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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Soccer teams in playoff position Page 15A

‘Lucky’ 7: Azle, Springtown residents indicted for Parker County crimes Page 1B

Robbery suspect confesses to additional crimes

Culvert Crash

Vehicle theft, Shoreline Drive house fire solved BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN Detective Sgt. Kevin Rogers picks An Azle man is in the Tarrant Coun- up the story at that point. Because Coffee began confessing to ty jail after he allegedly committed an aggravated robbery on Valentine’s other crimes while being arrested by Azle officers, Rogers and Azle Fire Day. While that’s a little out of the norm for Marshal Kenny Wilson interviewed Azle, what’s just as interesting are the the knife-wielding criminal the folcrimes to which the suspect confessed lowing day. “He confessed to setting the Shorebefore he ever made it to a jail cell. According to Azle PD Lt. Bill Rus- line Drive house fire” that occurred in sell, Joe Floyd Coffee, 40, entered a the early morning hours of Feb. 11, Rogers said. “He said convenience store his reason for setting in the 1500 block of the house on fire was Southeast Parkway because there was a late in the evening dog in the house that and began to play had no water.” one or more of the Coffee also told the electronic games inofficers he was about side the store. to rob a different conWhen Coffee tired venience store a few of playing games, he days earlier but happicked up a 12-pack pened to see a vehicle of Dr. Pepper and that was left running. set it on the counter, Coffee jumped in the which was staffed by vehicle and drove it to a male employee. Whitesboro to see his Coffee demanded girlfriend, then drove to be paid his win- Joe Floyd Coffee it back to Azle and nings from the game; parked it. but in the state of Texas, it’s not legal Azle police had already located that to pay those winnings monetarily, so vehicle – exactly where Coffee said he the clerk declined. had parked it. Coffee didn’t like that answer. Coffee also described items he adHe produced a long-bladed knife, according to Russell, and in a dramat- mitted to taking from both the Shoreic fashion, stabbed the Dr. Peppers, line Drive home and the vehicle. His causing them to spew liquid all over descriptions matched property reported missing from both, Rogers said. himself and the clerk. Coffee also told Rogers and Wilson The clerk responded to Coffee’s actions and his continued, loud demands he had his eye on a few other places by producing a large wooden club and he’d like to burn down if they let him out of jail. displaying it in a defensive stance. That’s not likely to happen anytime Coffee reacted to the clerk by storming out of the store, breaking the glass soon. Coffee, after spending several days in the door on his way out. The clerk pursued Coffee outside, in the Azle jail, is now in the Tarrant so Coffee threw the knife at him. The County jail with no bond for the aggravated robbery charge. clerk dodged it and was not injured. Bond is set at $150,000 for the arBut two of the store’s customers near the gas pumps saw Coffee hurl son charge, and he is expected to be the knife at the clerk, and took it upon charged with the vehicle theft, as well. Coffee is also the subject of four themselves to tackle Coffee. They detained him until police arrived mo- outstanding warrants out of Lakeside Police Department. ments later, Russell said.

Druxman pleads guilty to misdemeanor Counseling ordered by judge Moses Druxman, a former elected member of the Azle Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent exposure Tuesday, Feb. 18 in a Tarrant County courtroom. Druxman, who resigned that position in January 2013, was charged with soliciting the sexual performance of a child, a third-degree felony, but pleaded guilty instead to the B misdemeanor charge. He was sentenced to two years’ deferred adjudication probation in exchange for his guilty plea, according to records obtained from the Tarrant County District Clerk’s Office. A spokesperson for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office said Druxman must undergo counseling, among other conditions of his probation. If he completes the probation period without violation of the probation conditions, the offense will not listed as a conviction on Druxman’s criminal record.

Druxman was initially charged with online solicitation of a minor; but the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled on Oct. 30, 2013 that a portion of the 2005 statute that made sexually explicit online communication between an adult and minor illegal violates the First Amendment right to free speech. Tarrant County prosecutors dropped that charge but refiled the case against Druxman charging solicitation of the sexual performance of a child. Druxman was elected to public office just weeks before his May 2011 graduation from Azle High School, earning the distinction of being the youngest person ever elected to that board. He resigned his seat Jan. 8, 2013, citing time restraints related to his college schedule as well as a real estate career. But just a month later, on Feb. 9, 2013, Druxman turned himself in at the Tarrant County jail and posted $15,000 bond in response to warrants issued by the Azle Police Department.

Emergency personnel discuss how to get a vehicle out of its predicament while a crowd gathers around the vehicle’s two occupants, who were unharmed but a little shaken after this incident Thursday evening, Feb. 20. Mary Ann Stewart, 80, of Azle and Sandra Beadling, 67, both of Azle, had to have help from Azle firefighters getting out of the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander after a tight turn from North Stewart Street onto Jarvis Lane landed them in a deep culvert. A large tree saved them from fully overturning. Photo by Carla Noah Stutsman

Burglaries solved: 8. Arrested: 5 ‘Bay PD executes search warrants in town, Reno BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN other during the commission of these Trussell posted bond and was released from the Parker County jail the Pelican Bay Police Chief Jason crimes,” Combs said. A subsequent search warrant ex- following day. Farris has publicly vowed to tackle Three juveniles were also arrested at the crime the tiny town by the lake ecuted Tuesday, Feb. 18, in the 1400 is known for, and thus far, he’s made block of Arvel Circle in the city of the Arvel Circle residence; per Texas Reno netted $5,000 in power tools, law their names will not be released. good on his word. Combs said the search warrants and Pelican Bay police executed a three 4-wheelers, computers, and jewarrests have enabled search warrant at a home in the Pelican Bay Police the 1400 block of Cardinal Department to close Trail on Jan. 31 after develeight burglary cases in oping information related the city. to a series of burglaries. He also noted that Inside the residence ofall three juveniles who ficers located property were at the Cardinal from as many as a dozen Terrace residence on burglaries and thefts along Jan. 31 were also preswith stolen bicycles and ent at the Arvel Circle lawn equipment. residence on Feb. 18. “There was so much of it “We believe these we had to enlist the help of adults were taking the city water department these kids out in the to trailer the property back middle of the night, to the police department,” giving them walkieWade Steven Machalica James Dean Trussell Farris added. talkies and having Three juveniles were at them break into homes,” Combs said. the residence at the time of the warrant elry, according to Combs. With assistance from Officer Eric “When they were ready, the kids would execution, however only a 13-year-old Chambless of the Reno PD, Pelican radio the adults who would come pick male was arrested. “The juvenile arrested at the scene Bay officers arrested James Dean them up, along with the stolen items. “This puts a major dent in the crimiis one of several suspects we have had Trussell, 20, of Reno and Wade Steven surveillance on since the investigation Machalica, 35, who resided at the Car- nal activity in Pelican Bay and shows that the police department is working started,” Farris said. “There are more dinal Terrace location until recently. Both Trussell and Machalica were diligently to provide the services this suspects and more arrests coming” recharged with theft of property $500- community deserves,” Farris said. lated to the same case, Farris added. Mayor Pro Tem Tom Petty accompaAssistant Chief Stephen Combs, 1,500 and transported to the Parker who obtained the warrant, said among County jail. A judge set bond for each nied Pelican Bay police officers as an the recovered property were sets of of the men at $2,500; however, Mach- observer when they executed the search alica was also held without bond for warrant on Arvel Circle and said he is exhandheld radios. “It appears the suspects were using an outstanding warrant out of Ellis cited to see the police department taking serious steps to reduce crime in the city. the radios to communicate with each County for violation of probation.

Reno rejects all petitions, including de-annexation BY NATALIE GENTRY Every petition presented to the Reno City Council Feb. 24 was rejected due to lack of required information – date of birth and voter registration number. And in the case of a de-annexation petition, additional violations were discussed. Reno City Attorney Walter Leonard, addressed the crowd at Monday’s City Council meeting.

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This Week in Azle History

40 Years Ago

“At the last meeting I was given the job of reviewing and reporting on the various petitions which were filed by Mr. (Art) Johnson,” Leonard said. “One petition asked the Council to cease using Tarrant County for the collection of taxes, two of the petitions related to tax benefits essentially for seniors, and the last on called for de-annexation of what is essentially the western portion of the city.”

Leonard explained that in addition to reviewing the petitions himself, he also referred them for examination to the Texas Municipal League and the Office of the Secretary of State – essentially the State agency responsible for elections and petitions. “My analysis is based upon responses from them as well as my own PLEASE SEE RENO, PAGE 2A.

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In February 1974, former Azle High School grad and future Senior PGA Golf great Robert Landers was named the new manager of Azle’s Mitchell’s Department Store

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reno rejects de-annexation


and grand ENING

tham Brothers Higginbotham Brothers Springtown ■ RENO, FROM PAGE ONE.

review,” Leonard said. “The other agencies have indicated they concur with my findings.” When analyzing the petitions Leonard, as well as the other attorneys to whom the petitions were referred, were required to look at the applicable state laws regarding de-annexation and elections. “Both Section 43.143 of the Local Government Code and Chapter 277 of the Election Code contain requirements for the petitions and must be considered together,” Leonard said. Provisions of Section 43.143 and Chapter 277 require various information to be included on a petition as part of the signature of any petitioner. While much of the requested information may be redundant or unnecessary, the Secretary of State’s Office and Leonard agree that the date of birth and the voter registration number seem to be affirmatively required. This information would ensure that all petitioners were, in fact, qualified voters and therefore valid petitioners. None of the petitions presented to the Council contain this information. Therefore, Leonard said, none of the petitions are valid for consideration.

True Value

Church’s blood drive March 1 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1313 SE Parkway, will hold a blood drive Saturday, March 1 from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Carter BloodCare will set up at the church’s Fellowship Hall. For more information, call Bob Voyles, (817) 220-3355.

Lions seek dresses, shoes, purses It will soon be prom time. For four years the Azle Lions Club has given prom dresses to girls who need a formal for either the prom or band banquets. The Lions Club is actively seeking donations of gently used dresses, shoes, purses, and accessories of any size. To donate, call Kathy NeSmith at 817-237-8484 or Marie Wells at 817-319-5494.

Church offers free hot meals Anyone can stop by The Church at Azle every Wednesday and get a free hot meal at 6 p.m. Pastor Mike Miles said about 150 weekly are eating at the church at 1801 South Stewart Street and all are welcome.

ent event grand Tax collection Leonard explained that the first petition is one which wouldn’t require an election regardless of validity. “The decision to change tax collection entities was essentially a business decision made by the City Council some time ago based upon long experience with Parker County,” Leonard said. “The facts that Tarrant County provided a more prompt, efficient, and cost effective service and allowed people to make divided payments contributed to the decision.” Leonard suggested that the Council might want to check if

City Attorney Walter Leonard addressed the citizens of Reno at a Feb. 24 Council meeting regarding the petitions that were submitted to the Council last month.

OPENING Photo by Natalie Gentry

“This petition seems to be based in what can only be characterized as misinformation, half-truths, and a remarkable failure to fully inform the voters of the consequences of a vote to de-annex,” he said. The various problems in the petition include the characterization of the city budget. “The size of the budget is grossly overstated because [the petition authors] didn’t understand that the figure also includes the Water Department budget,” Leonard said. “State law requires the water budget be a self-contained portion of the budget.” According to Leonard, the actual city budget is two-thirds of the amount presented. In addition, the city provides many services for its citizens including, the virtually fullservice police, the Municipal Court, the fire department, zoning, and code compliance. Leonard said that city zoning regulations alone ensure that properties are kept up to standards. These regulations prevent the development of enterprises such as bars and junkyards in any location they might wish. The regulations also allow the city to moderate oil and gas

remains unknown. “The Council reenacted some of those items in April and those benefits were taken to the county,” Leonard said. Other benefits, especially those concerning persons over 65, created a legitimate concern for the Council because the reenacting of those items would benefit the majority of the Council members. This ethical concern prompted the Council to turn to the citizens for a show of support that would allow the Council to act without qualms. Leonard said the two petitions in question are just such a show that will allow the Council to move forward with the process of acting on the tax benefits.

the Parker County office has improved its performance in recent years and again compare the services from the two counties. But he confirmed that the petition has no legal or binding affect in this matter and the decision remains with the Council.

Tax benefits The two tax petitions are essentially connected and also relate back to a decision the Council made last April. One petition requests the establishment of a freeze of the tax rate for persons over 65 and the disabled. The second petition asks for an increase in the tax exemption for those over 65 and those disabled from the first $10,000 to the first $30,000. “As some of you may remember, the city attempted to enact very similar to the requests in these petitions some years ago,” Leonard said. “But apparently, the administration at the time failed to properly carry out all the paperwork necessary and the error was eventually noticed and the tax benefits, correctly, discontinued by the county.” Since everyone who was on the Council at the time is gone the exact reason for this error

De-annexation According to Leonard, the petition presented to the Council regarding the de-annexation of much of the western section of the city contains problems in addition to the invalid signatures. Leonard said he was concerned that many of the petitioners were unaware of the possible consequences that would come with de-annexation.

Caring Center seeks volunteers The Community Caring Center and food bank is in need of volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of people in the community who find themselves in need. Contact the center, located at 317 Commerce Street in Azle, by calling 817-270-2962. The Community Caring Center is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon; and Thursdays 4-7 p.m.

development which includes noise, pollution, trucks, and the location and spacing of both oil and gas wells and injection wells. Leonard said de-annexation would remove all those regulations. “The people must know the entire truth before they vote,” he said. The final element of the this petition that concerned Leonard deals with a lack compliance with the Local Government Code due to the vague description of the property to be de-annexed. “The statute requires a ‘metes and bounds’ description,” Leonard said. “This is essentially a surveyor’s type of description of property which uses distances, specific directions, and reference to fixed points.”

The language in the petition does not meet these requirements. The Supreme Court of Texas ruled that the technical requirements for de-annexation are the same as those for annexation and there can be no ambiguity in the description of the property. Conclusions “Based upon my findings and my conversations with the various agencies who are knowledgeable in this matter, the City Council may no call an election based upon any of the petitions presented at last month’s meeting.” Leonard said. However, he said that since the Council initiated the process regarding the tax benefits it may choose to consider these proposals and may consider whether it wishes to act on them.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

City bond rating up 2 points S&P raises Azle to AA It’s been an 11-year battle, but the city of Azle’s bond rating with Standard & Poor’s was raised two points on Monday, Feb. 24, to “AA.” Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services said it raised its long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR) on Azle’s general obligation (GO) bonds outstanding to ‘AA’ from ‘A+’. “The outlook is stable,” a press release from S&P said. “The higher rating reflects the city’s financial strength,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Oscar Padilla, “and is based on our local GO criteria released Sept. 12, 2013. “The rating also reflects our opinion of the city’s very strong budgetary flexibility and liquidity position,” he added. Other factors include the city’s: • strong local economy; • adequate budgetary performance; • adequate debt and contingent liability position; Kent Meyerhoeffer coaxes a bidder to go higher while spotting for the live auction during the 2014 Red Solo Cup Barbeque Bash Saturday, Feb. 22.

• strong management practices; and • strong institutional framework score. “The stable outlook reflects our anticipation that Azle officials will maintain very strong financial reserves and effectively manage future capital expenditures,” said Padilla. “The outlook also reflects our anticipation that the city’s operations will remain stable within our two-year outlook horizon. “Although we do not anticipate raising the rating within the next two years, further expansion and diversification of the local economy, coupled with stronger budgetary performance, could lead us to raise the rating,” Padilla continued. “Conversely, should reserves and financial performance material deteriorate, we could lower the rating.” Azle City Manager Craig Lemin said the move puts the city just two notches away from the highly-desired AAA rating.

“We have improved the S&P rating six levels in just under 11 years,” Lemin said. “In 2003, during face-to-face ratings meetings with S&P for the water plant upgrade, we were fighting to maintain a BBB rating. At that time we had 56 days unrestricted cash on hand which S&P noted was “up from a weak two days’ cash on hand in fiscal 2001. “After showing S&P all the things that had been put in place to improve the city’s financial position, we were able to avoid a downgrade and maintain our BBB rating at that time,” Lemin continued. “We have come a long way since then and it is nice to be recognized for all our hard work. Hopefully Fitch and Moody’s will follow suit during their next reviews.” Mayor Alan Brundrett noted the improved rating could not have been achieved were it not for the hard work of Lemin, Assistant City Manager Lawrence Bryant and the city’s staff.

Photo by Carla Noah Stutsman

Yee-haw! Red Solo Cup FBC Azle garden group bash successful again welcomes water expert BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN Last year’s inaugural Red Solo Cup Barbeque Bash was such a hit that extra tables had to be brought in this year – putting the buffet line outside on the patio of The Orchard. The second annual Bash was another sold-out crowd ready to support the Azle Education Foundation. Event chair Debra Jenkins said that while the donations are still coming in and an exact total has not yet been reached, it looks like this year’s event will come in somewhere near the $50,000 mark – just like

last year. Guests were entertained by the Azle High School Jazz Band prior to dinner and enjoyed a barbecue meal provided by The Railhead Smokehouse. But the most fun came during the live auction. Winners of the unique auction items include: • Hornet Field Sky Box and Reserved Parking for 2014 Season – Mark Huston of Lone Star Electric • Assistant Football Coach for 2014 Season Opener – Andy Rector • High School Jazz Band for an Event of your Choice – Sarah Bennett

Springtown 817-677-2494 Azle 817-270-3197

Springtown location now open for the season

Opening 2-22-14 • 527 Boyd Ct., Azle


The All New “Salt Friendly” Pool


• Sofa on the Sidelines for 2014 Homecoming Game – Brian Rogers of Ace Hardware Bat Kid for a 2014 Hornet Baseball Game – Jack and Janet Stevens Bat Kid for a 2014 Hornet Softball Game – Shannon Robinson 6 Reserved VIP Seats for 2014 Graduation – Bob Zuilhof Red Solo Cup Quilt made by Margaret Lea – Kathy Rector

First Baptist Church of Azle will host Dr. Dotty Woodson, Texas A&M Extension Water Conservation Specialist, at 10 a.m. Friday, March 7 at the church and the public may attend. Dr. Woodson will present a program called Landscape Water Conservation in which she will cover water use and quality issues – how every landscape can adopt a few practices to reduce water use and therefore save water and money. She will also include some instruction on sprinkler systems. The event is free to the public, and is just one of the first in a series of events planned by a

newly started garden club at the church. According to Jan Daniels, one of the organizers of the garden club, the group is working on plans for a garden and prayer walk to be an open venue for the community of Azle. “With Azle High School just across the street, it’s our hope to involve students in pilot gardening programs in connection with their studies,” Daniels said. “We have plans for picnic tables and a pavilion that are handicap welcome, with as much native flower coverage as we can manage. In the future, we hope to include a community vegetable garden.”

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AUCTION & REALTY Moving Estate Auction Saturday, MARCH 1, 2014, 10:30am 590 Canyon Lake Dr., Aledo, TX 76008 Preview Friday 2/28/14 - 10am-4pm

Regular Cosignment Auction: Saturday 3/8/14 10:30am The Auction Gallery, 404 W Main St., Azle 76020 Preview Friday March 7, 2014, 10am-4pm 10am-4pm 404 W. Main St. Azle, TX 76020

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Her endorsements include: Co. Judge Glen Whitley; Commissioners J.D. Johnson & Gary Fickes; County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia; District Clerk Tom Wilder; local ISD Educators, The Tarrant Co. Law Enforcement Officers Association, and The Voters! Every four years since 1990.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two ‘Bay incumbents challenged, Feb. 28 last day to file BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN As the final day to file for a place on the ballot in local elections nears, two individuals did just that during the last week. All two filed to run for council seats in Pelican Bay, forcing that city to hold an election. The last day to file is Friday, Feb. 28. At press time, all candidates for office in the city of Azle, the Azle Independent School District and the town of Lakeside were running unopposed. If that’s still the case at the end of the filing period, those entities may opt to cancel the elections, saving thousands of taxpayer dollars. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the races in the area:

Early voting in the Republican and DemocratHere, too, the incumbents have not seen a Ryan Tincher for the Place 1 seat. ic primary elections continues through Friday, There is also a race for Place 2; K. Wrinkle challenge yet. Feb. 28. Place 1: Jim Elliott will face new filer Tish Allen. Specific dates and times are as follows: Place 2: Dale Martin No one has yet filed to run for the Mayor’s • Wednesday-Friday, Feb. 26-28, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Place 3: Kim Ware seat. The nearest locations for Azle area voters to vote early in Tarrant County include: General election early voting City of Azle • B.J. Clark Annex Room 4, 603 Southeast Azle voters who live in Tarrant County may Only the incumbents have filed to run to date: vote early at the B.J. Clark Annex; those who Parkway, Azle Place 1: Dr. William Chambers • Sheriff’s Office North Patrol Division, 6651 live in Parker County may vote early at Azle Place 2: David McClure Lake Worth Boulevard, Lake Worth Masonic Lodge #601. Place 5: Rouel Rothenberger • Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD AdministraEarly Pelican Bay voters must cast ballots eartion Building 6 Training Room, 1200 Old Decaly at the B.J. Clark Annex, as well. Azle ISD Board of Trustees Early voting for Lakeside will take place at the tur Road, Saginaw The situation is much the same in the school White Settlement Public Library, 8215 White Sheriff’s Office North Patrol Division in Lake district election with incumbents only. Settlement Road, White Settlement. Worth. Place 1: Erik Loeffelholz Azle voters who live in Parker County may Place 2: Clay Doyle vote early at Azle Masonic Lodge #601 located Primary early voting Pelican Bay at 257 W. Main Street. Primary election day is Tuesday, March 4. Randy Carey has filed to challenge incumbent Town of Lakeside

Azle Library planning four Spring Break events CALENDAR BY MARK K. CAMPBELL The Azle Memorial Library, 333 West Main Street, has four big events planned over Spring Break – all free. Kicking things off at the Library Spring Break Extravaganza is music. On Tuesday, March 11, the Mondo Drummers will perform from 6-7 p.m. at the Central Park amphitheater. If it rains, the “amazing rhythm music” will be moved

to the library’s Community Room. A chance to learn cartooning awaits kids ages 7-12 on Wednesday, March 12. Mike Brown, owner of Brown Cow Productions, will conduct the class from 1 to 3 p.m. with all material supplied. Reservations are required and there is limited seating. Contact the children’s librarian at 817-444-7216 to register. Preregistration is also nec-

essary for the Camp Out at the Science Fort on Thursday, March 13. From 10 a.m. to noon, Alan Small of will conduct a camp – again with all materials supplied – in the library Community Room and on a school bus. The contact for this activity is also the children’s librarian. The final day is a special “Spring Break Edition” of the weekly LEGO club.

