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I’ve chosen to analyze th e affect of “The Marriag e Law” & “Th e Cultural Revolution” Why? Becau se I be

lieve that the of society th se two have at is, no one the greatest forms that o c o u impact on s ld h a nly impacts ve escaped ociety, all ra o it n . A th n e upper cla peasants, th d n n o t li k e th ss of landow e other refor ges ese two imp mation ners or lowe acts both w hich is prett r c la s s o f parts of the slaves and y interesting country, not a ls o . It is a just in a city or somewhe lso felt in all As for the ma re in the are rriage law, it w a. as established 1950. Ever sin in ce People’s R epublic of chin People’s Republic of Chin actually one o a in may 1st, a was establis f th hed in 1949, 18 to get marr e first priorities. This form marriage was of law consists ied and for m en 20. 2) you government. o f 1) women ne had to registe 3) Foot bindin eding to be r g y our marriage is illegal. 4) M interesting be to the en cau and 10 childre se Mao himself was cons could not have more than ide 1 wife, It is qu n ite whoever paye making him a hypocrite. an red a womanizer because he had 4 wive d the down p d 5) property ay s ownership wh own it. The o ich was that fficial slogan fo ment to the property shall h r this law is “ his (or her) sa Men and wom ave it after they divorced s lt.” From the fi hall en rst year to the marriages we fifth of this law are equal; everyone is wo re registered. rth being establis hed, 90% of Another reform ation that I cho movement that se is “The Cultu ral Revolution” lasted for 10 ye it was a short ars, it started fr declared by Ma om may 16th 1 o to have officia 966 which was movement was lly ended after a short 3 years actually active in 1969 but the up to the death this movement of Lin Biao in 1 was believed b 971. y Mao to restore on him, and his people’s (and th The goal of actions becaus e party’s) trust e he was falling also to demolis a p a h rt w s h in a ce the 19 t was an usually the peo ple who have b enemy towards him or the pa 50s.It was class or are sm rty. and that’s een moving forw art. Because M a rd a n d a re some ao w economists, his political rivals, m as afraid that those people s what upper uch a ight shall not be allo wed in this com create a new class of chinese s writers, munist country. people that them? He form A n d h e o d w a d c id o mm he thoughts of ha ving an equal s unity that mostly consists of y exterminate ocial and econ planted into he omical status a ouths, with the ads of those w round the coun ho where helpin try g out with this movement.

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The positive impact was more towards women, because now women now has more freedom of choice and could get their voice be heard unlike before the years of this law, The negative impact of this law was both not only that but children couldn’t simply be to men and woman. forced to marry by their parents when For women, the only rule that didn’t they’re under 18, which I believe morally is benefit them was the property ownership the correct minimum age, plus this would be one, why? Because usually men or the supported by one of the rules of this law family from that men are the ones who that also asks you to register you marriage buy the house and land which might to the government, therefore if a male is result in the female being homeless after a under 20 or female is under 18 the marriage divorce, or stopping a divorce to happen won’t be registered to the country. The fact because the woman has nowhere to go. that they banned foot binding is a good And as for men, depending on your point thing too, because I believe that people of view, from a mens point of view the shouldn’t somehow self torture themselves impact that men loses power over women because of what society believes. But it is is a negative thing for them and also quite strange because they banned foot knowing that females could somewhat binding from being a form of torture, but overthrow them and neglect them in a they didn’t to others, and back then foot way, which is not a good thing for them. binding wasn’t usually forced, but the women wants to have small feet that was considered to be beautiful back then.

The I m p l a a r u t l cts u c n o i t u l o rev Positive The only actual positive impact on young people would understand more about the meaning of life after the Down to the Countryside movement which puts them into a chinese worker’s shoes in the rural areas, which Mao hoped that they would understand more about the “standard” or living as a normal chinese and appreciate more of life. But I believe that this movement is only Mao’s point of view and his indoctrinated people that believes on the same goal on this account because then Mao’s power would be restored in People’s Republic of China after this movement.


Students that were used as the red guard loses their education when they were asked to travel across the country, even if at free will this is not good to both those students and the community. Lots were also killed because of the red guards with no hesitation if they were told by Mao to kil people, obviously his first requests were for his rivals to be killed, who is Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqui, others who have a high impact on society were also brought down because Mao were afraid that they would overthrow him. Not only that but both the economy and the art division, the economy was impacted negatively because it was somewhat stopped, the activity of the factories, workers, etc. And on the art division in order to not deliver any westernized culture in shows and to influence people (according to Mao) he demolished colours of the western from operas, such as the pecking opera.


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Mao's China  

Humanities assignment on Mao

Mao's China  

Humanities assignment on Mao