family get to Oklahoma to see my family. Thank you very much. Love Skyler Dear Santa, I can’t wait until Christmas. How is Mrs Claus. And the elfes. I have been a good little gril this year. I hope I get a puppy for Christmas I love puppys they are fluffy and cute. My mom said I could. And my mom said I could get a new pair of boots I love boots. And I love the bike I got last Christmas. Love Autumn Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa? Is evre thing all rite up thary. I have ben vere good this year. Can you plesse give me phone for Christmas and a phone case with a skol on it and sparkls on it and a new taplit case with a hart on it. Thank you Love Skylar Dear Santa, I have been passing class. And I have been good and so has my brother and sisters so has my family. I want a Ipod so does my bothers and sister. I want some dresses and high hills with it. And some earregs for Raylynn and for Wesley and Matheh play sords or play guns. Love Zeda Dear Santa, For Chrismas I want two kittens. A uncicyl. A Barbie dream house. A litre box for the kittens. And xbox one with games. A 2DS. A DSi. A kuno 7. A skylander with a go mairo otfit. A touch screen computer new tinnis shoes. A new back pack. Are you real. Pinch. Love Paige Dear Santa, What I want for chinisom is a

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Yeari !

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Dr. Myers, Dr. Gonzalez & Staff Wish You a Happy Healthy Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas from HealthFirst Azle Clinic

May your faith be renewed and your spirits rekindled during this holy and joyous time of year. For the blessing of your friendship we are truly grateful.


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Season’s Greetings 2013

book and a new back pak and a American girl doll and a new bike becus my old bek is brok plese!!!!! Now is so I want a jore box and some make up and a tow tickits for football game and a tee shert I have bin good and is it ter you have . I love my sista and I will wont ask how are you. Love Haiey Dear Santa, Can you bring me some soccer balls and a bike and one elf and a motersicle and a control arplane. How big ar gir elfs? Can you bring me a magic hat. Love Jose Dear Santa, For crismas want a qint day. I want a gint pokemon plush! I want a xbox and a minderaft game for xbox. I want my pupey to have a ranndeer toy and a santa aoutfit! I want a tv and lago Mario. Skylanders sope fros. And Mrey crismas!! Love Nathaniel Dear Santa, I love you. For crismis I what a new fown and a scoodr. And a new dresr and a new bed and a new nit lit. and new boots and a new skat bord. And a new bike and a new blox and a new clows I love you Love Ven Dear Santa, For chismis I want Brat toys and atea set! And I want play dresses! Have I been on the noty list or the good list? Love Krystall Dear Santa, I wunt a bick and a bog and sum backs and sum close and sum toys and a cumputerse and sum craons so I can cutner cuthering book. And sum tolerscus. Love Lauren Dear Santa, What I wnt for carims is a xb 360, nrf guns, of curims have I bin good? Love Cayden

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love Shayne is your name. Hal is Mis clos. Do you get brack time. Is it fun to be Dear Santa, a elves. Do you go to house to I would love to have a horse for house. Plese respond to my setsis. Christmas. I would ride it every Love Ridge wear I go. I would be a ery good girl. It would be happy to see it that Dear Santa, Christmas morning standing right Youa re very nice. You are very out there in the backyard. You are nice. I want to thank you for all my best friend. the toys you gave kids. I hope you Love Sarah have a good crismiss this year. I also hope you come to my house. Dear Santa, You are the vest presnt giver. Are I hope you have a grat chrismes you carson’s kusin? Well if you are this year I want lipe frog and a new will you tell me please. bike sickle and a fourwiller and a Love Wendell big bouns house with a slide and a good tar owl yal out there to and Dear Santa, you to elphs. Santa how are you and mrs Love Tristan claws? Santa can I please have an Ipad? I’m glad your nice to evere Dear Santa, one. Who has ben nouhty and has A want a basketball goll for kris- ben nice? Do your elves have fun mis! To. I want legos for krismis bilduing toys for you? and I want woky toteys krismis. Love Wyatt Love Gavin Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I want toys and an ipad and a Wate I wote for crismis is soos bunny stuffed an a bogging stuffed and clos and hast and lost of toys and a bike plesy. and I wote crismis to me good for Love Cathy you and misis claus and tell the allefs that I sed that thay crismis to Dear Santa, me good. Thank you for alu of the toys. Love Kileigh Haooy Mis Closis dooyin I huoof hur is dooyin faiy in I huoop you Dear Santa, are doing faiy to Santa. In I woot I have bine a go Minon this a sood and I woot a soodr orn soot yere!!! I what a minon well!!! I aoot spors. In a nubr. what a minon bownel!! I what a Love Lane minon showte!!! I what a minon ereneging!! I what a minon erasr!!! Dear Santa, I what a minon hat!!! I what a miTell the elves that all the kids in non jackit!!! I what a minon pel- Springtown love thim for the toys loe!!! I what a minon nockbok!!! I and I love you. May I have bars what a minon book!!! and beams in gymnastics on tumLove Skyla ble track, pink radoie and Mckena doll from 2012 dol lof the year by Reno Elementary the way so will you get doll close and a polly pocket set with all the Dear Santa, things in it pleas. I will like a pink Santa you are nice to me. Can I bike with dsinese. have a puppy kude I a babby horse Love Annslea pleses. Love Elizabeth Dear Santa, Thank you for my presens but if Dear Santa, I don’t get present I am very sorry Thank you for all the toys he for being bad. Oh yeah tel you’er gave evry body. And I hoge the elfs elves thank you. are sendig evre body more toys. Love Corbin Love Kenzie Dear Santa, Dear Santa, You are nice and tuink you for You are very nice. I hope you the presit and you are the best can make it this year. Thaw are you santa and I think you will like your and mrs clause doing. presit what I made for you. Love Carson Love Amaya

is it? How are the elves boing? I will you leave you cookies and milk. How far is the north pole from my house? How many presents can you bring? Thank you for being so nice and I will leave carrots. Thank you for the presdents through the year. Love Wyatt Dear Santa, My name is Neveah I love your reindeers spehle Rudolph can you ples git me a big stuf bear. I rile want that for Christmas. I evin have that on my list. Haw is miss clas boing. I love the sog you mad it is Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Uow I amos frgot can you git me a pupy a ril pupy and a doll and a doll house and red nos reindeer stuf anumol I rile wut that I wish it wus Christmas evre day can you tell the elves that weveah sed Hi ow and tell Rudolph Neveah sed Hi to. Love Neveah Dear Santa, How are you doing? This year I want a toy computer. Mom would like some new slipers and grandmom would like some candy kisses. How is your elves doing? I am being very good this year so I can git some presents. I am doing very good stoff not bad stoff. Love Skylar Dear Santa, How is the north pole? How are the reineer? How are the elves? How about we talk about what I want for Christmas. Well lets start. I would like a 3DS, skylanders swaopfores for the PS3, a Pet paret, and a batman achshin figer. Love Ty Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing? How is the rest of the reindeer doing? This is what I want for Christmas a birbe dream house. Birbe dream boat. Deess 3D dees 3D games. My sister mite want a pet rackoon. My borther mite want some play stashine games. My mom mite want a pet leemer. My dad mite want a football game picher frame. Now back to me I want a pet leemer. My aunt Kelly mite want a new laptop. My cuzin hayden mite just want one to. Love Alexis

Dear Santa, For Chismis Im gowing to make you and mis claus, sum cookes for chismis and im gowing to asck my mom if we can get you a present to and my sister Kaylee she sesni she is in enermeint shool so I do’t see her a lot on and by the way how Dear Santa, cool is it in the north poll? Have For Christmas my brothers a happy chismis santa and miss Dear Santa, Dear Santa, might want some ps3 games. My claus and I’v ben rell good to. I got a cueshtins for you what I want a micvoscope. How cold sister might want some mickey

mouse movies! I might want also and blitsin? some ps3 games too. I din’t know Love Cole wut my mom want’s. Tell all the reindeer I said hi. Dear Santa, Love Kera How udolph doing and Ms Claus and youer elves to tal the esDear Santa, ter bunee hi for me. I hope evre bity is ok. How is Love Brayden Mis. Claus? I hope Rudolph is not sick. I think he is up and ready. Dear Santa, Have a good Christmas and don’t I whant to go to the north pool have so much kids. Oh! PS I want and by the way how is Rudolph a pair of roller skates and other the red nose raindeer? For rismis I things you think I should have. I whant a babby cat or a babby dog hope the raindeer are not sick. I I don’t rilly care. I whant to ride in think you will have a safe trip your sleigh. I thank you are awesome. Do you wach us? I want a lote of toys. I want new clahs. I Dear Santa, rilly want to go to the north pool. I what a kitten. I what a bird. I Love Hailee what a wii u. I what a scooter. I what a orbie. I what a hermetcrab I Dear Santa, what a scatebod I what a PS3 gams. Is Rudolph doing good? Santa Love Nathan can you try to get me these things monster high stuff and a cotton Dear Santa, candy makor color blooms lego I would like for Christmas call friends to also a maker. of dute black opps ghost and 2 for Love Kimber xbox 360 wii u 3 DS with a green case nerf electric scooter that go 80 Dear Santa, miles per hour PS3 with a football I may have been good or bad games. every day. Can you come at 12:00 Love Cody please. And if I’m good can I get a d.s. because I’ve been wanting one Dear Santa, until I got to play on the 5th turn I forgot the names of the rain- on the D.S. Dot to Dot games. And deer, will you leve me a list of maybe 500 boxes of cottin candy them if you have time? Would your for only me. Love Hannah elves make me a little cooking kit please. But please get Emma and me some growing animals. Emma Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like it would like some mix. I would like a xbox 360 and some games to go if you could make something for with it. Mom would like a ring. Pepper me and Monster. Pepper would like a little cat toy and a new Dad would like for love. Love Molly collar. I would like a cotton candy macein and a bracelet. Monster wants a dog collar and a dog toy. Dear Santa, I what a kitten. I what a scooter. Merry Christmas Santa. Love Nova I what orbies. I what a game of redie two. Love Bryce Dear Santa, I hope I get good stuf for Christmas. Can I get a halo costom with Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing. Sine I a cool mask. By the way can I have wont aober maker and a hair istin- a box of clay. Can I get the benten sis and some ginger bredman. And wach that I wished for. By the way some the brbie drem hoso Marry agan can I get a collection of Drak toys. Can I get a magen how to rite Christmas. Love Brooke a wimpy kids. By the way aagan can I get a new alarm clock. Can you tell me if there is halo 5. Can Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing can I I get a dell computer. By the way have a psp and can I have a moter? aaagen can I get the mve of Percy Love David Jackson and the Olympians of the Sea of Monster. Love Luke Dear Santa, I would like a skooder an a trans former game. Then I what a snow Dear Santa Claws, I hope I get presonts for Christmakere. An hall is darder ablitsin

Merry Christmas & Happy

New Year

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With sincere gratitude from all of us this holiday season.

At the Holiday Season,

our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. Fidelity National Title

Greetings Of The Season As another holiday season comes our way, We’d like to seize the chance to say, That one thing that we know is true, Is we owe our success to each one of you!

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At the Holiday Season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.

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Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 mas. I’m doing the best I can. I’m glad your made 2 xbox withcall of duty ghost with 2 games of om and Halo 4 and 5 and a wii u and a game of Army of Two and Minecraft. Love Adrian Dear Santa, I want a amaraken garl doll and a kettin too, and a laptop me and Nova are starting a band and I need a new gatar. Love AeraBell Dear Santa, My slids are to small I want some more. All my basket balls are flat I want one. I want new bike mine is small. I have no babyblods I wants. Love Alex Dear Santa, I would like a remote jet. I wlike Ipads. My dad would like a cap for hunting. I would like a xbox. I would like a 3 man tent. I woul like a Hey bug trak. I would like Hey Bug’s. I would like a ruber band maker. I would like a robote dog. I would like a Iphone. I wold like a Hey bug shark. Love Brayden Dear Santa, I what the new brabes and new brebe close. Can I have a new bike. Love Elaina Dear Santa, I want some presits come to my house and give me some givefes plees I want a ipod. Love Erika Dear Santa, I like raber band brlaslets and I wod like to get a raber band brlaslet maker. I wod like lego friends Olivia’s hawes. I wod like hey

bags. I wod like a toy dog. I wod and a ruber band braclet maker. like a Iphone. I want a justice jrnole and a lego Your Friend Jessica frind at alveavas hous. I whant a new t-shirt. A new toy puppy. Dear Santa, Love Rosa I like Christmas beause it’s snowy outside of every house. Is Dear Santa, going to get present and I love you. I cake balls for chrismas a bird Love Joshua and xbox. And emerald and diamond ring. Dear Santa, Love Sara I wat a new xbox. I wod like a game called call of duty ghost. Goshen Elementry And I wat a beebee gun. And I a scotr. And a new shotgun. And a Dear Santa, pet snake. And a new bike. And a How are you and your elves? 4 wheel. What have the elves been makLove Liam ing lately? Do they make iPads? I’ve been practicing on an Ipad at Dear Santa, school I want an ipad, the magic I would like if you get me a tree house set, a giant angry bird, croyn melter and a marker maker a model of the globe and any other and a Ipod and a Ipad and a dogy things. doo. Thank you for giving me gitfs Love Brayden on Christmas. That is all I want. Love Lilly Dear Santa, How are you? What are the Dear Santa, elves up to? How is Mrs Claws? I will like 2 or 3 games. I hope I I’m a star. I want three hotwheels. will gat swets. Love Harley Love Logan Dear Santa, Dear Santa, You are fun. And I hope you Mason speaking! I want a lot of are doing good. Zoamer looks like legos. Evrything doesn’t half to a good toy. And baby alive looks be legos. These are the lego sets I like a good toy too. I would like an want: lego city police station, lego iphone 4. It looks like fun. I would city police boat, lego city police like a ini sewing machine, please. truck, lego city police car. Love Lanee Love Mason Dear Santa, Dear Santa, How are you? I want a bat cave. Christmas is cuming up. I wood I want a lego set. I want toys. like a xbox. I wood like the game Love Xander call of duty ghost. I want a new shotgun. Dear Santa, Thanks Parker How are you doing? How is Mrs Claus? How are your reindeer? Dear Santa, Love Jessica I like dolls I wish I had a Ipod I like books and clay. Facke nails Dear Santa,

We thank you for your valued business, and wish you and your loved ones a

How are you this year? How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are the elves doing? What are the reindeer up to? I want a real puppy. I deserve it because I was working as hard as I could. Love Harlee Dear Santa, How are you? I might even give youa present, too. Merry Christmas, Santa! Love Jaina Dear Santa, How are you? I’m fine Can you tell me what reindeer eat to fly? Could you get me perplexus? Love Doc Dear Satna, I have a barn. Can I have a slide barn and a Briar horse and a magic tree house book? It is fun. Love Kaylee Dear Santa, How are you? Thank you for bringing presents. Well here is my list. I want a baby puppy, please.


