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1. INT. BASEMENT LABORATORY – DAY 1 WILLIAM WRIGHT is sitting at his computer, dressed in his white lab jacket, hair resembling Albert Einstein’s. On his desk, there is a brochure of 1921 National Medical Conference. On his computer, we see a website titled “Time Traveling: Rules and Regulations”. The article is dated June 16th, 2100. William Wright Persons time traveling must not leave the present for more than 24 consecutive hours. Any acts that affect and or change the future are grounds for incarceration. Individuals must take care to dress in the clothing appropriate for the particular time period. Finally, travelers are prohibited from bringing back people and or objects to the present. These laws are to be enforced by the Federal Time Traveling Patrol. Law -breakers will be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

After reading the rules, William changes into a dark brown suit and a hat fitting of the 1920s. He gets into the time machine and disappears. 2. EXT. FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 2 We next see William sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper. Several people come out from the conference to take a break. The date is June 16th, 1921. President Harding is on the front of the newspaper. We see William shift his gaze upward at passersby, then back down to his newspaper. Minutes later, FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT walks by, briefcase in hand. William looks stunned, jaw literally hanging open. We see him mouth the words, “you’re my favorite president!” FDR did not hear him and keeps walking. With nothing better to do, William follows FDR to his law office. William stands outside the office, debating whether or not he should tell FDR about his future illness, and if he can prevent the polio with a vaccine. 3. INT. BASEMENT LABORATORY – NIGHT 3 We see William packing up a bag of medical supplies (syringes, test tubes, etc.) William heads back into the time machine

carrying the bag. We see the machine turn on, and William disappears. 4. INT. FEDERAL TIME TRAVELING PATROL OFFICE – NIGHT 4 The scene opens in a large, rectangular room with hundreds of monitors coving every inch of wall space. Officers are watching each of the screens. One officer, sees something strange on his assigned monitor. He reports it to his director. The director comes over and the officer replays the scene. We see William stepping out of his time machine, running around his basement, gathering medical supplies, the hopping back in. We see several agents taking notes, and then changing into outfits similar to William’s. They get into a time machine and disappear. 5. INT. FDR’S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 5 We see William knocking at FDR’s door. He walks in, and sees FDR sitting at his desk, reading some papers. FDR is surprised someone there, and asks what he can do to help William. The two have a long conversation about why William is there, where he comes from, and how he can help FDR avoid polio with a vaccine. FDR seems taken aback, and tells William that he has no way of knowing whether he is trustworthy or not. William gives FDR some time to think about the situation, promising to return in a 24 hours. 6. EXT. NEW YORK CITY – NIGHT 6 We see the agents talking to a shop owner, describing William’s appearance. The shop owner shakes his head, and the agents keep walking. 7. INT. FDR’S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 7 William walks in to the office to find that FDR has been waiting for him. FDR tells William he wants the vaccine. William prepares the medical equipment. William looks for a vein in FDR’s arm and gets the needle ready. FDR looks like he is going to be sick. William administers the vaccine. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. FDR goes to open it and finds the agents at his door. They show identification and ask if FDR has seen William. FDR says no, but the agents insist on looking around

his office. They enter and search the office, but William is nowhere to be found. The agents leave. 8. INT. FDR’s HOUSE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 8 William takes out a key from his pocket and opens the door. He enters the house. The living room wall is filled with pictures of FDR’s family. He goes to the kitchen and pours himself a glass of wine. He returns to the living room, sits down on the couch. 9. INT. FDR’S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 9


William peeks through the curtain. Through the window, we see agents are running into the building. William quickly turns around and packs all the medical equipments. FDR walks to William, hands him a note and a key. “Good Luck!” FDR says and opens a small door behind his desk. William walks through the door and disappears. 10. INT. FDR’S BASEMENT, NEW YORK CITY – DAY 10 A radio is on. We hear the broadcaster announce the day, November 15th, 1921. At this point, FDR should already have polio, but we see him pacing, talking to William about their future plans and his run for office. William tells FDR that he is dedicated to helping him be the president Americans loved.

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