LEGAL PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Saturday, March 1, 2014. 9:15 a.m. Sign-in; 9:30 a.m. Bidding. AZCO SELF STORAGE, 11400 FM 730 N., Azle, Texas. 817-444-7066. Items being sold to satisfy tenant’s unpaid rent. Richard Phillips Unit 13; Holli Cluberhouse Units 55/82; Matt Tilley Unit 114; Veronica Rhoads Unit 120; Stephen Soria Unit 124 - All antique chairs, mail desk, furnitue, glass hutch, coffee tables, end tables, iron chairs-tables-barstools, yard tools, fooseball table, bikes, large punching bag set, carpet cleaner, baby items, etc. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, PETRIE’S ALL STORAGE will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Sale will be at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 11700 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, Texas 76135. Property being sold includes contents in space of the following tenant, with brief description of contents in the space. TENANT’S COMPLETE NAME as shown on rental agreement: David Thornton Unit 89 - misc. items. PUBLIC NOTICE - HEALTHFIRST LONERGAN TO CLOSE Healthfirst Lonergan will close April 4, 2014. Patient care can continue without interruption with Kriss E. Myers, M.D., Daniel Gonzalez, M.D., Kenneth Hamilton, M.D., or Kavita Shah, M.D. and medical records will transfer. To see a new physician not listed above, patients will need to request their medical records from HealthFirst Lonergan. Requests for Medical Records may be faxed or mailed to the clinics below: Before April 4, 2014: HealthFirst Lonergan Clinic 137-A North Industrial Avenue Azle, TX 76020 817-444-8900 phone 817-444-1757 fax After April 4, 2014: HealthFirst Medical Group - Azle141 Industrial Avenue Azle, TX 76020 817-444-3231 phone 817-444-3234 fax For questions, please call the HealthFirst Lonergan office at (817)444-8900. PUBLIC NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the City of Azle, Texas will receive sealed Bids at Azle City Hall, 613 S.E. Parkway, Azle, Texas until 10:00 a.m. local time on Friday, March 14, 2014 for mowing services of sections of SH199 within the city of Azle and all city right-of-ways. Bids will be immediately opened and read aloud publicly following the close of the Bid period. Any Bid received after closing time will be returned unopened. Bid specifications may be obtained at Azle City Hall, 613 S.E. Parkway Azle, Texas Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or on the city’s website: Sealed Bids received shall be clearly marked: Attention Norma Zenk, City Secretary on the outside of the sealed envelope. For further information contact Kyle Culwell, Streets Department at (817) 444-7127.

On Friday, March 14 from 4 to 5:30 p.m., kids ages 5 to 12 are invited to “brick it up!” No registration is required for the LEGO Club. All Library Spring Break Extravaganza activities are funded through the Azle Library Trust. For more information on the events, call the library at 817444-7216.

Alcoholics Anonymous conducts meetings at noon and 6:30 p.m. daily at 104 South Stewart Street in Azle. The Azle Writers Group, comprised of novice and experienced authors, meets from 5:45 to 7:45 p.m. each first and third Tuesday at the Azle Memorial Library conference room, 321 West Main Street. For more information, call 817-444-7218. Attic Reruns, the resale shop operated by the Texas Health Azle Hospital Auxiliary, is open Fridays from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. with a selection of clothes for all ages, as well as kitchen and household items. The public is invited to come in and browse – all proceeds go to the Auxiliary to benefit the hospital. Donations are accepted on Mondays from 9 a.m.-noon. The phone number is 817-270-3690 and the address is 714 Southeast Parkway, across from Texas Health Azle Hospital


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Azle’s Herrera wins $6K Beef Challenge scholarship

Ideas for Azle

Rebecca Herrera, an exhibited heifers a miniFFA member from Azle, mum of two years at the took home a $6,000 schol- Fort Worth Stock Show, arship at the 118th annual including the current 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show & show. Participants took a Rodeo through the seventh annual Heifer Superin- written exam and the top tendent’s Beef Challenge scores advanced to the next which tested the youth’s level, giving a two-minute knowledge on beef cattle oral presentation on why ranchers should use the production. “One of the Stock breed of heifer shown by Nate Simmons, chairman of the Economic Development Show’s missions is to con- the exhibitor. told Rotarians In total, nine high school Committee, tinue encouraging young Feb. 20 about efforts to people to pursue careers seniors from Texas earned attract new businesses in livestock and agri-busi- scholarships this year to town, plans to develop ness through programs through the Beef Chal- Main Street, and the future and incentives especially lenge. of State Highway 199 and And Herrera rose to the how the improvement of the tailored to their interests,” said Brad Barnes, presi- occasion, winning the sub- Jacksboro Highway can help Azle. Photo by Mark K. Campbell dent and general manager stantial scholarship. of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.” The competition Football and Cheerleading 2014 Registration was open to junior heifer show exhibitors Ages 4–12, 12 years old must still be in 6th that are high school seniors and who have grade. All ages are as of September 1, 2014

Azle Youth Association

Devon Energy Representatives Gilbert Horton, left, and Jay Ewing, right, with Rebecca Herrera of Azle who won a $6,000 scholarship at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo from the Beef Challenge.




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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Michelle Dawn Rankin 1973 - 2014

Michelle Dawn Rankin, 40, passed away peacefully Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. Services were held Monday, Feb. 24, at White’s Azle Funeral Home. Interment was at Ash Creek Cemetery. Michelle was born May 7, 1973 in Milford, Delaware to

Donald and Sally Rankin. She attended Azle High School and enjoyed being a CNA. Michelle had been the manager of several restaurants. She loved animals, especially her little Snuggle Bear and loved to be with people. Survivors include; Soul mate, Christopher Hyden; father, Don Rankin and wife, Cynthia; mother, Sally Rankin Martin and husband, Richard; brothers, Donald Rankin, II, Jason Rankin, Matthew Rankin and significant other, Crystal Montez; sister, Sandy Rankin; stepbrother, Robert Grozier and wife, Sherry; faithful four legged friend, Snuggle Bear; and numerous nieces and nephews. The Azle News, Feb. 26, 2014 Edition

Joe “Pa Pa” Price 1939 - 2014

Joe “Pa Pa” Price, 74 passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family on Feb. 9, 2014 at 3:29 p.m. Memorial services will be held at 11a.m., March 1, 2014, at The Emanuel Bldg. located at 605 S. E. Parkway, Azle, Texas 76020. Joe was born Nov. 23, 1939 to Delbert and Pearl Price in Anna, Texas. He married the love of his life Ann Price on March 14, 1970. Joe and Ann moved to Reno, Texas, in 1982 and continued to live there until his death. Joe had many hobbies such as repairing bikes for the neighborhood children, watching the Dallas Cowboys,

fishing, and going to the races with his grandsons. Joe also took great joy in helping his grandchildren in their time of need. Joe started out working for the city of Dallas then started his own company as a brick mason and continued laying brick throughout his lifetime. Joe was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather. Joe was preceded in death by his parents; brother, Jerry Price and grandson, Richard Pryor. Survivors include; daughters, Peggy Pryor and husband Rick Londburg of Decatur, Betty Luna of Aurora, La Nelda Jones of Weatherford, Jerry Faye and husband Loyd of Chapel Hill, Tennessee; sons, William Sherman of Azle and Price Ables and wife Lisa of McKinney; 11 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and seven greatgreat-grandchildren. Joe is also survived by a brother Jimmy Price and wife Shelly, along with a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, loving friends, and his little dog Little Girl. The Azle News, Feb. 26, 2014 Edition

Dustin Duran Martin 1987 - 2014

p.m., Tuesday at Alexander’s Midway Funeral Home. Burial service were at Azleland Memorial Park. Dustin was born August 14, 1987 in Anadalusia, Alabama. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Robert Martin. Survivors include; mother and stepfather, Robin and Gerardo Castillo; father, Tim Barker; brother, Brandon Barker and wife, Brittany; sister, Alicia Barker; grandparents, Marilyn Martin and Manueal Alvarado; aunts and uncles, Eddie, Billy Dustin Duran Martin, 26, and Robert Martin and T.J., passed away, Thursday, Feb. Mark, Jimmy, Collin and Laura Fagar; nephews, Gage, Kane 20, 2014 at home. Funeral services were held 11 and Raiden Barker. a.m., Wednesday at Outreach of Love Church, Springtown. The Azle News, Visitations were from 6 to 8 Feb. 26, 2014 Edition


EMERGENCY CALLS Jim Garrett Reese 1944 - 2014

Jim Garrett Reese, 69, of Fort Worth passed away on his ranch in Milagro, New Mexico, Friday, Feb. 21, 2014. Services will be at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday in Rogers Mortuary and Funeral Home in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Lifelong friend, Rev. Don McKee will officiate. Graveside service and burial will be in Buena Vista, New Mexico on the Reese Family Ranch. Visitation will be 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening at the funeral home. Mr. Reese was born July 16, 1944 in Fort Worth to Muriel and Elizabeth Reese. Jim

Front Row (L-R): Anita White, Bob White, Kari Wright and Mark Reynolds Back Row (L-R): Jim Cleaver, Bruce Duncan, Richard Woodman and Jay Morrill

Full Service Funeral Home Cremation Services • Pre-Need Plans Azle • Springtown • Mineral Wells • Weatherford 817-596-4811 •

Feb. 16 Feb. 17

The Azle News, Feb. 26, 2014 Edition Feb. 18

Anna Louise Ketcham Shearer 1920 - 2014

Anna Louise Ketcham Shearer, 93, beloved mother, grandmother, sister, friend and long-time Azle resident, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014 peacefully, at home, after a gradual decline of health. A memorial service will be held at 12:00 Noon, Saturday, March 1, 2014, at Ash Creek Baptist Church, 300 S. Stewart, Azle, Texas. Anna was born July 4, 1920 in Redwing, Colorado to Nicholas and Mary Ellen Judicak Ketcham and at 22 was married to Eartis Roy Shearer, July 11, 1942. They moved to Azle in 1950 where they raised their four sons and two daughters. He preceded her in death on September 24, 1975. She was a homemaker who enjoyed embroidering tea towels and potholders and cooking for her family, who all es-

8:28 a.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City 4:18 p.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City 6:52 p.m................. Mutual aid grass fire ......................................Tarrant County 1:30 p.m................. Grass ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 2:36 p.m................. First responder...............................................Tarrant County 5:54 p.m................. Dumpster fire .................................................Tarrant County 8:17 p.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City 8:20 p.m................. First responder...............................................Tarrant County 8:23 a.m................. Major accident ................................................... Pelican Bay 2:06 p.m................. Fire alarm........................................................................ City 10:44 a.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City 7:05 a.m................. Unauthorized burn .......................................................... City 12:25 p.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City 1:31 p.m................. Assist ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 3:42 p.m................. Grass ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 4:02 p.m................. First responder...............................................Tarrant County 8:21 p.m................. Major accident ................................................................ City 9:54 p.m................. Assist ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 10:03 p.m................. First responder................................................................ City 11:08 p.m................. First responder................................................................ City 2:04 p.m................. Fire alarm........................................................................ City 4:18 p.m................. First responder................................................................ City 9:53 p.m................. Structure ambulance....................................................... City 1:08 p.m................. Mutual aid grass fire .......................................... Pelican Bay 1:22 p.m................. Assist ambulance............................................... Pelican Bay 1:34 p.m................. First responder...............................................Tarrant County 4:54 p.m................. Assist ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 6:25 p.m................. Illegal burning ................................................Tarrant County 11:33 p.m................. Assist ambulance............................................................ City

was a 1962 graduate of Lake Worth high school. As a young man, he worked on his family’s ranch, where his passion Feb. 18 for working cattle and horses quickly developed; and it be- Feb. 19 came obvious to all that he Feb. 20 was a born natural. He began his career managing cattle for the Foley-Allen Commission Company, located in the now historic Fort Worth Stockyards Exchange, and soon after, he became an order buyer for their company. He later began his Feb. 21 own cattle operation and continued ranching in the Parker Feb. 22 County area for several years, before moving to New Mexico. He was preceded in death by his father. Survivors include; mother, Elizabeth Reese; son, Brandon Chad Reese; daughter, Piper Reese Pardue; grand- AMBULANCE CALLS –––––––––––––––––––––– daughter, Sawyer Reese Pardue Feb. 16 8:28 a.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 3:14 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City and his siblings, Jerry Wilhite, 4:18 p.m................. Injured person ................................................................. City Anson Reese, Jeff Reese, Lau5:07 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County rie Crow, Sarah Horner, Joel 5:56 p.m................. Medical emergency............................................ Pelican Bay Reese and Lisa Griego, and Feb. 17 2:28 a.m................. Medical emergency............................................ Pelican Bay their families. 8:40 a.m................. Air medical landing zone................................................. City

pecially loved her biscuits and fried pies. She loved spending time with the grandchildren, who were the apple of her eye. She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed by her family. Those left to cherish her memories are her six children (and spouses). daughters, Nada Shearer and Olga Shearer; sons, Kenneth Shearer, Eddie Shearer (Sharon), Guy Shearer (Donna), and Robert Shearer, all of Azle area; six grandchildren (and spouses); Chad Shearer (Chy), Ryan Shearer (Carrie), Trey Shearer (Jeniffer), Ashley Shearer Arellano (Jason), Dalley Saunders Galuzzi (Aaron) and Andrew Saunders (Cherie); twelve great-grandchildren, Coltyn and Hunter Safford and Gatlyn Shearer; Anna, Ethan and Evan Shearer; Jase, Skyler, Kenzie and Everly Arellano; and Sienna and Noelle Galuzzi; brother, Bob Hasenack and wife Irene of Colorado; sister, Pauline Naney of Colorado and sister-in-law Luella Shearer of Azle and numerous nephews, nieces and friends. The family wishes to thank Mission Hospice for their excellent care and kindness shown to their mother over the last 9 months; with a special thanks to Dianna Cross and Kandra Vickers, who so lovingly assisted the family with her care.

Feb. 19

Feb. 20

Feb. 21

Feb. 22

1:30 p.m................. Assist ambulance...........................................Tarrant County 2:36 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County 8:17 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 8:20 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County 8:23 a.m................. Major accident ................................................... Pelican Bay 12:17 p.m................. Welfare check ................................................................. City 2:06 p.m................. Assist fire ........................................................................ City 10:44 a.m................. Lift assist ......................................................................... City 9:52 p.m................. Medical emergency............................................ Pelican Bay 11:23 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 5:00 a.m................. Injured person ................................................................. City 12:25 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 1:31 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County 4:02 p.m................. General medicine...........................................Tarrant County 8:21 p.m................. Major accident ................................................................ City 9:13 p.m................. Medical emergency............................................ Pelican Bay 9:54 p.m................. Major accident ...............................................Tarrant County 10:03 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 11:08 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 11:35 p.m................. General medicine............................................................ City 10:01 a.m................. General medicine...........................................Tarrant County 2:04 p.m................. Assist fire ........................................................................ City 2:50 p.m................. General medicine............................................................ City 3:46 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 9:53 p.m................. Assist fire ........................................................................ City 11:36 a.m................. Injured person ................................................................. City 12:23 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City 1:22 p.m................. Medical emergency............................................ Pelican Bay 1:34 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County 4:54 p.m................. Medical emergency........................................Tarrant County 10:20 p.m................. Public assist ................................................................... City 11:33 p.m................. Medical emergency......................................................... City



Monday-Sunday, FEB. 17-23, 2014 Feb. 17 ..........................5700 block River Oaks Boulevard ........................ Assist other agency Feb. 18 ..........................8900 block Confederate Park Road ...........................Welfare concern .......................................200 block Aquilla Drive .....................................................Investigation .......................................4100 block Brooks Baker Avenue............................ Meet complainant .......................................100 block Copperwood Drive ..................................................... Alarm .......................................9000 block Jacksboro Highway ............................ Assist other agency Feb. 20 ..........................6700 block La Cantera .....................................................Investigation .......................................3900 block Estancia Way ..................................... Assist other agency Feb. 21 ..........................Aquilla Drive ............................................................................ Fire call .......................................8800 block Jacksboro Highway ............................... Meet complainant .......................................Nine Mile Bridge Road ......................................... Assist other agency .......................................8800 block Holt Street .............................................. Animal complaint .......................................8800 block Jacksboro Highway ........................ Followup investigation .......................................Roberts Cut Off Road ........................................... Assist other agency Feb. 22 ..........................5800 block Lake Worth Boulevard ..............................Warrant service .......................................8100 block Jacksboro Highway ............................ Assist other agency Feb. 23 ..........................8000 block Jacksboro Highway .............................. Suspicious person Lakeside police officers also conducted 14 traffic stops during the period

The Azle News, Feb. 26, 2014 Edition

817-594-2747 • Fax 817-596-7803 1-800-593-2747 James R. Plowman Norma Plowman

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Cremation w/Viewing includes casket ..............$1850 with Church Service ...................................additional $300 Direct Cremation............................................$750 up Direct Burial w/Casket ......................................$1350 Graveside Service w/Casket and Viewing Low As ..............................................................$2350 Church or Chapel Service w/Casket Low As ..............................................................$2750 Services Include Nice Metal Casket

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AZLE ANIMAL SHELTER ADOPTION CENTER 724 PARK DRIVE Open: Monday - Friday 10-5 • Saturday 10-2



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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT BY DARLENE HOLMES We had 28 seniors who came to lunch on beans and cornbread with us Monday. We had cake and ice cream for dessert. Most of them stayed and played Food Bank Bingo for the remaining pre-packaged food items. Looked like a nice selection of food for them. We sure packed a lot of goings-on here for our shortest month of the year. Everyone’s enjoying our two non-SCS lunch days each month. Special thanks to Sue Turnipseed for cooking the beans to go with the cornbread for us. Coming up in March will be: Friday, March 1, Bridge group meets in ceramic room about 9 a.m. They usually have three and sometimes four tables.

They’d love to have new folks join them. I’m told you can do classes at the Lake Worth Senior Center if you’d like to learn how. We have some seniors who like to play chickenfoot dominoes. It’s a colored dot domino game and lots of fun. Thursday is the regular day, after lunch, but sometimes some will play any day they can get a group together. Leftover non-perishable Food Bank Day items will be used for Food Bank Day prizes through Food Bank Bingo Day on Tuesday, March 5, after lunch. Come and meet the lunch bunch and join in on the fun and fellowship we have here Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for ages 60 and above.

Trio on OU honor roll Three Azle High School graduates earned spots on the University of Oklahoma’s scholastic fall honor roll. Hayden Ray Mahan, with a 4.0 grade point average, was listed on the President Honor Roll. Kristina M. Luetkemeyer and

Nicolaus Anton Luetkemeyer both were named to the Norman college’s honor roll where a 3.5 GPA and a load for at least 12 credit hours are required for consideration. Students from 47 states attend OU.

Student becomes teacher in Chronic Disease Self-Management program Charles Roberson never thought his chronic condition would give him a chance to help others. Less than a year ago he joined the Better Choices, Better Health Chronic Disease Self-Management program at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle and has not only changed his life, but is looking to help other chronic disease sufferers change theirs as well. After graduating from the six-week program that taught him how to manage his chronic illness more effectively, Roberson felt his journey wasn’t over. So, he enrolled in the volunteer lay leader training program for Chronic Disease Self-Management at the hospital. As a lay leader, Roberson meets with chronic disease sufferers and helps to educate them on key things they need to effectively manage their conditions. He assists program participants who have conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, chronic pain, and

It also helps participants devel- training tools for volunteers to like himself, chronic obstructive op individual approaches to deal guide participants through the pulmonary disease (COPD). The lung condition causes with issues like fatigue, shortness six-week program. Roberson is looking forward coughing, wheezing and short- of breath, diet, poor sleep habits, to teaching people how to live ness of breath, and affects more pain and depression. “Who better to teach these more productive and mentally than 12 million people in the U.S. For Roberson, becoming participants how to deal with positive lifestyles. This, he hopes, will add to a volunteer lay leader was a a chronic condition than a perchance to share with others son who knows first-hand what their overall well-being. Somewhat he’d regained during his they are going through,” said thing he feels is invaluable. For more information on Heather Bailey, RN, communiclass: hope. “I’ve always wanted to give ty outreach specialist for Texas how to participate in the Better Choices, Better Health volback in one way or another, but Health Azle. Through criteria defined by unteer lay leader training or never thought I’d have the opportunity to help people regarding Stanford University, the lay Chronic Disease Self-Managemajor medical decisions in their leader certification training ment workshops at Texas Health lives,” Roberson said. “I take program offers the necessary Azle, call 1-877-THR-WELL. great pride in watching the participants empower themselves ZLE OLICE EPT for the better and take control.” The Better Choices, Better Health program is designed to help participants learn how to effectively manage their chron- The following offenses occurred or were reported Feb. 16-22, 2014 and are being investigated by Azle Police icJewel conditionsElizabeth on a daily basis. Carey Tennison Each workshop in the pro- detectives. Feb. 17 ....... 500 block North Stewart Street .............Theft less than $50 gram teaches June 3, coping 1925strategies – January 24, 2014 Feb. 19 ....... 900 block Lake Ride Drive ....................Burglary of a habitation such as action planning and .................. 700 block Boyd Road ...........................Theft less than $50 feedback, behavior modeling, Feb. 20 ....... 200 block Walnut Creek Drive ...............Burglary of a building problem-solving techniques If you have information regarding any of the incidents above, and decision-making. please contact the Azle Police Department at 817-444-3221.