And a jumprope and a book about Santa. BEARS! And some toys and a bike Love Brianna and a swimming pool and a goose. Love Ryann Dear Santa, How are you? How are the rain Dear Santa, deer? How do they fly? I would How are you? How is Mrs. like a toy car. How are the elves? Claus? I want a Teacup Mastis, Love you and how is Mrs. Claus? new chevron bedding, new boots, Love Will a new backpack, makeup and new books! That is all I want. Have a Dear Santa, great Christmas. I bet you’re gonna be really busy Love Paige this year. Can I please have a kid paintball gun? I have been really Dear Santa, good to all my friends. How is Mrs Claus. How are the Sincerely Kaden reindeer? Am I on the naughty list? Please tell me! I will come see Dear Santa, you! I am happy. I am very happy! How are you? What kind of How are you? Do you love me? cookies do you like? I just wanted HoHoHo! I am happy! How are to know because I want to be nice the elves? I want zoomer in pink! because you are the best santa! It Byby! isn’t because of the presents. I want Love Aubree to be nice because I just love you. Love Jonna Dear Santa, How are you, the reindeer, and Dear Santa, Mrs Santa Claus? What are the How are you doing? How are elves up to? Thank you for the toys the elves? I think I’m ready for an that you give people. Thank you, ipad. I would like a kindle fire Hdx

Merry Christmas!

Our hearts are warmed by thoughts of the many good people we’ve had the privilege to serve this year. May this Christmas bring you joy and blessings!

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With Our Thanks For Your Loyal Patronage

Mark, Finley & Holly

Please accept our best wishes for a fun-filled and festive holiday season. For the gift of your friendship, you have our sincere gratitude! 151 S.E. Parkway • Azle 817-444-5223

Merry Christmas from Carrie, Colleen, Jana, B.J. Melissa, Dr. Jessica Brace, Tasha

Merry Christmas!



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Season’s Greetings 2013

and a kindle fire Hd. Love Colton Dear Santa, How many reindeer are there? I would like a tablet. I have cookies for you. I would like to know how many elves? I would like too toy zoomer. Love Payton Dear Santa, What kind of cookies do you like? Christmas is coming up. I would like an American Girl doll. Love Sterlyn Dear Santa, How are you? I deserve a zoomer because I made breakfast in bed for my mom. How is Mrs. Santa Claus? What are the elves up to? Are the reindeer good? Can I have jewelry because I got robbed? You are the Best! What kind of cookies do you like? Pleease, can I have magic tree house books? Love Caitlin Dear Santa, How are the elves? I’ve been practicing on ipad will you please give me one with minecraft? Can I

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

also have an xbox with minecraft. I have been good. I work very hard. Love Kelby I can’t wait to get a gift@ Can I have an iphone? Happy Christmas! Dear Santa, Love Hunter How are the elves? Are the reindeer ok? I hope you have fun this Christmas. How do you give gifts Dear Santa, to all the children in just one night? How are you? Have you had a Love Sydney great year my year has been great. I wold like to hae a for wiler. Dear Santa, Love J.D. Have you had enough time with your elves? Dear Santa, Love Corbin How are you? I have been good and waiting for Christmas. I like Dear Santa, Christmas. I am excited about Hve you had a good year? My Christmas! I hae been trying very year has been great. I have been hard. So can you get me a bike working very hard in school. I please? I love Christmas! have a cool teacher her name is Love Anna Mrs. Aaron I have a big school I would like an xbox. Dear Santa, Have you been good? My year Dear Santa, has been good. I can’t wait unHow are you? Have you had a til Christmas I love Christmas! I god year? Can I have a vide game would like a college football and a cal Disney Infenite and a video NFL football. cald skylanders. Love Chevy Love Ian Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Havev you ben nise to your elf? How are you? You are nice! I want an ifone 5c. I have been reHave you had time to go to homes? ley good. My year has been great.

s ’ n o s a Se




At the miracle of His holy birth, we pray for hope and peace on earth; and we ask for His good graces, too. That we may share with all of you, the message of that first Christmas Day, as we send this note of thanks your way!

Have a great christas. Love Skylar Dear Santa, How are you feeling! Have you Dear Santa, had a good week My week has How have you been. Have you been good I have been good. This ha a good year? My year has been your I can’t wait to see my presawsom. I have been woking vary ents you gave me can you give me vary hard this year. I cant wate a Ipod. until cristmis eve! Here are a few Love Logan thigs I would like. Books, clows, stuft anumles, tv, dvd playr, xbox Dear Santa, games, DS gams, a cwareum. How are you doing? I have been Love Allison great! I really want an Iphone 5. And a wii too and wii sports game. Dear Santa, And a new four wheeler. And Ill How are you? Have you been leave milk and cookies. good to your wife aar your elves Love Jace good can I have a stuff anmal and phone an chrisimas. Dear Santa, Love Rachel I want a bike please santa. I want a p3 player. And an xbox 360 Dear Santa, pleas halow I would like and a four How are you? How you have a wheeler thank you bot don’t forget good year. Have you been good to I will lev cookies for you. your elve? I do not know what I Love Eric want for chrismas. Love Kendall Dear Santa, Have you been doing good? I Dear Santa, have been osum. I would really How are you? Have a Happy like a four wheeler? Have a safe Chrismas! I would like a Ferby, a Christmas. guitar or an Ipod. Love Koby Love Nicole

Dear Santa, Have a happy Christmas. Pleas can I have a sister. Please can I have a staffed horse. Please can my teacher have a nice Christmas. Love Maggie Dear Santa, How are you doing today? What cind of cookies do you wont and how do you do? I beliey in you. I have been good this year. You are cind and caring we love the stuff and toys you and your elf make what I wont for cristmas is cuddles. Love Naomi Dear Santa, I’m doing great how are you? Do you want a specific tipe of cookie? Or a specific tipe of milk? How are your raider? Did you ever get the elf I made for you your elfs and your raindeer? How are the elfs? Is love fine? Will you be able to fly your slay? I would like lots of Barbie dolls for Cristmas. Love Mitchell Dear Santa, I love you and believ in you. I have a elf and he is a boy. I want a Amican Girl doll with bars and

With Thanks For All Your Continued Support Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year OPEN

M - F 8am - 5pm

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In this

blessed season

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we recount our many blessings and your kind friendship is at the top of the list! Merry Christmas to all and many thanks for helping to make this past year a fruitful one for us.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! 609 Medical Center Dr. Decatur • 940.627.5921 Follow Us Online:

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From all of us at 817-238-7827

M ay the god of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the holy spirit you may abound in hope.

Romans 15:13

Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 a mat and a chese mat and chok. What cind of cookies do you want? I like choklit chip chrunch and I want a horse for Chrismes. Love Haylee Dear Santa, I would like to know what kind of cooke you like I want a monster high . Love Sarah Dear Santa, How are you doing also how are you’re Raindeer? I am going to have a lots of cookies for you. I want a Barbie set. I would like a Barbie car. I would like a Barbie. I woule like Franchey the monster high. I woule lalso like a amican girl doll. Love Trinady Dear Santa, How are your randeir and you? Do you want me to leave you some cooks for you? I want a graving hooks and a remote control thruk. Love Jesse Dear Santa, How are you doing? Is the north poll doing good? You are the best santa in the world. Is the north poll fun? What cind of cookie world you like? What I wunt for crismis I wourld like a elf pleas or a dog lece. I world like a Amican girl doll with bals and with a mat and with chak and a horse. Love Aspen Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I hope I get a bike that will not get stolen agen for Christmas. I am wondering how you and your raindear are doing. And merry Christmas. I think you have 100,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000,000 ellfs. P.S. I want to be an elf. Love Peyton Dear Santa, How are you doing how are your rain dear do wnt me to leve some chcklite mike? Do you want me to leave choklit cokes! I want grand theft 5 xbox 360 I want halew 4 xbox 360 I want halew 2 xbox 360 I want just cuse 2 xbox 360 I want narney xbox 360. Love Kile Dear Santa, You are the best presin ever so how are you doing is your day grate? You are the gratest prsin I have ever met but I have never met you whutk ind of cookies do you whunt for chrismis put it ever wunt to put it and santa can you can you get me this last toy I whunt wun of thos. Crayola thing so you are the best. Love Hannh

wll leave some cool thinks for your a glass of milk and cookies. trouble. I will not tern on the fire Love Jesus place for you. I would relly like a ice cream maker. Dear Santa, Love Zane How are you today I want a Ipad and I want a new bike and a dog Dear Santa, for Christmas. How are you doing? How are Love Alondra your randire? Santa you are the best. Wate is your farit cooke. I Dear Santa, wante a toy horse I want a toy Did you have a good summer? truck I want a toy hlecopter I want How was your vacation? I have a toy robot. been good. I will put cookies on Love James the table all I want for Christmas is a ipod a bike and a new ds. Merry Dear Santa, Christmas. How are you doing? How are Love Dagger your randeer? I love you! I love choclit cookies is that yours? I Dear Santa, would like to have a trampolen for How is your day today? So how chrismis. is Mrs Claus today? Is she fine or Love Miranda si she sick? So what are you doing today? Ive ben good today. I want Dear Santa, a laloopsy and I want a stuffed frog How are you and your raindear like mrs schabow has. And I want doing? Wood you like me to leav to have a nie day today. some cookies for you? What I Love Taylor want for Christmis is zoomer. And a turtle.and a sattle. Dear Santa, Love Levi How are you doing? Have you been bisy this year? Well I would Dear Santa, like a reguer doll house, new I been good this year. How are gloves, a play house with a bed your rain deer? I wan’t a rc truck room, kichen, living room, bathwith a boat and a stoereeow. Do room, and a zoomer dog. And we you want 10 kookies and 1 cup of will make cherry bombom cookmilk? How is our elfs doing today? ies. And we will make raindeer Love Rhett food merry Christmas! Love Cassia Dear Santa, You are the best I love you. Is Dear Santa, there a favorite cookie you want How was your day off? Did you your really awesome I want zoom- and misses clus have busy work I er. I love you so much one more have been good this year I wold like thing I want a bascet ball I want a a 3DS and a monster hiy maker. snow globe of you. Love Mia Love Valerie Dear Santa, Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus and How are How was your day? Was it good ther raneder? Have they been good or was it bad! Do you want to or notty an bad? I would like a new know what I want? A wwe sewper- dress and make up and jewelry and star OK that is what I want. I want bows and I will bring your favorite ao nave a toy ef please prity please cookies. with cherries on top! I want a toy Love Chloe randeer for Christmas that is not all I want. I want a bike. Dear Santa, Love Daryn Thank you for the picture of me

sis and you. I want a new book and a hamster and a new puzzle but I don’t want one with 100 peces. I also want a ipod and a computer. I leve you milk and cookies. Love Payton

Dear Santa, I had a dall and a couple day later it brock. How is the randers and you? And if you asked how I am dowing to day for Christmas I want a puppy. And I want a doll. Love Emmaleigh Dear Santa, How are your raindeer? Did you have a good break. I have had a good year this year. All I want fo Christmas is a music box with a key and a globe with baby Jesus and two angels. Have a merry merry Christmas. Love Grace

Dear Santa, How is your Christas I would Dear Santa, like a 2DS and a 3DS and super I think you are very nice guy. I Mario dream team. I will leev you

May your holiday be bright. Thanks for being such a loyal customer. You’ve made our season a very merry one.


Dear Santa, How are the riaydear doing? I would want a motcontrol 8 wheeler with batres and a motcontrol air plane with batres. I would put your favorite cooki for you. Love Johnathan

T~n~T Hair Designs

Thanks for a great year. We look forward to serving you in 2014!


Dear Santa, I would like a jump rope. And a zoomer. And a 1 Direction poster. And a football, and a leep pad. Love Elizabeth

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From my family to yours,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Dear Santa, I want a zoomer for Christmas. I believe in you I hopeI get this. I want on xbox. I love Christmas I want the walking dead for xbox. I love you. Love Dylan



Happy Holidays

Dear Santa, I want a toy horse. I want a toy wolf. I want a toy reindeer sled. I want a toy Indians. I want a toy baby doll. I want a toy bear. I want a real buhnn rabbit. Love Brianna

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Wishes Everyone

Dear Santa, Can I have a xbox 360 for Christmas? I will give you cookies and milk. Love Austin

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During this holiday season and every day of the year, we wish you all the best.

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Dear Santa, I wold like a soccer ball plase. Football, basketball, baseball, robot. Love Kaleb

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Dear Santa, I would love barbies and cloths. An I would like two bunnies and I wold like makeup. I love you Santa. Love Ayin


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Dear Santa, Can I please have a doll house. And a makeup set. And a stuffed horse and a stuffed dog. Love Cheyenne

Lake Lodge

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

116 During this holiday season and and everyevery day of During thisSuite holiday season daythe of year, the year, TX 76082 and During this Springtown, holiday season every day of the year, we wish you all the we wish you817-523-3196 all best. the best. we wish you all the best.

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will give you a glass of milk. Did animal Rudolf. I’d like a toy of my you go on vcashin? I would lik a little pony and movie. A want a pare of shos and a dress. book of 1 Direction. Love Aimee Love Adriana

Dear Santa, How was Mrs. Clous doing today? I want a electric scowtr and I want a pool table and I want some new shoes and I want some new shirts and want a long shirts. Love Justin Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? I would like Dear Santa, hot well car makar, a xbox 1 and How is your rander? What I call of dutty gost. want a bayblade stadium. Becus it Love Eddie is awesome an a bayblade let it ripper, with a bayblade. Dear Santa, Love Thomas How is the elfs? How are you and Mrs. Claus? I have been very Dear Santa, good! For Christmas I would How are the randeer? I have please like a real life dark brown been very good. I want a spase real horse. And new barbes, and rokit. I want a tablit. some more amarican girl doll Love Gabriel cloths, and a new bike, and a lot of art saplies. Dear Santa, Love Presley How is your rain dear? Did you have fun dearing summer? I Dear Santa, have been very good this year for I need some clothes to keep me Christmas I would like a xbox one warm! Santa tell God I hope that and a xbox one mine craft game every vody is safe in heaven. and a minecraft toy and a zoomer. Love Alexa I will leve cookes for you. Love Caleb Dear Santa, I wold like go-cart for ChristDear Santa, mas, and a new computer ChristIs chochelate chip your favorite mas blankit and a elecktrik gtare. cookie? For Christmas can you Love please give me a diary of a wimpy kid the new book? And I’d like a Dear Santa, goose bumps book, also create For Christmas I want a Barbie your own adventure book. house. I want a pony too. And I Love Gabriel want six cats and one dog. Love Valery Dear Santa, Hao is Mrs. Santa? Do you like Dear Santa, the cookies? Do you go no vacaA Hello Kitty Stuffed animal. tion? How are the ders? I have A book of barbies. Also a stuffed been good I want a phone and a tablet and a caputer. Love Angel Dear Santa, How is Miss Claus? Have been very good. How are the radrs? I



Invites you to join us for NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE MUSIC BY

Many Blessings, Peace and Joy to You and A Very

4th Echo


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Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa, you give me a phone? I want a bakeing set with an Love Jazmyn electric mixer and play food! But what I really want is for my Uncle Dear Santa, Bob to get better! I have been so good this year. Love Emilia For Christmas I want a real dog a safari. American doll a easy Dear Santa, bake oven, and a big kid scooter. I want for Christmas a big mo- I would also like stuffed koala torcycle. And a phone, also a com- bear, and new boots and a outfit to puter, and a toy car, and glasses. match, thank you santa. Love Evan Love Gracie Dear Santa, I want two toys for Christmas. Can I please have a doll house. Also I want school to go better. Also I want a big stuffed animal of Hello Kitty. Love Briyona Dear Santa, How are you? I have been good. Xo Xo Xo Xo I love you. I love you and mom. I wunt soomer. I wunt batch oborg. I wunt crayon maker. I wunt Love. Love Ryan

