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The Wright Choice T206 Final Script Allison Zilbershatz, Michelle Rhee, Ye Yang



WILLIAM WRIGHT is sitting at his computer, dressed in his white lab jacket, hair resembling Albert Einstein‟s. On his desk, there is a brochure of 1921 National Medical Conference. On his computer, we see a website titled “Time Traveling: Rules and Regulations”. The article is dated June 16th, 2100. Next to his desk, a contraption resembling a telephone booth is making a low whirring sound. William has his back to the lab. The laboratory looks like a tornado has just ripped through. Hundreds of papers are scattered on every surface in roughly put together stacks. There is a poster in the back, right corner resembling one you might find in a 4th grade classroom. In big bold letters, the poster says SCIENCE. Underneath, it reads “If you don‟t make mistakes, you‟re doing it wrong. If you don‟t correct these mistakes, you‟re doing it really wrong. If you can‟t accept that you‟re mistaken, you‟re not doing it at all.” A mural on the left hand wall depicting the periodic table must be at least twenty years old and is slowly deteriorating. WILLIAM WRIGHT Persons time traveling must not leave the present for more than 24 consecutive hours. Hmm…that might be difficult. Any acts that affect and or change the future are grounds for incarceration. Individuals must take care to dress in the clothing appropriate for the particular time period. Glances to his right where a dark brown suit, tie, hat, and briefcase are hanging. Check. (Mumbles) Where was I? Ah yes, finally, travelers are prohibited from bringing back people and or objects to the present. These laws are to be enforced by the Federal Time Traveling Patrol. Law-breakers will be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

A knocking sound is heard from the top of the staircase. WILLIAM WRIGHT Yes? What is it? MARY-BETH WRIGHT ascends the stairs. MARY-BETH WRIGHT Are you leaving soon? I packed you a sandwich! WILLIAM WRIGHT Yeah, I‟m leaving as soon as I change. (Frustrated) I can‟t take a sandwich me MaryBeth. Food doesn‟t travel well. MARY-BETH WRIGHT Oh…right. Ok well have a safe trip. later tonight!

See you

WILLIAM WRIGHT Thanks. See you later. Love you. Mary-Beth goes back upstairs. WILLIAM WRIGHT (Mumbling) I never should have put my lab in the basement. William changes into a dark brown suit and a hat fitting of the 1920s. He walks into the time machine next to his desk, punches in some numbers, and disappears.



We William sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper. The corner of the newspaper reveals that the date is June 16th, 1921. Behind and to the left of William, we see a staircase leading up to a large brownstone with huge, dark brown double doors. Above the door a sign reads “New York Center for Medicine”. A small poster is hanging on the right door that reads “1921 National Medical Conference” in

neat handwriting. Smaller print, just under the title says “All doctors and lawyers welcome”. Suddenly the doors swing open and several men in light brown suits and dark brown dress hats exit the building, briefcases in hand. UNKNOWN MAN 1 I don‟t know that I agree with Friedman. His ideas on disease injections seem a bit extreme to me. UNKNOWN MAN 2 I agree. Would be amazing if it works though. Curing incurable illnesses? Incredible. The two unknown men go and stand just to the right of the staircase, pulling out their cigarettes and matches. The other of the men wave goodbye and start walking toward William‟s bench. One of them is FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT. We see William shift his gaze upward at passersby, then back down to his newspaper as the two men walk by. Seconds later William looks back up, stunned, jaw hanging open. We see him mouth the words, “you‟re my favorite president!” FDR did not hear or see him and keeps walking. With nothing better to do, William follows FDR and the other man. We hear indistinct conversation. William stays a few paces behind, still looking amazed. Suddenly, the two men stop, shake hands, and separate. The unknown man crosses the street and FDR enters the building to the right. The door‟s window pane reads “Franklin D. Roosevelt, Attorney at Law”. William stands outside the office, debating whether or not he should enter. He paces back and forth a few times. Suddenly, William stops and starts running down the street. 3. INT. BASEMENT LABORATORY – NIGHT


