AZ Golf Insider Digital Edition - September 2021

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with David Bataller


Welcome to the first installment of the Players’ Corner, Corner a section of the AZ Golf Insider Digital Edition discussing golf equipment generating a buzz, that may be of interest to the AGA Membership. Our friends at Bushnell Golf wanted to get my unpaid, unbiased thoughts on two of their newest handheld GPS devices: The new Phantom 2 GPS, and the Wingman GPS Speaker. They must have known they had a couple winners. The Phantom 2 has a large display with easily readable numbers, and is equipped with a BITE magnetic mount to attach to the side of the golf cart, making it usable even without holding. But with six distances to hazards and layups available at the push of a button, as well as a movable pin feature to dial in yardage even more, I found myself confidently hitting to distances without using a rangefinder, thus indirectly speeding up my round at Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills. Time is of the essence to my golf game, and I noticed the difference.


As for the Wingman GPS Speaker, a quick download of the Bushnell Golf App, and then an easy Bluetooth connection to my phone, and I was synced to the same yardages as the Phantom 2. Its thick BITE magnetic mount kept it secure to my cart, even at more than seven inches tall and two pounds in weight. With the push of the remote button on top I was told my distance to the green. And that’s not even the most impressive part of the Wingman. The sound coming from the speakers is equal to some of the more popular Bluetooth speakers on the market - which can’t give me yardage to the signature 10th hole’s green. Very impressive. I wish I could give our readers a negative about either of these GPS devices. But I don’t have one. Just don’t forget them on your cart at the end of the round! Take a look at the video below for a thorough visual description, or read up on them at My recommendation: Give them a go. There’s so much technology at your fingertips. You won’t be disappointed. ~ D.B.