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2019 exterior design trends reflect both a shift towards quality materials and also towards quality craftsmanship.

#1 – SUSTAINABLE AND ECOFRIENDLY EXTERIORS With even schoolchildren joining environmental movements and protests around the world, ecoconsciousness has taken centre-stage among people and it will show in everything they do.

#2 - PAINTED BRICK EXTERIORS Using brick as the building material of choice in your exterior design project follows the sustainable design trend.

#3 - FUSION OF DIFFERENT APPROACHES Some homes will use a fusion of various approaches like very tall windows that emphasize height leading up to a flat roof.

#4 - GOING FOR COMPLETELY BESPOKE EXTERIOR DESIGN Real hand-crafted exteriors have made a comeback in 2019. People are no longer satisfied with mass-made/manufactured exterior components or even semi-prepared components that are ‘customized’ to fit their taste.

#5 - NEW AGE LIGHTING Try to invest in a dimming system to ensure the light can be set to different moods, just like you would do for interior design.

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Imagine PPT (Nov)

Imagine PPT (Nov)