Dear Santa, How are you? I am great. I have been good for my mom and dad. Please if you want to get me Lego Avengers for my xbox 360 you can. Please, if you want to get me Lego Ninja Temple of Light you can. Love Connor Dear Santa, I was good this year. Are you happy. I would like a beanbag, clothes, some boots and different kinds of shoes. Thank you Love Audrey

Dear Santa, I want a sparkle chain for my tag Dear Santa, and a stereo too. Also all of the 1D I was good this year. How are songs. you Santa and your elves this year Love Kloe I would like an xbox 360 a yoyo, a laptop, and a toy pony a toy house. Liberty Elementary School Love Marie Dear Santa, I’ve been so good this year. Can I have an xbox 360 sneakers, DS, DS games, and an Iphone? Thank you Love Tyler

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. If you want to reward me you can, but you do not have to. If you do, here is what I want: a dog, a rat, a pair of wings, a baby doll and dress. Thank you! Love Reba

Dear Santa, How are you? I am good. I wish you can bring me a bike, an Ipad, a Dear Santa, xbox 360, and a 3DS. Thank you! I love you! You are nice to us Love Kenny I would like to have a couple of stuffed animals! Thank you! Dear Santa, Love Cassidy I been good this year. Can I have a Iphone, laptop, sneakers, and the Dear Santa, case school ghost please. How are the elves? They are Love Nathan good! I have been good! I would like Legos, a bean bag, an Avenger Dear Santa, toy, and a pear. Thank you Santa. I have been good all year I will Love Aidan like a matching girl doll and a listening robot puppy. My family is Dear Santa, nice and we are having a baby you I have been good this year. I are nice to everyone! would like an Ipod and an Ipod. Love Avery Can I have a Ipod case with that? I would also like a wii, and a monDear Santa, ster high doll, and a mood ring. I’ve ben god this year. I would Thank you like this: a doll house, a cool full Love Alyssa house dvd, and a Sabrina the teenage witch dvd, and a mood ring. Dear Santa, One more thing I would like is a I thik I have been good this year. cool dog toy for my dogs. Thank If I have been good ths year you you! can get me a tent for my doll and Love Taylor a bed for my doll. That would be great! Also if you can get me the Dear Santa, walking dog. Thank you Santa. I have been good this year. I like Love Kamryn you because you give us presents. How are you get presents? How Dear Santa, are you doing Santa? I love you I like you. I have been so good. I Santa! May you give me a Ipad, would like a wii. Thank you may you give me a Iphone, may Love Brenden

Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I wantyou to go to my home. I hope yor saf thar for crismas I Thank you! wod lick some boy legos can you Love Gavin give me some rell ballet shoes, can you give me a orbbys massager. Dear Santa, Love Arianna I love your red suit. For Christmas I want a Hello Kitty and losew. Dear Santa, Love Valerie How have you been? Is it cold in the North Pole? Do the lfs help you Dear Santa, dliver presen? Is Rudolphs nose I like your red hat. How are your red and shiny? I want a close and elves? I want Indeana Jones, and a book and. Merry Christmas ipad, red dead redemption. Merry Love Michelle Christmas Love Wade Dear Santa, I wanted to know if it is cold Dear Santa, at the north pole. What I want for How are you been? I been very Christmus is something awesome good. For Santa this year Merry from you. You chuse my present. Chismas I want a ipad a monst toy Love Aaliyah skelten toy. Popit I went tooth. Love Jacob Dear Santa, How are you doing in the North Dear Santa, Pole? Santa I have been very good How have you been at the North this year. Is it very snowy there Pole? Is it snowing in the North Santa? This what I want a little car Pole? How are your reindeers do- to drive, train, and cop suit. ing? I have been good this year. Love Mason I would like a remote control car I would like a ipad, and a remote Dear Santa, control helicopter. Hi Sata! How are your reider. Is Love Jake it snowing at the North pole? How are your elves doing. I lik your Dear Santa, sled. Are you busy. I bet your elves Merry Christmas! How is Ru- are busy making toys. I been very dolph the red nose reindeer do- good this year. What are you doing? How are the elves doing? Is ing Barbie car for Christmas I want it snowing at your place. How are and a book.

Dear Santa, I wanted to know if it is cold at the north pole. What I want for Christ mus is something awesome from you. You chuse my present. Love Aaliyah you doing. I want a ipad a tadlet, Love Melody and a game. Love Cody Dear Santa, You are the best. Santa thank Dear Santa, you elves and reindeers for ChristHow is thay rinders. I like you’r mas I want woodey, super Mario slede How’s your elves today! game. I hope you have a good time Hows miss close. DSi games wii at the North Pole. games, rozr drt bike, bike. Love Dakota Love Megan Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Merry Christmas Santa! How Is it snowing in the North Pole are you doing? I am a girl. I like Santa? Will you send a shelf Elf your red suit. Christmas is almost this year? I hope Rudolph is doing here. I would like an ipad, an ipod, good I would like a tablet and a and a Justin Bieber doll. puppy picture and a lego friend pet Love Emily salon and one more thing a real fur cat. Merry Christmas. Dear Santa, Love Scarlet How have you been? I have been good this year. Merry ChristDear Santa, mas Sant. I want a wii u my little I hope all the Elves and reindeer pony princess pony and a hello are doing good. I hope you are do- kitty necklace. ing too. My favorite reindeer you Love Kandace have is Rudolph. I hope you have a merry Christmas. For xmax I want Dear Santa, a phone, ipod and ipad. How have you been? How are Love Leila your reindeers doing? For Christ-

mas I want a toy puppy. I also want a monster high movie. I also want a monster high doll. Love Bryanna

the way my mom would like some new disnes. My brother might like a 3ds game for his 3ds and some for me I would like a moustache neckles, earings, braclet, monster high pack, shelves for my toys.

Dear Santa, I lie your red suit. How do you deliver presents in one night? I Dear Santa, wish that I had a Barbie doll. How are you doing? I [lease Love Jordan have a DS, I please have ps2, ip lease have a toy robot, I please Dear Santa, have kindl fire, I pleas have a How are you? I’m well. How are toy hare, I please have a malople the elves? I no that they been bixxy game, I please have a wi game. the past month. If you can get me a Love Kadena kittin I would be so thankful. Love Taylor Dear Santa, How are you doing are you doDear Santa, ing good I’m doing good. I’m How are you doing? I’m well wardering if I cood have somehow are the elves? I know they thing. I m wardering if my brattr have been bizzy for a long time so and stestr can have some thing to. I Have you to I ges so. I what roodof wut to see you soon. the red nose rainder for Christmas. Love Elijah Love Byanca Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Are you all rite can I hav sameThank you for getting the stuff I thing for my tewe Santa clause are wanted. I realy want to see you re- you all rite can I have a halwe xbox aly bad. I cant stop thinking of you 360 game. Sant clause are you all I dream about you every day and rite can I have a for weii. Santa there is no way I will stop think- clause are you all rit can I have ing of you. You’re the best in the blath hops. whole universe. Love Kaleh Love Chris Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I see that you sawl I have ben How are you doing I’m well? riteing what I want for Christmas. How is rotoof is he feling betr? Is Santa I like how you come to my misis clos doing well? Dear Santa house every Christmas will you do coous will you stile be riting the slae. that every Christmas? Are the elvs doing well I hop so the Love Hailey raredre pepa that wont crismis. Dear Santa, Dear Santa, How are you doing? Will be How are you doing? I’m well good all the time I want Chrid to what I whant for Christmas is a be good I wosh you have a good 3Ds Dear Santa close. How are time o haw is your ellf bekus I thot you doing? I’m well what I wount you are bize but you owes cam to for Christmas is a noter my homes. Love Kyle Dear Santa, How are you doing, I’m well. Dear Santa, How are your elvs? How is ruHow are you doing? Have fun dooh? I know they’re busy making on Christmas. How are your elves? toys. How much days do you have How is Mrs. Clause? I know your to make toys until Christmas eve? elves are busy may you ask them Love Leanna to make a teen beab movie DVD? May your elves make me a American gril doll? Is it possidle if you Dear Santa, How are you? I whant a xbox can make a 3DS. Love Caty 360 and xbox live for crismis pleas ok. Hay Santa do you whant cooks for crismis yes good ok I have Dear Santa, How are you doing I’m doyour favert cookis ok and I Sana ing will but peple are driving me for you. crafy? How are your elves doing thae are doing fine are iny of your Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am will elves sik no thae are not sik are you is the elves tier? How is mss Santa sik no. Love Sebastion Clause doing? May I please hae a pets chope and may I please have five stafe animles and do you is Dear Santa, How are you doing? May I have mss santa clause doing may I see a phone please? And can you pretyou on chrismas. Love Micha ty please make a boat for my dad? And a battle game? And I promise I will leave food for your reindeer. Dear Santa, Love Aiden How are you feeling? I hope ou and your elves are feeling ok and are ready to start making toys. By Dear Santa,

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Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 How are you? I’m well, can you elve mak a elf doll for m yplease? May I have a micro charger and a real four wheeler and a remote control car a and pet tarantula thank you. Love Brandon

green camo sniper and camo cloths with it? Could I have a scoop with a red torget and also the green and gold ninja and hot weels and a remote control snacke and a call of duty ghost poster where he has a yello scelliton masck and he is holding a ak 47? How do you go Dear Santa, throught the door? How do you go How are you doing? I’m doing down the chimney? good. Well I wonted so bad is an Love Ryder xbox and a golf ckart. Thank you for giving me that. I love you San- Dear Santa, ta. I can’t wait to see you some. What is your favorit food? Have fun doing that job. Cookies or cake. My favorit is Love Torie cookies. Love Dylon Dear Santa, How are you doing? I’m well I Dear Santa, wont some seed packits, aa bike. What does it look like in the Also I want 6 number linsla. How north pole. Mrs Claus does Santa many reindeer do you have? eat a lot of cookies. Ot of the ranLove Jeremiah deers which one leads the slad. Do yall have beds at the north pole. Walnut Creek Elementary How much elfs are there. Do yall wear red every day. Do yall have Dear Santa, a Christmas tree. How old are yall. I hope everything is well at the Love Myah north pole. If it is not to much to ask I will like a amarken girl doll Dear Santa and amarken girl doll cloths and I hope your feeling well What sheos. Sant I was yunder what the I wold like for Christmas I would northpole looks like. like a iphon 5 and a play stashan Love Emory 4 and a xbox 1 do you like cheese you are a awesome guy. Dear Santa, Love Audie I want to know how cold it is in the north pole. Is it cool in the Dear Santa, north pole. Do you get a bunch of Santa what I would like for cookes ech year. Christmas is Amaacan girl dolls Love Krista and Amacan horse dolls. And a dirt bike. And how come you never did Dear Santa, dide and a arerchy set to and how I hope your not sick. Pleas eat a is the elvse doing are they getting lot of cookies. I hope yu are doing in to trudle. And tell miss closs well Santa clows. I hope your rain- how is she doing to. And a real deer arnt sick on Christmas. I hope carrege to. you are eating a lot of cookies and Love Reeslyn drinking a lot of milk. Love Jonathan Dear Santa, Santa I hope you are going to Dear Santa, eat a lot of cookies this year. How How is the north pole. Santa do come you have never dide? My you prefer cheese or cookies be- dad said you were an old man cause I prefer cheese. I hope your when my dad was little. Here is 4 elfs are making a lot of toys. How things I would like: a horse, a crall old are you. for my horse, a brush for my horse, Love Patrick and a stable. Love Holland Dear Santa, How do you go down the chanw. Dear Santa, How little are your elves. Hi Santa, I hope you and Miss Love Ethan Claws are good. How is stuff going at the North pole? If they are there. Dear Santa, There are a few things I want. A I have some thing I want for doll bunkbed and a beam and bars cristmas but frit I hae some ques- set. tion. How old are you, how many Love Morgan cookies do eat, what kind of cookers are your favorit? Here are the Dear Santa, four things I want really bad. A What do you do at the North real bunny and splise. Some pa- Pole? I want the xbox 1 and the per dolls. Barbie a fashon fair tall ps3. Amry gis and I want gto 5 go Barbie. The movie Barbie and the Santa! pony tall. Love Tristan Love Peytie Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Wat is it like in the north pol? Is Is it cold up ther. I love you san- it snowe? I wat zomer. Blak and ta you’re the best. Is it tuchro your wite plese. deer s can fly I want to meet you. Love Piper Thank you for the gifts your asom! I like you santa thak you for evre Dear Santa, thitnk. I will nevr forget you santa I hop you are doing good at eatclaws and k you santa thank you ing a bunch of cookies and drink a thank you. bunch of milk becaer it is hellthe Love Jacob for you and I hop you don’t get sick on Christmas because I well Dear Santa, be sad. Lego deth, lego melnde falin, Love Brenah lego woc vileg, lego guiter, lego yodas home, hers is a list of 5 Dear Santa, thinkgs I would like for Christmas: How many raindeer do you Love Christian have. Ill bring you a lot of cookies and milk. I’m going to give you a Dear Santa bunch of carots for your raindeer. I How many cookies do you eat wasn’t kineckt for a xbox. Thank every year? I would like a iphone you for the car last year. I would and 2 lego men. How many kids lwant a modercycle. I want a monbeliev in you? key. I want a computer. I want a Love Jacob minecraft game too. Love Caydence Dear Santa, You are a nice man who comes Dear Santa, and gives presents to kids. Can I How have the rindedr ben? How please have xbox one and a airsoft many people do you dlivr to in a

night? How is mis clos? Ples can I have an ipod for crismas ples. Ples ples can I Santa I rmiber win your reindear the stuf I thro. Love Valorie

you because I think you are nice. I think my class are my sisters class is gowing to have raindeer food for your raindeer. Do elfs come with you? I think I saw you befor at walmart. You were over there Dear Santa, where the kids stuff where so have How do you make the raindeer a merry crismis. fly? How many elfes do you have? Love Marli How long does it take you to get to all of the houses? But thank you Dear Santa, for the ghost lego set and the goo How are your raindeer are they throw eye ball and the other goo. fine. Are you gowing to give me Love Jordan presints. I want to give you a present santa. For Christmas I want Dear Santa, a hinjog set whith all the ninjas. How did you get your raindeer Santa can I get you ary that for

Dear Santa, What is your favorit food? Cookies or cake. My favorit is cookies. Love Dylon and how many do you have? Also how many years have you lived? And thank you for the doll house that you got me and the lala loopsy chair from last year or the year before that and how did you become santa and when did you? Love Emma


Dear Santa, Thank you for thlliskop last year. I loved it. I wonder how do you git all those things around the world? I want a lot of stuff. But the fust think I want to ask is for a kitten. My last one ran away. Not a fak one but I still love the ones you bouant me. Love Marissa

Dear Santa, I wish that you would give me a 2 ds please and I hope you would give me that 2 DS! Thank you Love Alex

