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After we arrived there, cheers were already going on from inside the dome and the outside is so empty and quiet that you could hear a pin drop (if someone were to drop it). I sprint towards the gates, which are dirty and dingy but that didn’t bring me down. I finally got the chance to put my butt down and relax, watching the whole 4-1 action which Arsenal won agains Malaysia’s national team.

! n o Kick Today was a special day, holding tightly onto two pieces of paper I glanced down to my watch not wanting to be late. I’m sitting by the front, looking to my left and right nervously taking in this new environment,”Why am I so nervous? This was not my first time...” I questioned myself. There’s awkward silence present in the car, it was so thick that you could cut through it with a knife. It felt like miles and miles before the car came to a sudden halt, unable to look through the window for what seems like a strap holding me down and it tightens as I move. I tried listening to sense whats happening, the silence in the car disappeared, a wave of honks slicing through it. I try once more to look through the window and the straps let me go as I peek through the glass and the view that I see has confirmed my thoughts, traffic jam. “Oh no, this is not happening to me…” And to my surprise, after 15 minutes we arrived at a empty parking lot. Which was about 25 minutes away from the Bukit Jalil stadium by foot, the walk (with combinations of jogs and runs) drains out about 75% of my energy which is saying a lot.



Past, present, all mixed up.