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Sample answer The Joy of Service

George Thomas wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible. There was nothing unusual about that idea except that he wanted to do acts of kindness to as many strangers as possible while travelling. George, who comes from Penang, has just completed his degree in Business Management at the University of Malaya.

He hopes to work in an

international company one day. However, before that, he wishes to travel and help as many people as possible. As a student, George was very active in many societies at school. Besides being a prefect, he was also very active as a Boy Scout. He loved camping out and going on trekking trips into the jungle. George was a very helpful and compassionate person. He loved helping people and was most willing to give a hand to those who were disadvantaged in life. Thus, it was no surprise that he wanted to travel and help total strangers. The first person he helped was an old man who was lost in the city. George found him wandering around and very confused. He managed to trace his son and took him home. The old man’s son was very grateful to George. He also met three street children who needed attention. He contacted a friend who ran a home for abandoned children, and got the children a place in the home. While travelling through a village, he helped the people to harvest their crops and found that he actually enjoyed working and chatting with the villagers. They were warm and friendly and made him feel at home. George learned much from their simple ways. There were many little things he did for the people, and he was very happy doing them. He felt grateful that he had a chance to help people. He knew that he would always do a job that would help others.

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