Dear Santa, Ha do you get the preseds before morning. Santa haw many houses do you go in amenet? Santa I lave Rudolf you wake me up to see Rudoff? I want a xbox 1. Can I get Dear Santa, a motr scutr? I want a helicoprter. Do you have 8 raindeer. I want I will be really good for you Can a drum a nerf gun a clock a ball you breg mrs santa claus with you? and finle a three wheel scooder Love Colton santa why do you live in the north pole and why are you so big and Dear Santa, why do you love cookies eith milk. I have been a good gilr this year. How many toys bo you deliver in Plese bring me a ipod for Christone night. mas. Love Chance Love Destin

is not in the presents,

His presence

but in

Merry Christmas from

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Love Avery want a bike, pool, and a rope. How many presents do you give out? How maney stasts do you go to? Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Clas? I would like How many reindear do you have? a cat and a moder skooder and a How cold is it in the North Pole? Love Nickolas babby dall and a calinder and new harpertes and new clos for Christmas. How are the raindear doing? Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa and How is mrs claus doing? Oh yay and I whold like a new back pack the elfs doing and Mrs. Cllos doand a backitball. How are the elfs? ing? I want a moders for Christmas. And a mocktroll car. And a new bablad stashin and I want my Dear Santa, How do your randear fly? And I stocking filld with money in my would like to now do you have any stacking and a little candy. And pets? How many randear do you I want all of it to come from the have? How many elfs are ther? Am North Pole. And I want it to come and I have a little brother can you I on the nice list this year? Love Linda pleas get him some presints pleas he will like a pear of socks pleas and thankyou. Do you know if you Dear Santa, Are you feeling good Santa? Do hang out with God. Love Gus you love Miss Claus? Are you and Mrs Claws having a good time? I want a toy dog, and a toy of you Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs Claus? and a toy of Mrs Claus and a toy of my family and a toy of Mrs Hunt. How are the elves and reindeer? Love Kaylee How many pelope have told you their wishes? For Christmas I want Dear Santa, a radio, saige, jewelry, clothes, I want every minecraft toy and games for 3ds, twist in loop, mona herobrine toy. I also want a star ey, school stuff, easely, gift card, wars rancore and a bike that goes books, and an elektrick skooter. really fast. How is it like at the How is Rudolph? How do you Horth Pole? Do you know every make the gifts? Christmas is my language? Is Rudolph ahly one of third favorite holiday. I can’t wait your raindeer? until Christmas! When you finish Love Ben looking at all of the girls and boys wishes I hope you like them! HapDear Santa, py Christmas! How is it like in the North Pole? Love Maelie Is it cold or hot or snowey? This year I would like a new bike thank Dear Santa, you. Do you live in the North Pole Do you like your job? What is or if you don’t then where do you it like giving kids present? Do you live? How do you feel about living really where white and red? How in the North Pole and how about meny elfs do you have? Do you Mrs Claus? I will not forget to give have a real beard? What I want you milk and cookiys. for Christmas is a ipad 2, tablet, Love Faith iphone 5, and airplane, Love Luke Dear Santa, How do you feel? How are the Dear Santa elfs and Mrs Claus? It is getting How are you doing? I would like closer to Christmas and I want a a stocking ful of candy and also a kiten, basetball, and a painting kit. stuffed animal. Five bucks also a I hope I have been good. How is coloring book. Is Rudolph real or the North Pole? Is it cold? I want not real? Have I veen good this farget your milk and cookies. How year? I would like one more thing are the reindeer? I want farget Ru- 20 christmas lights. dolph. I want a new hat too. I want Love Anna forget Frosty the snowman. Love Ashley Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs Clas doDear Santa, ing? How are the elfs doing? For I want a duct bike, a remote con- Christmas I want a bike and a trol car that can go through water I house. Can you fill my stocking



383 Country Rd., Springtown • 817-220-2681 •

Dear Santa, This is Allison. I want a puppy for Christmas I want a phone for Christmas I want a lots of art for chitmas, I want a toy lots of tham for chitmas I want a turtle for chimas I want a good day for chitmas I want a lots of book to chitmas I want a randeer from santa I want a lots of stuf for chitmas I love santa dn I love santa.

Dear Santa, Thank you for everything last year. You gae me every thant that I watned and I’m happy for that. How do your randers fly Santa! Santa can I have a santa doll plase and a hair band? I love you so much. Love Gaby Dear Santa, Thank you to give me a tv. I Dear Santa, wunt a bike this year with awte I know your at the north poul. It traning wills. I wunt pink zebra for does freezes out ther. There a lot my room. What do you do at night of snow at the north poul. I want at home? Do you like toy’s? Do a remout counchroll helicopter for you have girl evlse and boy evle? I Christmas. Chrismis is my favorit thought you gust give toys? hollwday yours is to. I like snowee Love Arrissa Chrismis. Love Jonah Dear Santa, How are ou and Mrs Claus and Dear Santa, the elfs? This year I want a moter For chismas I want anew club car and truck plesse. Can I have a house that has monkey bars and toy pet deer and alagater. How is a twesty lide and a sim card and a it in the North Pole? How do you new itues card with 50$ dollars on get around the erath so fast? Do it and a scooter with a z on it and you live in the middle of the North please make it fancy. Cookies and Pole? Do you hang around with milk. God? Do you have a sun? Do you Love Zaiden have a large work shop. Do you haver a pole in the ice? Or cand Dear Santa, cane pole? This is Hannah and I’m riting a Love Aiden list of things I want for Christmas could I have asomething please? Dear Santa, Because I wanted 2 lego friend How are you? Are you staying sets and maybe a radio. H what warm? Santa can I please get a toy about a flutterby fairy. How about puppy! Do you go to the store or some pupets because I have all- do you make all of them? Do you ways wantd to do a puppet show! have fun with the elfs? I like you Mabey my 2 top teeth for chistmas. do you like me? Have you ever Oh I got one mermaid toy I lov you gave someone a present bigger santa nd mrs claws. than a trampoline? I like all your reindeer. Did all of the reindeer like the food I made them? I hope Dear Santa, no one sees you. Have fun. All I want for crismas is to see

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Thank you for making this past year a merry one for us.

Love Tristan



with Warm Wishes

It’s “doctor’s orders,” so take it easy...relax, and have fun at this joyous time of year. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure serving you, and we gratefully acknowledge your continued patronage.

And many thanks to our friends and neighbors at Christmas

With well wishes to you and your family from our pharmacist and staff.

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om rug.c D n ow ri ngt p S . www

10C Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

with candy and toys? Can you get want a two pislandia mshgun. me another skate bord and another Love Luke puppy som me and my sister will have are own puppy. Dear Santa, Love Kylan I want a ipad for Christmas. Can you do that video I was good or Dear Santa, bad. Can you give lot of kids presHow is Rudolph? Is he filling ents. Can you send a leter to all the better or is he not better? How are kid if ther bad or good. you and Mrs Santa Claus doeing. I Love Royce want a wii u, and ipad and shotgun and toy puppy and toy cars. Than Dear Santa, kyou for bringing presones to me A PSP games and ipad. last year. Love Brandon Love Kasen Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I wish you a merry Christmas How are you and the elfs? Are and a happy new year. And I wish the elfs doing what there told? for a xbox 360 and a wii and some What I want for Christmas is a drums. And mete one of your elf. election scooter and a new bike And I want a nut cracker. and a board game. So do you live Love Isaac in the North Pole or do you not if you don’t then where do you live? Dear Santa, And I wont forget your milk and I love you santa. I want a bake cookies. for Christmas. I love you Mrs Love Chandler Claus. I wish for a dog and a cat. I love do you love Santa. I love you Dear Santa, and Mrs Claus. How are you? This year for Love Celeste Christmas I woule like a American Girl doll and cloths. And my own Dear Santa, loom fashin kit. And one more You are good person you worck thing a trampoline. Do you ike so hord. I wunder be my frind. working with the elfs. Do you like Coud good lest. Merry chistmas to go to each house at night. Thank sant. you for giving me and the other Love Danny children presents. How are the rein deer doing are any of them sick? Dear Santa Is Mrs Claus doing good. ChristThank you for delivering all the mas is my favorite holiday. I would presents I like you sled when your love to see your elfs and you. ride it I like your raindeer when tye Love Alex fly in the sky at night time. Love Logan Dear Santa, I want a monterchrol rowbot Dear Santa, four Christmas. How is Frost the Christmas is my favorite time of snow man doing? Is Rudolph all the year I like you and your reingron up? I’m going to leve carots deer. Evry year you bring me presfor your reindeer. Thank you for ents and we give you cookies and that to can last year. I also wont the reindeer carots I hope you have a volci DS. good chrismas. Love Coen Love Bayleigh Dear Santa, Are you good? Coud you get me… The Lego ewok village, frud, boom, magic set, magic suit, candy, videow games, lego batman. Do you have brothers? Are you real? Are reindeer real? Are you the boss of Christmas? Love Jake Dear Santa, How do you feel? I want remos an I game and a Gameboy. I want a matachol I want a scabod. I want a tablit. I a padelgun I want a drbike and a rag bike. I want a paint. I

borthe. Love Gracie Dear Santa, Do you like children? I want 2 phones from you I’v always wanted one and I’v always wanted to call people. Love Shree Dear Santa, Every year you give presents to all of the good boys and girls. Every kid in the world belyv’s in you. You live in the North pole it is very cold up there. I got a bike last year I want something awesome this year. Love Bradyn Dear Santa, Can you get my a new scooter. Santa whats the diferince between the Northpole and the Southpole? Is Rudolf the red nose raindeer a mith or is he riel? Merry Chistmas! Santa Love Bryan Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is Mario and luigi bowser inside story, anrry birds go pirit pig ship, mincraft talking creeper doll, frosty and Rudolf move, ipad miny, lego super Mario. Love Colby Dear Santa, Can you give me a bebegun? Can you givem e your raindeer roodoff the red nose raindeer? Can you give me a fourwheeler? A dertbike, and a moturscouder? Love Chase Dear Santa, This will be my Christmas list. Money, clothes, shoes, heelies, bows, pony tale holders, lala loopsi, puff paint, pink vest, head hand markers, Kendal, baby dolls, math books, glasses fake ones, jacket, sisers and beads. Love Maddie

Dear Santa, I want a nutcracker, dog, elf, toy Rudolf, toy rainbeer, babby dolls, babby doll close, rell close for me, and mony for Christmas. You are the best Santa claws in the hole world!!!Merry Chriatmas!!! Love Lani

Dear Santa, It’s olemist Christmas so you beter get tredy I hope you are exited I hope ther a lot of kids on your list. Love Allison

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a babeydol fo Christmas I love play what babeydol bot is ocopo of theys for Christmas I am so exadat for Christmas. Christmas is my fafrat you or one of my fafrat is vivos

Dear Santa I no that Christmas is coming up yes we will cook you some cookies we love you santa. We wish we could see you but you live far away tell mrs claws I said hi we love you.


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Love Emily robot dogs! And some of the fake deer for mom and vinny. Dear Santa, Love Katie For Christmas I want call of duty ghost and TCU jersey. I want Dear Santa, a tablet. How is the NOrthpole is it good Love Nathan there? Is it fun giving gifts to the good kids? May you get me two Dear Santa, things this year like some nerf Is the north pole cold? How do guns with ammo and a DSi. Santa you get in my house? How do you can I have a wii game like skylandmake toys? I want Jack skeleton er giants? figure for Disney infinitey, figit Love Kaiden friends. Love Gillian Dear Santa, How is it going in the north pool? I want a arckery set. How do Dear Santa, you make your raindear? I want a I might like for Christmas are fone for Christmas. I want a phone a pink drit bike, arcbery set, mo- case with a puppy dog! toclyce gear, phone case with do I Love Ava med flowers, puppy, sabbise, fake nails, high light that are pink, and Dear Santa, a skate brad. How long has roudof led the Love Michaela sled? How long does it take for the elfs to make the toys? Can I get a Dear Santa, hokey table. Dear Santa can I get I want some beats like hed a bow an arrow for Christmas? Is phones and a new moter bike. it realy cold in the nort pole? Is it Is roodofe nowes red and does it fun to be santa? Can I get a puppy? glow? How does the elvs make the Love Owen toys. Do they use hammers and nails and scruse. I love you Santa! Dear Santa, Love Cale I hope you are fine. Because you need to give the kids a gift. What Dear Santa, does poodof look like? Are the ranCan I have the skylanders swop deers ok? force strter pack with stink boum, Love Destiny magm charg bratltg and clank quest for booty, woopey coock a Dear Santa, pierit of the ceer in game for my I want one belt. And a scatbord Dsi, disny infinity start pack and a to. And a toy rander to. And a pet cople of play sets. pareat to. And how to you mack Love Jackson toys santa? Love Abby Dear Santa, I wald like to now how you dili- Dear Santa, ver all thos presints in one night? I wanted to have a bmx bike. How do you do it? And I wanted borthers. How are Love Jay you magic? How do you know if kids are bad or good? And I wantDear Santa, ed a lot of pets. Happy Christmas. What I want for Christmas I I love Santa Clas! want a puppy trained and named Love A.J. bullet. Santa do you have 500 elf in ware shop? Dear Santa, Love Greyson I want a tiger from toys or us. Dear Santa I want a puppy. Dear Dear Santa, Santa I want a 20 or a 30 doller bill I want a little sister and a ham- and shoes and close. Dear Santa burger and my own bike with harts I want a little house and a new and a helmenet with harts. And a house. phone and a phone case. How do Love Lillie you make toys? Love Brianna Dear Santa, I would like a furby toy and girl Dear Santa, legos and stuff to make braslets How is the raindeer doing? And and a puppy. And a wolf toy. Is the I hope you make it to my house. raindears really fly? Does the north And I want to have one of those poel really cold santa? Is there Elfs

At The Birth of Our Saviour Wishing you and yours exceeding great joy as we enter into this holiest of seasons. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Dear Santa, I want a game call of duty gosts. Love Landon Dear Santa, Do you fliy? Do you have deers that fliy? Do you eat a lot of cookikes! I like cady coms. I like rain deers! Love Jailyn Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas. I want a DS football game and I want a dog and a new bike and a xbox. I would also like to have roller skates and I will also like a guitar. Thank you very much. Love Tristin Eagle


Dear Santa, Please bring me a wii u and a pink min 3 and a wii u charger. How are the reinderer? I love you. Love Javier Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? I love ther presents you gave me last year. I would like a monster high school house please. Love Kelsey Dear Santa, Do your reindeer like candy corn? If they like candy corn I will leave some. I love you. This year may I have a monster high school house. How is Mrs Claus? I want to be her. Love Victoria Dear Santa, Do elves grow beards? I love you. Does Mrs Claus ride with you on your sleigh? I wont a Rc car for Christmas. Love Nathan Dear Santa, I want a violin. And I want some glasses. Why do you wear red and white? Love Triniti Dear Santa, Is it cold at the north pole? Are you feeding your reindeer? I have tried hard to be nice this year. Ill have a snack fo you. I have been good this year. Please bring me an ipad, iphone and a laptop. Love Braden Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

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1 Hour Swedish Massage Open Tuesday - Saturday Nail Tech Needed Lease Stations Available 6712 Azle Ave. Lake Worth • 817-238-6106

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North, south, east or west... We’re sending you our very best Plus a heap of thanks and glad tidings, too.

