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Professional Development and Training Menu Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. HR Certificate Programs 1 3. AGC On Demand Training 4. Life Lessons/ Personal Branding 5. Change Management Training 6. Communication Training 7. Customer Service Training 8. Diversity Training 9. Business Etiquette 10. Creative Leadership Skills 11. Re-Branding 12. Marketing

Contact: MinNefer Mernahkem, CEO Azura Global Consulting Address: 3359 Felicity Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45211 Email: Website: Phone: (317)-417-0821


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Introduction Welcome to the Azura Global Consulting Professional Development and Training program. The Human Resources Professional Development and Training (PDT) staff is excited about the courses introduced to you in this guide. Our plans are to introduce new training programs and activities throughout the year. As you peruse through the guide, you will notice a variety of classroom training and online training options. Please pay close attention to the information pertaining to the desired training choices. Changes will be made as additional requests arise. The Professional Development and Training staff is responsible for assessing, creating, researching, developing, and implementing quality improvement training initiatives for the Azura Global Consulting clients. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our Professional Development certificate programs. This program offers new and revised training sessions for workforce skill enhancement, growth, and development. The Professional Development and Training staff’s primary objective is to provide training that will culminate the Azura Global Consulting mission, strategic goals and objectives with the personal and professional development required to meet the AGC's vision. We are here to serve YOU! Our Mission To invest in our client’s staff by offering creative diversified, job-related learning opportunities through in-class and online training enhancement programs. Registration Procedures Employees who desire to enroll in courses offered by the AGC Professional Development and Training Services should complete an online registration at least three days before the first day of the class. Confirmation will be emailed to the participants prior to the start of the class. Specialized Training We are available to develop and design workshops when necessary to meet the special needs of departments. Call (317)417-0821 for a consultation or to schedule specialized training.


Pricing To inquire about the cost for any of the below trainings please contact us: MinNefer Mernahkem, CEO Azura Global Consulting Address: 3359 Felicity Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45211 Email: Website: Phone: (317)-417-0821

Certificate Programs Professional Development Certificate This series provides helpful tools for self-improvement in terms of communication, stress management, organization, and personal development. Participants must complete THREE in-class courses:  The Best Customer Service in Town  Manager or Leader, Is There a Choice  Who Are You On Demand Training Azura Global Consulting staff development training strategy includes resourceful tools for individual and team development. These tools are available on demand. By utilizing these online resources, employees come away with improved skills that translate into confidence and improved on-the-job efficiency and productivity. Business Professional Collection This collection includes 80 Courses, 40 Topics. It provides rich, engaging business training content for every professional in every department. It addresses core competencies and fundamental skill areas, focusing on Human Resources, Customer Services, Management & Leadership, Re-Branding and Marketing.


Life Lessons/ Personal Branding 1. S.W.I.M. To S.W.O.T Strengths and Weaknesses In Me; Self-confidence starts with an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Learn SWIM to SWOT as a pathway to success! Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 2. S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats; SWOT analysis for any decision in life is invaluable. Learn how to think in terms of SWOT before you act. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 3. Don’t Believe What You Think You See! Your professional and/or personal life will throw you a curve ball or several back to back. If you give in to the magnitude of what you are experiencing you can’t see the way out. Learn to focus on what’s important when things go wrong. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 4. VHS Technology in a Blu-ray® World Are you stuck in old habits, old thinking or old work styles because you’re uncomfortable with or don’t want to change? Learn how to take personal and professional changes and turn them into opportunities for growth and learning. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 5. Things My Grandmother Used To Say Learn profound insight and wisdom from another generation who made do with less and did more. Put the power of wisdom from your parents and their parents to work for you in today’s modern world. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 6. Knowing What Help Looks Like Learn to recognize what help looks like and when you need it. Whether in your professional or personal life, everyone needs help, but pride, envy, pain and jealousy can prevent you from tapping into invaluable assistance. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 7. The Other Side of Angry Learn the impact and repercussions of anger in decision-making. Understand the dynamics of anger to avoid negative impacts to your personal and professional life. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar


8. Pandora’s Box Everyone has painful events they have experienced. These events influence how we think and work today. Learn how to acknowledge and deal with the experiences from your past, in order to move toward your future. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 9. When Bad Things Happen To Good People Life isn’t fair. Somehow along the way many of us didn’t get that message. Learn how to not be paralyzed in anger or fear and shift your paradigm when you don’t understand things that happen. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar


Change Management Training 10. Change Management Leading in the Time of Flux...Guiding Employees Through Workplace Change This training course builds awareness and introduces the nature of change in today’s personal, organizational, and societal environment. You will learn the descriptive difference of change as an opportunity for growth and as a challenge. Phases of change are described and participants discuss the self-care strategies to assist them at each phase. Duration: 1.5 hours 11. Dealing with Change...“The Dream Giver” Based on the book “The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, this training session allows you to look at change and personal growth in a fun, practical manner. The session introduces you to a story using a simple parable, “The Dream Giver?” to reveal profound truths about change. You will discover “The Handwriting on the Wall,” as you learn how to handle change using a less stressful, realistic approach. Don’t become extinct! Remember: Change is inevitable. Duration: 6 hours 12. “Wow!...More Changes!” Do changes make you uncomfortable, sometimes? Does it seem like every time you turn around, something is changing on your job or in the world around you? Find out the importance of accepting change by recognizing the main reasons we fear change and learn to focus on the positive aspects and advantages of change by making it exhilarating. Duration: 6 hours 13. When You’re Not Wanted Not feeling like part of the team or organization? Is your young talent thinking about walking out of the door? Considering leaving just to avoid rejection? Learn how to shift your paradigm and become part of the solution! Duration: 6 hours 14. Think Before U React How to avoid making life changing decisions when you’re not in the right frame of mind in the work place. Ever though about sending out a nasty email, posting something on your web page, Facebook, YouTube page and others. Duration 2 hours webinar


15. Pride & Ego The Show Down! Pride and Ego are career and relationship killers! Learn to remove these two attributes daily in order to be successful. Do you ever think that you can do everything on your one, even if you’re wrong? Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 16. The Uncertified Life Coach After doing research on becoming a life coach’, I learned something profound. Learn how to utilize the wisdom from other generations to your benefit today. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 17. Danger Danger Will Robinson! Having sympathy / empathy, offering mercy, extending credit, patience and love sound like wonderful personal attributes, but not for a when your angry and upset with a co-worker that you don’t like. Learn how to transition out of an anger and stress that doesn’t fit you. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 18. Bear Stories Someday the bear eats you and someday you eat the bear. You can’t win all the time, but you can learn to come back and fight another day in your career. Duration: 6 hours 19. G.O.L.F. God Over Life Forever; Acknowledging and utilizing a higher authority in your life. Look at your career, game and life a little differently. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 20. Do You Know Wilson? How do you rebrand yourself after a life catastrophic? How do you shift your own paradigm? When you have been fired, laid off, looking for a career change. Duration: 6 hours


Communication Training 21. A+ Communications A+ Communications allows participants to identify their role and how significant it is to the organization. They learn what “having authority” really means, and how to take a positive, more active stance in regards to what is happening in their workplace. Communication and how it connects with customer service is clarified. And, understanding the importance of being a true team player is brought to the forefront. Duration: 6 hours 22. Communicating with Difficult Behaviors Are you aware there are six different types of difficult people? You CAN’T change them... but you CAN learn how to respond to them. Duration: 6 hours 23. Conflict in the Work Relationship This course explores a variety of ways to look at and understand the nature of conflict and how each person reacts to it. It gives the participant practical suggestions for resolving conflict. Duration: 6 hours 24. Exerting a Positive Attitude in the Workplace Our attitudes encompass everything and everyone around us. Why do some people have such a great attitude and others a negative one? Duration: 2 hours webinar 25. How to Deal with Difficult People Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get along with some people at work? Is there really a difference between attitude problems and behavioral problems? We might not have all of the answers; but, we will introduce you to ways in which you can communicate more effectively with co-workers and everyone around you. Learn how people are motivated and how you can encourage positive behavior. Duration: 2 hours webinar 26. “Listening is NOT Just Hearing!” Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to listen attentively? Did you know that there is a difference between “listening” and “hearing”? This course will allow you an opportunity to learn and understand the communication process and how it relates to listening. Learn how listening impacts your relationships at work and at home; and, practice techniques to strengthen your listening skills, too. Duration: 2 hours webinar 9