Jewel Elizabeth Carey Tennison June 3, 1925 – January 24, 2014 Jewel was born to George Otto and Jewel Audrey Fuller Carey on June 3, 1925. Her place of birth was the family home at 2715 McKinley Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas. This little girl was loved and adored by her family. In return, she loved and adored them. Little brother, Sonny Boy, went to heaven when he was only 9 and Jewel 14. Jewel missed her little brother the rest of her life. Big brother, Henry (H. T. “Red”) Carey, was Jewel’s friend as well as her brother. They had a close relationship and enjoyed spending time together. If they had cross words, I don’t know anything about it. Both Henry and Jewel were able to work together to meet their mother’s needs. Jewel became Mrs. William Tennison on November 13, 1943. Bill and Jewel were sweethearts their whole life. At 18 years of age this young wife was left behind while her husband went to war. She lived in anguish when she learned her husband was missing in action. He was in a prison camp but Jewel didn’t know if he was dead or alive. At the end of the war she was thrilled to have her husband back. He had been starved and tortured but he was alive. Bill returned to a self-sufficient young wife that had found work and saved for their future. Jewel had also helped her mother who was now divorced and struggling financially; all her mother’s debts had been cleared by the end of the war. This same work ethic was how Jewel lived her life. She was a knockout gorgeous young woman that made Uncle Bill’s heart go pitty-pat (I know because he told me so more than once). She was a loving daughter to her mother – she cared for her above and beyond the call of duty. She was just a little bit tomboy. She had her ruffles and frills when she needed to but she could ride a horse or about anything else she put her mind to. Her last days at home, she fed a fox Ginger Snaps and enjoyed watching him return for his treat each evening. She loved her family. She went above and beyond to show her many nieces and nephews how much she loved them. She made MANY beautiful birthday cakes that were always perfect. Not

everyone knew that perfection did not always come with the first cake. If AJ didn’t like the way her cake turned out – she threw it out to the peacocks that roamed the yard and made another one. She was famous for red velvet cake made from scratch (YUMMY LICIOUS). She had many good friends. She worked in her church in lots of different capacities. There is no telling how many dinners she organized and cooked for. She sang in a trio for years. She supported Uncle Bill as he worked as Sunday School Superintendent, deacon, etc. She was the bookkeeper for Tennison Brothers Violin Shop. She was an immaculate housekeeper. She had certain days of the week that certain things had to happen and it was a big deal if something got off schedule. Monday was wash day. Tuesday was violin shop day (worked all day with Uncle Bill because Loid took the day off and did the books). Wednesday was ironing day (everything got ironed). Thursday was Uncle Bill’s day off and reserved for fun things. Friday was banking and shopping day. Saturday was reserved for cleaning her mother’s house and running her errands. She went to great lengths to have her car perfectly shined. She didn’t take it somewhere to have it done. She did it. She had a special kit she put together so all the needed supplies were easily accessible. She decorated all the family’s graves at Christmas time with beautiful little wreaths she made. She collected them after the season and stored them away until the following year when the decorating was done again. She cheered success and mourned loss. In the last years where she had to have so many nurses in her home – she witnessed to them about Jesus and their need to have their life right. Many of them will tell you stories of Bible studies with Aunt Jewel. One tells of returning to her church after being away for years and years. Tribute by - Audrey Carey Mansell This lady was not just a pretty face and we miss her. We love you Aunt Jewel. Your nieces and nephews – Peggy Carey Johnson, Martha Carey Simmons, Audrey Carey Mansell, Priscilla Carey Harrison, Stella Carey Novikoff, Charlie Carey, Becky Carey Knight and Todd Carey.

... Attend the Church of your choice this Sunday ASH CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH

300 South Stewart St. Early Worship ...........................8:15 am Sunday School ..........................9:30 am Contemporary Worship-TMP ..10:45 am Traditional Worship ...............10:45 am Evening Worship .......................6:00 pm Wednesday Youth Refuge..........6:00 pm Wednesday Evening ..................6:15 pm Pastor: Dr. G. Wesley Shotwell 817-444-3219


Assembly of God Church Hwy. 199 & Jaybird Lane Pastor: Gary D. Veazey Morning Worship .................10:30 am Kidz Zone .............................10:30 am Wednesday Evening

Life Development, Chosen Student Ministries, Kidz Zone - All Services .....7:00 pm

817-221-5760 • 817-221-2983


Pastor: Paul Brownback 817-444-1211 10400 Jacksboro Highway Morning Worship ....................10:30 am Wed: Youth & Family Night ......7:00 pm


Dr. Vaughn Baker - Pastor 2200 Church Rd., Azle 817-444-1382 Sunday School .....................10:00 am Traditional Worship .............11:00 am Sunday Youth .......................10:00 am Synergy Worship ....................9:00 am


Corner FM 730 S. & Veal Station Rd. Sunday School ......................9:45 am Morning Worship .................10:50 am Evening Worship ....................6:00 pm Wed. Prayer Service...............7:00 pm Pastor: Jay Ditty Minister of Music: David Musick Church 817-444-2325


Corner FM 730S & FM 1886 Sunday School .......................9:30 am Worship Service ...................10:30 am Wed. Prayer Service...............7:00 pm 817-270-8476 Pastor - Jon Baker Music Minister - Lloyd McCarroll, Jr. Transporation Available


1020 S.E. Parkway, Azle 817-237-4903 Sunday School .......................9:30 am Morning Worship .................10:30 am Sunday Evening Serv. ............6:00 am Wednesday Evening ...............7:00 pm Pastor: Tim Stevens

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 200 Church St., Azle • 817-444-3323 Morn. Worship ........ 8:30 & 11:00 am Sunday School .......................9:45 am Youth (UMYF) .........5:00 p.m. Sunday & 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Pastor: Dr. Scott Youngblood

CORNERSTONE COMMUNITY CHURCH 2233 Hwy 199 E. • Springtown 817-221-LIFE (5433) Sunday School ...................... 9:00 am Sunday Worship Service .....10:00 am Sunday Evening Worship ......6:00 pm Wednesday ...........................7:00 pm

HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC CHURCH 800 Highcrest Dr. - Azle - 817-444-3063 Sunday Mass.........................8:30 am Wednesday Mass .................. 6:30 pm


7200 Robertson Rd. • Ft. Worth Sr. Pastor Frank W. Briggs 817-237-2758 Classic Service ..........................8:40 am Contemporary Service ... 10 & 11:30 am Lighthouse Christian Academy: Preschool, Private Kindergarten


1313 S.E. Pkwy, Azle 817-237-4822 Missouri Synod Worship Service ....................9:30 am Sunday School .....................10:45 am “Christians growing in Jesus, sharing His love with all”


2920 Azle Ave. • 817-624-2184 Daily Mass - Mon., Wed.,Fri........8 am Reconciliation .... Sat. 3:30 or by appt. Weekend Masses .......... Sat. 4:00 pm SUNDAY ......... 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 am & 1:30 pm (Spanish)


Pastor: JoAnne Swehosky 4795 E. Hwy 199 - Reno 817-221-HOPE Sunday School .......................9:00 am Traditional Service ...............10:00 am


7955 Reed Road, Azle Directions: FM 730 N., 5 miles to Reed Rd. - turn & go 1/2 mile - church on right Pastor, Nancy Nold Ch. 817-444-0226 Morning Worship .................11:00 am Sunday School .....................10:00 am “Open hearts, open minds, open doors”

COMMUNITY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH 1405 Reynolds Rd., Azle • 817-444-7117 Directions: 730 N. to 1542 .5 mi. right on Cardinal, left on Reynolds Pastor - Rev. Fred Weaver 817-444-3181 Rev. Faye Mote 817-220-5734 Sunday School .......................9:45 am Morning Worship .................11:00 am Sunday Evening .....................6:00 pm Wednesday Evening ...............7:00 pm Sunday Night Youth ..............6:00 pm


(Disciples of Christ) 117 Church St. • 817-444-3527 Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Alan Lobaugh Youth Minister, Will Ryan Sunday School .....................10:00 am Morning Worship .................11:00 am

ST. ANNE’S CHURCH (Episcopal/Anglican) 6055 Azle Ave., Lake Worth 817-237-1888 Pastor, The Rev. Dr. Roger Grist Early Worship w/Communion... 8:00 am Sunday School (Adults-Jr.H.). ....9:15 am (Nursery Available) Choral Worship w/Communion.....10:30 am “Narnia” Children’s Church...........10:30 am

A church alive is worth the drive! For more information or rates on listing your church, Call Johnna at 817-270-3340


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AHS Automotive Class

Members of the AHS Automotive class display their awards at the district competition. (l-r) Josh Simpson, Justin Lasater, Andrew Burgasser, Morgan Dacy, Caleb Minear, Christian Crawford, Tyler Arroyo, Kay Lee Chaffin, Roger Finstad, Jeff Johnson, Cody Zdyb.

AHS automotive class lauded

Simpson takes Best of Show

BY MARK K. CAMPBELL In transmission rebuilding, Teryn Waymire’s his remanufactured precision machined 383cid ger Finstad, Jeff Johnson, and Cody Zdyb for The Azle High School Automotive class their alternator rebuilds in the electrical com- turbo hydromatic 400 won superior and the blue. stoked from a 350 Chevrolet engine. Zdyb took the silver for his “magna-flux test Justin Lasater rebuilt and rematched a brought home a slew of awards – including ponent remanufacturing event. In starter motor remanufacturing, Caleb 350-cylinder head and earned the blue ribbon on a cylinder head” demonstration, part of the medals and ribbons – from the district Skillleadership job skill competition. Minear, Christian Crawford, Morgan Dacy, and superior rating. sUSA competition. Arroyo won a gold medal for taking first in And, Josh Simpson not only took the top ribAll totaled, Azle earned 17 blue ribbons, Spencer Bumgarner, Andrew Burgasser, Steone Best of Show, and a gold, a silver, and a fanie Davis, Justin Thomas, and Colby Stinson bon and superior rating but was named Best power equipment technology; Zdyb claimed a of Show – the highest accolade possible – for bronze. bronze medal at Texas State Technical College took the blue ribbon and superior rating. in Waco. In five different categories, AHS students were named HOGAN’S “superior” and awarded blue ribbons. Attorneys at Law PAINTING & REMODELING Roger Douthit Those honors went to Kodee All types painting, tape, bed, texture, Marcy W. Pinkston S. Grace Neal Martinez, Tyler Arroyo, Rodstaining, wall paper removal, sheetrock Certified Expert repair, wood repair *Wills *Property Disputes *Disability *Adoptions Computer & Network “I’ll paint your birdhouse *Bankruptcy *Deeds *Modifications *Divorces Technologies for or your dreamhouse” *Probate *Trusts *Enforcements *Custody Home & Business senior citizens discount

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Area sees some modest gains in sales tax revenue BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN State sales tax revenue in January was $2.3 billion, up 8.3 percent compared to January 2013 according to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. “Increases were seen across all major sectors of the Texas economy,” Combs said. “This indicates continued expansion in both consumer and business spending, and brings the growth in fiscal year-to-date collections to 4.6 percent compared with the previous year. Sales tax revenue has increased for 46 consecutive months.” Combs will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their February local sales tax allocations totaling $802.1 million, up 8.2 percent compared to February 2013. The sales tax figures represent December sales reported by monthly tax filers as well as October, November, and December sales by businesses that report tax quarterly. Locally, the larger cities saw modest increases compared with February 2013, while the smaller cities saw decreases. The distinct exception is the town of Lakeside which saw another huge increase. Lakeside more than doubled its February 2013 revenue of $8,547 when it received a check for $17,988 for February 2014.

That’s an increase of 110.45 percent. The town’s year-to-date revenue of $30,830 is also up from last year’s totals of $14,570 or 111.59 percent. The city of Azle received sales tax revenue of $219,798, or 0.97 percent more than in February 2013 when it received $217,686. Added to January’s totals, that brings the city’s total sales tax revenue for calendar year 2014 to $376,789, up just 0.13 percent from the same period in 2013. Azle’s Crime Control and Prevention District received $39,516 for February – 0.78 percent higher than February 2013 revenues of $39,208. The district is down slightly on the year, with totals from January and February at $69,576 compared with $69,612 for the first two months of 2013. That’s a drop of 0.05 percent. Azle’s Municipal Development District collected $36,302 for February and its year-to-date revenues are $62,465. Because the district did not begin collecting sales tax until October 2013, there is no history to compare these numbers with. The city of Springtown received a check for $80,038 for February – an increase of 0.09 percent from the $79,965 it received in February 2013. So far in 2014, the city’s sales tax revenue is $142,648. Compared to its revenues for the same period in 2013 of $155,521, that’s a de-



PARKER COUNTY’S TOP FIVE Weatherford 1.50% 1,008,021 Azle 1.25% 219,798 Hudson Oaks 1.50% 168,716 Springtown 1.50% 80,038 Willow Park 1.50% 83,821

988,437 217,686 151,304 79,965 70,039




County Total Azle Crime Control Dist 0.25% Azle Municipal Dev District 0.50%

crease of 8.27 percent. The city of Reno’s February check was for $6,700, down 5.72 percent from February 2013 revenues of $7,107. Total revenue for 2014 is at $11,478, a 7.67 percent drop from the $12,431 it collected in January and February of 2013. Sanctuary took another big hit in February, receiving a check for $1,093. That number represents a 21.36 percent decrease from February 2013, when it received $1,390. Year-to-date revenues are $2,061, down 7.61 percent from the first two months of 2013 when it had collected $2,231 Pelican Bay saw a $1,490 check for February. That’s just $5 more than its check of $1,485 in February 2013, or a gain of 0.35 percent. However, the city is up 10.90 percent from its year-to-date revenue for 2013 of $2,953 with $3,275 received so far in 2014. Parker County collected a February check for $681,551 in February, a 2.59 percent increase compared with the same time period in 2013, when it had collected $14,570. For details of February sales tax allocations to individual cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose districts, locate the Monthly Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports on the Comptroller’s Web site at allocsum/compsum.html. 2013 TOTAL


1.98% 0.97% 11.50% 0.09% 19.67%

1,795,819 376,789 301,033 142,648 137,802

1,711,911 4.90% 376,265 0.13% 274,987 9.47% 155,521 -8.27% 119,380 15.43%


















7,107 -5.72% 1,390 -21.36%

11,478 2,061

12,431 2,231

-7.67% -7.61%


Reno Sanctuary

1.00% 1.25%

6,700 1,093







1,138,243 10.60%

TARRANT COUNTY’S TOP FIVE Fort Worth 1.00% 13,416,181 Arlington 1.75% 9,417,364 Grand Prairie 1.75% 4,493,936 Grapevine 1.50% 4,190,592 Southlake 1.50% 2,268,167

12,487,637 9,430,907 4,382,053 3,694,663 1,931,102

7.43% -0.14% 2.55% 13.42% 17.45%

22,621,964 15,825,943 7,679,671 7,263,798 3,753,798

20,755,616 8.99% 15,548,858 1.78% 7,643,370 0.47% 6,954,753 4.44% 3,181,591 17.98%

County Total





8,547 110.45% 1,485 0.35%

30,830 3,275

Lakeside Pelican Bay

48,716,629 2.00% 1.00%


17,988 1,490 526,025,107

Total Payments 1145



14,570 111.59% 2,953 10.90% 836,167,517


U/C = cannot be calculated since the district did not exist one year ago

Azle SCHOOL MENU BREAKFAST: GRADES PK-4th •• $1.25 GRADES 5-12th •• $1.25 Employees....$1.50 Guests ...$1.50






22 years of service as your Parker County Clerk Actively supports and involved in community organizations and events Completed required education in laws, investing and technology – Certified Conservatively manages 5 offices, 5 budgets and 22 employees Brought high-tech electronic system to her offices without spending tax dollars.

LUNCH: A La Carte Items GRADES PK-4th •• $2.00 Milk/Juice 75¢ • Bottled water 75¢ • Ice Cream 75¢ GRADES 5-12th •• $2.20 Employees....$2.75 Guests....$3.00 Gold Card Guests....$2.75

PreK - 4 t h


Everyday - Assorted Fruits and Cereal, Juice, & White or Chocolate Milk MON - Breakfast Pizza, Cinnamon Toast, WW Toast and Jelly TUE - Mini Waffles w/Maple Syrup, Breakfast Sandwich, Toast and Jelly WED - Cinnamon Rolls, Morning Breakfast Parfait, WW Toast and Jelly THU - Sausage Roll, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, WW Toast and Jelly FRI - Blueberry Muffins and Yogurt, Breakfast on a Stick, WW Toast and Jelly


Everyday - Variety of milk. Your choice of 1 entree & 1 fruit or juice MON - Chicken Nuggets & WG Breadstick, Bean & Cheese Burrito, Turkey Bacon Club Wrap, Turkey Chef Salad, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Steamed Green Beans, Charro Beans, Tossed Green Salad, Fresh Broccoli Florets TUES - Turkey Hot Dogs, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Salad Wrap, Minnie Mouse Salad & WG Roll, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Carrot Wheels, Fresh Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Tossed Salad, Orange Wedges & Diced Peaches WED - Spaghetti with Meatballs, WG Garlic Breadstick, Hamburger or Cheeseburger, Combo Sub Sandwich, Fruit & Cheese Plate, Graham Crackers, Potato Wedges, Steamed Broccoli, Cucumber Slices, Fresh Grapes & Diced Pears THU - Beef Steak Fingers with WG Breadstick, Cheesy Dunking Sticks with Sauce, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Taco Loco Salad, Popcorn Chicken Salad, Wheat Breadstick, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy FRI - Fishwich & Tartar Sauce, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Italian Sub Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad, Steamed Sweet Corn, Sauteéd Squash, Tossed Salad, Mixed Fresh Vegetables, Baby Carrots, Bananas & Mixed Fruit


Let’s Keep County Clerk

GRADES 5th - 8th

Everyday - Assorted Fruits and Cereal, Juice, Toast with Jelly, Milk MON - Breakfast Pizza, Pop Tart & Graham Crackers, Sausage Biscuit TUE - Mini Maple Waffles & Syrup, Breakfast Ham Sandwich, Breakfast Parfait WED - Cinnamon Rolls, Morning Blueberry Muffins, Yogurt, English Muffin Sandwich THU - Sausage Rolls, Scrambled Eggs, with Bacon, Breakfast Parfait, WW Toast FRI - Sausage Breakfast on a Stick with Syrup, Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Taco, WW Toast

LUNCH: Everyday - Variety of milk, assorted pizza. Choice of 1 entree & 1 fruit or juice MON - Chicken Nuggets, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Caesar Salad, Crunchy Tacos, Bacon, Cheesburger, Tossed Salad TUE - Frito Pie, Spicy Chicken Patty Sandwich, Chef Salad, Beef and Cheese Nachos, Charro Beans, Raw Carrots WED - Spaghetti with Meatballs, WG Garlic Breadstick, Meatball Sub, Cobb Salad, Hot Broccoli, Cheese Quesadilla, Assorted Pizza THU - General TSO Chicken, WG Brown Rice, Chicken Corn Dog, Potato Wedges, Stir Fry Vegetables, Applesauce FRI - Beef Fingers, WG Dinner Roll, Cheeseburger, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Buffalo Nachos, Charro Beans, Glazed Carrots HIGH SCHOOL


Everyday - Assorted Fruit, Juices, Toast, Cold Cereal, Milk, Breakfast Pizza, Scrambled Eggs MON - Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Tacos, Fresh Yogurt and Granola, Assorted Fruit, Assorted Meat TUE - French Toast Sticks and Syrup, Breakfast Sandwich, Assorted Meat, Fresh Yogurt and Granola WED - Cinnamon Rolls, Morning Sausage Rolls, Assorted Meat, Fresh Yogurt, Granola THU - Blueberry Breakfast on a Stick with Syrup, Sausage Biscuit, Yogurt & Granola FRI - English Muffin Sandwich, Breakfast Burritos, Fresh Yogurt, Granola

LUNCH: Everyday - Variety of milk, assorted pizza & salads. Your choice of 1 entree & 1 fruit or juice MON - Chicken Fried Steak, Cornbread, Mashed Potatoes, Peppered Gravy, Savory Blackeyed Peas, Ripe Apples TUE - Vegetable Soup, Baked Potato Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Melon Cubes, Tossed Salad, Baby Carrots WED - Roast Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, WG Roll, Steamed Green Beans, Applesauce, Sweet Potatoes THU - Beef Lasagna, WG Garlic Breadstick, Sauteéd Spinach and Squash, Chilled Peaches, Ripe Bananas FRI - Frito Pie, Refried Beans, Salsa, Steamed Corn, Tossed Salad, Fresh Grapes, Mandarin Oranges, Baby Carrots

Statewide recognition for job performance

Received 5-Star Award of Excellence for job performance 12 years from Texas Department of Health and Bureau of Vital Statistics Nominated and finalist for Texas County Clerk of the Year

Recognized by her peers

Guest instructor at County and District Clerks, Elections, and newly elected officials conferences Appointed to three state committees by the Texas Association of Counties

I respectfully request your support and vote to continue serving you with honesty, integrity and experience as your County Clerk. Jeane Brunson

Early Voting-February 18th - 28th

Election Day -March 4th

Azle Dental Care

Call 817-598-6185 for locations 817-444-1763

“Helping Azle Smile Since1997”

Check us out online @

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AZLE POLICE BLOTTER warrant for engaging in organized crime. During the course of the arrest, Azle officers discovered what appeared to be a controlled substance and charged Lafreniere with possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, between one and four grams. He was transported to the Parker County jail. Lafreniere posted a total of $12,000 bond – $2,000 for the theft warrant, $5,000 for the organized crime warrant and $5,000 for the possession charge – and was released from the Parker County jail Feb. 22. A 30-year-old Azle man was arrested Feb. 16 in the 400 block of Calgary Road and charged with assault by contact. He was issued a citation and released from the Azle jail. A 33-year-old Azle Antonio Thomas Lafreniere Officers with the Azle Police Department arrested the following individuals during the week of Feb. 16-22: Antonio Thomas Lafreniere, 34, of Pelican Bay, was arrested Feb. 20 in the 100 block of East Main Street for a warrant stemming from an earlier arrest in Azle for theft. He was also the subject of a McLennan County

woman was arrested Feb. 17 in the 500 block of N. Stewart Street and charged with theft less than $50. She was issued a citation and released from the Azle jail. A 37-year-year-old Haltom City man was arrested Feb. 17 in the 400 block of Boyd Road charged with driving with an invalid driver’s license. He posted $500 bond and was released from the Azle jail Feb. 18. A 19-year-old Azle man was arrested Feb. 18 in the 700 block of N. Stewart Street for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was given a citation and released from the Azle jail. A 27-year-old Azle man was arrested Feb. 18 in the 1100 block of New Meadow Drive and charged with public intoxication. He received a citation and was released from the Azle jail. A 23-year-old Azle man was arrested Feb. 18 in the 1100 block of New Meadow Drive and charged with public intoxi-

First graders get dental kits from Masons teeth sticker, two-minute timer (optimal brushing time), “Tips for Healthy Teeth” educational info for parents – in both Spanish and English, and a summary of MHS services. According to Oral Health In America: A Report of the Surgeon General, tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease – five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Children from low socioeconomic families are affected by this epidemic more frequently than other children, with nearly 12 times more restricted-activity days due to dental issues

cation. He received a citation and was released from the Azle jail. A 26-year-old Azle man was arrested Feb. 21 in the 600 block

of Park Street and charged with Azle officers arrested 14 indipossession of drug parapherna- viduals for outstanding warrants lia. He was issued a citation and and investigated a traffic accireleased from the Azle jail. dent during the week, as well.


“I pledge to do the best job for the taxpayer and keeping your money safe is a priority.”