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Season’s Greetings 2013 11C

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 I love you. Am I on the good or the bad list? Do the reindeer get sick? I would like an ipod, lego friends house and a flipy goodbye. Love Melanie

Dear Santa, Is it cold at the north pole? When are you going to come? I’ll have a snack for you. How are the rest of the reindeer? I’ve been good I help my mom evry day. Pleas bring me Dear Santa, an ipod and ipad and a tablet. How is Rudolph? How is the Love Manrriquez rest of the reindeer? Ive been very very good. Please bring me a new Dear Santa, ipod an ipad and a computer. Is it cold at the North Pole? Love Aubrey How is Rodalph, Donner, Cupid, and BLitzen? Does Blitzen like Dear Santa, apples? Do you like nerds? Ill have How is your raindeer? Does Mrs cookies for you? I want a lego croc Claus ride with you on your sleigh ship for Christmas. on Christmas? How do reindeer? Love Austin I have been very good this year. I have a snack for you. Are they a lot Dear Santa, of elves? I would like a sparkley How do your reindeer fly? Your dress and nails and a monster high clothes look nice will you bring me house. a phone and a DS and legos. Love Jennifer Love Tommy Dear Santa, Is Rudolph ok? Is it time to deliver our presents? Ill have a snack for you I’ve been good. Please bring me a bunch of bows, and soothing kit, and next generation doll stuff. Love Brynn

Dear Santa, Are there lots of elves working evey day? Ive been good. Please being me a pretty soccer ball. I want a sparkly soccer dress. I also want a new trampoline. Love Sarah Dear Santa


Is it cold outsid there? Is the north pole driffent? Are there prnquins in the water? Do you feed the deer? Are there elves. I bought these cookies for you. Are you giving me a gift for Christmas. Please give me a tablet. Love Marisol

Dear Santa, I come to greet and see you. I wanted to know where do you live? Would you bring me some clothes, a Christmas tree, and a remote control car? Santa thank you for letting me see you! Love Omar

Dear Santa, I want a Ds and a game and another thing I want a John cena toy hose are the other reindeer? Is Rudolph still there? If he is there, I will say hi if you come to my house me my aunt are gonna make you a ginger bread man. Love John

Dear Santa, I liked my lolooopsee last year. How menny dears and elfs do you have? I want a ipad and a foon and ameracin doll. I love you santa. Love Sierra

Dear Santa, Santa thank you for the piano last year. Do you have dogs? Santa Dear Santa, I want a back pack and a laptop. I I lik you. For Christmas I want hope you like cookies and cup of a monster truck. I want a remote milk. control car. I like your reindeer. Love Dalia Why do you wear red and white. Love Tyler Dear Santa, Thank you for comeing to my Dear Santa, house so fast last year. Do you now I tried hard to be nice. How are the Easter Bunny? I would like a the reindeer. I have been good. Ill tv and a xbox one and a minecraft have a snack for you. Please bring game for Christmas. me a bike. Love Braden Love Brice Dear Santa,

I loved my new bycicle that I Love Jaden got last year. How many raindeer do you have? I would like it if you Dear Santa, gave me Buzz lightyear this year. I I love you. Are the elvs cute? hope you have a merry Christmas. Can I have a ds and a doll and a Love Rebecca ball you are the best in the world. Love Tatiana Dear Santa, Thank you for my bike. How Dear Santa, fast an you go? I went ipand mine Thank you for last year. How Nintendo 2 des and robot toy. I many elves do you hav? I want a love you. bicycle esaletric scooter, million Love Preston dollars for chrismas. Love Zachary Dear Santa, Thank you fore giving me all Dear Santa, sortes of thangs. How do yore I love my toys from last year. ranedear fly? I wont a new bike I How meny elfs do you have? I wont a toy car I wont a real fore wont a tv, boy brbby doll, a brbby wiler have a mary crismis. house. Have a nice crismis and Love Casper I hope you like the cookeys and milk. Dear Santa, Love Madison Santa thank you for last yeae. Santa how mine dear do you have. Dear Santa, Santa I wont a bick and a remotcar. I love my toys. How do you Santa I love you. elfs make toys? I want a ds, will, Love Damian smartphone. Merry Cristmas. Love Daisy Dear Santa, I like your berd. How is the north Dear Santa, pole? I want some legos and a bike I love howe ou tack pictures and ten bunks. Merry cristmas. with me. Are yore elfse cet. I want

Happy Holidays



Azle Pet Salon

HEALTH CARE & REHAB Accepting Private, Hospice, Medicaid and Medicare Patients.

Locally Owned and Serving the Community for 41 Years

Certified Groomers • Centrally Located • ASL Friendly

Peace, joy, harmony and thanks, to all of those who have brightened up our year with your friendship and support. We know we have been blessed by the opportunity to serve people like you. Noel!

Available Late Hours for the Holidays Closed Christmas Space is Limited to Book an Appointment 817-444-3969 Ask for Free 11

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! r w Y ea


Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a fown and I ant a compotre and I wont a kendel fiver. Have a mavey Dear Santa, crismise. I love you. How how ho I’m going to give you cookies Love Katelynn and very choclaty milk. You are my second favorit person. I hope Dear Santa, you would give me these things a You do a god job. How meney 1D doll, makeup set, chalk board. I rander do you have? For crismis bet Mrs Clause rubs your feet. can I have a sord and lego and a Love Elena modrsicle. You are osum. Love Jacob Dear Santa, You Rock! Can you bring me Dear Santa, a gitare and a rill pit bull, a skat These years youv been awe- bord? some. Is there different kinds of Love Haze elvs? I would ove a xbox and a minecraft xbox disk and new Dear Santa, legos. Merry Christmas Are you feeling good santa? I Love Jack miss you. Will you get me legos and more stufft and nois and more Dear Santa, toys? I love you Santa. How is Mrs Love Jonathan Claws doing? I want a whole resteier set. And I want a toy jun and Dear Santa, a machine jun. I like your clothes. Hi I mist you. How are you doLove Vayden ing? I want sum fake brastes. I want sum hiehils. I want a pichr Dear Santa, fram. How is Mis Claus? You are ery Love Jorja sweet. Can you bring me hihhils ,moc-up, and a neck les with a hart Dear Santa, in it so I can put a picher in it? I hope you enjoy Crismet! You Love Allison are cool! Is sandman coold at the north pol? I want you to bring frbDear Santa, bey boom, borbey set, santa set. I miss you a lot! You make Love Kaylee Christmas fun. I hope you bring me these three things, baby doll, Dear Santa, real cat, real dog. I hope you are doing good. You Love Avery are awsom. Is it cold in the north Dear Santa, How is Rudolph, prance, dancer and all the other raindere? Thank you for working so hard. Can I have a puppy and a music box that has a tune and a air gutar. Love Baylee Dear Santa, How are you doing? Can you bren me some skylanders, legos, and tools for my dad? Love Colin Dear Santa, Are your elvefs working hard. I lilke your mustash and berd. I want a poufor Christmas. Also a air hogs at mis fear and a collection of diary of a wimpy kid books. Love Cris

pole? I want for chrismas is Bar- hous, scientist shirt, and a pink and bie hair cut set and a money maker purple 4 weelr? and a DS. Love Zoe Love Karla Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Thank you for the pelopet. How You are aswome! I miss you so is roodof? I want the hot wheels much. You are so nice! Can you turbo track twister, the hot wheels bring me a batman car, dinosaur, maga loop manyam and the hot monster truck. wheels trbing trister. Love Kevin Love Clayton Dear Santa, I want to be you. I want a toy rollacostre and a tv, and I want a coosy. Love Mark

Dear Santa, You have been a great man sending me toys. How is my elf? I want a dog and a new book and a movie for chtristmas. Love Nathaniel

Dear Santa, I wot a voth wef hat please and Dear Santa, a ds and a xbox 360 and a plae staThank you for the presents you tion and a dsi and a ds. gave me last year. What is your faLove Mikey vorite cooke? I want a little puppy, I want an iphone, I want a elf. Dear Santa, Love Joanna How have you bin? My teacher siads at I am niec. I wate a dog and Dear Santa, a cat and a pup. I love chistmas it is my favorite Love Roxanne hollday. Can I have a Elf? I want a laptop a black and white hamster, Dear Santa, and a iphone. Hello Santa! Crimis is my favrit Love Nevaeh yere can you brang me a hellokoptr, 4 wheelr, and a nerfres with benses. Love Toby Dear Santa, Why are your elves so coot? Your so asem. Can I have a Barbie


moster catching set, lego batman, a Dear Santa, phone. Have a wonderf Christmas Iv been very very good this year. time. How is comet? I want a dog I want Love Cash a xbox 360 and a robot dog. Love Kristopher Dear Santa, How are you doing? I want 3 Dear Santa, things for Christmas a babie euI have been a very good boy this phone. year. How is Rassell? I want a lego Love Louis

Merry Christmas

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Dear Santa, I hope you have a good chrismes. How are you? I can’t wate to see what you bring me. Can I ples bring me huge shoes a pillo and a new night night toy. Love Destiny

James Sullivan Jackie Sullivan


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a properous New Year! 220 Palo Pinto Street

Branch Location: Weatherford, Texas 76086 139 College Park Dr.


May peace, harmony and joy resound throughout the holiday season.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Sending our best wishes to our customers and friends this holiday season.

’s y r r a L



and many thanks from

8305 Jacksboro Hwy. • 817-237-7871

to all our friends and neighbors for giving us so much to celebrate this season! Health • Life • Disability • Final Expense • Home • Auto • Boat Motorcycle • Big Rig • Mobile Home

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Season’s Greetings 2013 13C

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 duck tape. Dear Santa, Love Alaina I wanted to thank you for the things from last year. How is Ru- Dear Santa, dolphgf? I want a dog, an iphone, Hello. Dis year I want a wii u. I and an Elf. want 5 games. Dist year I a tablit. Love Katie Love Ethan Dear Santa, Please give Elfey a hug and don’t forget your very kind. How are you? I want a puppy, a baby hamster and a elf. Love Caydence

you do all summer? I want a ipad boy. and a new baseball glove and a Love Morgan new xbox. Love Tyler Dear Santa, How big are elf. How big are Dear Santa, you for crismis I want a Barbie I like you. Thank you for my doll and a master hive and I thing I gifts last year. Want do you look am on the good list. Dear Santa, like. I want money, stft animals Love Clara I like you. How come when you and a elf. touch smily he looses his magic? Love Madison Dear Santa, What do you do all year? I want How big are your elfs? Do you to a wii, soft dall cloths, legos for girls. Love Landri

Dear Santa, How do you make the toys? Do you have a pupy? From santa I wunt a elephant and a fish tane and a fone and some books. I thak that im on the goodlist. Love Jackie

Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents last Dear Santa, year. How is Roodoph? I want a I relley like you. How do you manchin for chrismas and I want a deliver all of the presenne night? dog and a pool. Have a wonderful Love Michael Christmas time. Love Rylce Dear Santa, Hello Santa. How come when Dear Santa, we touch an elf it loses it’s powHow is Roodof Santa? I want a er’s? This year I want shimmer tat- Dear Santa, copooter and I want a phone and I toos and hot huez hair chalk and a Hello iw ould like to remind you want a puppy. marker maker. thankfor the presints. Why do you Love Edgar Love Ava not give presints to grownups. I want a tv in my room and I want Dear Santa, Dear Santa, mony and a pet. Thank you for the big bag and Santa is majik. Haou doo santa Love Emmy the scooder. Howe old are you? I klime the chime? I want a toy. want a scooder and a ipod and a Love Ty Silver Creek Elementary xbox 360. Love Jesus Dear Santa, Dear Santa, How do you diliver all the presDo you git mell? Wout mas you Dear Santa, ent in one night? And I would like rander flile? I wont exbox and u I hope you can come to chrst- a ipad and a computer and a tv. poster and a hors and a now dessmas. I now were you live. I want Love Crystal gam. I wevk hevd on my homea pet dog. I like a toy to play. I like work. I lissin. the best toy. Dear Santa, Love Gatlyn Love Carla Tack you for beeg a good sport. Can you be men? I want a phone Dear Santa, Dear Santa, and elf. At toyRus a liti sewing Wot is your rander doing rit How are you doing. I herd you machine. now. How small are your elfs. For will be here in 6 more saterdays. Love Autrey krismis I wood lick a dutbiek, dog, How is Rudolf boing. I wunt a iphat, durt biek, dog hat, skates, kasode and a puppy and a ipad. Dear Santa, toom guitar. Love Molly I hope you have a nice christmis Love Blaze why do you go down a chimney? I Dear Santa, hwant a ipad a magic set and a col- Dear Santa, Thank you! I want a transform- lection of toy gaters. Is Miss clos wrile is roodof er. I want a play doh plusce I want Love Jett wille I want a stuffed bird stuffed a iron man. olw and stuffed cat and clover corLove Chris Dear Santa, ner and sled stuffed animals and How do you make toys? Thak my old stuffed circle baer baerey Dear Santa, you for making toys for aluvaus I and a bunch of candy and a cholDecember is the best holiday. wait a ipod for chismas. clet santa and a stuffed moster. I want a bicycle. I want a ipad. I Love Allie Love Savannah want a telephone. Love Diego Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I think you are cool. How do you How do you make the toys? Do Dear Santa, mack toys? I want toys and mack you have a pupy? From santa I Thank you for my presents last up and baby clos. wunt a elephant and a fish tane and year. Wher do you live? In the Love Jade a fone and some books. I thak that north poll. I want a bike and a hot im on the goodlist. wheel track an a hot wheel care. Dear Santa, Love Jackie Love Anthony How do you fit dowh the chimney? Want a police car, video game Dear Santa, Dear Santa, and a wii. Why do you have a beerd and Thank you for the presents. Love Blake a big mastache. Why do you have How is Rudoff. I want a bike, a glasses. phone like my mom and an ipad. Dear Santa, Love Nolan I love you santa. Have a wonderful Thank you for what you gave Christmas time. me for this crismis. I want a ipad Dear Santa, Love Ciara and a coputer and a ps3d. How do How are you? How do you mack you fit threw the chiminy. tor?How do you grit your bed? Dear Santa, Love Yocelyn How tall are elves? Gifts you want I like that you go thrugh the football and legos and geclt and doog. What kind of magic do you Dear Santa, tin kiy nise rander rifl? Why you have? I want candy and tape and I like you very much. What do chould get it I on theres I bin a gud


We thank you for your valued business, and wish you a

Merry Christmas

have clind? Your are owesom. Love Hayden Dear Santa, I would like a vilin and a datr and a ipad and a tagid doll and taglds boy doll. I dzrf it bekus I do my chors and I wrk wen my mom ses I and I do not liye nevr evr. Love Amber Dear Santa, How many cookies do you want? Have the elves started making toys? For Christmas I would like a lego city and Ipad and a jessi dolland a woody doll. This is why I should get them because I clen my room and I fold mine clos and my sister help me to? Love Alexi Dear Santa, How many cookies do you want for Christmas? Have the elves started to make the toys yet? I would like a ipad, phone, 4 weeler and play stoulson 3. I have been very good this year. I help my mom and dad. This wy I shool get tees thangs. Love Hunter Dear Santa, Do you have a dog? When are the elves coming? How big is Comet for. Christmas, I want pokemon white version nd pokemon white version 2 a ds, a spyra game, and dragon bolt. I do not steal I go to school I am also very nice. Love Landon Dear Santa, How are you doing? How much cookies, cake, and milk? For Christmas I would like moryo 3d, ipad, and big lego set. Why I should get it. I do the dishis I clean my room. I help my mom and dad. Love Kayden Dear Santa, How are you and Ms Closs doing? How are you doing Santa? For crismis I want a puppy, pare of socks, avenger, sneakers. I deserve

Christmas Holidays.


