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DRR mainstreaming into WASH preparedness: a small scale of pilot project in West Sumatera

Group mapping by trained village PHAST facilitators

Communty FGD’s for water facilities improvement planning


Project timeframe

Strengthening Oxfam and Partners Emergency Preparedness and Response through: 1. Increase partner’s skills capacity in assessment, design and monitoring of integrated WASH sector programming 2. Establish Emergency Response networking among local institutions 3. Improve WASH practices in community and schools

Phase I: Sept 2011-April 2012, coverage area: community only (Kabun sub village) Phase II: Aug 2012 – April 2013, coverage area: community and schools (Kabun and Sei Kaluh sub village)

Approach Integrated WASH into the on going DRR project; • Join project design with DRR team • Join community cadres ( PHAST facilitator and DRR community organizer) • Combine technical tools such as CHAST –PCVA training modules.

Diseases transmission route discussion facilitated by trained PHAST facilitator

Project Components 1. WASH Advocacy Emergency Response networking established among local institutions and enhanced commitment to sustain WASH improvements in Communities and schools. 2. Community based WASH improvement Applications of PHAST and combine CHAST-PCVA activities. PHAST (Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation) implemented in the community and CHAST (Children Hygiene and Sanitation Training) conducted in the school. 3. Thematic capacity building Training, discussions, field based coaching and distance support to partner and community facilitators.

Water facilities constructed in community evacuation assembly point


• PHAST training conducted in Kabun and Sungai Kaluh sub villages • 7 steps of PHAST in 12 groups discussion in Kabun covers 14 topics of discussion; Community PHAST facilitators ( 5F/5M) facilitate discussion. • Construction of water facilities needs identified through PHAST steps • Participatory methods: with tools such as community mapping, three pile sorting, pocket charts, transmission routes pictures. • Advocate for Nagari Siaga to be part of Dean Mitra Puskesmas. • Information communication system for better coordination pre, during and after disaster.

Pipeline istallation by community group

Women’ participation in facilities construction

Other activities and next plan Global Handwashing Day; 15 October 2012 Oxfam and 3 partners involved in 2012 commemoration week in three different location ; West Sumatera facilitated by PKBI, BekasiJakarta facilitated by BMP Jakarta and West Timor facilitated by CIS Timor. Radio Talkshow, workshop targeted adults, awareness raising work, games, traditional performance, competition and massive hand washing with soap targeted children to convey hygiene message campaign.

PHAST application

Project Replication

7 steps community PHAST in Sei Kaluh.

This project is now being contextualized and replicated in West Timor, implemented by our partner CIS Timor.

CHAST activities CHAST training and follow up WASH in school activities in 2 schools; SD 08 Kabun and SD 04 Sei Kaluh.

Emergency Response Networking Completion of Radio Communication system ; series of thematic discussion toward an MoU between institutions on Communication Tree during an emergency; focuses on 3W; who does what, where with the information exchange for decision making.

Community Water system Management A follow from the previous PHAST activities in Kabun sub village.

Partner Internship

New Project in West Sumatera Project title: Child-based approaches in emergency preparedness and response. Project time frame: 18 months, starting November 2012 – May 2014.

Objectives: This project is implemented as part Hygiene Promotion research and development to provide an evidence based on effectiveness of Hygiene Promotion work with children during emergencies. The framework then will be use as global framework for replication purpose in other countries or project sites.

Peer learning model will be part of the overall WASH preparedness program 2012 -2013 where partner will play a key role in providing capacity building to other partner based on partner capacity mapping.


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