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very child knows about Neverland. It’s a magical island, with colourful coral reefs, beautiful mermaids and fierce pirates. Neverland is the home of Peter Pan, a boy who never grows up. In London, there lived a family called the Darlings. They had three children – Wendy, John and Michael. One night, while their parents were out, Wendy woke up to find a strange boy sitting nearby. It was Peter Pan. — Hello, — he said, — what is your name?

— Wendy Darling, — she replied, — and who are you? — Peter Pan. Peter told Wendy all about Neverland, where he lived with the lost boys and the fairy Tinker Bell. They had many exciting adventures in Neverland but they didn’t have a mum or dad to tell them stories at bedtime. I know lots of fairy tales! — exclaimed Wendy. — Let’s fly together! Wendy agreed on one condition — she wanted to take her brothers to Never-

land too. Peter sprinkled them all with fairy dust and soon they could fly. Peter Pan and his new friends flew the whole night. Finally, they reached Neverland where the lost boys were waiting to welcome them. — This is Wendy, — Peter told them. — She’ll be our mum! The children were very happy and

invited Wendy and her brothers to come into their underground home. Wendy became a mum to all the boys; she darned their socks, cooked their meals, told them stories and made sure they were in bed by seven o’clock each night. On the same island, there lived some pirates led by Captain Hook, Peter’s enemy. The pirates hated the lost boys and always

tried to lure them into traps. One day, the pirates left a huge cake with cream for the children. They hoped that the children would eat too much and all get stomach-aches. In the evenings, Peter and the lost boys liked to go exploring near the mermaids’ lagoon. The pirates would creep up and try to attack the children, but Wendy was on the look-out for them, so the pirates’ plans failed. Soon, Wendy, John and Michael started to miss their mum and decided it was time for them to go home.

“Oh, how lovely she is!” whis— Come home with us pered ladies and gentlemen. The — Wendy invited the prince seated his guest in the place boys. — Our parents of honor. Then the music began to will adopt all of you! play, he approached her and The boys agreed invited her to dance. Cinhappily. But Peter derella danced so lightly Pan refused. He didn’t and gracefully that want to leave Neverall admired land and grow up. On their way home, Wendy and the boys were captured by the pirates and taken as prisoners to

Captain Hook’s ship — the Jolly Roger. Meanwhile, Peter Pan was fast asleep in his underground home. He was suddenly woken up by tiny cries from Tinker Bell. — Get up, Peter! The pirates have caught your friends! Peter immediately flew to rescue them. Having landed on Hook’s ship without being seen, he freed Wendy and then shouted, — Fight with me, Captain Hook! The two began fighting, but Peter was too quick for Hook. While the pirates

were watching the fight, Wendy Suddenly freed the lost boys. Peter Pan the defeated clock began Captain Hook and pushed to strike himmidnight. into the sea. The children threw Cinderella the restran of out the pirates overboard and of the Peter room Panfaster skilfully steered the ship than home. a Soon, doe. The the children were back in prince London. rushed afThe Darlings were ter the overjoyed beautiful to have girl, but their shechildren was gone. home Only and a small they agreed glass slipper to adopt wasthe leftlost on the boys stairs. immediately.Meanwhile, Peter Pan was Cinderella the onlytired one who and headed out of breath, back to ranNeverland, home. Shewhere no longhe stayed er had her a little coach boy or forever. her horses or her wonderful dress.

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World of Fairy Tales by AZ Books - Peter Pan  

World of Fairy Tales by AZ Books - Peter Pan  

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