For Christmas I would like skylander swoop for an xbox 360, kreo bloks thangs for cars. Monny, for d1 I have been very good this yoer I be good, I cleen my room, I Dear Santa, work good, I be nice. How are you doing? How many Love Brody cookies do you want? How is roodoff? How is Mrs. Clause? I Dear Santa, woule like an iphone, kindle fire, How many elfs do you have? easy bake and ninntindo 3ds. How is evry buddy doing? For Please. I have been very good Chrismas I want a Ipad with a oter this year. I help my mom clean box that cheetah, Ipad with a toer my room. I’m also doing good in box pokadot, two of my own cats, school. one of my puppy. I help my mom Love Shaylea with shaden I wash dishes. I clean my room I help around the house. Dear Santa, Love Cadence How is Mrs. Clause? How many cookeys do you want? For Christ- Dear Santa, mas I would like a unusickle kid, I wondered if you wanted me pogo stick, computer, and a guitar. to feed roodoff? I will leave fruit I haved been very good this year. I for him how is he? Are the elves worked hard in school working hard? For Christmas I Love Sophia want a teacher pointer iphon, denem shorts, mini tablet, pepper Dear Santa, spray, ipad, chemistry set, notepad, How are your raindeir? How do brush hair, school siplise, once you cross the erth in one night? I held some bodys hand. I work How many cookys do you want? my hardest in school Tell dancer, How are you doing? For Christmas prance and roodoff I said hi. Have I would like American girl stuf, nice Christmas. books, winter my elf on the shelf. Love Gracelyn May I please get this stuff if you can. Why I sould git it I make my Dear Santa, bed. I clean my room. I love her How are your rander? How do winter. you get down the chimney? How Love Autumn much sleep do you get? How do you get to all of the house in one Dear Santa, night? I want a s I want a ipad. I How are you doing? How are want a remote control helicamter the raindeer doing? I have been and mtorsicle. I want a new bike. good this year. Can you give me I do my best at school. I clean my the biggest lego in the world? How room. I do my chorse. many cookies do you want? Mary Love Paul Chritmas. Can I have l000000 dollars? I woule like a xbox. When Dear Santa, How do you fly your rainderes? are you going to be here? Four wheeler. What do raindeer eat? How is roodoff? How meny cooModle corvette in a case with glass kis do you wont? I wont some toys around it. Can I get a toy plane? A this year I wont a computer, 2 gebowandarrow. An RC bird. Santa men shetders, a ds card, and super I realy realy want a big giant RC Mario 3d world pleas! The rezon wy I should get toy is I have ben realsteel atomtsues please!!! Love Owen nice and I do my chors everyday! Love Caden Dear Santa, How do you go to the houses? Dear Santa, How do you flite the raindeers? How is Mrs. Clause? I want makeup and black book toy. I help my How are you? How much cokmom with my sister. I clean my ies do you want? What kind of milk do yo want? For Christmas I room for my mom. Love Jessie would like a dirtbike, viedo games, cars and a four weeler. I clean my whole house I put my chickens to Dear Santa, How are you doing? How is bed I’m good. I brush my teeth. Love Jacob rodof? Have the evis stared macking the toys? How many presits do you give? And I want a American Dear Santa, How is roodoff doing? How girl doll and a barbeys and socks and books. And I thak I shed git it are the elvs doing? For Christmas because I do good in school. And I would like a new dsi, a Jessie I clean my room. And I pick up in doll a santa and mrs clas doll, and the living room. And I make my roodoff doll. I have been very good this year. I help my mom and dad bed. Love Brailee take the trash out. I also am doing good in school. I love you Santa very much what do you doi n the Dear Santa, How do you go down the chi- summer and what do you doi in the mine. How many coces do you spring in the summer I swime and want? Have I ben good this year. in the spring I play with my sister

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“Merry Christmas & May God Bless You” to all our friends and customers from M & D Tire.

201 W. Main St • Azle, TX 76020 • 817-444-0100

As we pause in our busy lives to reflect on our blessings of the past year our wish for each and every one of you is a wonderful gathering of family and friends to celebrate the

them because I am respekedful to my mom and dad. And I am respekedful to my brother and my dogs. Love Reagan

Here’s hoping your holiday delivers a bundle full of good friends, good times and good cheer. We appreciate your giving us so much to celebrate this holiday season, and we thank you for your loyalty and support.



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“Our Customer Service Makes the Difference.”



At this special time of year, we give thanks for the many blessings we share, including the privilege of serving good people like you.

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Season’s Greetings

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14C Season’s Greetings 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

she is meen to me but I love her very much she is cute my granmae calls her tooty I love her very much she is so meen. Love Teryn

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want pajamas slippers, a yoyo, a nelectic toy car, a satpet, and a toy dog that’s work. I help my brother ride his bike I also help my mom do bishis. How Dear Santa, is mrss cloos. Do rodof have a red How old are you? How is Ru- nose for reel. How meny elfs do dolf doing? For Christmas I want you have. a new bike, a toy motorcycle, a Love Heidi popcorn machine and a toy t-rex. I help my mom do the dished and I Dear Santa, clean my room. Can I have a ipod please? I want Love Mason ipod please? With a cherry on top I am a good person. I clean my Dear Santa, brothers room for him. I am really I know that you are going to com good for my mom and dad and so in one month and I love you with is my brother! I like your reindeer. all my hart I mite not leav milk and They are fast. cookes for you but. Love Amaya Love Joey Dear Santa, Dear Santa, What is your favrit food? What I want a pretty blue monrhigh I is your favrit movie? What is your want a toy santa. I want a macha- favrit cookie. Can you make me hole buneradet toy. I want a bane a crazy kart. Can you make me a radet book. kereatuch. Can you make me dego Love Kiara star wars bakes when it is time to wash the dishes I help mom. I help Dear Santa, my mom pack lunch I help dad at How tall are you? Are you the work. tallest person in the work shop? Love Lou Last Christmas was one of the best christmis ever. Watch out for the Dear Santa, cat she will scratch you and you How where you born? Why is will bleled bad. My favirot rain- xmas a holaay? Why do you have deer is prance! I like prance be- a red nose? I want a crazy kart because I like his name. is Rudolph cause I cant save up 400 dollars. I the smallest raindeer? What I want want legos because I collect legos. the most is cloths. Do you no ev- I want beybol because Im collectery thing like god. Christmis is my ing them also. I should get thembefaviret time of year. A lot of my cause I help my mom and dad a lot. friends there birthday is in decemLove CJ ver. Christmas is Jeseses birthday. Did you now that you are the nic- Dear Santa, est person in the world. What’s your favrit kid? What Love Cole is your wifes first name? I want a zoomer a football a dirt bike and Dear Santa, a phone. I should get it because Why do you like kins why do I worked at my house. I help my you get letter. I wot scooter y be- mom with surgery and helped my cause I lik to play with a scooter. I family. I hope it shows this crismas. blev in you because you give gifst Love Carter and you are funny to me and my friends. You are the best santa!! Dear Santa, Love Yalissa Hi Santa I veen very good this year and Ive been wating Dear Santa, for you to come the whole year I I want a kindl fiyr hd, a mete am glad becuas chrstmas is almost clntrol car, xbox 360, ipad, spy here and it is going to be very run gear, witeyo games, canyon get me and cool. I cant wait for Christmas thing? Skylander swop fers. I get it and I am going to ged a lot of stuf because I’m awesome, good, grat, chismis is speshle to me because it is gods birthday. Love Michael Dear Santa, Why is your beard long? Why do you make toys? Why do you have elfs? Gifts you want I want a bopit. I want a xbox one. I want the movie twilight. Why ou should get it I calean the litter box for my mom. I clean the dishes for my mom. I feed the cat for my mom. Love Emilee

santa what is your name? I want star wars logo, and I want a tablet and I want a football think I did a lot of work around my house hope your elfs are working hard. Love Preston Dear Santa, I hope your doing good. I hope your not sick Santa. What do you do when it is not Christmas? I really want a xbox 360 and some soccer cloths. I have all A’s in school. I am honest. I am respectful. Love Hayden

Dear Santa, What do you do whin yo’re not working for as? Why elfs have ponty ears? How do raindeer fly? Why do yore santa helpers go to malls and not six flags? Can I have a new ferby. Can I have a new hamster for the sootkase. My ferby is broken. So I can have more hamster toys. The crekt corde for my computer. I get hundres on my tests on Friday. I help cook. I make hundreds on AR tests. I past adding on the math test. I take care of Dear Santa, my pet. I pade for my fish. What do the elfs do when it is Love Taylor sumer? Why do you eat so many cookis? How does your slay work? Dear Santa, Wy does roodof nose glour? For Is it cold in the north pole? Why this chrismas I urgnt a puppy. A do you ware a red coat? What ipod, a snowglob, lever jackit. do you do for fun when it is not Why I should get it because I wash Christmas? I wead like a iphone dishes. I folded the close I work on five. I also wood like a dirt bike. the forweeler. I fed the horses. Why I mite get my gifts I be reLove Grant spectful to my paretns. I have ben doing what they say. Dear Santa, Love Nate I hope the elfs are not werking to hard. This year I want a toy horse Dear Santa, I realy like the brown one. And I I hope you don’t get sick on also want a scooter? And a ipod, I the travl. Are you doing ok at the have been a good girl. And I am North Pole? Are your elfs ok? Is good ate home werk. And I am Mrs Santa ok? Are your raindeers good ate school. ok? Can I have a amarcen doll? Love Mackenzie Can I have a toy hamster? Because I have helped mom with londre I Dear Santa, have been caring fto my sister even I hope you’re not working so when I am bisse. hard this year. I hope you have a Love Lauren good time in the northpole. I hope it is not so winding in the north Dear Santa, pole. I want a 3DS and a plastHow do you see at night? How stash 3 and an xbox 3 side and an are you not cold? Can I have a xbox one. I dsrfit becase I helpe xbox for Christmas? Can I have peple when they ned help. I ada a ipad for Christmas? Can I have my moather. I have bin nice to a cindi fine for Christmas? Can I my friends and my parints an my have a stuff animal for Christmas? grandmother and my pap. I do not I help my mom with cooking food. argyou with my omather. I have I help my mom with grosenes. I bin good to borather. help my dad with work. I help my Love River mom with cleaning. Love Denver Dear Santa, I hope you get a brak when you dot wrike on cresmes. I weut a xbox for cresmes. I will weut a flat skyentr I weut a fineg games. I went a brikt bick 2. I went a sooder games. I weut a grire games. I went a ponel x for cresmes. Love Daniel

Merry Christmas from

Dear Santa, What do the elfs do? How do you make toys? What do you do for fun when it’s not Christmas? What I want for Christmas is a xbox one. IA ipad and a baseball. I was nice to people I also was good and I have good grades. Love Mateo Dear Santa, How are the elfs? Are the deer ok? I wood like a doom bugy. I wood like a pet buny. I have good grads. Can be very rsposble. How are you santa? How meny presints have you made? I have been good. Love Zakary Dear Santa, I hope you are not working too hard. I hope your checking your list twice. I want a bike that is a chopper and I want a new adrnad because mine is brock. I want a remote toy spedbick. I want a remote toy mustane and I want to no about elfed. Love Dalton Dear Santa, Hiy santa have a grat crismis wut do you do win it is not crismis. I wut a 3DS and I wut a puppe becus I wus vere gud I wut a snoglob. I wot a thsplen. Becus I wus vere gud. Love Alexandra

Dear Santa, I hope you do not wake to hard santa cawls. I whnt a iphone I think you no that I whnt a zoomer and please get my mom a now tiyre and my papa three hats one that is light brown hat the seckint hat is dark brown and the last one is lighe brown and dark brown and can I have a elfs and four my bruther get him a pet dog to and please read this santa cawls you are the cookis in the world. Love Ally Dear Santa, I want to know if the orth pole looks awesome? I want to know where the elfs sleep? I want to know what the rain dears eat? Where do you get the presents? Santa can you get me a iphone 4. Can you get me a ipad. And a phone. What I really want is a babby puppy. I do the things my brother tells me to and hes only 4 years old and I hafe to get me homework done but I do what my brother wants me to do. I help my sister do the things she hase to do like her homework pick up all the stuff she hase to put in her backpack. Everytime my dad tells me to let the dogs in I really don’t to but I do it iney ways. Love Hayle

Dear Satna, How are you and mas clews doing? What I want for Christmas is a ipad an a wii with gams. Christmas is my favorite time of year because I get lots fo precins. May cut and candy and I get to play in the snow. Merry Christmas santa clews and Dear Santa, mas clews. How are you doing I have a Love Ariah question for you how are your randers fly? Oh how are you santa? Dear Santa, Also are ther any more randers like How are you and MRs Claws yours? And are you rel? You no doing? How are the elfs? How are whnt I whint for Christmas I whnt

Merry Christmas

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the raindeers doing? What I relly want is a ipad and I need sapitys for my desk. Can you please make me a cocking horse. I have a basketball but I on’t have a hoop. The reason I shod get all this stuff is becus I make 100’s on AR tests. Love Emily