Do not be fooled by all talk and no experience. We cannot afford on-the-job-training for County Judge. How did that work for us in the White House? As a life-long resident of Parker County, I feel compelled to write and let the people of Parker County know just how important the current race for the County Judge is to our county’s future and why Judge Mark Riley is the only candidate we can trust to lead the county for the next 4 years. As taxpayers and law-abiding citizens, we deserve qualified, proven performance from the CEO of our county. The job of County Judge is the highest elected position in county government. It is not an honorary title to be used later as resume padding for some other perceived “higher office.” During my lifetime, I have witnessed the administrations of 7 different Parker County Judges. And Mark Riley is quite possibly the most conservative county CEO that I have ever known. The position of County Judge is an around-the-clock, 24 hour-a-day, 7 daysa-week, full-time commitment to our county and its people. It is not a parttime job for a private sector land developer with possible conflicts of interest adverse to those of the citizen he seeks to govern. As taxpayers and lawabiding citizens, we expect and deserve top performance from the CEO of our county. It is not simply an honorary title or a position to use later as resume padding. As I have observed Mark over the last 16 years, it is an around-the-clock, 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week, labor-of-love commitment to a county and its people. Mark also has a staunch commitment for law enforcement. Perhaps just as important as meeting the usual need of your citizens, Mark Riley has been out-front collaboration with state and regional transportation authorities in order to solve traffic and road problems. Mark’s success in the transportation arena did not come overnight. Rather, it required years of onthe-job, pull-up-your-sleeves, hard-work and experience to obtain the trust necessary to earn a position of authority on the Regional Transportation Board as well as other important commission that impact the future of Parker County. We cannot afford to lose such a powerful seat at the regional transportation table at this time in our county’s history. We cannot afford to waste time while a newcomer cuts its teeth on issues that need immediate attention. We cannot risk allowing Mark’s opponent, a newcomer, to use the highest position in our county’s government for personal gain. Well, for me and my family, Parker County is our home. It is where we go to church and where we send our children and grandchildren to school. “We are proud to stand up and support Judge Mark Riley because he, too, is committed to standing up for Parker County - For today and for tomorrow, for the long haul.”

VOTE TO RE-ELECT MARK RILEY FOR COUNTY JUDGE Paid for by Joe Plumlee, 126 Hogle St., Weatherford, TX 817-599-5311

than children from higher-income families. With more than 1.5 million Texas children living in poverty, there is a great need for preventive dental care. Dental problems also directly affect success for children, with more than 51 million school hours lost each year to dentalrelated illness. Teachers have judged both classroom performance and behavior to be significantly lower among children in need of dental care. Pain and suffering due to untreated dental disease can also lead to problems in eating and speaking.

More than 260 first graders in Springtown and Azle recently received free tooth decay prevention kits through the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club. Paul Gregory led members of Eureka Masonic Lodge in assembling and delivering kits to the schools. The goal of the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, sponsored by Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS), is to prevent suffering from toothaches, reduce missed school days due to dental problems, and to cut costs for dental treatment among children. The tooth decay prevention kits included a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, healthy

For Parker County Treasurer Proven fiscally responsible Community minded Smart, conservative, common sense money-management to keep taxpayer money safe. Married 27 years to Charley Vick, one son, Nathan Lifelong Parker County resident 25 year successful business owner

“I would be honored to have your vote.” Political adv. paid for by The Committee to Elect Dedra Vick for Parker County Treasurer, 502 North Main St., PMB 146, Weatherford, Texas 76086 Gail Fowler Treasurer

Azle AreA ClubS and OrgAnizAtiOnS Good N.E.W.S. Promise Azle Lodge Azle Youth VFW KeePers Association LIVING

of Azle

meets every Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. 404 W. MAIN STREET AZLE

AZLE LION’S CLUB Meets 2nd & 4th TUESDAY 6:30 PM 412 Commerce • 817-689-7232 Gary Skinner - president

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, 7on7, Football, Cheer, Soccer (coming soon) Ages 4-14 817.944.0940



Volunteer Caregiver Our Volunteers Training Classes Make a Classes open to public Difference! at no charge

Post 2137 730 N.

Caregiver Volunteer Meeting 1st Monday of Each Month at 6pm 817-444-2300 133 E. Main St., Ste. B

POST MEETINGS One meeting per month 2nd Thursday - 7:00 PM

Optimist Rotary Club Club of Azle of Azle Meets every FRIDAY at 6:45 A.M.



(across from Azle Post Office)

412 Commerce St.

Azle Little League

Baseball/Softball for kids ages 5-14 Contact us regarding Spring & Fall seasons.


No. 601

Floor School or Work 7:30 PM THURSDAY NIGHT Doug Burt - Worshipful Master Stan Laxton - Secretary

The Finish Line Addiction wants to destroy you & everyone around you. With Jesus GET BACK there is Victory IN THE over addiction. RACE! Meetings held every Friday from 7:30pm-9:30pm at The Church at Azle 1801 S. Stewart • Azle • 817-401-8513

Football - Cheer - Drill AGES: 4 years - 6th grade

817-366-5955 /azlefootball


Our To purchase shoes for all AISD Goal underprivileged children

Meet 4th Thursday Open to Monthly @Noon for ALL Women Working lunch and meeting outside the at Conversations Cafe home or NOT

Carolyn Kennedy 817-237-0840


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thankful for 10 years in the bonus round


n Feb. 27, 2004, the Bride and I got creamed by a drunk driver. (She was the official sports photographer of the paper back then and was riding shotgun.) It had already been quite a day. The Azle boys basketball team had pulled off one of the great victories in AHS sports history, a 66-63 playoff win over perennial power Fort Worth Dunbar. Coming back from the Denton Super Pit on Highway 380, I almost pulled into a convenience store for a Sprite. Instead I drove on – for about two miles. Then an impatient guy in a dualie pickup tried to pass a long line of Denton-bound cars and didn’t make it. We were going 65 mph and he likely much faster when, despite my desperate swerve, he nailed us on the driver’s side

rear quarter panel. We rolled 243 feet amid broken glass in a jet-black atmosphere since all the lights and side windows blew after the first flip. But the wreck isn’t the real story. Oh, we lost our truck and got thrown into a financial morass and it took years to settle the claims (which ON YOUR MARK didn’t come close to recovering what the Cletus...R.I.P. accident cost us). No, thanks to not landing on our roof while our beloved way” stories; every time we turned Ford truck, Cletus, rolled and spun over, we landed on a side or the botand flipped, we survived. tom of the truck. It’s one of those “an inch either So, we didn’t die. In fact, aside from

a few cuts and bruises and the Bride’s lingering back pain, we came out downright peachy. We didn’t die! And now I’ve had 10 years to celebrate that wonder – a decade of a bonus round of life. That’s been five grandchildren. And sprawling family vacations. If I want some Blue Bell, I eat it. Even when I’ve reached a destination, I stay in the vehicle and listen to “Situation” by Yaz cranked. Or sing along with all of “American Pie.” I sit on our westward facing “sunset bench” after a steamy near-dusk summertime run and watch the sun drop while the mockingbirds dart around and the bats wake up and swoop about. I take pictures of bluebonnets and bunnies and clouds and giant icicles and all those other stop-and-smell-theroses cliches. Did God spare us? Bless us? Keep

His hand on us? And, if so, why us and not others? I don’t ponder that too often – there’s too much to do. But the wreck did change my prayer life. I used to spend a lot of time asking for protection/help for a slew of things, a veritable laundry list ticked off nocturnally. Now, that’s almost completely changed. Oh, there are still specific requests I ask of the Almighty. But mostly now, it’s all about thanks. Thanks for the good health. Thanks for the safety of family. Thanks for America. Thanks for allowing me to have more good fortunate than most other people on the planet. Thanks for another day! And I’m thankful that next time I want a Sprite, I will stop and get it. Mark K. Campbell is the News editor and thinks the world is a great place!

I sing because it matters


LETTER TO THE EDITOR Saying thanks to a longtime doctor Some 40 years ago (can it be?), we met Dr. Frank Lonergan and his wife at a backyard welcoming event. We recognized in this young doctor a compassion and sensitivity that was refreshing and satisfying. Since then he has cared for members

of our family with that same compassion. His humor has seen us through some tense times, and his honesty has been reliable. Thank you, Dr. Lonergan, for what you have meant to this community. Success has not kept you from continuing toward your dreams of making a difference. You have and you will! Jerry and Sue Miller

Email your letters to Letters should be brief and focus on a single issue. All letters are subject to editing. Please include a daytime phone number, even on emails. Letters endorsing political candidates, third-party letters, and letters that have appeared in other newspapers will not be published. Writers are limited to two letters monthly.

usic has always do it at any church to help them raise been a big part of money for missions. my life. I sang my My next “singing for a cause” event first solo in church will be on Thursday, March 6 at 7:00 at the age of 3, al- p.m. and you are invited. I am partnermost 30 years ago. ing with my friends at the First Baptist Oh, wait. Did I say 30? OK, almost Church in Decatur to host the Singing 50 years ago. Honesty and integrity Men of North Central Texas in a free can be tough taskmasters! concert. I’ve been singing with this Music, in general, and singing, awesome men’s choir for 5 years and in particular, have been constant I promise you won’t be disappointed. throughout my life’s jourWhile it is not a fundraiser ney. No matter what else per se, there will be an ofgets added, or even moves fering received that will go to the forefront, I’m still a toward our next planned singer. I don’t make my mission trip to Ukraine living at it, but it is one of in April, 2015. If you’ve those words that make the been watching the news short list of what I considlately you know what a er to be descriptors of my strategic place in the world identity. that is. Please consider this In the past few years, I a personal invitation to my find myself singing much readers to be my special more often for causes. Just guests at this concert. this past weekend, I sang LIFE MATTERS Those are just a few exfor two different fundraiser amples of “singing for a events that are causes that Gerry Lewis cause” but there is a greater are close to my heart. For cause that keeps me singthe third consecutive year, I emceed ing. I sing because my life matters the fundraiser gala for the Pregnancy to God. I sing because He gave me Resource Center of Bowie. This year, the gift of music and continues daily I was also given the opportunity to putting a renewed song of praise in provide musical entertainment dur- my heart and mouth. (Take a look at ing seating and dinner. I sang for an Psalm 33:3, 40:3, 96:1, 98:1, 144:9, hour and a half and, hopefully, helped 149:1) people enjoy dinner and put them in What do you do in acknowledgethe mood to give generously to this ment that your life matters to God? life changing ministry. The very next What are the words that describe your night, I did a fundraiser concert at the identity? You don’t have to be a singFirst Baptist Church of Paradise to er. Be the “you” God created. raise money for church members to And be that “you” because it matters. go on mission trips to Mexico, BraAzle resident Dr. Gerry Lewis is director of zil, and Costa Rica. This is the second missions for the Harvest Baptist Association, which is headquartered in Decatur. He writes a time I’ve done this at FBCP and I love blog at it so much that I would be willing to

Borax is well-known because of 20-mule teams transporting the mineral in the West


ost readers no doubt have heard of “20 Mule Team Borax.” Back in the 1960s there was a popular television show called Death Valley Days, sponsored by a borax company. In fact, the show began in 1930 and lasted until 1945 on the radio. Ronald Reagan hosted the TV show from 1964-65, but left when he turned to politics. Hosts after Reagan were Robert Taylor and Dale Robertson. Actress Rosemary De Camp made commercials about the soap product, called “20 Mule Team Borax.” Borax is a white, crystalline salt with an alkaline taste that is used in soldering metals, manufacturing glass, enamel, artificial gems, and also soaps and antiseptics. Borax was first discovered in dry lake beds in Tibet approximately 4,000 years ago. By the eighth century A.D. Arabs imported it from Tibet for goldsmiths to use. Marco Polo even brought borax back


with him to Europe from Mongolia where it had been used to make porcelain glazes. Europe began importing it for glass making by the 15th century. It was expensive. Some deposits were found in Italy and Turkey, but the price became cheaper when a lot of it was discovered in the American West in the late 19th century. Some found borax in Nevada as early as the 1870s, but Aaron Winters apparently is the first whose name is attached to finding it in California. He was prospecting unsuccessfully for gold in eastern California in 1881 when someone told him he ought to look for borax. If he found the white crystals, he was to pour alcohol and sulfuric acid over the ore and set it on fire. If it turned green, it was borax. Winters found some, did the process, and it turned green. “It burns green, Rosie!” he told his wife. “We're rich.” He soon sold his claim to William T. Coleman for $20,000, which in 1882 seemed like a lot of money. Coleman built a plant

in Death Valley, where the ore was found, and processed the mineral there. He had to transport the borax from the mines and processing plant to the railroad at Mojave, Calif. Death Valley, located PAGES FROM in eastern CaliWESTERN fornia near the Nevada border HISTORY in the Mojave J’Nell L. Pate Desert, is the lowest and driest place in all of North America. Temperatures in the summer reach 110 to 120 degrees or more. He used teams of eight or ten mules at first, but his superintendent and a mule driver had the idea of hitching two ten-mule teams together. The 20-mule teams (20 mules, ten teams,

321 W. Main Street Azle, Texas 76020 (817) 270-3340 MEMBER 2014

Publisher Kim Ware Editor Mark K. Campbell

actually 18 mules and two horses) stretched 100 feet and took ten days to carry ten tons of borax 165 miles to the railroad. They operated from 1883 to 1888 until a railroad was built to the mines. During that time they didn't lose an animal or a wagon. Coleman expanded too fast, and in 1890 declared bankruptcy and sold out for $500,000 to Francis Marion Smith who earlier found some borax in Nevada. Smith created Pacific Coast Borax Company. Smith used the symbol of the mule teams pulling the wagons in 1891 on boxes of borax and registered it as his official trademark in 1894. People called him “Borax” Smith because he aggressively promoted the name “20 Mule Team Borax” to increase sales. He claimed that borax would help one's digestion, keep milk sweet, clear up a bad complexion, remove dandruff, soften the bath water, cure epilepsy, eliminate bunions and kill fleas! (I found a web-site that tells how to kill fleas with borax.) He got carried

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away, and after 1914 his company was owned by a British firm until 1956 when Americans acquired it again as United States Borax and Chemical Corporation. Rio Tinto Borax bought U.S. Borax in 1967 and today supplies nearly half the world's borax from their open-pit mine in California. A company town, Boron, in the Mojave Desert east of Mojave, Calif. operates a Twenty Mule Team Museum that they opened in 1984. Soap manufacturer, Dial Corporation, produces “Twenty Mule Team Borax” which still has the picture of the ten teams pulling the heavy wagons. I found it available in Brookshire’s. Since Death Valley is so sweltering, perhaps Aaron Winters and his wife Rosie, who sold out for $20,000, weren't so dumb after all. To them, it was a fortune, and they could get out of that heat! Retired history professor J’Nell Pate of Azle has authored several books, many of which are on sale in the lobby of the Azle News.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ETTERS TO THE EDITOR About the big LKudo to city’s for Rx comma debate manager disposal info


t's ironic to me that a right here in Azle, then by my punctuation mark that long-time boss in my earlier requires little more ink years and fi nally by my former than a period can bring editor/publisher – to eliminate out the most defensive that last comma before the behavior in journalists. word “and.” After Mr. Campbell's reacI worked at The Azle News tion when I tried to for six years – back delete his Oxford in the late '90s and comma – he deearly 2000s – and fended his comma came back almost more fi ercely than three years ago. any mama bear I've During most of that seen – I did some time, Mark Campresearch to try and bell was the sports deepen my underguy, and I paid him standing of comma little attention. usage. Oh, he's a nice It turns out, guy, for sure. He there's a huge dewas funny in a quirky sort of way, OVER THE bate on this topic. The Oxford comand his frequent RAINBOW ma gets its name sneezes almost althe Oxford ways unseated me. Carla Noah from University Press, But he was into Stutsman where the serial sports, and frankly, comma has been what he did just reused traditionally ally didn't affect me by its editors and printers. on the news side of the room. Proponents say its use helps Then he became the editor. avoid ambiguity and follows That affects me. I was glad to fi nd out early on the natural speech pattern of that Mr. Campbell's easy-going pausing before the last item in style as sports editor carried a series. Opponents say the tiny puncover into his new role as editor. He didn't make sweeping tuation mark doesn't always changes and I happily agreed help clarify and in some cases with most of the small adjust- can even introduce ambiguity. ments that were made in the Plus, it just takes up space and way we do things around here. is redundant. One guide recommends usUntil last week, that is, when I tried to edit out a comma in ing the Oxford comma if you live in the United States – unsomething he'd written. It was an Oxford comma, aka less, that is, you write for a a serial comma or even Harvard news outlet that follows AP comma. If you aren't familiar, Style (and I do). There's a Facebook page for it's the comma before the word the Oxford comma, and it cur“and” in a list. Here are a couple of exam- rently has upwards of 32,000 “likes.” ples: Ironically, the Public RelaShe wore a black skirt, a tions Department at Oxford white blouse, and a red scarf. University no longer uses the Or, if you prefer (and I do): She wore a black skirt, a Oxford comma, although the Oxford University Press still white blouse and a red scarf. Honestly, whether there is a does. For my part, I've decided comma after the word “blouse” or not, that sentence says the it’s best decided on a case-bycase basis. If it doesn't change same thing. the content or the intent of the Let's try another sentence: I'd like to thank my parents, sentence, I'll still prefer not to use it. Miley Cyrus, and the Pope. I will, however, be more Okay, that's pretty clear. Watch what happens when mindful in the future to explore you leave out the Oxford com- how the elimination of the Oxford comma might change parma, though. I'd like to thank my parents, entage and/or otherwise distort the meaning of what I'm writing. Miley Cyrus and the Pope. Except when I'm writing for I just became the love child of the most pathetic teen icon in The Azle News, in which case American pop culture and the I will use my editor's favored man some believe holds in his Oxford comma every time. Now you'll have to excuse right hand a red phone directly me... the Pope is on the phone. to the Creator. I've been taught my entire Carla Noah Stutsman is the News life – fi rst in public schools reporter.

Dear Editor: Don’t know how many people are aware how to properly dispose of unused and expired medication environmentally safely. Thanks to Jim Duvall, the storm water manager for the city of Azle, who went to great lengths to research a web site that provides all the needed information. There is no more need to fl ush medicine down the toilet, throw it in the trash, or down the garbage disposal – all that will contaminate our water and soil. I am providing the email to pull up with all you need to know to protect our children as well:

Mainstream media has info stranglehold

so perverse that the Azle newspaper couldn’t print it. Kind of hurts when it’s your standard bearer’s right or left that brings great reproach, doesn’t it? Joseph L. Bryan Fort Worth

God will judge those who vote pro-abortion I believe God holds each individual responsible for the choices he makes in life. I don’t want the blood of precious, innocent babies on my hands by helping put someone in offi ce who believes in abortion. Jean Stivers Azle

Law clarifies electioneering


uestions over tion, the where you may Te x a s stand, what you Departcan say and when ment of you can say it Public arise here and Safety there around Texas at election publitime. A new law to solve such cized a issues is on the books. reminder House Bill 259, which took that eleceffect when Gov. Rick Perry tion idensigned it into law on June 14, tification STATE 2013, allows political speech certifioutside of the 100-foot zone at cates are CAPITAL public buildings where election HIGHLIGHTS available polls are located. at driver The new law trumps local Ed Sterling loifcf iecnesse, practices that previously may have prevented citizens from with select offi ces open on Satengaging in political speech urdays and at mobile stations in outside of the 100-foot zone. select counties. “This change in law protects State law requires voters to First Amendment rights by as- present their driver license or suring that people are able to suitable photo identifi cation at express their political views the polls prior to voting. without fear of prosecution or There is no fee for the elecpersecution,” said state Rep. tion identifi cation certifi cate. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, Information on how to obtain primary author of HB 259, in a a certifi cate can be found onFeb. 18 statement. line at or by tele“Language was specifi cally phoning (512) 424-2600. included in the bill to authorize reasonable time, place, and More health funding comes manner restrictions on elecThe state announced the tioneering conducted outside of awarding of $45 million to supthe 100-foot marker, so long as plement the amount the 2013 electioneering is not prohibited Texas Legislature appropriated altogether,” Simmons added. for women’s health services for “HB 259 protects some of our use in 2015. nation’s most fundamental “We’re providing women rights: the freedom of speech greater access to a broader range and the right to vote.” of health services in Texas,” said Department of State Health DPS offers election ID Services Commissioner David On Feb. 18, the fi rst day of Lakey on Feb. 14. “These dolearly voting in the primary elec- lars will help women receive the


family planning and screening services they need to be healthy.” According to Lakey, the entities to receive the supplemental funding — which include local health departments, hospital clinics and other health clinics — serve about 170,000 low income women per year with services including family planning and health screenings. The agency estimated more than 60 percent of the women served will receive family planning services and that to be eligible for the program women must be 18 years of age or older and at or below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Level guidelines. According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, 3.3 million Texas women are at or below the Federal Poverty Level.

83rd Texas Legislature provided $240 million in funding for women’s health services, including cancer screenings, wellness exams and other health services to an additional 170,000 women. “As a result, women’s health in Texas is now funded at record levels and Texas has the capacity to serve more women than ever before,” she said, adding, “Now we need to ensure that the resources we invested are truly meeting the needs of Texas women.” Sen. Kirk Watson, chair of the Texas Senate’s Democratic Caucus, posted a reaction saying, “We’re encouraged by Chairwoman Nelson’s pledge to have ‘a thorough discussion of every aspect’ of the state’s efforts to provide healthcare to Texas women.”

Panel eyes health, safety Reducing child fatalities and improving access to women’s health services were the subjects of a Feb. 20 interim meeting of the state Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. While child deaths due to abuse and neglect are down overall, there has been a recent spike in foster care fatalities, according to a statement released by Committee Chair Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound. “It is unacceptable for any child to die from abuse or neglect, certainly when that child has been entrusted to the state.” Regarding women’s health care, Nelson noted that the

Court to hear EPA cases An appeal fi led by the State of Texas was among six lawsuits against the federal Environmental Protection Agency grouped and scheduled 90 minutes of collective time for arguments be heard by the United States Supreme Court on Feb. 24. In its case, Texas is petitioning the high court to stop the EPA and the Obama administration from broadening greenhouse gas enforcement standards to include more sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Veteran state reporter and legislative analyst Ed Sterling is member services director for the Texas Press Association, whose 518 member newspapers have combined circulation of 3.7 million.