27. Putting the Pieces Together Ever wonder how communicating effectively can make or break your career? Do you really know what “being professional” really means? What is the big deal about confidentiality? How do you set goals for job success? If any of these questions have ever haunted you...or you just did not understand the importance of the information associated with them and how it relates to you, this class will uncover the mysteries of “putting the pieces together” by enhancing how you prepare yourself for a more successful future. Duration: 2 hours webinar 28. Social Skills for New Professionals In the “hustle and bustle” of today’s world, we forget about the basics. This training class will cover the importance of developing good professional manners and social skills and how to use them in the workplace and beyond. Duration: 6 hours 29. “You’ve Got an Attitude!” Recognizing our own faults and short-comings is not always easy. This training will stretch you out-of-the-box by focusing on how we can handle our state of feeling and mind in a more positive manner. Don’t be the “bad apple”. Duration: 6 hours 30. Remember when the customer was right Understanding how to deliver better consumer experience with you brand. And turn customers into Brand Advocate’s. What’s your story? Duration: 6 hours


Customer Service Training 31. Putting the customer first To maximize business performance in the future, managers and leader must focus on their must valuable assets their customers-today. Duration: 6 hours 32. Customer Service with a Smile How to become a great customer service provider. Motivating and having fun, during this training class, participants will learn the most important things we can do to take care of our customers. Since demonstrating good customer service is an ongoing process and our pledge, making customers happy should be our goal. Duration: 6 hours 33. The “BEST” Customer Service in Town This class will take you through simple customer service strategies that will make you a powerful force in your workplace and beyond. It does not matte who you are or what your job is, you can make a positive, lasting difference in the minds and hearts of everyone who does business with you and your organization. Duration: 6 hours 34. No Fair You Promise! There is nothing worst to be promise something and a company does live up to its promise to delivery. When promising to fulfill a certain need, ensure you keep the promise made. 35. Let’s Face It! Let’s face it; sometimes dealing with a customer can be challenging. Perhaps they are not satisfied with the answers to their questions; or the product was not delivered on time; or it was defective. The only way to handle any challenge is with an understanding voice and definitive manner. 36. Listen to what the customer is telling you Ask questions to determine the exact reason for the complaint; refer the customer to a superior, if necessary; and follow-up with either a letter or phone call to ensure the customer is satisfied. This is the basis by which customer care can be fulfilled. 37. How do you spell rapport with your customer’s? Repeat, Assure, Perceive, Perform, Orchestrate, Reinforce, Trust Do customers want to return to your place of business? Duration: 6 hours


38. FISH A completely interactive course based on enhancing an individual’s customer service skills towards his or her employees, team members and supervisors. The class brings memorable activities, video clips and class discussions to teach techniques in increasing morale and efficiency. Duration: 6 hours


Diversity Training 39. Influencing Respect and Civility in the Workplace Today, we see a wide range of behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect and civility, both inside and outside of the workplace. Studies and polls indicate that these behaviors negatively impact employees and organizations. This training will focus on ways that each of us can have a positive influence on respect in our day-to-day interactions. It will provide information and practical tips that we can readily apply on topics that include understanding triggers that lead to incivility, demonstrating respect in our communications and actions, responding to and resolving conflicts, and adjusting our focus. Duration: 6 hours 40. The Diversity Difference “WORKING TOGETHER”... What does that really mean? This training session will explore the different work preferences, characteristics, and thoughts that occur in the workforce and beyond. Start nurturing a better understanding, increased knowledge, and appreciation for people who are different from you. Learn to value unique talents and experiences from others, too. Remember...“different does not mean wrong; different just means different.” Duration: 6 hours 41. Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders What is courage...and what does it have to do with being an effective follower or leader? This training session allows you to look at how courageously you perform in the workplace and while pinpointing strengths and weaknesses as a follower and/or leader. Duration: 6 hours 42. Manager or Leader— Is There a Choice? Wonder whether there is a difference between being a manager or leader can be confusing in any workplace. Learn how to lead by using various styles. Decide if being a manager is right for you. Practice and discuss the basic concepts of leadership success. Duration: 6 hours