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Season’s Greetings 2013 15C

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 a ps3. Also a xbox one. And a black and yellow short. Why I should get it be because I help my mom. Love Klayetan Dear Santa, I hope your not working too hard. If you don’t mind telling your elves to pleas make me a drift bike that will be awesome! If your elves can get me a pet fish that will be awesome too! If your elves can get me a xbox one they are very nice and so are you santa! I veen helping other kids I’ve been making good grades and reading a lot of books. Love Carter Cross Timbers Elementary Dear Santa, I hopeyou are grat up there. I hopeyou are warn upthere. I hope the rainder are ok. I went a Dog because my uther dog diey. I went a xbox 1 because I don’t have a xbox 1. I need a Winter cowt because I don’t have one. I also need ear prags because I don’t have one to keep me warm. I wood like to give Payton a gear bike because he dus not have one. Plese give my dad a scroodriver because he dusint have one. Tel Mrs Clos I said hi. Love, Sean B Dear Santa, I hope the elfs are doing good. I wold like a for this year a marker maker so I cold make my own markers and coler a drail with them. And I wold like melt and moled factery So I can make a race car cray on to coller with. I need some tooth past because I have to use my dads hot toothpast. And I need a new toothbrush because my tooth brush is dirty. Will you bring my dog some bones so she can chew on. And will you bring my dad some cooking stuff so my dad can cook. Tell the raindeer I said hi. Love, Brayden Dear Santa, I hope I dont get coal this year. I would like new dogs because I want to play with them. I would like a new computer because I want to playon it. I would like new shoes because mine are uncomefortable. Please get my grandma new dogs because they are old, Please get my grandma a new computer because hers is broken I hope roodoff is good at work Love, Cash P Dear Santa, I want a dog and a cat so I can play with them. I need some medicine and cades I get sick. Im growing so fast that I need new clothes like pants and sherts. I want to give my moms friend Brook a car and a kid because she wants a kid and she doesn’t have a car. Love Taylor Dear Santa, I want a American girl doll because I like to dress it up. I need new boots and an outfit to match because it is realy cold outside I would like to help people and give them a house and a car because I like to help people. Love Salina Dear Santa, I want a toy because I love toys. I want a toy train because I love them. I need a dirt bike because I can drive down the street. I want to give Kyle 20 dollars. I want to give Ta 20 dollars too. Love Westley Dear Santa, I need shoes. I need a shirt I want a car. I want a four wheeler. My friend needs a stuffed animal. My friend needs a shirt. I need shoes and a shirt. I want an elecktk car a four wheeler so I can ride up and down the street. I would like a remote controlled car too because

theyre fun to play outside. My Love Sarae clothes are getting too small, so please bring me some new shoes Dear Santa, and shirts. I want a xbox 360 I want a b gun Love Alex I need a new jacket because mine is to little for me. I want a phone Dear Santa, and an ipod for my dad and me. So I want a motordirt bike so I can we can play together. I want my to go down the hill and an electric get a new blanket and dishes. scooter so I can go down the hill to. Love Jorge I need new cloth because I some I am getting little and some of my Dear Santa, socks are little too. I want to give Happy winter santa. I want a ds Westley a toy and Elliott bb gun. because it is a big ds. I want a kurio Love Kyle tech because I can play on it. Need boks school tolearn. To take a test. Dear Santa, Elliott a bb gun and can have 2 bb I want a big bike so I can ride it. guns. Kenith xbox 360. I want a kindle fire so I can play Love Austin Boss 2. I need clothes because some of my cloths are too small. I Dear Santa, need cool Nike shoes cause myne I want a 22 because I want to go are too old. My brothers want a deer hunting I want som flint bePSP cause there always bores. I cause I want to roast marshmallows want cousin to get a mp3 player to when I go camping. I need some play it. clothes becase I am out growing Love Adam mine. I need some shoes because I only have one pair. I want some Dear Santa, cooking stuff because my mom For Christmas I want a Wet Wil- doesn’t have much. I want 2 red lie and Flame boy skateboard be- nerf guns for my dad and his friend cause its easy to ride and a piod like to play with them. I hope your touch because I had one and it got having a good winter. stolen. I need a under armour jackLove Elliott et and reebok shoes black, blue and orange. I want John to have Dear Santa, friends. I need toys for my dog she I want a trike e2 so I can be free, cheus up everything we give her and I want a spa kit so I can soften she chews up metal. I hope your my face. I need for mymom to have having a great winter. what ever she wants and the same Love Anthony for both of my dads and 2 things for Emily barbies and a book. Dear Santa, Love Cassidy For Christmas I want a dsi to play games on and a nerf blaster Dear Santa, to have water battles. I need shoes I need shoes and pants because I and clothes to wear to school. don’t have any more that fit. I wold I want kyle to have a dsi to play like for my neighbors to get some games. My sister Jasmine would food and a phone because they need like a necklace to wear . She likes food and they can’t call anybody pink and sparkle necklaces the now. I want a doll because I don’t best. have one. I want some pink earings Love William too. Have a Merry Christmas. Love Emily Dear Santa, I hope your having a good time Dear Santa, in the north pol. I wanta rabbit to For Christmas I want a new xbox eat the carrots at dinner. I world and a 3Ds. I need a new scarf and like another bed so friends can some new socks. For my brother I stay the night with me. I want my would like them to get some new dad to get catchers gear so my dad toys. My little sisder needs some wont get hurt. I need a baceball new tennis shoes. I have been a for Megan to throw I need cheer good boy and a bad boy. I will try supplies for Mkayla so she can be to be better. I will feed the cats and happy. Happy Christmas Santa, I dogs. I will play with my little sislove you. ter. Thank you for giving us presLove Lane ents, you are happy to me. Love Brandon Dear Santa, I hope you are having a great Dear Santa, winter and how are your elves. I Can I have a new Iphone. Bewant a horse and a doll because cause I broke my iphone on the I love to ride horses and I love back and dropped. I want a new to play with dolls. I need a warm laptop the laptop is don’t work. dress and warm shoes because it Can I have a new cat. My cat was is cold outside. And I want to get going some where then lost my cat. Jane a puppy and a book so she can I need a pair of shoes and pair of erad it and puppy to play with. socks. Was all tangled. Also a blanLove Madison ket that is so soft the blanket I have that not soft. Dear Santa, Love Liliana I want a Nintendo 3ds and a game console because my cousin Dear Santa, has one and I like it. I need newe Hi santa for this Christmas I sock and shoes because mine are wold want a fake gun and warwearing out. I want to give the rorr costom because I want to be firemen cookies and hot cocoa be- a warrorr when I grow up. Also I cause they don’t get much from people. Love Robbie.

would want some new baby dolls because I don’t have very much. Also I need some things too. I need a workout disc and mat because I want to stay fit. Also I need a bigre laptop because I have a little one. Also my coisuen needs new toys I can be thank ful for Christmas because it is speishall to Jesess. Love Ashlyn Dear Santa, I have been very good I would want a ipad. Mymom has one but we cant have it. I would want aipod ween I am tired I can watch a viteo. I need a new pair of tennishows. They wore out I need a tooth brush because it wont work. I would really want you to give Dakota a kindle. Love Austin Dear Santa, I will like a Monster High school, because I have the dolls to it. I need some new clothes because my clothes are getting too small on me. I would like you to give Aaliyah a new pair of pants. Love Elena Dear Santa, I have bine a little good. I would want a rifle because I want to go hunting deer with my dad. I want a go cart because I want to go in circles. I need new teny shoes because my old teny shoes are getting little. I need a new tooth brush because my old tooth brush is getting bad. I would want for my friend Jose to have a DS because I want Jose to have some fun with the DS. Love Alexis Dear Santa, I was about 90% nice this year. For Christmas I would like a futby because looks fun a bopit textris because it so easy. Just twist slam, score. Also, I need a new pair of tennis shoes because my old ones are rippin apart, a new toy box because all the toys cant fit in both of them. Finally I would like grandpa to have a new chair to sit in , old one is tearing apart. I would like grandma to have a new bike because grandma really need some exersice. Love Kameron Dear Santa, I am 100% nice this year so I need something for Christmas here are things that I want you to get me this Christmas. I want a lego mini figure his name is kal from ninja go. What I need is new parot unduwar because mine are to tite on me. Also I need sokcks because mine have holes in them. For my brother parker I would like you to get him a punching bag because he keeps asking me for one and I want you to get him hulk hands because he can punch the punching bag. Love Dakota Dear Satna, How have you been santa? I have been happy this year. First I would want a Wu because it’s the newist one. I would like some toys, because I like to play with my toys.

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I really want a xbox one. My other is broken. Also I want a iphone 5. I do not have a phone. I need a new pair of boots my others are broken. Also I need a new shirs. I only have ten. My dad Kevin needs new boots. My dads boots are ripped. Dear Santa, Love Kevin How is your raindeer doing are they being good I want a pink dirt bike because my mom saw Dear Santa, it at wolmart. I need a pair of I was a good girl to my famtennshoes, because my old ones ily? Can you plese bing a new are to smoll for me. And finuleey bike because my andther one was my third thing Iis for someone. brock? Next can you bing a new Skylar wants a baby driver be- skirt because my sister have one. cause she does not have a baby And I want a sunglass because driyer neither do I and I don’t hae when is hot I want a new clos I one either. brock. Third my dad need a new Love Hayli car because another is brock. And he need a goetcar! Because is not Dear Santa, on. And he need a trater because is I love you! I want a new pare of brock and my mom need a pruse shoe case my other ones are whred because it dirty. out. I would like a new dress case I Love Desitny do not have one. May Ihave a new because it is to small. I want a fur- Dear Santa, by. I don’t have one it can be any Can you ples get me a 2 dsx so color santa would you give Lace a my brother wont cry? Can you ples pink furby. get me and Joes some rifles. Can Love Aaliyah I ples have a fone so I can tecst my mom all I want. Can I please Dear Santa, have more sock!!! Because of I have been really good this year. joey makes them slinhky. Can my May I have a real life puppy be- grandmother have some decrshins cause the ones I had my mom took to put on the home? Santa I have them to the shelter. Also I would been a good boy! like a 3DS with the legend of ZelLove Alex da link between worlds because it looks cool on tv. I would like some Dear Santa, new green and black shoes beI whunt you to no that I have ben cause mine are worn out. I would doing good on my gradz. I need like some new tools because I like pants becus all of mine have hols building. For my friend Gracie a in them. I whunt jak for decus I am bullseye horse stuffed animal toy a jak fan. because it would be nice. Love Logan Love Ryan Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Can you ples bring me a new How is the weather is it cold 3ds because I want another one? or hot? I want a stuffed horse. I Can you ples bring me a new socwould cost 90 dollars at a store! I cer brill beause I want to play? Can want a project tv as a tv because it you plese bring me some pair of would be awesome. I need a new boots because I don’t have some. toothbrush because mine is fall- Can you ples bring me a new scarf ing apart. I need a new umbrella because mine is broken. Can you because well the handle came off. ples bring my mom a new car beCan you get my dad JD new pairs cause she doesn’t like the car she of work boots please. Because his has. Can you ples bring my dad are about 3 years old! some tools because his doesn’t Love Gracie work very good. I been nice and naght to my friends. Dear Santa, Love Jose I have been wanting a ipad because my sister savannah dropt Dear Santa, my other one in the toilet. I want Can you please get me a ipod a Samson tv too. I need a new touch because my dad meit forget. bike and a new pair of boots. All Next an I please have a ps3 beof mine are too small if you could cause my friend Michael has one. please give my dad mony and my I need a new pair of shoes because brother Dakota a black cote. mine are to small. Next, I need new Love Sydney pants because my brother has more than me. My brother Jacob wanta Dear Santa, an ipad because my big brother JoHow have you been doing. I cob has one. Next my dad wanta a would like a few things from you. bike because he wants to ride on I would like a karooke machine. the road with me and my brother Becauese you can hook a phone I have been cinde nauty and cina up to it and turn on music you can nice! sing along with it. Also I would Love Jeffrey like a flashlight friend because you can have a fluffy flashlight to see at Dear Santa, night. Santa could you please get Can yhou please get me and my cousin cloe an electric scooter. Hayden a fast 4 wheeler becas we Love Katelyn do not have one. What I really want is a bibi gun becas my big brother Second, santa would you give me new payr of shoes? I would oe it! I would need new glasice, because my are old. Third, I would want you to give saul new payr of jeans, because he only has shorts. Love Genesis

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Dear Santa, I want a xbox 360 and legos. I heed money and clothes. I want Elliott to get a bb gun and a xbox 360. Loe Dylan Dear Santa, I hope your having a good winter. Will you bring me a ipad so I can play with friends and can I get a ipod because my pod broke. I need shoes because my shoes ripped and pillow pet because my dolphoin one is dirty. I want to give my friend loth and shoes because she doesn’t have money to buy her sum.




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16C Season’s Greetings 2013 has one. Can you pleas get Logan some food supplies. Can you get my brother a caun because the other one is recked. I need a facemast because I lost my other one is lost. I need shirts because some of my other ones are too small for me. I was noty sory but I do better. Love Mason Dear Santa, May I have a new dirt bike because its too little. I want a beeby gun because mine is too heavy. I need a new bed because its too little. I need new bandaids because I can get sick. My dad needs new shirts becase his is too small My dad needs a new car because its old. I have been really good this year. Love Jaden

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa, Santa can I pleas have a play stacin 4 bucus my brother won’t let me play his? Santa can I pleas have a bebe gun bucus my brother has one .CSanta I need some new shoos bucus one pare rip. I need some new clepers bucus my brothe use mine. My mom needs a new dress busus her oder one ript. Mymom needs a new tv bucus hers have a crack. Santa I have been good I haven’t been notey. Love David Dear Santa, May I have a new bike because my old bike broke so can you get me a new bike? Santa can you get me a new dress because my old dress rip so can you get me one? Santa can you get me a newe backpack because my old backpack is starting to rip so can you get me one? Santa can you get me a new hat because my old one got lost and I can’t find it? Santa an you get my brother a new bed because my brothers is not ver good so can you get my brothe a new bed. Santa my dad needs a new tv tray because my mom only has one tv tray so can you get my dad a new tv tray? I was very good. Love Leslie

Dear Santa, Pless Santa can you get me some mackup because I want to loke pretty. Pless can you get me some more nel polish because I don’t hae that much. Pless santa some more metasdin because my dog matle he ate the rest fove my netsain only tow are left my mom mite fourget. My dad needs a new job because he got fired from his old one. Pless can you find my girl cats a new home because they are bad to everybots. Pless get me a new close because mine are to Dear Santa, small. Hello santa how are you and Love Naomi Mrs Claus? How is Rudolph? Will you please get me Glitsy Globes Dear Santa, I really want them because they Please can you gife me a new are cute. Next, I would like a new bike because my old one it broke. makeup because I need new colNext, I want a new blanket be- ors. I need a new bathing suit so it cause my old one is drty. I need wont hurt while I’m swimming. I newe glups because wen it coold also need a new princess dress so my hands or sow coold. I need a I can go to midevil night in style. new tv because my broke. My My mom needs a new shredder mom really needs a new bag fore because everyone she buys doesn’t her mackup because her old one is work. My brother wants lego starall ribt. My dad needs a new trak- wars because he thinks they are ter because the old one brok. Sant cool. I have been good this year. I nine god. Love Allison Love Nhayla

Dear Santa, You’re a nice guy so can you please give me 5 mario charrecters? Because I want them all. Next, can you please get me a wii u? Because its better thae wii. And santa my hands freezt can you get me mittens? And my head freezes can you get me a hat? And Thomas wanta s 3 Ds. Can you get him one? And my brother Austin wants a 2 Ds. Can you get him one? And I’v been nice. Love Adam Dear Santa, Could you please give me the things that I have rote down. First I would like a four weeler just in case a robber comes in the back yard so I can run him over. Next could I have an xbox three sixty because I want to play call of duty. I need a new bed because mine broke. I need new pants because mine have holds in them. My friend realy wants to be a millon air because he wants to buy wallmart. My daddy needs to graduate from the police academy so he has a better job. Ive ben good. Love Alexander Dear Santa, Can you please give me new pirs of shoes? My dot tard them in peceis. Can you give me a tv because my brother hasone in his room. Can you please give my grandma some medson because she is sick. Can you please give me some winter close because my winter clos are ripping. My little brother wants a big and kinda little tracter becase his other tracter brock. My mom wants a new pelon because my moms pelow is to bumbie. I have been good.

Dear Santa, I want a bikck because my cannot ride my bick because my traning wills are bint. I want a water bodil because my momma wants to not till it up. I need tinashoes because my tinashores are to little. I need piams because my pians are to little. I want kaylee to have a iphone. I wont Alisha to have a iphone. Love Alainna

Christmas Open House & Trunk Show Saturday, Dec. 7th • 9 am to 2 pm There will be door prizes including designer frames, gift cards and more. Refreshments will be served.


‘Tis the season, for family, friends and festivity, and to let you know how much we value your friendship. With best wishes for a harmonious and meaningful Christmas to all of you.