We see William exit his time machine and start running around his laboratory, packing up a bag of medical supplies

(syringes, test tubes, etc.) William walks to the bookcase on the back wall of his lab. He pulls out a very thick book, covered in dust. He clears away a few piles of papers, and opens the book, frantically searching through the pages. He stops on one, grabs a pencil and a sheet of paper, and begins scribbling down information. William stuffs the paper into his bag, writes a note on another piece of paper, puts it on the staircase, and runs back into the time machine. He disappears. The camera shows us the note he just wrote which reads “Came home and went back again. See you tomorrow”. 4. INT. FEDERAL TIME TRAVELING PATROL OFFICE – NIGHT The scene opens in a large, rectangular room with hundreds of monitors coving every inch of wall space. Each monitor shows a different scene. Some look like they are present day, others appear to be showing scenes from a hundred of years ago. About 10 men dressed in uniforms are watching the screens, typing on keyboards, and periodically taking notes. The camera focuses in on one officer, punching keys on his keyboard, and taking a closer look at his monitor. TOM MURPHY Uh, Bill…you might want to come over here and take a look at this. A man standing in the corner with a tablet computer walks over to the officer. BILL BUCKLEY What‟s up Tom? The officer presses some buttons and we see the monitor rewinding. It appears to be a recording of William‟s basement, and the scene we just witnessed. BILL BUCKLEY (Sternly) What was he reading Tom? TOM MURPHY


I don‟t know. We can‟t get a good image of it. It doesn‟t look good. BILL BUCKLEY JONES, MADISON, TEAT come here. Three officers rush over. them.

Tom Murphy replays the scene for

BILL BUCKLEY I need you three on this. He went back to New York City, July 16th, 1921. Find him and stop whatever it is he‟s trying to do. Bring him back here. (pauses) GO! The three officers rush out. The camera turns back to Bill and Tom watching the monitor once again. 5. INT. FDR‟S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY


We see William knocking at FDR‟s door. He pokes his head in and sees FDR sitting at a big, brown, oak desk, reading some papers. A green lamp sits on the corner of the desk and pieces of today‟s newspaper are scattered about. On either side of his desk we see the walls lined with books. A window facing a courtyard with a large tree and many daisies is right behind FDR‟s desk. To the left of the door we see a coat rack with FDR‟s brown tweed jacket and matching brown hat hanging from the hooks. FDR looks up with questioning eyes. WILLIAM WRIGHT Are you Franklin Delano Roosevelt? FDR Yes?!(Surprised) WILLIAM WRIGHT (In disbelief)I‟m your biggest fan! You are amazing! FDR

Excuse me? How can I help you, Sir? Did Anna let you in? I don‟t remember having an appointment at this time. (Looks at watch) WILLIAM WRIGHT Oh...uh no. I didn‟t know I needed an appointment. I mean, I‟m not here for business. (Pause) You look great, Sir! You have no idea how much you‟ve influenced me! You are my favorite president! I‟m William Wright by the way. It‟s such an honor to meet you! The way you cleaned up Wall Street‟s abuses with SEC, created jobs through the TVA, WPA and other public world‟s projects, aided in ending the depression and brought the U.S. through World War‟s just incredible! (Walk towards FDR) FDR (Interrupts William Wright) Excuse me? Wait just one minute!(Stand up) What are you talking about? You must have me confused with someone else. I am not, nor have I ever, been president. And what‟s this nonsense about the (makes air quotes) „Great Depression‟? I‟m afraid you‟ll have to leave now. I have no time for these silly games. (Turns around and sits down again) Now! Please! William looks shocked. He walks back toward the door and stops. WILLIAM WRIGHT What is today‟s date? (Look at calendar on the wall – it says June 16th, 1921)

That‟s right! (Turn around, face FDR) You don‟t know what‟s going to happen! FDR I beg your pardon? William pauses, then starts to pace in front of the door. WILLIAM WRIGHT (mumbling to himself) Should I tell him? would happen? (groans)