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Many thanks to Mr. Duvall. Greg Abbott for governor in You are truly an asset to our Denton on Feb. 18. Here is a good barometer of city. consistency check for these soDenise A. Zoeller called journalists: Where was Azle all the articulated reporting of President Obama and Hillary Clinton aligning themselves with a Marxist book, Rules for Radicals 1971; the author, Saul Alinsky dedicated the book to Lucifer. In another amnesia moment for the alphabet soup media, very little was reported in the Dear Editor: Well, it seems the hypocrisy strong friendship and political from the mainstream media is ally of Mr. Obama with Bill rearing its ugly head in double Ayers who was arrested and convicted of plotting to assasstandard journalism 101. As reported in endless cover- sinate New York police offi cers age of radio, TV, and print of and blowing up the Pentagon, rock singer Ted Nugent, there’s hoping to kill numerous milithe predictable nonsense of the tary personnel. Finally, how about the presibackstory of the singer’s bio – from Ted being with underage dent’s church pastor Jeremiah women to saucy language relat- Wright? With radical sermons, ed to leftist politicians – when he said the white man is the evil he endorsed Attorney General one and Wright used language

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Undermanned ACS claims hoops state title


Buzzer beater the difference BY MARK K. CAMPBELL Woefully undermanned in the state championship game, weary and trailing, the Azle Christian School Crusaders (17-3) were down to the final two minutes behind 37-35. Yet, ACS would win a shocker, 39-37 – with just six players. The bigger, stronger Cornerstone team from Granbury towered over ACS and already had beaten the Crusaders twice earlier in the season. Freshman Jeremiah Carlson stepped to the free throw line in Weatherford at Trinity Christian for the Azle school for a pair of charity shots. He made the first one. Cor-

nerstone called a time out to ice the ninth grader, but it didn’t work. Carlson nailed that second one, too. Tied at 35, Cornerstone worked the ball for well over a minute, Crusader coach Robert Hall recalled. “That allowed us to catch our wind,” he said. “We were really spent.” ACS got the ball back with one minute left and peeled off 48 seconds before Hale called a time out. Twelve seconds remained. A designed play got the ball to Joey Rosamond whose shot torturously teased the rim before falling through at the buzzer.

Azle Christian School had won the Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship state title. The earlier losses – both close games, one a double overtime affair – had been avenged. The Crusaders gave up a big height advantage inside, Hale said. “They had one guy sixfive and another six-four. We didn’t have anyone over six foot.” To get to the title game, ACS first beat Arlington Flynt 48-45 as Rosamond led with 14 points and Carlson added 12. In the semifinal clash against Lewisville Lakeland, the Crusaders roared to a 68-21 victory. Joe Carlson paced ACS with

The happy Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship basketball champion Crusaders (front, l-r) Jeremiah Carlson, Joey Rosamond, Oscar Diaz; (back) AD Gary Rushing, Joseph Carlson, Cody Warren, Austin Randall, Jake Bartell, coach J.T. Hatton, head coach Robert Hale. Photo courtesy Suzanne of Studio Suzelle

AHS win streak reaches 11 before late tourney loss BY MARK K. CAMPBELL The Lady Hornet softball team did not lose a game the first 11 times they hit the diamond. Azle (11-1) finally did fall – but not until the last game of the season’s second tournament against Ennis. After beginning 2014 by winning the Brock tourney, the Lady Hornets moved on to White Settlement and the Brewer tournament, hosted by former AHS coach Vera Ortega. Even with the Ennis loss, Azle won the Brewer event on points accumulated through the six games, coach Tracy Tadlock said. The Lady Hornets opened with a 10-0 shut out of Kennedale behind the stellar pitching of Makenzi Harris (5-1). That was followed by a 14-1 crushing of Plainview, with SaLady Hornet Sarah Brown unloads on a pitch. Azle went mantha Bradley the winning Photo by Mark K. Campbell pitcher. 11-0 to begin the season.


She also beat Cleburne, 4-0 the next day in a game that was originally set to be against Aledo before the highly-lauded Lady Cats bailed for another event. The squads will meet in College Station this weekend. Harris got the win next, against Northwest, then Bradley went to 6-0 with a 17-1 cruiser over Graham. That set up the Ennis game. Tadlock said of the 3-0 loss: “Ennis was a very good team with a bit unorthodox style.” That included five “slappers” who got Ennis two runs early. “We will make some adjustments and hopefully see them again down the road,” Tadlock said. Still, the tourney was a success. “Our pitching duo had been outstanding and our offense has been very good,” the coach said. “We are in a pretty good spot right now.”

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ACS girls reach state basketball tourney The Azle Christian School girls basketball team (8-8, 5-1) won district and advanced to the postseason state tourney. There, the ACS squad lost to Weatherford Christian 24-20 and Victory Baptist 29-23.

Named to the All-Tournament state team was Stori Baird. Other team members: Abi Roach, Vanessa Shay, Alexis Vasquez, Callie Gallemore, Maggie Adams, Shelby Sweet, Katie Ferguson, and Bailey Islas.

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Azle High School medalists at the Peaster tournament conducted at TCU’s courts: (l-r) Evan Seibert, Kaleb McEwen, Loran Dewvall, and Kori Wright.

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measure heart and the will to win. Sports is more than just a game. I’m so proud of these players. They didn’t just play good – they learned a life lesson.”

21 points; Rosamond added 20 named the state tourney MVP. and Jeremiah Carlson 15. Joe Carlson was picked for In the championship game, the All-Tournament Team. Rosamond, who would lead Hale said of his out-sized, all scorers with 14 points, was out-numbered team, “You can’t



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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Youths earn JH mat wins

Azle bowlers off to next round The undefeated boys and girls bowling teams from Azle High School have advanced to the next round, regional. The 10-0 boys and the 10-0 girls will compete in Amarillo March 2. Leading the Lady Hornets there will be squad members Bridgitte Berube, Brittnee Silva, Dana Tiedermann, Eliesia Miller, Jessica Simants, Charity Prunty, Sierra Roys, and Ross Madden. The boys team competing in Amarillo: Randy Cross, Jr., Wyatt Cross, Roger Douthit, David Strand, Cameron Silva, Jesse Underwood, Collin Clark,

The Azle High School bowling team: (front, l-r) Eliesia Miller, Sierra Roys; (row 1) Nick Hittle, Charity Prunty, Kaitlyn Huffer, Dana Tiedermann, Ross Madden; (row 2) Roger Douthit, Bridgitte Berube, Brittnee Silva, Katie Bannon, Jessica Simants; (top) Cameron Silva, Dawson Almeida, Dylan Williams, Randy Cross, Jr., Jess Underwood. Not pictured: Wyatt Cross, David Strand, Collin Clark, Kodee Martinez, Hannah Numela, Alicia Brannon, Veronica Lynn. and Dawson Almeida. In addition, several boys qualified to compete in singles at regional at Western Bowl in Amarillo. That group: Randy and Wyatt Cross, Douthit, Strand, Silva,

Underwood, Clark, and Almeida. The Azle bowlers are coached by Randy Cross, Sr., Lisa Silva, and James Silva, Jr. Both AHS teams won the Fort Worth South district.

AHS lifting duo qualify Two Hornet powerlifters will move on to the regional meet for sure and another duo might, too. The district meet was conducted at Saginaw Chisholm Trail High School.

There, Dakota Hudson qualified for regional in the 114-pound class. Also punching his ticket for a spot in Everman at regional March 1 was Logan Todd in the 242 division.

Sitting as alternates right now are Landon Todd (242) and Demetrius Hutcherson (148). Azle competes in Region 6, Division 1. State is in Abilene March 2122.

The Azle Competitive Youth Sports Under-8 Hornets went 10-0 to win a tourney. Next up is the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation’s regional tournament in Grapevine. The winners: (l-r) Brandon Lopez, Jesse Hemmerling, Dylan Smith, Zakary Lucas, Jason Merrill, Jackson Davis, Braxon Cates, and Ian Catano.

The annual Junior High Bedlam Wrestling Tournament was again conducted and, once more, young Azle wrestlers shone. The event is overseen by veteran Azle High School wrestling coach Chris Allen. Those placing: Girls 102: 1. Makenzie Mackey, Forte 2. Kristie Elliott, Azle 3. Helena Stevens, Azle 112: 1. Hailey Davis, Forte 2. Jacquelyn Davidson, Azle 3. Riley Sparks, Forte 4. Christie Cole, Azle 130: 1. Shawnee Dunn, Forte 2. Jewl Lively Boys 102 1. Scott Baird, Azle 2. Bailey Woods, Forte 3. Tucker Tamjidi, Azle 120 1. Tristen Meason, Forte 2. Patrick Toy, Azle 130 1. Brady Heid, Azle 2. Josue Juantos, Forte 3. Solomon Moreno, Forte 148 1. Reese Rodda, Azle 2. Patrick Conrique, Azle 160 1. Cody Donnell, Azle 2. Gaven Buchanan, Azle 3. Zachary Hobbs, Azle 4. Joseph Heminger, Azle 190 1. Zach Leamon, Azle 2. Jarrod Doolin, Forte 3. Christian Ladezma, Forte 225 1. James Lockaby, Forte 2. Louis Lamorte, Azle 3. Spencer Roberts, N/A 230 1. Dre’von Maness, Azle 2. Jeremy Snook, Azle


1600 NW Pkwy St • Hwy 199 Azle, TX 817-677-2899

3-on-3 winners

Twenty-four teams of sixth graders vied in the 21st Annual Rock School Hoops for Heart 3-on-3 tourney that collected over $1,600 for the American Heart Association. The boys’ winners (top back, l-r) were Garrett Conwell, Joe Dunkerley, and C.J. VanSlyke; runners-up were (front) Javin Smith, Nicky Quevedo, and John Jackson.

The sixth grade girls winners of the 3-on-3 fundraising tournament were (back, l-r) Nichole Pederson, Maddie Aniasco, Megan Leonard. Taking second: (front) Emily Bradley, Abigail Bradley, and Shelly Bradley.


Wednesday, Februaury 26, 2014

Hardball Hornets get year underway at home BY MARK K. CAMPBELL The baseball season began big time for Azle (1-5) when the Hornets were a host diamond for the Jerry Durant Classic Feb. 20-22. Right off the bat, AHS had a shot at the squad that ended Azle’s 2013 season, Birdville. The Hawks won a close 2-1 game. Despite a fine effort from the mound, Tommy Kay got the loss. Jesse Salisbury got 2 of Azle’s 3 hits and he scored the lone AHS run. Next, the Hornets put 9 runs on the scoreboard, but Mansfield Summit got 11; at one

point, Anthony Barron’s Azle squad led 6-2. Trey Ramos went 3-for-5 with a homer, 4 runs scored, and 2 RBI. Josh Hilton plated 3 runners and Sean Townsend walloped a triple. The next day, Feb. 21, AHS faced South Grand Prairie and, in another game Barron said the Hornets were in good shape to win, Azle fell, 6-3; SGP scored 4 runs in the sixth inning to snatch away the contest. Tyler Flynn and Townsend both hit safely twice for Azle and Tyler Albers tripled. Next, AHS got 10 hits against Northwest but lost 11-5.

Trevor Boiles homered and got 2 hits; Josh Hilton and Flynn also collected 2 safeties. On Feb. 22, Midland Christian topped the Hornets 15-4. The game was 7-4 until a big visitor’s outburst in the seventh. Dalton Cole, Boiles, and Kay got the AHS RBI. The first win followed, 5-3 over Crowley. Kay went 2-for3 with 2 RBI to lead Azle. Coach Barron said, “For sure, our record does not reflect on how well we played. We are a young team that needed to get used to some of the pressure at the varsity level. That is what these tournaments are about.”

AHS Links Success

The Azle High School boys golf team, including Bryce Arstingstall (left) who fin- In Azle’s season opener Feb. 20 against Birdville, Hornet first baseman Dalton Cole ished in the top 15, competed at the prestigious Glen Garden course. Azle’s Jessica leaps high to snag a throw while second baseman Tyler Albers (4) looks on. AHS Simants (right) won the JV division at Mansfield National. plays in an Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD tourney this weekend. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

Soccer squads sitting in prime playoff position

All-District Basketball

Boys 1st, girls 2nd as round 2 gets underway There was great joy among Azle soccer folks when both AHS teams beat Aledo – a rare feat – on Jan. 28. In the second meeting of the rivals as round two of 12-4A began, the potent Aledo squads took the victories. The Azle boys (7-1 in district) won 3-0 in the first meeting. This time at Aledo, the Bearcats came out on top, 2-1, the first district loss for the Hornets. Scoring for Azle was Danny Gomez. Earlier, the first round of 124A play ended at Springtown with an easy 5-0 win over the Porcupines, coach Ben Buentello recalled. The girls (6-1-1) finished off the first round of district play with a 9-0 thumping of Springtown. Azle completed the first route through 12-4A in first place, one point ahead of Boswell, 19-18. Third place Aledo (15 points) began round two of district. On the road, the Lady Hornets lost 3-0 to the Lady Cats. “It was closer than the score indicates,” coach Trent Davis said. Aledo led 1-0 when a shot by Lady Hornet Molly Grover hit the post in the first half, just inches from tying the match. The contest stayed 1-0 until late when the Lady Cats scored twice. Davis said, “We had our chances – we just couldn’t finish. It just wasn’t meant to be this time.” The loss dropped Azle to second place, but the future is more than rosy. “If we win out, we will be Lady Hornet Paige Fugate heads a ball. Azle is perched second in the District 12-4A race. Photo by Mark K. Campbell district champs,” Davis said.

Several Azle High School players were lauded for their hoops play. The Lady Hornets had six girls recognized for outstanding play including Kaycie Dunkerley (right), the 5-4A Newcomer of the Year. Landing on the First Team were Morgan Prentice and Valarie Matlock. Payton Berger and Taylor Fulfer were Second Team selections while Maci Wilbanks landed on the Honorable Mention list. For the boys, Colton Bagwell (left) led; he was a Second Team pick. Two other seniors landed on the Honorable Mention roster: Jesse Salisbury and Cooper Rush. Photos by Mark K. Campbell

Track seasons take flight A trip to Denton for an early season track meet wasn’t the greatest of outings. Lady Hornet coach Melody Dennis said the meet wasn’t run too well. Still plenty of AHS athletes got in some action. Spencer Watzlavick took second in the 110 hurdles. Chase Smith finished third in the high

jump, coach Keith Boenisch said. Isaac Marquez took third in the long jump. The Hornet 4x400 team finished second and the 4x800 squad was third. The Lady Hornets got a “superb” effort from Sarah Perna, Kylie Fonville, Crystal McConnell, and Sydney Bivens in the 4x800, Dennis said.

The 4x400 team – Emily Kolar, Brooke Smith, Natalie Smith, and Karly Thomas – ran a personal best. Other standouts named by Dennis: hurdlers Katie Phillips, Breeona Cannon, and AydenThomason; high jumpers Kaylie Peters and Kolar; and throwers Maddie Parkison and Katy O’Dell.


Movie Man

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Explosive ancient math: Gladiator + Titanic = Pompeii The Movie Man expected a big ‘ol chunk of epic cheese with Pompeii. Based on dorky trailers, it looked like a standard 3 or so. However, surprise!, it’s better than that. It ain’t great, but it’s no 3 either. About the film A famous movie faux pas is the 1969 picture Krakatoa: East of Java about the most infamous eruption of all time back in 1883. The giant volcano that blew its top was actually on the west coast of Java, not east. Such are the liberties of cinema. Plenty are taken all the time, of course, and this week’s Pompeii is no different. All disaster movies can be counted on to hit specific tropes: two guys don’t like each other but eventually team up; there’s a love story; animals play a part; a little girl falls down amid a swarming, fleeing horde yet is saved by a hero; one of the good guys dies memorably. This blueprint has worked for biblical epics and natural disasters and high rises aflame. The latter gold standard is The Towering Inferno in 1974. It arrived in the midst of a slew of star-studded disaster movies. Like: Airport (1970, Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin), The Poseidon Adventure (1972, Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine), and Earthquake (1974, Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner). Inferno was the biggie, though. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in the same movie was a big draw. So were a slew of other big name stars of the day – and a few aging ones, too. Seeing Pompeii reminded the Movie Man of the dueling volcano movies from 1997. Dante’s Peak (Movie Man No. 166, a 6) won the race to come out first, arriving in February. It didn’t do great; it lacked star power – Pierce Brosnan was the lead – and

took in just over half of its $116 million budget. In May, Volcano (MM #178, 5) hit with about the same clout; it, made less ($47.5 million) than Dante’s Peak but cost less to make ($90 million). The failure of the two seemed to put Hollywood off volcano movies, until Pompeii. So, naturally, the Movie Man wasn’t expecting much – in fact, very little. That’s why this 6 is such a surprise. The plot Young Milo sees his family, from a tribe of ancient horsemen, killed by Romans opening a new trade route. Discovered, Milo (Kit Harington [TV’s Game of Thrones] as an adult) becomes a slave. Known as the Celt, he achieves fame as a mighty gladiator. So, Harington is shipped off to Pompeii to be the foe for the champion there, Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbje, the beloved Eko from TV’s Lost). The guy who oversaw the murder of Harington’s family, Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland), arrives in Pompeii where the nearby mountain that looms over the city keeps rumbling. Sutherland has his evil eye on the ruler of Pompeii’s daughter, Cassia (Emily Browning).



Volcano 1, Humans 0 Starring: Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson Rated PG-13: violence, gore, lots of folks burnt plumb up email:

... on a scale of 1-10

Movie Man When things look bad for Harington and Akinnuoye-Agbje, the volcano blows its top. Suddenly all this petty human activity doesn’t seem like a big deal as everyone makes a mad dash to the harbor to try to escape the fury raining and flowing down.

nal 30 minutes or so and the computer generation is fantastic. In one scene, water is sucked back into the ocean, a precursor to a tsunami. Soon, it arrives with a vengeance and crashes through streets jammed with fleeing citizens. Leading the way is a giant ship that the water propels through the town down a people-packed boulevard. The ending has some clout, too as the lovers eventually understand that escape is not possible. Sutherland is wonderful to root against and he gets his just due. So does...

What works (spoiler) The Movie Man saw Pompeii in 3-D and it was worth the upcharge. The opening scene has some cool wafting ashes floating about and there are other instances of exploded rocks hurling toward town (called Best scene (spoiler) Akinnuoye-Agbje is back in “bombs” in volcanology lingo). The disaster booms in the fi-

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the arena with the chaos of the volcanic activity creating chaos all round. There awaits the great Roman champion, Proculus (Sasha Roiz). They battle mightily and the Roman falls. But a colossal pyroclastic flow – the ultimate kill-everything-inits-path-roiling-superheatedsmoke/fire-ground-cloud-ofdeath – is arriving in town. Akinnuoye-Agbje simply turns and announces to the titanic eruption that he is ready to die, a free man. What doesn’t work Pompeii is so cliché loaded that it’s hard not to chuckle sometimes. Disaster movies require that belief be substantially suspended and that’s necessary here, too. Like, somehow, despite incredible desolation (shown earlier), the streets are clear for Sutherland, trying to escape in a chariot with a captured Browning. And the pursuing Harington, on a horse, leaps over gigantic crevasses as he dodges volcano bombs from above and crumbling structures all around while bolting through thick smoke. It’s unintentionally funny and cornball.

The rating There some higher amounts than normal gore in Pompeii – blood dripping off swords, lots of stabbings, etc. But it’s still a PG-13. Summing up The Movie Man is always happy to see a movie that’s better than expected. And that’s what happened with Pompeii; it’s not fantastic, but okay for what it does – CG fast food. Next up Son of God.

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Community Wednesday, February 26, 2014

‘Lucky’ 7:

Signs of Springtime

Azle, Springtown residents indicted for Parker County crimes BY CARLA NOAH STUTSMAN Meetings of the Parker County Grand Jury in Weatherford Feb. 6 and Feb. 10 yielded indictments against 22 individuals for 25 criminal charges. Three of those indicted individuals list Springtown addresses; four live in Azle. • James William Curtis, Jr., 52, of Springtown, was indict-

Timothy Ruben Pruitt

Terry Allen Wilson

Kathleen Faye Teater

ed for theft of property $1,500$20,000, a state jail felony. • Terry Allen Wilson, 29, of Springtown, was indicted for injury to a child, a third-degree felony. • Barry Mort York, Jr., 44, of Springtown, was indicted for criminal mischief impeding or interfering with public service less than $20,000, a state jail felony. • Billy Earl McKelvy, 62, of Azle, was indicted for driving while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony. • KrysJames William tal Rayanne Curtis, Jr. Morton, 26, of Azle, was indicted for interference with child custody, a state jail felony. • Timothy Ruben Pruitt, Krystal Rayanne 21, of Azle, Morton was indicted for theft, less than $1,500 enhanced with two or more prior theft convictions, a state jail felony. • Kathleen Barry Mort York, Jr.

Faye Teater, 58, of Azle, was indicted for theft, less than $1,500 enhanced with two or more prior theft convictions, a state jail felony. Indictees who live outside the immediate Azle/Springtown area include: • Paula Marie Beck, 58, of Weatherford, was indicted for injury to an elderly person, a third-degree felony. • Nathan Thomas Daniel, 38, of Fort Worth, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony. • Sarah Elizabeth Ford, 27, of Fort Worth, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony. • Rodney Allen Foreman, age and address not provided, was indicted for theft of property $1,500-$20,000. • Mandi Lea Hamilton, 36, of Weatherford, was indicted for theft of property $1,500$20,000, a state jail felony. • Robert Rene Hardin, 52, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony. • Cristi Lynn Janecka, 38, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

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Jenny Barnwell

Just when it seems that our colder than usual winter will never end, the daffodil provides a coming attraction to the epic springtime feature soon to come. Photo by Paula Campbell

• Douglas Lynn Janecka 55, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony. • Austin Michael Jorjorian,

19, of Mineral Wells, was indicted for theft of property $1,500-$20,000, a state jail felony. • Dakota Raylynn Manire, age and address not provided, was indicted for possession of a

controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram. • Dorothy Gaye Overton, 42, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled PLEASE SEE AREA, PAGE 2B.

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Parker County Treasurer • Only Candidate to apply with 18 other qualified applicants and was appointed by Commissioners to be County Treasurer. • Over 32 years of combined business/investment experience. • Revised county investment policy to reflect a more efficient way to invest tax payers money.

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412 Commerce St. · Azle

117 Church St. · Azle


PARKER COUNTY Each $5.00 bag (cash only) contains 15-20 pieces of fruit and vegetables. The sale is open to all community Our members. business supports your The mission of this sale is to make fresh produce affordable accessible to all. healthand and well-being!