Business Etiquette 43. Corporate Etiquette Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? It might be a lack of basic corporate etiquette! Have you asked yourself, “Etiquette...what’s the big deal anyway?” Learn how subtle but critical social behaviors can make or break an important meeting. Understand the importance of making a good first impression. Become “the polished professional.” Duration: 6 hours 44. Email Etiquette When we hit the "send" button, our e-mails reflect both on us as professionals and on the organizations that we represent. With over 183 billion e-mail messages exchanged daily, writing and responding to e-mails takes up numerous hours out of the workdays of employees at all levels of the organization. Although e-mails have significantly changed the way that many of us conduct business, little attention has been paid to how effectively we use this everyday means of communications. This session will provide participants with practical tools and tips that they can apply immediately in the workplace. Duration: 2 hour webinar 45. Fun at Work! Sometimes, the workplace can get a little drab. Ask yourself, “How can I make it fun around here?” This training session will provide you with ideas and information to guide you through exercises that you can use to have fun at work and keep morale high. There will also be tips on boosting your energy and managing anger. Duration: 6 hours 46. Humor in the Workplace Work pressure and stress is a leading cause for absenteeism, employee burn out, and even some health problems. Effective stress- relieving techniques will be discussed and demonstrated throughout the session. Learn how humor can turn a hostile work environment into a productive, positive workplace. Duration: 3 hours 47. What Time Is It? (Time Management) Using time efficiently is important to everyone. And, no matter how organized you may be, each day brings new challenges that involve time management. Learn the main “time wasters,” the importance of planning your time, and tips for utilizing your time wisely. Duration: 2 hour webinar 14

Creative Leadership Skills 48. Who Are You? Who are you, and how are you going to communicate that to someone else? How does your life professionally or personally tell others who you are? Duration: 6 hours 49. Think Before You Act If you react then think, you will get in trouble 100% of the time. Learn to establish the habit of thinking before you act. Duration: 6 hours 50. I Got Promoted Now What? Learn who to become a more effective leader when you have been promoted for the first time. Learn how to turn your management skills into leadership skills. Duration: 6 hours 51. F.A.I.L. Functional Analysis In Lessons; What are the lessons you’ve learned from prior ‘failures’ to help catapult you forward in life and in the work place. Have ever had a project that didn’t turn out so well, what lesson can you learn from that project, to help you in the next project, instead of letting pass failure hold you back from greatness. Duration: 6 hours 52. 60 Seconds You cannot nor should not make any decision (except an emergency) in less than 60 seconds. A sudden decision to send a nasty email or make a distasteful joke in public could cost you more than you bargained. Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 53. Formula 1 Pit-crew Leadership In every organization there are people, things, processes, methods, that become like flat tires and slow down your team from achieving goals. Learn methods to help increase productive. Duration: 6 hours 54. This Job Sucks and So Does My Boss Learn how to change you employees for paycheck collectors to shareholders who believe and by into your vision and mission as company. Duration: 6 hours


55. Who’s On First? Who’s On Second? Who’s On Third? Teaching managers how to become leaders and teaching leaders how to lead in a different style, that gets the team home base on hits and not homeruns Duration: 6 hours 56. Motivate People Without Losing Your Mind Discover the right methods for creating and maintaining motivation of employees. Even those that work your nerves and stretch your patients Duration: 6 hours 57. The Happiness Factor You are responsible for your own happiness. No fairy tales here! Do you know what true happiness looks like and feels like. What makes you happy, What makes you feel like a little kid all over again? Duration: 2.5 hours webinar 58. Writing A Business Plan Without an MBA Learn the questions to ask and information to have when discussing your business. Walk through the details of a business plan template while learning the critical details of your business, industry and competition. Duration: 6 hours 59. Business Development When You’re Shipwrecked Has the business hit a plateau? Slow or no sales, no growth, discontent employees? Learn to recognize when you’re shipwrecked and how to get back in the water. Duration: 6 hours 60. How To Start A Business On A Ramen Noodle Budget Learn real steps toward starting a business without lots of money, putting together a business plan to get you started on your way Duration: 6 hours 61. Anchor Down Does your organization have projects that don’t get executed timely? Are there hidden anchors weighing down the projects? Identify your Anchors (projects) and the anchors that are weighing you down in the water. Duration: 6 hours 62. Risk It All, Lose It All & Come Out On Top Analyze what appears to be a BIG loss. Learn the lessons and advantages of losing. Duration: 1.5 hours 16