Frames Custom Framing Shadow Boxes n’ Things 108 W. Main St. · Azle

Buy 1 pair get second pair of equal or lesser value 1/2 OFF Restrictions apply. Joy Family Eye Care OUR FOCUS IS YOU



Christmas in the Country It’s the best place to be, especially with so many wonderful friends and customers like you!

things I want most are: lumidogh, a black 3ds and the pokemon games black ad white version. I really need a watch maybe camo and some shoes. Please ve carson a kindle fire and Aubree a zoomer. Have a good flight! Love Kade

Dear Santa, May I have a new game because the games that I have are boring. May I hplease have a tron movie because that I have are boring. Can you give me new sunglasses because mine broke. May I have a new bay blede because I lost ine. Dear Santa Tio paco needs a new car because How are you and Mrs Claus? he brok his. Mom needs cash beCan I have zoomer because zoomer cause we don have lots of food. I is col and a hamster because there been nice and naghty. I am doing cute. Please make Lainey a phone to try to be nice. Dear Santa, can I get a light weight jacket for Love Jess How are you this year andmrs chily days. May I have a pair of claus? Take care of the raindeers is tenashoes. Can you make Kade luDear Santa, Rudolph redy for Christmas? Will midoug. I love you so much, I will I have been a very good kid this you give Mrs Christian want she allways belive in you. Remember year. I am trying to help. Can yo wants for Christmas. I want make don’t get a tummy ake from all please get me a new stuffed animal up so I cn alook pretty. I want a those cookies. dog because my other one is not phone so I can call mattie and abby Love Aubree fluffy. Next, I want the toy turbo and alainna pleeeeeeeas give abby because he is fast. I need a newe a feverbook app an a ipad to down- Dear Santa, blanket because it is to small and load apps. How are you doing? I would like it does not keep me warm. Next I Love Kaylee a American girl doll I would also need a new cout because mine is like a Barbie 3 sotry dream house. too small oh and my sister wants Dear Santa, I would like a new light jacket. a scrap book realy, realy bad beHow are you doing? I would I would also like a new pair of cause she does not have one and I like a real kitten. I would also like shoes. I would like my friend Caitdo. My brother shane wants a nerf a furreal friend the baby monkey. I lyn to have a makeup set. I would gun because his friends have one would like a light jacket. I would also like my friend Mason to have and he does not. also like a new pair of shoes. I a spiderman. Love Cheryl would like Kade to have lumi Love Mattie dogh. I would like Kaylee to have Dear Santa, an ipad. Hope Rudolph is ready to Dear Sants, How are you? I want aeys bake pull the sleigh. How are you Santa and Claus? oven so I can make any kind of Love Abby You are doing good I hope. Can food. I want spy kids movies beyou give me some shoes because cause I don’t get to see them any Dear Santa, they make run fast. I also wold like more. I need some newsokes beHow are the raindeer? The four some Mario games because they cause oms of mine are ripping. I need new black shoes because my You are cordially invited to our others have holes in them. Aubree wants a hamster because she thinks they are cute. Mattie wants a Amarican girl doll she likes them. Love Mason

Joy To The

Happy Holidays

T-F: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Love Lacy


Joy Fa m i ly E ye C a re. c o m

Another Christmas is On the Way!

On the Square in Springtown • 817-220-2008 Ridgmar Mall (Outside) • 817-737-2008

May the coming season bring peace, joy and all good things!

With Bright Wishes at The Holidays

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our friends, neighbors, patients and associates a holiday season filled with lots of bright smiles and laughter.

Mer�� Christ�as

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s a m t s i r h C y Merr & Happy New Year



With a bundle of best wishes & gratitude we wish you a

Head 199 toward Ft. Worth


Merry Christmas!

OLDE HABITS Antique & Resale Shop Holiday Store Hours; Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 5pm

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Season’s Greetings 2013 17C

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 are fun. And some pants because I have the animarican girl. And anidon’t get cold. I want jouamni to marican girl shirt. have a gocar and Theodore to have Love Caitlyn legos. Thank you santa claus. Love Ivan Dear Santa, How are you doing with mrs Dear Santa, clos. I hope Rudolph is ready to How are you and Mrs Claus? lead the slay and the other raindeer. How are the reindeer? For Christ- I would like to hae kindle fire and mas I would like to have a real life legos. I want new legos because corgie so I can sleep with it and they are fun. I want a kindle fire some snowboats so in the win- because they are fun to play on. ter I don’tget cold. For my mom I want Abree to have zoomer the I would ilke you to get her some dog and Mrs christen to hae a new pretty shoes. Hope your having a coat. I nee a new coat and winter good day. Merry Christmas. boots cause I don’t have eny winLove Katelyn ter boots. Love Carson Dear Santa, How are you and miss clos. I Dear Santa, hope that rodplh gets to pull the Can you get me a gocart and I slade. Santa I need new jens be- want a tv because ol can wich tv. cause my other ones are to little I relley need a tadle so I can do I want aneft gun becusa they are homework and gluds so when its cool. I want a dirt bick because I cool I can put it on. I want my lick to rid them. Can Reed have a friend Ivan to have a pars of shoes nerf gun to. and clothes. Don’t eat to much Love Dillon cookies so you cant get a bely egegg. Dear Santa, Love Jovanni How are you and Mrs Clos. Is roudph ready to come. Can I have Dear Santa, an imarican girl doll a new tcu bed How are you and Ms Claus dospred and a new monster high sdoll ing. Is Rudolph and the deers ok? named gg. I don’t have that doll. I Are you okay? Are you reeding the need a storm shelter in case a tor- deers? I want a minecraft creeper nado comes. I want my friend to plush with sounds and a zombie

y lidays p p a H Ho

strike slegefire. I want the creeper to play toy minecraft and want the xombie strike sledge fire to play prentend zombies. Have a nice tire. Love Nathan

hoard work up there. I really want a xbox one and a minecraft creeper plush with sound. I really need pants and hurley shirts. Ireally want kade to have lumi dogh, a 2ds and that is black and the pokemon Dear Santa, games and black and white version How are you ? Saw hi to Mrs for his 3d ds. Claus. I want two things for ChristLove Payton mas. I really want lego to play with and cards to play games. And Dear Santa, I need pants to wear and shoe to I hope the elfs are working hard run fast. I want my friend Jovanni on the toys all the ears. I would to have a ice crean truck to eat ice like a zoomer robot dog this year cream and I want Ivan to have six because it will do what ever you flag tickets so he can go play there. say. I would like one futterby fairy Love Theodoro because it flys and do not have to touch it. I would like 4 tickets to go Dear Santa, and see teen beacu movie because How are you? Would you bring if the last one is sold the I will pool me a helicopter and anerf gun so out my hair. I need 100 hair bows me and Ryan can play with them. because I can put some on my dog. I want another nerf gn so our big My mom wants so much gold bedrother Justin can play with us. Can cause so she can get money. My you bring my mom a new pun to dad wants a baby brother because cookin. I have been good this year. so he can be like my dad. I hope Love Reed you and the raindeer get to Texas safely. Dear Santa, Love Kierra How are you and Mrs Claus and Rudolph doing? I betchaya that Dear Santa,

If it happens... We can help 11452 South F.M. 730 • Azle


Wishes everyone a Happy Holidays. We thank you for your support.


(Applies Only to Full Grooms)

Dear Santa, I hope you and your wife are doing well. This year I would like some earrings because I never get to take these ones off. I would also like a paer of fuzzy boots for twhen it is ocld. I need a new paer

AUTOMOTIVE & MOTORCYCLES 1304 NW Parkway (Hwy 199) 817-444-8529  817-456-0907 family owned and operated for 10 years

Christmas... It’s Uplifting!

Collision Center 817.444.9543


Dear Santa, I thik that you are doing good at the North pole. I think that you are going to bring me a lot of stuff and if you do I will leave you some cookies and milk. This year I wold like monster hight movie because that movie is coming up on November 29. I would like anew rom for my stuff animals and my papers. I would like a pear of gloves because for winter my hands get cold. I would ike a pear of nails because my birthday is coming up. I hope you bring my mom some hair brush because we lost the other hair brush. I hope that you bring my dad some tool because my brother lost my dad tools. I hope that you and the raindeer have a good ride to Texas. Love Amy





Dear Santa, I hope Ms Clus and you are doing well. This year for hristmas I would like Jie Jie doll because she is my favorite monster. I would also like a zubr in a hat and sunglasses so we can be twinsies with a zubr. I need a monster high tooth brush because my old tooth brush is broken. I would like frosting because I am making a cake for Jesus. I hope you bring coffy for me to bring to Ms. J. I would like for you to brineg me monster hight stuff. I love you Santa. Love Daytona



1103 N. Main (Hwy 51) · Springtown · 817-503-5114

I hope you will be ifne in Winter. I would like a motorcycle to ride around the house. I would like a new well to play when I bored with my dad and my mom when she is bored so she can play us. I need money becous when I buy my motorcycle it might cost $170. I wish you can bring a new bike to my dad. I wish you can bring a new xbox to my bruther so I can my dad and my mom to play and my friend to play with us. Love Jairo

Michelle & Amy May your holiday be as merry and bright as you have made our year!

Here’s hoping everything runs smoothly for you this holiday season. We appreciate your choosing us and thank you for your continued business.

Make All Your

s a m t Chris Dreams Come True

Wishing you a holiday filled with magic, wide-eyed wonder and excitement. We hope you enjoy every minute of it... straight through the new year! Thanks for being a faithful friend and customer.




AND LAUNDRY 113 Speer St. , Azle 817-444-4920

Bank of Azle

Bright Wishes and Warm Regards Sleigh bells are ringing, and we’re filled with good cheer, when we think of our friends, old and new we hold dear. And we’d like to extend to each one of you our very best wishes and gratitude, too!


Tire & AuTomoTive Shop 11480 FM 730 S • ( 2 miles south of Azle) 817-444-1301 • MON. - SAT. 9-6

Celebrate Christmas, Celebrate Christ!

wishes you a

MerryandChristmas a Happy New Year

Sundays: Sunday School 9:30 Worship Service 10:45

Wednesdays: Youth-6:00 AWANA-6:00 6:30 Adult Service

May your Christmas be rich with family love, warm with friendship, happy with life’s goodness and blessed with the joys of the season.

Where there’s always room for You! 1227 Old Cottondale Rd. 817-220-7177 & 817-523-7177


Season’s Greetings 2013

of warm glovs because my dog toreup my other golvs. I need new close because my other clos grow out of me. I hope you will give Samantha a ipad because she does not have one. And I hope you give my dad two paers of fuzzy gloves because he lost his other paers. I hope you get your milk and cookies. Love Lena

fo r chrismas. This year I want boots bercause I can wear dresses eith them. I would also want toys because my old ones are broken apart and also because they are not working well. I would like some winter stuff because it is almost chritmas and when Christmas is here its cold. I would want shoes because the ones I am wearing are rip. My brother needs new head phones so he wont get ours. My Dear Santa, dad needs a new phone because he I hope you are doing good and dropped his and it cracked. I hope not be sick this Christmas. I would you have a safe flight. ike a tooth toons tooth brush from Love Briseyda kids boop so I can lisen to music and brush my teeth aat the same Dear Santa, time. I would also like a new comI hope you are doing good on bat wepen for kraty. I also need Christmas. I would like a now psp cowboy boots because I don’t and play station because mine are have any and I need them. I need no longer working I really need a shoes because my soes are worn long sleeve shirt. To play with in out. I would also like you to get the house I need new pants besome bow inairows for my cosen. cause they are getting old. Please I would also like you to get some get my poppy a tv and my mom a electronec tooth brushes because kindle poppys tv doesn’t do what they can brush there teeth. I hope he wants it to do. Merry Christmas you do well this Christmas. to you and mrs claus. Love Ezeauiels Love Jonathan

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 I would like new head phone because I hae nothing to listen to music on it would be nice to have that this season. I woul also like a tv because I can watch tv in my own room. It would be nice to have that this Christmas. I wold like clothes for the winter for me to where this season. Love Anthony

like a wagon to pull rocks in my new wagong so I don’t have to d oit. I hope you bring my brother and me and my dad some pairs of gloves. I hpe you bring me and my dad a new pair of rubber boots I hppe you and mrs clauss are doing well. Love Anthony

Dear Santa, This year for chrstmas I would like a Crayola set for coloring. I would also like a lunch box for my lunch. I want boots because I never had befor I would need markers for coloring on paper willy would like a lunch box for lunch dad would liketo get a weedeater to cut the plants I hope you enjoy the milk and cookies. Love Dylan

Dear Santa, I hope you and mrs claws are warm. I want call of duty black ops 2 because I can play with my brother. I want a bayblade so I can beat my brother. I need loves for the winter because its cold outside. I need winter cloes becaseu I cant find my last year winter cloes can brayden have a four wheeler becaue hes my friend. Can parker have aplaystation 4 because hes nice to me. I hope your not sick. Love Payton

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph and the elfs and Mrs Claus and the North pole and the other reaindeer? Can you pleae bring me ten pairs of stealed toes boots. I lost one and I’m going to use them for working out side. I Dear Santa, Dear Santa, would like a toy dirtbike to drive I hope you and the others are I hope you come and be careful outside and in the mud and in the doing good. I hope you can come on that big slay of yours. This year house. I pull my wagons. I would

Dear Santa, I hope you and mrs Claw are doing fine. I would like a robot bby sister to play with hold, atalk to and sleep with. I would ike a flutter fly fairy because when you made you hand follows it. I need new basket ball shoes because its fixin to start my old ones are too small. Will you give my mom a ro-

Another great Christmas is in the bag - wondering how we know? Because having friends and neighbors like you, always makes it so! Merry Christmas and many thanks for your loyal support.



SPRINGTOWN ON HWY. 199 & HWY. 51 817-523-5560

Gift Cards Available

bot mom because she neesds help. I would like my mom to have a robot elf because she needs a lot of work so she can clean my room and liv ing room. I hope you have nice flight. Love Alysia

How are the elffs doing? How are the rain dear doing? I wish for a cakepop maker so I can make cakepops I wish for my tooth I can lisin to music and brush my teeth at the same time. I wish for new slipers fbecause my old ones are wore out. I wish for my dad to have new head Dear Santa, phones. I wish for myou to bring Do yo have a new sled. This my mom new earings. year for Christmas I would like a Love Lillie nook because I would look up history. This year I would like a xbox Dear Santa, 1 for Christmas because I would I hope the elfs are doing good play games. This year I would like this year. I want roller skates so I a new bed for Christmas because can practice it. I want a pop rocks my feet would not be hangin off. so when I put them in my mouth This year I would like you to give they will pop. I need a new lunch my brother a pair of gloaves be- box because mine is braking. I cause his hands will not get cold. need new scool suplis because I This year I would like you to give am looking my erasers. I want to my brother a jacket because so he get my mom a new dancing flower wont get cold. I hope you and the because her brake. I want to get elfs are staying warm. feat a new bb gun his broke. I hope Love Aydon you stay warm this Christmas. Love Parker Dear Santa,

Physical Therapy • Manual Therapy • Sports Rehabilitation • Strength And Conditioning Programs • One on One Care

Thank you to all of our wonderful patients for a great year! Christmas Open House

Dec. 20th 12 pm - 2 pm Come See Santa! 12:15 pm -1:15

407 Old Springtown Road, Suite 114 Springtown • 817-220-MOSS (6677) Hours; Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Jesus is the reason for season... Wise men still seek him

404 Main Place

404 West Main St. Azle • TX www.404MainPlace.come

We know we couldn’t have asked for better customers than you ~ Thanks!


Seasons greetings 121913 springtown epigraph  

The Seasons Greetings 2013 Special Section Published with The Springtown Epigraph.

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