Political ad paid for by Jenny Barnwell Campaign Fund. Jenny Barnwell, Treasurer. P.O. Box 1802 Weatherford, TX

Made Possible With Funding Through Centers For Disease Control And Prevention


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Endtime Prophecy Teaching

All Vaccines Available WHERE: Walgreens Pharmacy 705 Boyd Rd. Azle

10am –12pm

March 2 - America and the coming Mideast wars. March 9 -Jesus is coming soon, are you rapture ready?

Veterinarian on Premises Heartworm Testing and Preventative Activyl Flea Control Microchipping


First Saturday of Every Month Next Date: Saturday, March 1 • 9am - 4pm

Azle Christian Church Azle Lion’s Club TH 2 SATURDAY of Every Month 4 SATURDAY of Every Month ND


Park Hill Church at 3435 E. Hwy 199, Springtown, TX 76082


Wednesday, February 26, 2014



SPRINGTOWN FIRE DEPARTMENT Saturday-Friday, February 15 - 21 Feb. 15

Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21

10:11 a.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 11:23 a.m................ EMS ................................................................. LaJunta area 12:15 p.m................. Vehicle accident ............................................... LaJunta area 2:57 p.m................. EMS ................................................................. LaJunta area 1:09 a.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 3:13 a.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 6:10 a.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 10:44 a.m................. Vehicle unlock .......................................... City of Springtown 12:20 p.m................. Vehicle unlock .......................................... City of Springtown 12:55 p.m................. Grass fi re.................................................... Springtown area 2:54 p.m................. Illegal burn .................................................. Springtown area 4:37 p.m................. Grass fi re......................................................... LaJunta area 7:50 a.m................. Vehicle accident ................................. Mutual aid Central FD 2:06 p.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 2:31 p.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 9:43 a.m................. EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 8:24 p.m................. Illegal burn ............................................... City of Springtown

LA JUNTA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. Saturday-Friday, February 15 - 21 Feb. 15 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21

12:15 p.m................. Vehicle accident ............................................... LaJunta area 12:18 p.m................. Grass fi re......................................................... LaJunta area 12:58 p.m................. Grass fi re.................................................... Springtown area 1:51 p.m................. Grass fi re................................................ Mutual aid Azle FD 5:39 p.m................. Grass fi re......................................................... LaJunta area 4:37 p.m................. Brush fi re......................................................... LaJunta area 11:30 a.m................. Vehicle fi re.................................................Silver Creek area 3:48 p.m................. Brush fi re................................................ Mutual aid Azle FD 12:13 p.m................. EMS ................................................................. LaJunta area 3:21 p.m................. EMS ................................................................. LaJunta area

SILVER CREEK FIRE DEPARTMENT Saturday-Friday, February 15 - 21 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 20 Feb. 21

1:04 p.m................. Grass fi re.................................................... Springtown area 2:37 p.m................. EMS ...........................................................Silver Creek area 10:54 p.m................. Vehicle accident .........................................Silver Creek area 10:08 a.m................. Fire/smoke investigation ............................Silver Creek area 9:54 a.m................. Illegal burn, Red Flag Day .........................Silver Creek area 3:48 p.m................. Grass fi re................................................ Mutual aid Azle FD 5:16 P.M................. EMS ...........................................................Silver Creek area 5:22 p.m................. EMS ...........................................................Silver Creek area

PARKER COUNTY ARRESTS The following individuals who list addresses in the Azle and/or Springtown areas were arrested by various law enforcement agencies and booked into the Parker County Jail during the week of Feb. 16-22. A 44-year-old Springtown man was arrested on Feb. 16 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies and charged with assault causing bodily injury – family violence. He also had an active warrant for assault – family violence. He posted $3,250 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 18. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 25-year-old Springtown man on Feb. 16 for a warrant for driving without a license. He paid a $191 fi ne and was released from the Parker County Jail the same day. A 24-year-old Azle woman was arrested on Feb. 16 by Azle police for Springtown warrants for failure to appear in court and

speeding 10 percent over 51 miles per hour. She posted $547 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail later that day. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 40-year-old Azle man on Feb. 16 and charged him with assault causing bodily injury – family violence. He posted $2,500 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail that day. Springtown Police arrested a 54-year-old Springtown woman on Feb. 17 for a warrant for theft of property by check, $20-. $500. She posted $500 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 18. Reno police arrested a 31-yearold Azle man for Reno warrants for failure to appear, no license, and speeding. He posted $1,600 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 23. Pelican Bay police arrested a 35-year-old Azle man and charged him with theft of prop-

Lake Report Conservation Level

Current Level

Current Status

Lake Bridgeport 836.00 815.11 -20.89 Eagle Mountain Lake 649.10 642.02 -7.08 Richland-Chambers Res. 315.00 308.02 -6.98 Cedar Creek Lake 322.00 318.36 -3.64 Lake Arlington 550.00 544.93 -5.07 Lake Benbrook 694.00 688.18 -5.82 Lake Worth 594.00 590.89 -3.11 *Data provided by USGS Feb. 25

erty, $500-$1,500. He also has an active Ellis County warrant for violation of probation. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested an 18-year-old Springtown man on Feb. 18 on a motion to revoke probation or parole for a prior charge of silent/ abusive calls to 911. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond. A 30-year-old Springtown woman was arrested on Feb. 18 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for insuffi cient bond for a previous charge of injury to a child, the elderly, or disabled with intended bodily injury. She posted $20,005 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail later that day. Pelican Bay police arrested a 20-year-old Azle man on Feb. 18 and charged him with theft of property $500-$1,500. He posted $2,500 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 19. Offi cers from the Parker County Special Crimes Unit (PCSCU) arrested a 45-year-old Azle man on Feb. 19 and charged him with possession of marijuana, less than four ounces. He posted $1,500 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 20. A 37-year-old Azle woman was arrested by PCSCU offi cers on Feb. 19 and charged with possession of marijuana, 2-4 ounces. She posted $1,500 bond and was released from the Parker County

Jail on Feb. 20. Springtown police arrested a 44-year-old Springtown man on Feb. 19 and charged him with driving with an invalid license and no insurance. He also had an active Fort Worth warrant for failure to identify or giving false statement. He posted $1,750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 19. A 42-year-old Azle man was arrested on Feb. 20 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for a parole violation. Additional information about the violation wasn’t available. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond. Azle police arrested a 27-year-old Azle woman on Feb. 20 for bond forfeiture of a prior charge of driving with an invalid license with a previous conviction. She posted $2,000 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 21. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 60-year-old Azle woman on Feb. 21 for a bench warrant. No additional information was given about the charge. In addition, she had an active Tarrant County warrant for theft of property – less than $1,500 with two or more convictions. As of Feb. 24 she was held in the Parker

Area residents indicted for PC crimes ■ AREA, FROM PAGE 1B.

substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony. • Timothy Ruben Pruitt, evading arrest with a prior conviction for evading arrest, a third degree felony, as well as for theft, less than $1,500, enhanced with two or more prior theft convictions, a state jail felony. • Lora Donette Rangel, 44, of Dallas, was indicted for two counts of possession of a controlled substance by fraud, a

County Jail without bond. A 19-year-old Azle man was arrested on Feb. 21 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for warrants for theft of property, $50-$500 and assault causing bodily injury. He posted $3,500 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 22. Reno police arrested a 23-yearold Azle man on Feb. 21 for Reno warrants for failure to appear in court and speeding. He posted $551 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 23. Azle police arrested a 34-yearold Azle man on Feb. 21 for a warrant for theft of property, $50-$500. He also had an active Tarrant County warrant for possession of a controlled substance – penalty group 1, 1-4 grams and a McLennen County warrant for engaging in organized criminal activity. He posted $12,000 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on Feb. 22. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 21-year-old Azle

Serving our community one step at a time. Reliable service at an affordable rate. 817-304-3677

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Mon. - Fri. 6:30 am - 7 pm Sat., 6:30 am - 4 pm



Keeping you on Track with Your Dental Health

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Dr. Chelle Trunk Jacobs


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man on Feb. 21 on a commitment order for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance – penalty group one, 1-4 grams. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond. A 53-year-old Springtown man was arrested on Feb. 21 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies on a commitment order for a prior charge of DWI with a blood alcohol content of greater than 0.15. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond. Springtown police arrested a 21-year-old Springtown man on Feb. 22 for warrants for failure to appear in court and driving with an invalid license. As of Feb. 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail in lieu of $548 bond.

Little Angels Christian Daycare

Insurance claIms specIalIsts

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third-degree felony. • David Reese Rochelle, 56, of Aledo, was indicted for driving while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony. • Michael Ray Thomas, 33, of De Soto, was indicted for two counts of possession of a controlled substance by fraud, a third-degree felony. • Kari Michell Williams, 32, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

Since 1971

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Springtown Epigraph

This devotional and directory is made possible by these businesses who encourage all of us to attend worship services.



RC East 817-283-6911 N KeithHufsey ATI HE TACLB008874C West 817-444-0090 AI G•

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Office next door to Trinity Commerical Contractors


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Air Conditioning and Heating

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Warehouse full of rolls and remnants “Since 1979”

817-237-7871 8305 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth, TX 76135

1227 Old Cottondale Road, Springtown, 817-220-7177 LAJUNTA BAPTIST 5207 E. Hwy. 199, LaJunta 817-221-3989 IGLESIA BAUTISTA HARVEST TIME APOSTOLIC Nueva Jerusalen 1 Block N. FM 2048 in Keeter 6640 Midway Rd., Springtown 817-433-8220 817-677-2907 ASSEMBLY OF GOD INDIAN OAKS PRIMITIVE FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD BAPTIST CHURCH 114 Porter Drive, Azle 3229 Shawnee Trail, Lake Worth 817-237-4903 817-237-8441 FELLOWSHIP OF LAKE WORTH LAKE WORTH BAPTIST 4024 Dakota Trail, Lake Worth 4445 Hodgkins, Lake Worth 817-237-9433 817-237-4163 NEW BEGINNINGS CHURCH LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST 810 Goshen Rd, Springtown 6409 FM 730 S., Azle 817-523-4462 817-444-4311 OUTREACH OF LOVE METROPOLITAN BAPTIST Hwy. 199 W. at FM 2257, Azle 6051 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-221-2983 / 817-221-5760 817-237-2201 BAPTIST MIDWAY BAPTIST ASH CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH 4110 E. Hwy. 199, Springtown 300 South Stewart, Azle 817-221-LOVE 817-444-3219 NEW HOPE BAPTIST AGNES INDEPENDENT BAPTIST 782 New Hope Rd., Reno area 350 Agnes N., Springtown 817-221-2184 817-523-7271 NORTHWEST BAPTIST BETHEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST 5500 Boat Club Rd., Lake Worth 408 S. Ash St., Springtown 817-237-6063 or 817-270-8476 817-220-4238 SILVER CREEK BAPTIST AZLE AVENUE BAPTIST 730 S. & Veal Station Rd., Azle 2901 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-444-2325 817- 626-5556 NEW BEGINNINGS BAPTIST CHURCH BRIAR FIRST BAPTIST 3605 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle West of FM 730 N. at sign, Briar 817-707-2741 817- 444-3484 PLEASANT GROVE BAPTIST BROOKSHIRE BAPTIST FM 2048 and CR 4677, Boyd 114 Brookshire Ave., Azle 940-433-5477 817-237-0892 PRIMERA IGLESIA BAUTISTA CALVARY HEIGHTS BAPTIST 301 S. Stewart, Azle 1 block off Hwy. 199, 817-523-0074 east of David’s Patio, SPRINGTOWN BAPTIST TEMPLE Springtown, 817-221-2241 201 J. E. Woody Rd., Springtown 817-523-0376 CENTRAL BAPTIST 4290 Old Agnes Road - 817-594-5918 UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 3451 Sarra Lane, Springtown CHRISTWAY BAPTIST 817-613-1441 7673 West Hwy. 199, Agnes 817-220-9133 or 817-220-3581 WALNUT CREEK BAPTIST 220 W. Reno Rd. in Reno CLEAR FORK BAPTIST Corner of FM 730 & Ragle Rd., Weather- 817-221-2110 ford, 817-594-1154 WEST PARKWAY BAPTIST 836 NW Parkway, Azle COTTONWOOD CREEK BAPTIST 817-444-3752 10905 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth 817-238-8269 817- 237-8113 BIBLE CROSSWAY BAPTIST CHURCH COMMUNITY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP 1355 Northwest Pkwy., Azle 1405 Reynolds Rd., Reno 817-691-0000 817-444-7117 CROSSROADS BAPTIST CHURCH CROSSING FELLOWSHIP Corner of FM 730 South & FM 1886 1177 Southeast Parkway, Azle 817-270-8476 817-381-5888 · 817-381-5808 EAGLE MOUNTAIN BAPTIST NORTHWEST BIBLE CHURCH 8780 Eagle Mtn. Circle, Azle 5025 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth 817-237-4135 817-624-2111 FAITH BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP SOLID ROCK BIBLE CHURCH 1411 Carter Road, Springtown 591 S. Reno Rd., Springtown 817-220-5828 817-221-3444 FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH CATHOLIC 171 Green Branch Road, Weatherford HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC 817-454-4582 800 Highcrest Dr., Azle FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF AZLE 817-444-3063 1017 Boyd Road CHRISTIAN 817-444-4828 THE CHURCH AT AZLE FIRST BAPTIST CASTLE HILLS 1801 S. Stewart, Azle 401 Beverly Rd., Azle 817-444-9973 817-237-3891 AZLE CHRISTIAN FIRST BAPTIST LAKE WORTH (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST) 700 Charbonneau Tr., 117 Church St., Azle west side of Effie Morris Elementary 817-444-3527 817-237-2624 AZLE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP FIRST BAPTIST LAKESIDE 35 West Forty Estates., Azle 8801 Jacksboro Hwy., Lakeside 817-688-3339 817-237-8113 CENTRAL CHRISTIAN FIRST BAPTIST BRIAR 1602 S. Main St., Weatherford 6 miles N. of Azle on FM 730 817-594-3043 817-444-3484 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST COTTONDALE 4th & Main, Paradise 1 block N. of FM 2123, Cottondale GREATER VISION FELLOWSHIP 940-433-5539 1801 S. Stewart St., Azle FIRST BAPTIST PEASTER 817-825-0485 FM 920 in Peaster LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN 817-596-8805 FELLOWSHIP FIRST BAPTIST POOLVILLE 404 Main St., Azle 1 block W. of FM 920, Poolville 817-308-2557 817-594-3916 THE ABBEY CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST SPRINGTOWN 10400 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle 5th & Main Street, Springtown 817-238-1404 817-523-7011 VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST 737 Boyd Rd., Azle 801 Friendship Rd., 9½ miles S. of 817-444-LOVE Springtown off Hwy. 51 S. 817-594-5940 or 817-599-4917 WORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1¼ mi. S. of LaJunta FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST 817-677-2577 5th & Main in Springtown 817-523-5477 CHURCH OF CHRIST GRACE BAPTIST AZLE CHURCH of CHRIST 3 miles N. of Springtown on Hwy. 51 336 NW Parkway across from Radio Tower 817-444-3268 HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH BRIAR CHURCH of CHRIST 3577 FM 51 N., Weatherford 109 W.N. Woody Rd. 817-564-3946 (½ block west of FM 730 N. in Briar) HILLTOP FAMILY CHURCH 817-444-7102

MIDWAY CHURCH of CHRIST 6400 Midway Rd. 817-221-2107 NEWSOME MOUND ROAD CHURCH of CHRIST 1460 Newsome Mound Rd. 817-677-3290 NORTHWEST CHURCH of CHRIST 6059 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-237-1205 POOLVILLE CHURCH of CHRIST West of FM 920 in Poolville 817-594-4182 SOUTHSIDE CHURCH of CHRIST 130 W. Bradshaw Lane, Springtown 817-221-2799 SPRINGTOWN CHURCH of CHRIST Just west of Hwy. 51 North 817-523-4419 TRI-COUNTY CHURCH of CHRIST 525 Hwy. 199 W., Springtown 817-538-8209

4300 Williams Spring Rd., Fort Worth 1 mile west of 820 on Jacksboro Hwy. JOHN KNOX PRESBYTERIAN 4350 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks 817-642-9265


113 Denver Trail • Azle 817-444-3249 Fax 817-444-3275 STUDIO - 1 bath , 350 sq. ft. ONE BEDROOM - 1 bath, 450 sq. ft TWO BEDROOM - 1 bath, 642 sq. ft.

Clarks Precision Machine & Tool

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B & H

Heating and Air Conditioning Servicing All Brands • Fast Response

New Systems $2,800

Garry Harris


uys R Us G c A

Your Heating Specialist!

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Lic. #4346 & #6537

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“Serving Springtown Since 1977” NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE 817-523-7227 Metro 817-220-7927

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Experienced & Competitive Prices Repair & Installation Landscaping Sod/Hydromulching

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1989 SENIOR DISCOUNTS • FREE ESTIMATES

817-270-0544 • 817-379-0545

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Full Service Funeral Home Cremation Services • Pre-Need Plans Azle • Springtown • Mineral Wells • Weatherford 817-596-4811 •

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Complete Automotive, Light Truck & Diesel

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 THE

COMMUNITY Ad Classifi cations


24................... Electrician 25............... Equipment & Tool Rental 26 ................. Excavating 27............. Exterminating 28 ........ Farm Equipment 29 ...................... Fencing 30 .................... Firewood 31 .............................Free 32 ...................... For Sale 33 .................... Furniture 34.............. Garage Sales 35 .........Garden, Mowing Service 36........................ Hauling 37...............................Hay 38.............Health/Fitness 39 ............... Help Wanted 40 ...Home Improvement 41 ..........House Leveling 42.......... House Cleaning 43.................. Income Tax 44....... Janitorial Service 45................. Job Wanted


1965 Daniel Boone lunch box w/ thermos, $140; 1967 Dr. Dolittle lunch box w/thermos, $40. Both thermoses have no drinking cup on top. 817-444-2342.

003 Appliances Woods custom 21 cubic ft. chest freezer, like new, $175. 817-6943860; 817-613-7177. Kenmore refrigerator, almond color, good second fridge, works good, $250. 817-444-3699.

006 Asphalt Paving

A sphAlt & G rAvel


Seal Coating, Pot Hole Repairs, Crack Filling 817-907-7410 • 817-221-2125 008 Autos, Trucks Get rid of those yard cars, as well as good used cars. Arvin 817-9258768.

46................Legal Notice 47.............. Lost & Found 48 Maintenance/Repairs 49...................... Masonry 50 Mobile Home Service 51................ Motorcycles 52.........................Movers 53.. Musical Instruments 54........... Music Lessons 55.............Miscellaneous 56........................ Notices 57........... Pets, Livestock 58..............Piano Service 59................Pool Service 60................Professional Services 61...................... Personal 62.....................Plumbing 63...............Public Notice 64............... Photography 65........................Printing 66........................Roofi ng 67.................... Recycling 68........................Storage

FOR SALE: 1989 Jaguar XJS, excellent condition, 85K miles. Sell or Trade. $9,500/OBO. 817-9152788.

2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 4 door, auto, cold air, 135K, adult lady driven, $7,500/OBO. 817-480-5397.

011 Boats, Motors 27.5 ft. Pontoon Boat, newly leather covered seats, bar, restroom, LED lights, boat cover and more. A Must See! Asking $19,500. For appointment 682239-6690.



Carports and Patio Covers. All steel construction. Off-duty firefighter. 817-925-0922.

019 Cement Work ART’S CONCRETE. All types of concrete: foundations, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. Free Estimates. 20 years experience. 469-348-6379. Allen Chesney Concrete All Types of Concrete Work Residential - Commercial Foundations, driveways, sand, gravel, demolition, haul-off, retaining walls 817-271-4541

Over 16 words, add 20 cents per word

Most ads require payment in advance, but we do accept VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER by phone.

• Discounted rates for additional insertions available if no weeks are skipped and words do not change

Reach more than 8,000 households with combo advertising in the Azle News and the Springtown Epigraph.

• Boxed display ads also available (All ads must be paid in advance unless you have previously established credit)

Robinett Auction Services, LLC. Auctioneer Troy Robinett TDLR# 16702

019 Cement Work

J.A.M. Concrete

All Types of Concrete, Building Pads, Driveway, Patios, Walk Jim McKiel 30 yrs. exp.


Kiley Chesney Construction Dirt & Concrete Work



All types fences and metal buildings built and repaired. Portable welding, 817-444-6461.

021 Child Care ARK CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER has a loving place for your child. Ages 2 weeks-12 years, ABEKA pre-school, 3 meals, 2 snacks. Service to all Azle schools and SES. Mon-Fri, 6A-6:30P. 817237-3711; 817-994-5228.

BULLDAWG ELECTRIC CO. All types of electrical services and MH hook-ups. Free Estimates. 817-675-4921 TECL#25253.

026 Excavating Bobcat & Tractor Service


Sand, Dirt & Gravel Qualified Family Business Since 1938

☺ All types materials delivered ☺ Excavation—Final Grade—Demolition We Shape the World to Fit Your Needs! You have a Friend in the Business!

Cliff Hall



Dump Truck Hauling


ALL TYPES OF EXCAVATING Tanks • House Pads • Clearing Also .. Sand • Top Soil • Gravel

817-523-7248 • 817-239-6215

TOM'S BOBCAT SERVICE 444-5069 • Small jobs accepted • Rough landscaping • Jobsite clearing

Sell It In The Classifieds!

Nobody does it better!

Garden/Mowing Service

Firefighter Tractor


Tree Service

Tree Removal & Trimming · Brush Hog · Box Blade Front Loader · Tiller · Truck & Trailer for Hauling


Jon Reed, Owner Call, Text 817-291-3955 or Email

Chad's Tree Service


817-221-2201 • 817-246-5943


For Sale

4 ton heating & AC unit, $400; radial arm saw, $50. Sale or Trade. 817304-7071. 36” Electric cooktop; double oven; misc. house and office furnishings, etc. 817-929-0503.

Trees trimmed-removed Full lawn care & haul-offs

Insured • Azle since 1962 Compare Prices

No Job Too Small

Terms Available 817-444-0861 A.W. Teater All major credit cards accepted

817-690-4011 cell


LI 19046

034 Garage Sales Outside Estate Sale Fri-Sat, 9A-2P 1571 Arvel Cir, Azle (Reno Area), Some tools, household items, furniture.

Dishes, Pictures, Furniture, Cast Iron 9 miles west of 199/51 on 199, left on Poolville Cutoff

FREE E stimat es Estimat stimates

Best Prices in Town!

