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Studio Master Fitter Joe Pike (left) looks on as AGA Member Matt Walls hits balls during a recent Driver Fitting at a PGA TOUR Superstore Studio in Scottsdale. The PGA TOUR Superstore Studio is giving AGA Members a free Iron Fitting. Show proof of membership and book by 9/30/2021.

FIT LIFE AT THE by David Bataller

AZ GOLF Insider Editor in Chief

We all want to play our best golf possible, every time we step on the course. We also know this never happens, but we’ll do anything to get that certain competitive edge over our buddies. Enter the PGA TOUR Superstore Studio. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Trackman software in every hitting bay, as well as the latest equipment from all major manufacturers, the Studio helps players get fit into the clubs that best work for their respective swings. From driver to fairway woods, irons to wedges, and all the way to the putter - every club

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in your bag can be fit to your game. The Arizona Golf Association decided to give one of its members a Driver Fitting, to see exactly what goes on in one of these sessions. Matt Walls of Scottsdale plays to a 16.2 handicap index, and has recently invested more time and resources into improving as a player. When the dust cleared from his fitting, he gained 30 yards of carry and 50 yards of total distance, just from swinging a driver built to his swing. All data from the fitting was then sent via email for future reference. The following is an interview with Walls and Joe Pike, the Master Fitter at the PGA TOUR Superstore’s Shea and 101 location in Scottsdale. There is also a PGA TOUR Superstore Studio at Scottsdale Road and Mayo Blvd.

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