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5 Track Placeholder/Example Soundtrack 1. Baccano! Original Soundtrack: Ikareta Keriraku No Tame ni We will use this soundtrack when the scene changes to 1920, after William leaves his basement.

2. The illusionist - by Philip Glass We will use this soundtrack when William is in his basement, grabbing medical supplies, and goes back into the time machine. 3. Dream is collapsing - Hans Zimmer This soundtrack will start when William is pushing the syringe, and agents are on the way to the office. 4. St. Louis Blues - Marion Harris This soundtrack will be used when William enters FDR's house.

5. Baccano! Gun's&Rose This soundtrack will be at the end of the movie. The song is happy and represents a glorious future of these two men.

FDR’s Costume Design

An outfit that William would be wearing either in the present (the year 2100) or while time traveling.

An example of the architecture we would like to see for FDRs house. Obviously, this is a bit more modern than his actual house would be.

We like how futuristic these stairs and all the different levels look. In our minds, this is what the Time Traveling Agency would look like (maybe the lobby or some other big open room)

We LOVED the wood in this photo. It really reminded us of what a home in the 1920s would look like on the inside – wood from floor to ceiling. We would like the inside of FDR’s home to resemble this room – though it would obviously be much smaller. Hopefully the aesthetic of the room would remain the same, even if it was smaller.

We saw two things in this scene. The window panes reminded us of what all the monitors would look like in the agency office. The walls would be covered with monitors. Very high tech/futuristic. We also liked the benches. We can see William sitting on a similar bench, reading a newspaper, outside of the Medical Conference in New York

Obviously a store in the 1920 would really look nothing like this store, but when the agents are talking to the shop owner (looking for William) we foresee them leaning over a counter. The counter separates the agents from the store owner, like it separates the front of the store from the back of the store in this photo.

Soundtrack, costumes, original photos