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

•Clean Up • Mowing • Edging • Weedeating •Rake & Bag Leaves •Tree Trimming

NOW OFFERING: Brush Hog Services

Pete Garcia • Joe Garcia


Lic. #4346 & #6537

Commercial & Residential Sprinkler Installation & Repair • Landscaping Tractor Work • Drainage • Lot Grading Rock & Stonework • Sod & Hydromulching Family Owned & Operated Since 1989 Experience with Competitive Prices


035 Garden/Mowing Service FREE ESTIMATES. Mowing, weed eating, scrap haul off, property clean up. Call Brett 817-881-2357. SEASON SMART TREE SERVICE. Fully insured, trimming, hazard prevention, removal, stump grinding, senior discount. Seth 817-829-9656.

Residential • CommeRCial tRee Removal • topping pRuning • Feeding

Irrigation Repair

• Sod • Stone Work • Flower Beds • Fencing • Trees Email: • Clean Up



Campfire Lawn & Garden

Beringer Ultra-Tone K3000FX Keyboard Amplifier. Keyboard piano with standing cover, one microphone, $600 total package; small refrigerator, $75; one rocker, $50; two recliners, $25 & $50. 817444-5956.

MOVING SALE: A DEALER’S DREAM! Friday & Saturday, 9A-5P; Sunday, 1P-5P, 103 Cedar Creek Drive, Azle. Vintage furniture, wall hangings, clothes (small), kitchen items, camera/projectors/slides, books. Sofa/love seat, grandfather clock, Colonial wood pieces, ceramics, quilting items. Cash Only. Inside.


817- 220-1141 817-444-9574

Best Lawn Guarantee in Town Landscape Dependable and Reliable Online Account Sprinklers Management Lawn Care

MOVING SALE! 404 E. 5th Street, Springtown, Friday & Saturday. Lots of variety, thousands of books.

Don’t dig it! Grind it! 1 or 100 - We can do it. $65 minimum

Insured for your protection

14x30 Leeland Barn, 2 lofts, work bench, wired 220, fluorescent lighting, 3 windows, shingle roof, double doors, on skids. Paid $9,000, want $6,000. Excellent condition, AC window unit can go with it. 817658-4107.

3 Family Yard Sale Friday, 28thSaturday, 1st, 350 Horseshoe (off Goshen Road), Springtown. Piano, karaoke cabinet, clothes, collectibles, baker’s rack, sofa, dining table/chairs, books, entertainment center, lots of speakers and much, much more.

Reliable Ser vice at a Competitive Rate.


RAY’S FENCE CO. Free Estimates, 817-444-2146, raysfencecompany@

Seasoned split firewood: half cord, $125; full cord, $225. Will deliver. Call 817-808-2873.

RNA Lawn Services

All work is done by off duty professional firefighters

Trimming • Removals - Stump Grinding Systemic Feeding • Brush Chipping • Cable Bracing

KILEY CHESNEY CONSTRUCTION All Types Fences - Tractor Work 817-846-6645

035 Garden/Mowing Service Serving Our Community since 2007.

BOBBY’S FENCE. All types, free estimates, over 23 years experience 817-444-3213.

030 Firewood


1994 Mercury Topaz, runs good, $600 cash. 817-696-3811.

Combo (Azle & Springtown) Only $8.00!

Accepting quality truck, tractor, trailers, farming implements, construction equipment, etc. Auction Location 8205 W Hwy 199, Springtown, TX 76082 Consign Today Call Troy Robinett at 817-995-7509

• Lot Clearing • Driveways/Parking Lots • Pasture Mowing

FOR SALE: 1993 Lexus SC300, $500. 817-523-7444.

Up to 16 words, first insertion:

Consignment AuCtion mArCh 29th - 10am

Buying junk vehicles, $200, plus title or not. 940-255-7572.

1960 Ford 3/4 ton truck. Runs and drives. The bed floor is rusted in front and it is in Azle, $2,300. Cell 972-835-2088.



Auctions 035

024 Electrician

2000 Chevy 3500 truck, in great condition, auto, V-8, bed cover, leather interior, new tires, new brakes, 103K miles, $6,500. 817253-4526.

69................ Sand/Gravel 70................Septic Tanks 71..... Sewing/Alterations 72.............Sewer Service 73......................TV/Radio 74... Too Late to Classify 75.................. Upholstery 76....... Vacuum Cleaners 77........................ Wanted 78.................Well Drilling 79....................... Welding 80.............. Lots/Acreage 81..................Business & Commercial Property 82.......... Resort Property 83.......... Houses for Sale 84............. Mobile Homes for Rent 85............. Mobile Homes for Sale 86.... Mobile Home/RV Lots 87...........Rent Furnished 88....... Rent Unfurnished 89 .......... Wanted to Rent


Driveways • House Slabs • Garages • Add-ons Small Land Clean-ups • Gravel Driveways Kiley Chesney, Owner Springtown, TX • Mobile 817-846-6645

2005 Ford Diesel, great work truck, runs good, well maintained, $7,988. Possible trade, call or text 817-937-3013.

Springtown Epigraph THE

817-270-3340 - Azle - classifi 817-220-7217 - Springtown -

CLASSIFIED 1. Air Condition/Heating 2. ......................Antiques 3.................... Appliances 4..........Appliance Repair 5.....................Arts/Crafts 6............. Asphalt Paving 7........................ Auctions 8................ Autos, Trucks 9..... Auto Repair Service 10.........Backhoe Service 11............. Boats, Motors 12...............Bookkeeping 13..................... Business Opportunity 14........ Campers/Trailers 15...................... Carports 16...... Equipment Repair 17............ Carpet Service 18 ......................Catering 19...............Cement Work 20.................Ceramic tile 21................... Child Care 22................... Cosmetics 23...Computers/Services


817-270-0544 • 817-379-0545

Licensed Professional Services include Wire & Valve locates, Pipe repair, Head adjust or replace, System Design




Fertilized Coastal Hay For Sale Round Bales - Will Deliver Springtown/Azle Area 940-389-1936 Alfalfa 100# Arizona/California leafy green bales. Buy 100 get one free special. 817-798-7712. NO Blister Beetles(See us on Facebook AzleAlfalfa).

SPRIGGING 4 COUNTIES: Wise, Jack, Pa r k e r & Ta r r a n t

Coastal Bermuda & Tipton 85 940-229-1045 940-229-1046 039 Help Wanted LVN & CNA needed for Lake Worth Nursing Home. Contact Jon 817319-9073. Business is Booming! Now interviewing servers. Apply in person, Shinola’s Texas Cafe, Springtown. NOW HIRING: 2 Openings at group homes located in Azle. 1 parttime & 1 full-time position. Both positions require working weekends. Must have clean criminal & driving records. Training will be provided. Please text or call 817-443-2494, Monday-Friday, 9A-5P. One Experienced Telemarketer needed early AM hours, smoking ok. Call 817-677-5134 before noon, ask for Ms. Wright. Wise Ready Mix now hiring Mix Drivers, Class B-CDL. Apply in person, 1349 NW Parkway, Azle.

H e l p Wa n t e d Continued next page...



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 039

Help Wanted


Help Wanted

Technician needed, experienced preferred. Will train right person. Longhorn Termite & Pest Control 817-270-4300. TK’s COUNTRY POOLS & DECKS. Now hiring Sales and Installers for the 2014 season. 817-500-7814. Experienced Parts/Sales Counter Help needed. Must pass drug test. Apply in person: A Tractor Shop, 100 New Highland Road, Springtown. Full-time Plumbing Tradesmen, Service Techs for service work. Driver’s license required. Fax inquiries to 940-627-5363.

NOW HIRING Lube Technician

Automotive experience a plus, will train. Must be dependable & committed to customer service.Valid driver’s license required. Paid Holidays, Vacation & Training.


Technician Needed. Experience preferred, will train. Must be dependable & have a good driving history.

Gas & Diesel Technician

Drivers - Local! Home Daily! Sign On Bonus! CDL-A Day Cab. Haul Sand/ Cement. 2 years TT experience required. Open end dumps, pneumatic and flatbed. Safety and retention bonus included! Call Gil 855-315-0028.

Experience in Automotive Repair Required Paid Holidays, Vacation & Training.

Inside Sales & Customer Service. Classic Green. If you like to communicate with people, give excellent service, close deals and have a background in phone sales or customer service, we have a position for you! Telemarketing experience a plus. Must be able to work in a small, professional, fastpaced company set for explosive growth. Hourly plus commission. Full-time, seasonal. Send resume to 817479-9503.

Employees needed for 2014 opening of New Dealership

The Town of Lakeside is accepting applications for Public Works Technician I. For applications and job description, visit the Town’s website at Opening for experienced Alterations or Seamstress Person. Apply at Comet Cleaners, 489 E. Hwy 199, Springtown. No phone calls, please. Maintenance Men needed at Gateway Apartments in Azle & at Rhome Apartments in Rhome. Fax resume to 1-877-592-2941. Lawn/Landscape Crew Leader, Immediate Openings. Good working environment with competitive wages. Must be cleancut, honest, professional, valid DL and SS#, and a clean record. Lawn care or landscape crew leadership experience required. Irrigation experience a plus. Bilingual a plus. W-2 job, not 1099. Call Classic Green 817-479-9503 or service@ Double L Plumbing in Azle is looking for a young mechanically inclined individual to become a Plumbing Apprentice. Get the opportunity to learn a well-paying trade. Must have high school diploma, pass a drug test and have good driving record and clean criminal record. Please call 817-444-3100. Drivers: CDL-B: Great Pay, Hometime! No-Forced Dispatch! New Singles from Dallas to surrounding states. Apply: or: 1-866-2248948. Drivers: Stiles Truck Line: Local & Regional: Home Weekends Medical Benefits, 401k, Vaction Pay CDL-A w/Flatbed Exp. 855-314-5676. Maintream (group home for adults with developmental disabilities) is hiring Part Time Contact Staff for 17 hour weekday shifts (2nd & 3rd shifts) or 24 hour weekend shifts. Paid training. Starting pay is minimum wage. Good potential for full time employment. Call Sandra or Carole at 817-270-2747, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. Hendershot Equipment in Decatur is hiring a full time service technician with ag/construction experience. Must have own tools. Full benefits. Apply online at


Home Improvement

Before you buy vinyl siding or windows, call Jimmy for a free estimate 817-444-5270; 817-2967567. Keith Hays Construction Company. All types cement work, carpentry, roofing and metal buildings. 817-220-7201 Let my 40 years of experience work for you. Integrity and quality work at affordable prices. BOBBY MCWILLIAMS PAINTING 817-8216377. PAINTING, REMODELING, CARPENTRY. Home Improvement Special: $100 off any job of $1,000 or more. Painting, carpentry, sheetrock, storage buildings, porch covers, decks. 36 years experience. Call Bill Rosser now for a Free Estimate. 817-374-2566; 866-3743559. DEVIN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Carpentry, cement, rock, granite, tile, painting, siding, insulation, kitchen/ bath, roof/gutters, powerwashing, decks. WINTER SPECIAL: 20% Off w/this Ad! 817-629-9608. WILLIE SIMON TILE & WOOD. Shower, Tub Surround & Backsplashes. 817-366-4555. ROBERT’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. I do additions, kitchen & bathroom remodel, ceramic tile, foundation repair, painting, pressure washing, roofing, fencing and decks. Call for Free quote. 817-964-2562.

Continued next column...

NOW HIRING Automotive Technician Up to $7500.00 SIGN ON Bonus for Chrysler Certification

Experience & ASE Certification Required Chrysler / Dodge Experience Preferred Paid Holidays, Vacation & Training

Parts Warehouse Personnel Auto Part experience a plus, will train. 5-Day Work Week, Paid Holidays, Vacation and Training.

Porter Must be dependable, have a valid driver’s license and good driving history. We offer Paid Holidays,Vacation and Training.

Karl Klement Properties, Inc. No positions currently available.

For consideration of all positions apply to:

Jodi Dusek, H/R Mgr. 605 N. Business 287, Suite 102, Decatur, Texas



Trucking Company

Class A CDL Drivers


with 2 years experience

“Class A” Flat Bed Drivers and Frac Sand Haulers. 2 years of verifiable driving exp. $500 BONUS after 90 days, plus Benefits.

Oilfield/Environmental Construction Transportation Paid Weekly, Insurance, Aflac, Paid Vacations and much more

Call Daniel 1-800-448-6323 Wise Regional Health System Affiliated with Baylor Health Care System

For all of our available job opportunities, visit A Not-For-Profit Hospital • EOE Decatur, TX • Job Line: 940-626-2525

Advertising Works! 040 Home Improvement WORKHORSE HANDYMAN SERVICES. Bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, remodels, mobile home repair and roof repair, well repair. Quality at a reasonable rate. 817-874-6109. AZLE HOME REPAIR & REMODEL. No job too big; no job too small. 30 years experience. Contact Doug Batey 817-361-2361.

LOOK Vinyl Siding: Insulated Replacement Windows: Complete Remodeling Lowest Prices: Best Material Free Estimates: Since 1963 817-991-6815

Steve Feltman Painting

• Interior & Exterior • Bed • Commercial Residential • Texture • Tape • Seal & texture • Sheetrock repair/replace • Remove old wallpaper/seal & texture • Pole fence painting • Pressure washing Cabinetry/Wood Work/Staining

Call Steve

817-800-9591 Mr. Sweeps Chimney Cleaning Service

Keep your home safe. Call Parker/Wise County’s oldest chimney sweeping company, Mr. Sweeps

817-692-5624 ask for Doug

Spring Special

Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning




Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday

817-444-7711 • 817-444-7774

040 Home Improvement BMH

Custom Homes BRIAN HENSLEY 817.229.7668

Chapman Carpentry Off-Duty Firefighter Professional & Dependable exterior & interior remodeling, patio covers, drywall repairs

817-946-6787 817-444-4198


1 former president of Rice Univ., George 5 TXism: “_ ___ piece” (distant) 6 pie a la ____ 7 _ _ 83 covers 903 miles in TX 8 TX Roddenberry’s genre: ___-fi 9 “I ____ __ honest answer” 15 full truck 16 Batman’s ride 19 TX Paula Prentiss ‘64 film: “The World __ _____ Orient” 21 Gulf eel 22 “______ messaging” (online chat) 27 TXism: “fought tooth and ____” 28 TXism: I __ ____ out” (tired) 29 not at all 30 actor Bottoms of TX-based film “The Last Picture Show” 32 noted band leader Lombardo who died in Houston (init.) 33 Biblical woman who married King David 36 this Bill was an Odessa oilman and philanthropist 37 TXns have been known to ___ about their state 38 region of westcentral TX: “Edwards _______” 39 Moody, TX festival 41 Yu Darvish stat.


42 TXism: “he speaks cow like a _____” (rancher) 45 “Foat ____, I Luv Yew” 46 TX soda: __ Pepper 47 last line of “Eyes of Texas”: “Till Gabriel blows his ____” 48 agcy. we love to hate 49 TXism: “__ _____ as a calf crying for mamma” 52 this catcher Manwaring played for Astros in ‘96 22

817-239-9571 817-237-9571



Many Happy Local Customers Since 1978




by Charley & Guy Orbison


Copyright 2014 by Orbison Bros.



15 19

8 9 10 11



Professional Cleaning since 1989 Phone hours: Mon thru Fri 7 am - 1 pm: 817-237-9848 PLEASE LEAVE VOICE MAIL our pros may be out chasing fairy dust

Backgrounds Checked We furnish Tools & Chemicals

Hospitality Guarantee “Your Way”

One time - Monthly - Bi-Weekly - Weekly, or as needed

You’ll love the care you get!

Classified Ad Deadline: Mondays by 5PM


32 37

39 42







48 49





52 53

31 several TXns are on the PGA ____ 54 34 TX grocer: _ _ Butt 35 this Ames was 55 “Mingo” on TV show with TX Fess Parker (init.) slang for “head” 37 “____ rodeo!” do a trade 40 wild anger TX George 43 TXism: “he’s kin __ Foreman held _ rattler” (mean) heavyweight ____ 44 this ‘50s pitcher TXism: “__ ____ Carl endorsed TX as dodging rice Nokona gloves at a wedding” 50 “Believe It __ __!” TXism: “active as a 51 TX Henley co-wrote fox in _ ___ house” “Take __ to the Limit”



Pool Service

Too cold to clean your pool? Give us a call and we’ll do it all! 817-2303838.


2000 Harley Sportster, red/white/ blue, 10,000 miles, $8,000 817228-2255.



U.S. Army Retired-but not tired! Careful moving-Cheap. Call Big Jim @ 817-237-5151.




Plumbing Repairs Drains Cleaned Water Heaters



Will pay top dollar for grazing and hay leases. Call 940-389-1936. HORSESHOEING: Hot, Cold, Corrective. 26 years experience, Vet references. Prompt, reliable service. 817-690-0924. Local Breeder Selling Parakeets & Love Birds; Parakeet, Love Bird & Parrot seed and different size cages, plus millet spray. 817-715-2446, 9A-6P. Looking for baby goats, guineas and Bantam chickens. 817-964-4244.

Slab Leaks

817-444-3054 M10078

GFA/GRAHAM PLUMBING CO. “The Solution To All Your Plumbing Needs”



FRIDAY, Mar 7, 2014 - 6:00 PM Hwy. 281 N. - Stephenville (254) 646-3161 or 968-4844 On-Site EIA Test - $15

Carolyn’s Critter Sitter Pet Sitting Specialist Local References

CommercialResidential Serving Springtown, Azle, Boyd, Weatherford Area



Menix Pet Lodge



ROOFING & REPAIRS. Free Estimates, all work guaranteed, 30 yrs experience. Call Ray Carpenter 7 days a week 817-690-1925.

Where Pets are Pampered Climate Controlled Kennels Dog Runs, Large Yard

Find it in the classifieds 066


   Insurance Claim Specialists  



Robert Burge

Roofing & Remodeling Residential 817-344-8465 Commercial

New Construction Add On’s Electrical Painting

Plumbing Sheetrock Roofing Remodeling

Commercial & Residential

Azle, TX

• Roofing • Windows • Attic Insulation • Painting



commercial • residential

712 N. MaiN • SpriNgtowN


Cell 817-308-6512 Home 817-444-3806



PLACE AN AD IN THE CLASSIFIEDS TODAY! 817-270-3340 817-220-7217

Flooring Fencing Free Trimming Landscaping

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Landscape Designs, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls, Mailboxes Free All Types Stone & Brick Work New Construction • Remodels Estimates





SPECTACULAR HOUSE CLEANING. I do it all. Ceiling fans to windows. Senior Citizen Discounts. Call Jodeana 817-812-9459.

Your Cleaning Service



T&M CLEANING. Cleaning done the way you want. 15 years experience, reliable, references. 817-333-8786.

Do you want clean floors, bathrooms, kitchen and more? Can’t seem to find the time. Treat yourself to some well earned time off, and let Serene Green Cleaning do it for you. 817-602-1696, Robert.



12 this Alabama FB tackled Rice’s Dickey Dodge truck Moegle from the bench flying saucer (abbr.) in ‘54 Cotton Bowl seat of Cottle Co. 13 some TXns hunt with either TX George H. _ ___ and arrow or George W. 14 Robert De ____ was (2 wds.) in ‘91 “Cape Fear” with TXism: “____ as a 23 TX Joe Don Baker baby’s bottom” 24 15 “____ ____ State” this TXn sang 16 front of a cowboy hat 25 “The Dukes of 17 TX is a _______ state Hazard” theme 18 you put a shoelace Austin band: 26 through this “Asleep __ the 20 athletic assn. for Wheel” Texas A & I (abbr.) neighbor to the 28 22 TXism: “throw __ west (abbr.) with” (join)

HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES. Need an honest, reliable house cleaner? Need help organizing? Prepare for a visitor? Weekly or bi-weekly work done. 10 years experience, references available upon request. Jody Clark. Call 817726-1084; email: evarettajulia@





House Cleaning




53 “Fanthorp 41 ___ State Historic Site” 54 “Stop ‘_’ __” 55 work time zone for TX “Senate Minority Whip,” Cornyn (abbr.) 1 2 3 4




Call Devin at 817-629-9608






• Insulation WINTER • Kitchen/ SPECIAL Bath 20% OFF • Roof & with Gutters this ad! • Powerwashing • Decks

Sebastian Enterprises




Devin’s Handyman Service • Carpentry • Cement • Rock • Granite • Tile • Painting • Siding



   

Commercial • Residential FREE ESTIMATES • FULLY INSURED Repairs • New Construction 28 Years in Azle

 ®

Certified PREFERRED CONTRACTOR State Applicator # 106


817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 066




QUALITY UPHOLSTERING. Free Estimates. Pick-up and Delivery Service. 817-727-6836.


ROOFING & METAL BUILDINGS 817-220-1794 817-304-4224 Tired of always replacing your roof? Call us for a metal roof quote.

We’ll be here after the storm. 068


Innerspace Storage Hwy 199, Springtown. Now renting all unit sizes, 24-hour access. 817-6774050. NEW STORAGE OPEN! 8x8x48 to 8x8x53 containers, $200-$225/mo. 11475 FM 730 N., Azle. Call Darrell 817-308-6345.

Well Drilling



Metal Building Erectors

• Pre-engineered Weld-up • Barns/Shops • Arenas/Hangars • Fencing

1220 E. Hwy. 199 • Springtown


Dauenhauer Contractors, Inc.

Metal Buildings · Pre-Engineered · Shops / Barns Arenas / Churches · Aircraft Hangars


Version 2




239 817-


Now Leasing Storage Units

AZCO Self Storage


Our Business is Metal Buildings - And We’re Good! DESIGN

Fabrication and erection of quality metal buildings at reasonable prices, any size - any design Office

Mark Cozart 817-233-6668

5x10 $25/month

Special! 6 Months ... $125 817-246-4646


Driveway gravel, top soil, septic rock, tandem dump trucks. Grady Mansell 817-713-7495.


SAND • DIRT • GRAVEL Dozer and Tractor Work



Jerry W. Mitchell


Quality Family Business Since 1938 CALL Cliff Hall

(817)221-2681 We go the extra mile to ensure you get more for your $. On House Pads, Driveways, Lot Clearing & Tractor Work, Etc.

Jeremy Cozart 817-237-2028

owner Rodney Vick 817-220-3044 fax 817-523-7639 cell 817-253-1614


stru E ctio R& n Metal Building Specialist


1350 Liberty School Rd, Azle

 Fax 817-237-0904

$20.00 per month 1st Month Free!




