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Greater Phoenix Common Ground Initiative Project Overview February 2010

GOAL House the 50 most medically vulnerable persons within 1 year that are living on the streets in the Phoenix metropolitan region

Principle 1: Street today, Home tomorrow  Housing First approach  Builds on work of Common Ground in New York  Builds on research of Dr. Jim O’Connell with Boston’s Healthcare for the homeless  Builds on work of State agencies  ACHH & ACEH

Principle 2: Vulnerability Index  Average life span discrepancy  Homeless population: 42-52 years  Overall population: 80 years

 Approximately 40% of the population is considered “vulnerable” to premature death on the streets  As determined by 8 factors…

Medical Vulnerability        

Liver Disease End-stage Renal Disease HIV+/AIDS Age over 60 History of Cold or Wet Weather Injury 3+ ER visits in previous 3 months 3+ Inpatient or ER episodes in past year Tri-Morbidity (substance abuse + SMI + chronic disease)


 Reduces the costly impact of frequent users of emergency services i.e. police, fire and emergency rooms  Data-driven plan to organize resources, supports, and housing  Results-oriented trajectory that provides an intervention that is both cost effective and compassionate for the community.

Benefits  Improves community image-reduces visible homelessness  Individuals benefit from a goal of solving - not servicing - their homelessness  Wellness, hope and self-sufficiency improve the quality of life for Arizonans

Registry/Database/Priority List  Create secure online database  A by name and photograph list of every person surveyed (with consent)  Rank orders those surveyed, beginning with the most medically vulnerable  Allows communities to produce reports

Registry Week April 19-23, 2010  Monday – Training on motivational interviewing & Vulnerability Index tool  Tuesday – Surveying 4-6 AM  Wednesday – Surveying 4-6 AM  Thursday – Surveying 4-6 AM  Friday – Community updates

Organizational Structure  H3 Implementation Team  50+ members  Monthly meetings  Responsible for implementation

 Local Campaign Leadership Team   

Led by Jacki Taylor, AZCEH Responsible for management Contact: 602-677-5821

Get Involved – Join a Committee Housing – Mike Shore, Chair HMIS Database – Andy Hall, Chair Marketing – Jacki Taylor, Chair Mentors/Volunteers – Suzanne Legander, Chair Service Gap – Jim Welter, Chair Target Survey Communities– Brande Meade, Chair Timeline – Jim Welter, Chair

Project H3 “HOME is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.” Channing Pollock

“He who has HEALTH, has HOPE. And he who has hope, has everything.”

Jacki Taylor, Executive Director 2100 N. Central Ave., #230 Phoenix, AZ 85004 Phone: 602.340.9393 FAX: 602.257.8951

H3 Project Overview  

An overview of the H3 (Home, Health, Hope) Project, the Greater Phoenix Common Ground Initiative.