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de! i R t to n a W

That day the atmosphere was light, everything was just right. With all the energy and bravery I could muster, I got on my bike with shaky hands grasping onto the rubbery handlebars with my sweaty hands. The seat felt weird too! It’s rock hard, making it difficult to sit on. I tried to push my legs further so that the gears would move but it resulted in me losing my balance and falling flat on my face, scraping my knees and some on my cheeks also on my legs. Random scratches kissed me all over which was the cause of trying this failure movement several times, it only left a few patches of non-ruined skin here and there.


I walk with my bike on my side looking for another spot as I see a road with a slight slope and it goes downhill. I looked down in fright and hold everything and anything I’m grabbing on, screaming my dear life away and forcefully pushing my legs down and forward in order to move the bicycle, after that I continue my journey on a long-straight-pathway, with my bike, me riding my bike, after a long wait.


Past, present, all mixed up.