RV, Boat or Trailer Spaces Available

Office 11400 FM 730 N. Azle


• Weld Ups/ Bolt Ups • Pipe Fencing • Concrete • Horse Barns • All Types Fencing • Metal Roofs

Compare Pricing NO JOB TOO SMALL


Large 4 bedroom on 1 acre. New paint on interior. Located at 150 Browder Road in Springtown. Financing Available with Low Down Payment. Call Mitch 855847-6806. NEW HOME, BOYD, TEXAS: 4 BR 2 BA, 1,755 sf, 2 story brick home, open floor plan, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances, $144,900. Will help with financing! 817-3857892. NEW HOME, BOYD, TEXAS: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,503 sf, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances, $134,900. Will help with financing! 817-3857892. NEW HOME, WEATHERFORD, TEXAS (Peaster ISD): 4 BR 2 BA, 1,516 sf on 1 acre lot! Energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances, $134,900. Will help with financing! 817-385-7892. NEW HOME IN WEATHERFORD, TEXAS (Peaster ISD): 4 BR 2.5 BA, 2,229 sf, has gameroom, 2 story on 1 acre lot! New appliances, granite countertops in kitchen, tile floors, energy efficient, 42” cabinets. Will help with financing! 817-385-7892.

Units starting at $450/mo., trash service paid. 817-221-3112; 817235-2284. 3-2 DW, 1 acre, Springtown ISD, no pets, $800/mo. $500 deposit. 817360-9363; 817-360-9318.



Unimproved 1.74 acres For Sale or Trade, $15,000. Close to Springtown. 817-703-3754.

081 Business/Commercial 40x50 building for rent 3 miles west of Springtown 817-713-7495. Great building for Lease, industrial area in Azle. The building is 12,000 sq. ft., bathrooms and office area with heat and A/C. Majority of the 12,000 sq. ft. is shop, concrete floor, loading dock, big overhead door, plenty of parking space. For information call 817-360-3627.

085 Mobile Homes For Sale SPRINGTOWN: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,344 sf on 1 acre lot! $79,900. Affordable payments, will help with financing! 817-385-7892. WEATHERFORD: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,760 sf on 1 acre! $82,900. Owner financing available and affordable payments! 817-385-7892.

084 Mobile Homes for Rent

Corner of Main St. & Locust • Azle


Houses for Sale

3-2-2, 2 living areas, proudly kept, on a large treed lot, $118,500. Possible Owner Finance. For appointment 682-239-6690.


Convenient Location

West Side Storage 20-5813


Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday

Need a quality water well at a fair price? Also pump sales and installation. Kelvin’s Pump and Well Service, 817-221-4300.

Ash Creek Storage



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 BR 1 BA mobile home, $525/mo. + electric & propane, $500 deposit, CH/A, Azle ISD, no pets, $35 application fee. 817-744-7874; 817501-2238. PELICAN BAY: 1545 PARTRIDGE, 2-2, $485/$300 deposit; 1525 PARTRIDGE, 2-1, $395/$300 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-246-4646. gtatx. com. Hablamos Espanol. 3-2 DW on 1 acre w/workshop, Reno Elementary, Springtown ISD, $850/ mo. plus $900 security deposit. 682225-4034. Efficiency Home for Lease, free wifi and water, $500/mo. plus electric. Call James 817-332-4442.

MIDWAY MOBILE HOME PARK AFFORDABLE COUNTRY LIVING 2 or 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Also, RV lots & rentals and mobile home lots for rent.


WEATHERFORD HORSESHOE BEND near Brazos River: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,624 sf, $69,900. Will help with financing! 817-385-7892. Single older woman wants to buy older settled mobile home/house on 5-10 wooded acres/sloping land, owner finance or rent-to-own only. Must be rural near Springtown/ Poolville area. No flat parcels. No junked land. 682-215-6871 cell evenings.

OWNER FINANCE. Springtown, 3-2 on 1 acre lot! Easy terms, no banks, Bad Credit ok. 817-975-1798. Manufactured home on 1 acre, lots of trees, ready to move in, Azle schools, $59,900. K&P Homes. 817677-3446. RHOME, TEXAS: 4 BR 2 BA, 2,027 sf on 2.69 acres, horses okay! $94,900. Will help with financing. 817-385-7892.


Mobile Home/RV Lots

EaglE REsoRts RV PaRk 4627 Robertson Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76135

817-237-2527 We have new sites available.

$310/mo Bills Paid. Includes water, trash, lot, electric cap of $110. You will need to use a holding tank on these sites. We will dump your holding tank once a week free of charge. We are located off Ten Mention Mile Bridge Road and are 2 miles this ad from Eagle Mountain Lake. and save.

086 Mobile Home/RV Lots

Texas Star RV Park Inc.

PELICAN BAY: Mobile Home Lots for rent: 1405 PELICAN DRIVE, $185/mo. $50 deposit; 1708 GALE DRIVE, $155/mo. $50 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-2464646. Hablamos Español.

14504 FM 730 N. • 6 miles North of Azle • Large Lots RV Spaces by • Nice & Clean Day, Week or Month 30 amp - $325/mo. Laundry Facilities 50 amp - $350/mo. - Free Internet (Electric, Water & Sewer included)

Sites Available in Gated RV Community. $20 off 1st Month’s Rent with Mention of This Ad! Catering to Fulltime & Retirees 817-444-0922 RV space with 20x20 outbuilding. Hwy 199 between Springtown & Azle. $300/mo. water & trash service provided. 817-360-9318.


Small RV Spots for Lease, free wifi and water, $325/mo. plus electric. Call James 817-332-4442.

We May have the Perfect Place for you if you are a...


• Paved Streets • Mail Service • Covered RV Spaces • Free Wi-Fi • Laundromat • Adult RV Park • No Road Noises


Call To See If We Can Move Your RV FREE

Covered & Open Spaces

• Free Wi-Fi • Laundromat • Mail Service • Tiny Houses & RV Rental


Between Azle & Springtown

Pecan Acres RV Park Inc. 12667 FM 730 South • 1 mile south of Azle

RV Spaces by Day, Week or Month We now have Pull-Throughs! Large Shaded Lots Nice & Clean Electric, Water & Sewer included Laundry Room & Shower Facilities Wi-Fi

817-846-8190 Call for Rates - 817-291-4679

Commercial Building For Rent: Over 2,000 sq. ft., small office, $500/mo. 120 Porter, Azle. 817-444-0090. FOR SALE OR RENT: 6,700 sf office/warehouse at 1750 N. FM 51, Springtown. Several offices, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, large meeting room, warehouse area, loading dock, all on 1 acre. $169,000 or $1,600/mo. 817-220-5339; 817-7980891. 40x60 metal building on 1 acre for rent. 1661 E. Hwy 199, Springtown. $800/mo. $800 deposit. 817-3609318. 40x40 building with office and rollup door at Hwy 199 & New Highland Road, Springtown. 817-313-7821. Concession Trailer for Lease. Ready to go, free wifi and water, $500/mo. plus electric. Call James 817-3324442.

K&P Homes, Inc. 14x56 Fleetwood 2/1



16x56 Crestridge 2/1.5 28x56 Clayton 3/2 28x72 Homestar 4/2

Stk#1554 Stk#2054 Tape & Texture

$20,000 $36,900 $45,900

· New, Used Repos · Mobile Home Insurance · Service After the Sale

Stk#0695 Stk#0444 Stk#2437

$27,900 $51,900 $72,900



4272 E. Hwy 199 · Springtown, TX 76082 · Lic. #35875 In Business 10 Years · Open Monday - Saturday

Cozy 2 bedroom home, CH/A, appliances, no pets, $850/mo. 817444-3636.


AISD. 3-2-2, good neighborhood. Complete remodel: ceramic tile, granite, hardwood, blinds, stainless steel stove, microwave, dishwasher, new walls, fixtures and all new cabinets in kitchen & bathrooms. Large fenced yard with Pecan trees, large back porch and shed. No pets, non smoking. $1,250/mo. $1,000 deposit & first/last month’s rent. 1-year lease. 334-718-9301.




3-2 brick home w/2 carports with large fenced yard, storage building, very clean, $845/mo. Kevin 940-5770254.

APARTMENT 700 JARVIS • AZLE 817-444-1712

Last Puzzle Solution




1 & 2 Bedroom Unfurnished Rent based on income. TDD:

800-735-2989 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


NEW HOMES - 2014 MODELS 16x56 Champion 2/2 28x68 Champion 4/2 32x98 Champion 4/2

AISD, 3-1 brick house. New cabinets & countertops in kitchen, bath and laundry room, new flooring, CH/A, vaulted ceiling, large laundry room, ceiling fans, window blinds and huge backyard. Dishwasher, stove & microwave furnished. Rent includes water, trash service and lawn maintenance. NO DOGS. $975/mo. $650 deposit. 817-444-2314; 817845-4440.


(up to 50 miles)


2 BR Eagle Mountain Lake front with dock, $800/mo. $500 deposit, bills paid. 817-237-2852.

2 BR 2 BA, ceiling fans, sun room, fireplace, walk in closets, garden tub, huge wooden deck, super nice, $795/mo. $750 dep. Call 817-7818861.

3 acre gravel lot in Springtown area for lease. 817-657-5682. Professional Office Space For Lease. 800 sq. ft., Suite 101, 1230 E. Hwy 199, Springtown. 817-220-2150.

2 & 3 bedrooms, 2 bath duplexes, 1 car garage, fenced backyard, all appliances, all brick, great location. Stewart Bend Duplex Homes in Azle. 817-444-2362.

HALF OFF FIRST MONTH’S RENT! 3-2 Duplex, water/trash service included, $700/mo. $500 deposit. 817-909-5160.

We’ll relocate your RV here for FREE!

GRANBURY: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,624 sf, lots of trees, $74,900. Will help with financing! Cheaper than rent! 817385-7892.

Rent Unfurnished

3 BR 1.5 BA duplex in Reno, includes trash service and 1 storage building, $695/mo. $400 deposit. Call 817-228-1752.


• • • • •


UPSTAIRS EFFICIENCY APARTMENT: 1 BR 1 BA, 900 sq. ft., no pets, $600/mo. plus deposit. 817-925-4343.

Heritage RV PARK

085 Mobile Homes for Sale TURN TO THE EXPERT In Financing Mobiles on Acreage & Land. Quick & Easy with No Credit Check or Qualifications. Any or No Credit. 817-994-3730 7 days til 11PM Pictures Available



Rent Unfurnished

4-plex, 2-2, Azlewood, $695/$400 security deposit, WBFP, walk-in closets, box windows, large kitchen w/pantry, 1,100 sq. ft. 817-3603039. SPRINGTOWN APARTMENTS, 624 East 3rd Street. 2 bedroom 1 bath, clean, new carpet, $600/mo. includes water, trash service & basic cable, $500 deposit. 817-875-8406.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 088

Rent Unfurnished

Crestwood Apar tment Homes Apartment 525 Commerce St. 817-444-0030 Mon-Sat 9-6 • Sun 1-4 1, 2 & 3 Large Bedroom Floor Apartments Plans Pool • Water paid

From $565/mo.


Rent Unfurnished



All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD tollfree at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1800-927-9275.

1 & 2 Bedrooms

See the Dif f erence! 817-444-6122

Duplex Homes For Lease 2 & 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bath • 1 Car Garage Stewart Bend Court, off South Stewart Street close to Cross Timbers Golf Course in Azle

(817) 444-2362

Azle Creek Apartments

Classifieds real estate

Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday

Real Estate Deadline Monday by 12:00 PM


The Bryants Co. 817-220-2021 Dana Bryant/Realtor 817-613-7189

2-2 Triplewide on 8.74 acres. Double horse barn, corral, pond and 24 x 24 workshop $137,500. 3-2 on .830 acres. Easy access to town. Older home on nice wooded lot.

NEAR AZLE HOSPITAL 1,980 sq.ft. $950/mo


13.58 ACRES inside city limits. Excellent and convenient location for business. $155,000 1 ACRE restricted lot on cul-de-sac. $18,500 1.26 ACRES on restricted cul-de-sac. $18,500 13 ACRES, WILDLIFE EXEMPTION! $97,500


519 West Main St. • Azle


3-2 DW ON 2.906 ACRES. Peaster ISD. $79,900

4.510 ACRES with water, septic and electric, ready for your home and $950 deposit animals! Slidell ISD. $42,500

1/1 - $475 & Up (Water, Trash & Sewer Included)

• Newly Remodeled • Friendly & Quiet Community • Laundry On Site (size restrictions and additional fees apply)


Call for appointment


I t

I n



Azle News The

817-270-3340 The Springtown Epigraph 817-220-7217


S e l l

· 817-444-5330 FEATURED HOMES

112-A E. Main St. Azle

Pet Friendly!

T h e

174 Rey Del Mar Circle

C l a s s i f i e d s !

Real Estate

WOW Factor! Awesome custom home in Hidden Creek Estates. 3-2-2 with study on 1.4 acres. RV Parking. No HOA or city taxes.


3-2-2 in Wudco Trails. Almost a half acre lot with great backyard!


2009 Wood Trail

See All Of Our Listings Online At

Want To Sell

OWNER OPERATORS - $2,500 Sign-on bonus! Home weekends and throughout the week. Dedicated, year ‘round recession-proof freight. 100% fuel surcharge to drivers. Fuel discounts + more. CDL Class A CHILDLESS HAPPILYmarried couple seeks A + 1-year driving. Call Ty 866-478-9977. to adopt. Will be hands-on parents. Financial security, expenses paid. Let’s help each other. PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE OTR drivers, Call Adam & Andres at 1-800-790-5260. APU equipped, pre-pass, EZ-pass, passen-

TexSCAN Week of February 23, 2014 ADOPTIONS

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PROFITABLE TEXAS BUSINESSES for sale by owners. Many types, sizes, locations, terms. $25K to $15M. Other states available.; 1-800-617-4204

DRIVERS BEST LEASE PURCHASE in the industry with 99¢/gallon diesel fuel, $100 weekly bonus, new trucks, top pay and great freight lanes. Hirshbach; 1-888-514-6005 or DEDICATED CDL-A Drivers benefits & weekly hometime. 1-855-430-8869 Apply online: EOE, Females, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities are all encouraged to apply. DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED now! Learn to drive for Werner Enterprises. Earn $800 per week. No experience needed. Get your CDL and pre-hire now. 1-888-734-6710 DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED in Hutchins, TX. Become a driver for Covenant Transport! No experience needed. CDL training gets you ready ASAP! Earn $750/week + benefits! 1-888-778-0460

INTERNET/TV DISH TV RETAILER starting $19.99/ month (for 12 months) Broadband internet starting $14.95/month (where available) Ask about same day installation! Call now, 1-800-975-1332


COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Viruses, spyger policy. 2012 and newer equipment. 100% ware, email, printer issues, bad internet NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825; connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. PAID CDL Training! No experience Call for immediate help. 1-800-764-8995 needed. Stevens Transport will sponsor TRAINING the cost of your CDL training. Earn up AIRLINE CAREERS begin here. Become to $40K first year and $70K third year. an Aviation Maintenance Technician. FAA Excellent benefits, 1-888-726-4130, www. approved training.Financial aid if qualified. EOE Housing available, job placement assisHEALTH/MEDICAL tance. Call Aviation Institute of MainteCANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice nance. Dallas:1-800-475-4102 or Houston: for safe and affordable medications. Our 1-800-743-1392 licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES Needed! will provide you with savings of up to 75 Become a medical offi ce assistant now! percent on all your medication needs. Call Online job training gets you ready. Job today 1-800-994-5745 for $10.00 off your placement when program completed. Call first prescription and free shipping. for details! 1-888-368-1638; OBAMACARE ENROLLMENT DEADLINE 3/31/2014 Call 1-866-664-1207 Blue Cross REAL ESTATE Blue Shield Texas Authorized Agent SOUTH TEXAS BRUSH country. 10-20 PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did acres, Duval and Live Oak Counties. you undergo transvaginal placement of Starting at $1793 down, $327/month, mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress (9.9%, 20 years). 1-866-286-0199. www. urinary incontinence between 2005 and the present? If the mesh caused complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Charles H. Johnson Law Run Your Ad In TexSCAN! and speak with female staff members Statewide Ad .................. $550 1-800-535-5727 290 Newspapers, 871,154 Circulation

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NOTICE: While most advertisers are reputable, we cannot guarantee products or services advertised. We urge readers to use caution and when in doubt, contact the Texas Attorney General at 1-800-621-0508 or the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP. The FTC web site is

Extend your advertising reach with TexSCAN, your Statewide Classified Ad Network.

Your Auto, RV, Motorcycle or Other Vehicle? ONLY



& Your ad gets a border, picture and runs for 3 months!

Call Today!

The Best Deal in Town!

Open To Private Party and Dealer Vehicle Ads - Autos, RV's, Tractors, Campers, Trailers, Golf Carts, etc.

Azle News 817-270-3340 The

321 W. Main St., Azle

817-220-7217 109 East First St. Springtown

AA Sweetheart Sweetheart Deal! Deal! 8B

Texas Owned & Operated

Move-In A Sweetheart Deal! AA Sweetheart Ready Sweetheart Deal! Deal! Move-In Move-In Ready Appliance Package! Outback Acres Caballito Del Mar 174 Oakley 3732 Venera Street Receive aa Washer/Dryer Receive Circle Washer/Dryer & & Ready Appliance Package! Fort Worth 76106 Fridge when you purchase your new home Fridge when you purchase your new home Now Now thru thru the the month month of of February February 2014! 2014! Appliance Package! Receive a Washer/Dryer & Fridge when you purchase your new home This Sweetheart of a deal is applicable in This Sweetheart of a deal is applicable in Real Estate Feature Page

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Lake Worth I.S.D.

Weatherford Azle I.S.D.

174 Oakley Circle 3 bedroom, 2 bath Beatiful new home on 1 acre!

Fort Worth 76106 4 bedroom, 3 bath Open kitchen w/42” cabinets & granite counter tops, huge a Washer/Dryer & Receive our Receive master suite, back upa Washer/Dryer & our following following communities: communities: to school when corner you lot.Summerfield Fridge purchase your home Trace Ridge, Weatherford Caballito Del Fort Mar, Fort Rio Worth Add.,new Gainesville Fridge when you purchase your new home Caballito Del Mar, Worth Rancho, New Fairview 2,370 sq. ft. Caballito Del Mar,Fort Worth Rio Rancho,New Fairview


Now thru the month of February 2014!


Cheyenne Ridge, Fort Worth Country Brook Estates, Weatherford Dove Hill, Weatherford Jackie Greenwood 817-458-9340 Now thru the month of February 2014! Cheyenne Ridge, Fort Worth Chalmers Estates, Gainesville Now thru the month of February 2014! Cheyenne Ridge, Fort Worth Chalmers Estates, Gainesville Outback Acres, Weatherford Rio Rancho, New Fairview Monterrey Estates, Alvarado Outback Acres, Weatherford Summerfield Add., Gainesville Beth Skinner 817-385-7251 Peaster I.S.D. Outback Acres, Weatherford Summerfield Add., Gainesville Elk Hollow, WeatherfordDove Hill,Weatherfo Chalmers Estates, Gainesville Silvercreek, Farmersville This Sweetheart of aa deal is applicable Elk rd Weatherford I.S.D. This Sweetheart of deal is applicable in in Elk Hollow, Hollow,Weatherford Weatherford Dove Hill,Weatherfo rd 3604 Venera Street Trace Ridge, Weatherford Alvarado Monterrey Estates, our following communities: Trace Ridge, Weatherford Monterrey Estates,isAlvarado This Sweetheart of deal applicable Fort in ourWorth following communities: 76106 our following communities: 134 Blue Ridge Drive Country Brook Estates, Weatherford Silvercreek, Farmersville Country Brook Estates,Weatherford Silvercreek, Farmersville 3 bed, 2½ bath 4 bedroom, 2 bath Caballito Del Mar, Fort Worth Rio Rancho, New Fairview Caballito Del Mar, Fort Worth Rio Rancho, New Fairview Open eat-in kitchen, New construction! Perfectly laid Cheyenne Ridge, Fort Worth TexasEstates, Owned Gainesville & Operated Cheyenne Ridge, Fortup Worth Chalmers Chalmers Estates, Gainesville game room, back out 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home! Outback Acres, Weatherford Summerfield to school. 1,755 sq. ft. Outback Acres, Weatherford Summerfield Add., Add.,Gainesville Gainesville Open kitchen with 42” overhead Elk Hollow, Weatherford Dove Hill, Weatherfo rd cabinets, huge mater suite w/ Elk Hollow,Weatherford Dove Hill,Weatherford $141,900 Trace Ridge, Weatherford Alvarado Monterrey Estates, walk-in closet. Won’t last long. Trace Ridge, Weatherford Alvarado Monterrey Estates, $143,900 Country Brook Estates, Weatherford Silvercreek, Farmersville *restrictions apply. See community for details Country Brook Estates,Weatherford Silvercreek, Farmersville apply. SeeN. community details1885 1 mile From 51 &*restrictions Hwy 920 - Go on 920forpast *restrictions forI-820 details to left on Blue Ridge Dr. - Follow the LONGTIDEapply. SIGNS!See community Located at & Azle Avenue Call Jackie Greenwood at 817-458-9340

Blue Ridge Estates


Many Financing Options Available!

FHA VA USDA Conventional Less than perfect credit financing Available! .. Owner *restrictions apply. See community for details *restrictions apply. See community for details

Call Jackie Greenwood at 817-458-9340 Call Jackie Greenwood at 817-458-9340 FEATURED REALTORS Slate Real Estate Cell: 817-771-8377 Office: 817-220-2700 Fax: 817-220-2900

Kay Rollins, Realtor®

Phone: 817-456-2330 “Excellence in Real Estate”

905 Highway 199 E. Springtown, TX 76082

Lisa Burkhalter Debra Jenkins-Realtor 817-832-3663

tEam rEalty noW SErving you in 2 locationS: 801 E. Hwy 199, Springtown, 817-220-4663 1510 Santa Fe, Weatherford, 817-598-0988

Tracy Sutton

Rene’e Kolar 4880 Boat Club Rd in Lake Worth



Your Hometown Realtor!

Slate Real Estate Cell: 817-614-1096 Office: 817-220-2700 Fax: 817-220-2900 905 Highway 199 E. Springtown, TX 76082 www.slaterealestate

Beverlee Eddy

Bransom real estate Donna Bransom

817-925-8281 200 W. Main St., Azle

Real Estate Specialist 511 W. Main Azle, TX 76020 817-946-6650 cell & text 817-270-2030 fax

The Azle News  

02-26-14 Issue of The Azle News published in Azle, Texas.

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