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standing over it, and that it you can’t rely on the numbers one-hundred percent of the time. At the end of the day, I have to be comfortable with the club in hand. JP: This is the goal of every fitting! Overall, were you happy with your fitting? MW: Extremely happy. First I learned a ton about my swing. Seeing all the numbers (spin rate, landing angle, smash factor) helped me understand how my gamer was underperforming, and that my swing didn’t match up with my club. I walked out the door with a driver that instilled confidence, had big improvements in all areas and moved me closer to hitting optimal numbers. Would you recommend the process to another golfer looking to get dialed in with any part of their golf bag? MW: Absolutely. I always felt I wasn’t playing up to my potential driving numbers and a poor swing is the culprit. But the fitting showed I could make substantial improvements with playing the right club. I can’t imagine ever buying another club without going through a studio fitting.


Joe Pike (right) sifts through data from six different drivers used by Matt Walls during his fitting. All data was emailed directly to Matt.

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