FDR Tell me what? WILLIAM WRIGHT This is probably breaking all kinds of laws, but I think you should know. Maybe I can help you... FDR What now? I don‟t even know who you are. Why should I listen to you, mumbling to yourself like a crazy person? I‟m trying to work now, can‟t you see? WILLIAM WRIGHT I just need two minutes, Sir. Just two minutes! (Speaking quickly)I don‟t know where I should start, and I‟m definitely not allowed to say what I‟m about to say. But it is very important and I promise, you‟ll want to know! FDR I‟ll give you 60 seconds. You better make your point! WILLIAM WRIGHT

I‟m from 2100, the future. There is new technology that allows us to travel to another point in time. Time traveling if you will. FDR looks like he is starting to get annoyed Within the next year, you will contract a disease called polio, and suffer great pain for your rest of life. You will eventually lose your ability to walk altogether. I am a biological scientist, and I‟m willing to help you to get the vaccine. You have no idea now how important you are to America and how many great things you will achieve for the people of this country. I thankful for all you have done and I feel it is my duty to help you. Silence in the room for a few long seconds FDR What‟s a vaccine? Why am I so important to America? And in all honesty, why should I believe you? WILLIAM WRIGHT Look. I‟m already in big trouble now. They‟re probably already looking for me. I‟m not supposed to let anyone know that I‟m from the future. You have to believe me. I‟m going to go back home and get some things together. I‟ll be back tomorrow. Please believe me…I really can help you. William turns around and runs out the door behind him. FDR sits in front of his desk, looking at the clock and wraps in his thought.

6. EXT. NEW YORK CITY – NIGHT We see the agents walk off a poorly lit sidewalk into a run-down looking store. Through the door, we see Teat


flip a badge open to show to the old, grey-haired shop owner. Agent Madison takes a piece of paper out of his briefcase. We catch a glimpse of a hand drawn picture resembling William Wright. AGENT MADISON Have you seen this man? Madison shows the picture to the shop owner. He takes out his glasses, studies the picture and shakes his head. The agents leave the shop and continue on their way. SHOP OWNER I have been working all day and this man never came into the store. I‟m sure of it. AGENT TEAT Very well.

Thank you.

AGENT JONES Let‟s go. I‟m sure he is around here somewhere. The three agents leave the store.

7. INT. FDR‟S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY William walks knocks on FDR‟s office door. FDR Come in. (William opens the door and walks in) I did a little research last night. While what you said yesterday sounded convincing, you‟ve done nothing to earn my trust. Tell me William, why should I believe you? WILLIAM WRIGHT Well…I know that you‟re married to Eleanor Roosevelt – you were married in 1905 if I‟m


correct. I know that you have 5 children and that your third child, Franklin Roosevelt jr. died at 9 months of age, which by the way, I‟ve very sorry to use as a justification. I know that you are having an affair with your secretary Lucy – and that Eleanor offered you a divorce when she found out. Starting to believe me yet? FDR How on earth do you know about Lucy? WILLIAM WRIGHT I told you, I‟m from the future. In 2100, you affair is public knowledge. But don‟t worry, you are still the most beloved American president. FDR So I really become president one day? WILLIAM WRIGHT You do…and you become a great one! Now, can we please proceed with the vaccine? FDR What exactly is a vaccine? WILLIAM WRIGHT It‟s an injection of a weaker form of a virus. Basically, it allows you body to develop the immunity necessary to fight a disease should you ever contract one. FDR And in the future, this vaccine to combat polio actually works? WILLIAM WRIGHT YES! No one has been diagnosed with polio in years.


FDR Let‟s do it.

