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Before arriving at PGA TOUR Superstore, what did you think a fitting entailed? Matt Walls: I thought it would be trying out a couple different heads and different shafts then look at the tracers, and just going with whatever numbers were best. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about my swing and how it (negatively) affected performance. What were you hoping to get out of the fitting? Any specific goals? MW: I have a tendency to slice and that gets me in a lot of trouble. While I didn’t expect a fitting to fix my swing, I hoped to see more balls in play than my current driver and a little extra distance never hurts. I was really curious to see whether I was playing the proper loft and shaft flex. I’d been noticing at the driving range that, with my gamer, the ball seemed to fall out of the air with little roll. I tried dialing down the loft on my driver and moving the ball more forward or back in my stance, but I wasn’t seeing any real improvement in flight. Joe Pike: This is a really key aspect of club fitting. As the fitter, we really want to know what your goals are, and trying to be specific while realistic. Matt mentioned the ball was going really high, and would often plug in the fairway. He also mentioned the huge slice, and not many balls in play. The next part is letting Matt get warm, and then hit his driver to see if we are getting a similar result inside on the simulator as we are outside. Once we did see that, it is

“The progression was really fun to experience. I went from my gamer with underwhelming results to something that was tuned for my swing.” -- Matt Walls

very important to me personally to help educate my client as to the “Why & How” we are getting these results, and what we are going to do with the equipment in order to change the results. What were your first impressions? MW: First off, the studio looks amazing and impressive. After a few swings with my gamer, Joe could see the challenges ahead. We discussed my preference in appearance, address, club weight, sound, and feel off the face. We also discussed brand preference and we started out with what I wanted to try first (Ping G425 and TaylorMade Sim2 Max). When Joe selected the next club head, we saw a big change in swing data, which instilled a lot of confidence in him for me. JP: It is really important to note: We are not biased toward any brand. We fit the golfer with the equipment that best suits them. Sometimes it is the brand they prefer, sometimes it isn’t. Everything is about the data from a performance standpoint. The final contest comes down to customer preferences (Looks, Sound, Feel, A drawer of driver heads containing variations of models from multiple brands. In Price). Matt Walls’ fitting, he hit balls with six different driver head/shaft combinations.



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