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who’s who // CEOs

A MICHAEL GARIPPA President and CEO // SynCardia Systems // syncardia.com Garippa joined SynCardia, manufacturer of the world’s only commercially approved Total Artificial Heart, in 2010. With more than 1,700 implants worldwide, the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart helps patients with end-stage heart failure survive until a matching donor heart becomes available. Prior to joining SynCardia, Garippa served as president and CEO of CardiacAssist, manufacturer of the TandemHeart. Professional advice: “Combine science and business education in order to be the most wellrounded professional possible.” Industry outlook: “Very bullish and upbeat. Heart disease remains the No. 1 killer of both men and women in the U.S. and there’s no cure in sight. In order to save lives, demand for clinically proven, advanced treatment options like ours will only continue to increase.”




B KEN LAMNECK President and CEO // Insight Enterprises // insight.com Lamneck brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the global IT solutions provider. Since 2004, Lamneck served as president of the Americas at Tech Data, where he led operations in the United States, Canada and Latin America, generating more than $11 billion in annual revenues. Professional advice: “Focus on working hard, building relationships and always being curious because technology and business models are constantly changing.” Industry outlook: “Technology is continuing to grow rapidly and all companies are realizing they have to be a technology company at heart. Technology provides the source of innovation, collaboration and source of differentiation throughout industries.” Surprising fact: “Most people would be surprised to know that I grew up as the only boy amongst seven sisters.”

C GIRISH RISHI CEO // JDA Software // jda.com Rishi became CEO of JDA Software in February 2017. He emphasizes a values-driven culture and a growth mindset and, as the largest supply chain software company, he acknowledges and embraces JDA’s responsibilities to innovate and deliver solutions that transform its customers’ supply chains. Personal strengths: “Ability to listen and observe helped me understand customer requirements better.” Industry outlook: “Expect growth in the retail and manufacturing supply chain driven by online shopping, farm-to-table trends and use of AI. I’m optimistic of new technologies enabling availability of affordable food and clothing to less privileged segments of society, such that children of today can become better equipped citizens of tomorrow.”

D STEVE SANGHI CEO // Microchip Technology // microchip.com Sanghi was named the president of Microchip in August 1990, CEO in October 1991 and the chairman of the board of directors in October 1993. Personal strengths: “Hard work, perseverance, commitment to the cause, empowering subordinates and a can-do attitude are the qualities that stand out in my mind. Throughout my career, my supervisors always saw me as someone who stood out amongst others and someone who was wired a bit differently.” INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: “The semiconductor industry has seen two years of back-to-back record revenue. The industry is seeing a significant number of demand drivers in industrial, automotive, data centers, consumer, communication and aerospace and defense markets. This bodes well as we head into 2019.”


E DAVID SKINNER, MD Founder, President and CEO // Southern Arizona Urgent Care // sauc.com


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In his youth Dr. Skinner was attracted to both business and higher education because they were the ticket out of the trailer park into which he was born. He started five companies by age 30 and his foray into healthcare was starting a new urgent care concept, while in the middle of his MD-PhD program. Six years later, Southern Arizona Urgent Care has 125 employees and nine locations serving Metro Tucson. Personal strengths: “My high standard of quality and commitment to the customer experience has guided everything that I’ve done and has spearheaded Southern Arizona Urgent Care’s ability to upend the local urgent care industry. It’s led to SAUC being the top-rated urgent care center in Arizona and it’s enabled me to succeed in a market that no one thought was possible.”

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