William pulls some objects out of his medical bag. We see a stretchy green band and a syringe as well as a tube of liquid. WILLIAM WRIGHT Here. (Pulls a chair) Sit down. We need to finish this quickly. I don‟t have much time left to go back to 2100… William wraps the stretchy band around FDR‟s arm and looks for a vein. He gets the needle ready. To be honest, I don‟t even know if I can go back home anymore… William inserts the syringe into FDR‟s arm. Suddenly we see the agents running down the sidewalk towards FDR‟s office building. Back in the office, FDR looks like he is going to be sick. William Wright Done! William takes out the needle and packs everything back to the medical box. He walks toward the coat rack to gather his supplies. FDR is rubbing his arm, looking out his window. FDR I‟ve never had an injection before. We suddenly see the three agents running down the sidewalk towards FDR‟s office building. We follow them up the stairs and watch them knock on FDR‟s door. FDR

Come in. AGENT JONES Excuse me sir, have you seen this man? Shows FDR the same drawing of William that they showed to the shop owner FDR No I don‟t believe I have. AGENT MADISON Are you sure? We have reason to believe you and Mr. Wright have been in contact in the past 24 hours. AGENT TEAT A few people on the street recognized the picture and said they saw him walk into your building yesterday and leave about a half hour later. Do you mind if we search your office? FDR Well I was actually just on my way out. Maybe you could come back after lunch? AGENT MADISON I‟m sorry sir but we need to look around now. The three agents walk inside and look around. It‟s a small office so it doesn‟t take much time. William is nowhere to be found. FDR looks surprised. 8. INT. FDR‟s HOUSE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY William takes out a key from his pocket to get inside. He turns the door knob and opens the door. He enters into the house and turns the light on. After he closes the door, he


sees the living room wall filled with pictures of FDR‟s family. WILLIAM WRIGHT (looking around) I can‟t believe I‟m in Franklin Delano Roosevelt‟s house! He goes to the kitchen, opens a few cupboards, finally pulling out a wine glass. He grabs a bottle of red wine off the counter and pours himself a glass. WILLIAM WRIGHT (Yawns) I‟m exhausted – maybe I‟ll take a nap. He returns to the living room and sits down on the couch. He closes his eyes and falls asleep. 9. INT. FDR‟S LAW OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY – DAY [FLASHBACK] William peeks through the curtain to see outside. WILLIAM WRIGHT Oh..No! They are coming to get me! FDR (also looking outside)Who are they? WILLIAM WRIGHT They are the agents from the future. I think they‟re here to stop me and bring me back. William quickly turns around and starts packing all the medical equipment. FDR Here, take this. (giving his house key) WILLIAM WRIGHT


What is this? FDR This is the key to my house. Stay there. No one is home. My address is 100 E. 5th Street, on the corner of Washington. I‟ll get there as soon as I can. WILLIAM WRIGHT Thank you so much. (grabbing his bags and walking to the door) Wait! How do I get out of here? The agents will come from that door. FDR Don‟t worry. There is a secret back door at the end of the hallway on the right. You will be safe. Good Luck!

WILLIAM WRIGHT See you soon! William walks out the door, turns right and heads down the hallway towards the secret exit. 10. INT. FDR‟S BASEMENT, NEW YORK CITY – DAY


We see FDR sitting at his kitchen table, reading the newspaper. He has a cup of coffee and a plate of crumbs sitting off to the side. A radio is sitting on the table as well. BROADCASTER Good Morning everyone! Today is November 15th, and a beautiful November 15th if I do say so myself! FDR turns off the radio and drinks his coffee. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. FDR gets up and walks to the front door and opens it. William is standing outside.

FDR Hello William! Please come in. WILLIAM WRIGHT Good Morning, Sir. FDR Ah, my friend, there‟s really no need to call me sir (cheerfully) WILLIAM WRIGHT (sitting down) It really is great to see you walking around, no wheelchair in sight! You seem very happy today. FDR Why shouldn‟t I be happy? (laughing) I have the world at my feet. Let‟s start talking about the future plans and my campaign position. How much do you actually know about my platform and the politics of this time period? WILLIAM WRIGHT I know more than you think! You are my favorite president after all. The next few years should be a wild ride. You know I am dedicated to help you to be the future president of United States!

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T206 Final Script Allison Zilbershatz, Michelle Rhee, Ye Yang Ah yes, finally, travelers are prohibited from bringing back people and or obj...