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Mobile communication systems are revolutionising the world today. It looks like the world has shrunken into a small handheld mobile! The ease of communicating and the wide network of service providers have made this possible. The high end competition between the mobile telecommunication operators have brought in some great deals for the customers who are more benefited by this healthy competition. The mobile communication system are wireless systems based on satellite applications. Mobile communication doesn't just mean the cellular phones or the telecommunications network. The military and other security services industries use mobile communication systems or radio communication systems, both of which can be used while travelling or can be carried and used in remote places. This type of communication is wireless and has sleek handheld mobile devices which can be fixed in the car or carried easily by the user. The control unit and handheld devices are portable and hence can be carried to any place and used for various forms of communication like voice, message texts, fax, emails etc. the growth in the field of communication is amazing as we see right before our eyes the various communication systems with improved receivers and smaller or light weight hand held devices. The main focus of mobile systems is to allow communication between two or more people even in remote areas. In developing countries and in countries affected by war or natural calamity these communication units are of great help. The military, air and naval forces use these systems for speedy transmission of their messages. The communication experts are constantly researching and coming up with newer ideas to enhance mobile communication. Around 80% of the global communication market depends upon the GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) for their mobile communications. It is used by more than 3 billion people the world over and is used by more than 212 countries. Using this system the users can use their mobile phones for roaming. When they move from place to place or between countries the GSM helps in the uninterrupted communication by switching the mobile operators automatically. It also enables the SMS (short messaging service) through which the users can both enjoy voice as well text messaging. The text messages are offered at a low cost by the mobile operators and hence are very popular mode of communication among youngsters. Wireless networks have been used for mobile communication systems and hence the system works with high speed. The wireless signals are picked up by transmitters and sent or received immediately with ease. Radio signals transmitted on air is picked up by the transmitters who then help the receiver to communicate anytime anywhere. The best part of this form of communication is that the high competition between the mobile communications systems operators has enabled a wide range of products which can be used for both official and commercial basis. The prices have become competitive and the providers also introduce new features to enhance the mobile communication to woe the customers.

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==== ==== Business Communications For Today's World ==== ====

Mobile Communications For Today's World