63. Ice Cubes In A Glass Train new and ‘need to improve’ managers regarding tough employees issues in the workplace. Participants engage in real life HR issues and resolution. Duration: 6 hours 64. The Power of Positive Reinforcement for Leaders Business managers learn the advantages to utilizing positive re-enforcement as a leadership tool. Duration: 6 hours 65. Positive Performance Feedback for Leaders Business managers learn to use Positive Re-enforcement in performance appraisal feedback scenarios. Duration: 6 hours 66. Positive Performance Counseling Activities Engage in activities designed to teach positive counseling tactics in performance improvement scenarios. Duration: 6 hours 67. When Experience Speak, You Should Listen Take advantage of an older generation of employees and their wisdom and insight. Bringing different generations of employees together for the benefit of the company. Duration: 6 hours 68. The Matrix of Managing Stress Creative ways of managing stress in the work place. Will it be the blue or the red pill, Follow the white rabbit down the whole and remove stress from your body and mind. Duration: 6 hours


Re-Branding 69. What Do People Get From You? When people leave your presence, what do they walk away with? Intentional understanding of your gifts and what you do for others. Duration: 6 hours 70. Marketing Your Business When You Don’t Know Marketing Learn some of the critical foundations of marketing. Understanding key concepts like consumer behavior, target marketing and market research could change your game plan and your position in your industry. Duration: 6 hours 71. What’s Your Bat Signal? Whenever you meet people, they form an instant opinion about you. Every aspect of ‘you’ and your presence sends out a signal to the world. That signal is your brand. Duration: 6 hours 72. The Super Hero In You-“Your Fantastic Brand” Do you know what people say and think of you? If you’re not happy with the real answers, its time to shift your paradigm and change your personal brand to reflect your desired end goal. Duration: 6 hours 73. What’s Your Brand In A ‘Brand’ New World? We are in a ‘brand’ conscious society. You must have a brand. Create or review and improve your brand. Duration: 6 hours 74. Brand New Start How to reposition your companies Brand in a completive market. What’s Your Brand, What does it say? Is your product of services still relevant, with todays brand advocate’s? Duration: 6 hours 75. The Art of Promoting you Business The new age of promoting your business in a tech savvy world. Apple reduce their Advertising budget by 80% and still have continue to grow. What about you? Duration: 6 hours


Marketing 76. What is Consumer Behavior Learn how consumers think when they are in the market to purchase your product and service. Duration: 6 hours 77. Aim Ready Fire! Understanding how to reach your target market. By Creating a plan, Implementing a plan, Working a plan, and Tweaking a plan. To create a bulls eye target plan for your target market. Duration: 6 hours 78. The X’s and O’s Strategies for Soliciting & engaging your target market. Ever wonder why some companies are spot one, in selling products and services, and others are not. Find out how you X’s and O’s strategies can be improved to increase more sales! Duration: 6 hours 79. Who Do We Sale to? The process of gathering data on goods or services to determine whether the product or service will satisfy customer’s needs. Do you know how to look into the minds of your customer base, to sale more things to them. Duration: 6 hours 80. Who’s the Pink Elephant on the IPhone In The Room? Learn how new companies are making millions without spending millions of dollars on advertising. But spending dollars on promotions that work! Duration: 6 hours 81. One Dollar Two Dollars Three Dollars Make a Million Dollars More What is your brand? What does it say in today’s market? Who is your new Brand advocates. Learn If Your Brand Is Making You Money as Company. Duration: 6 hours 82. Communicating with Difficult Behaviors-Are you aware there are six different types of difficult people? You CAN’T change them... but you CAN learn how to respond to them. Duration: 6 hours 83. Marketing For The Clueless Review famous examples of successful and failed marketing campaigns. Discuss and analyze the obvious and no so obvious reasons for marketing success and failure. Duration: 6 hours 19

Contact: MinNefer Mernahkem, CEO Azura Global Consulting Address: 3359 Felicity Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45211 Email: Website: Phone: (317)-417-0821


Azura Global Consulting Training Menu  
Azura Global Consulting Training Menu  

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