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A JERRY BARNIER President // Suntec Concrete // suntecconcrete.com Barnier is an ex-farm boy from Washington state that couldn’t take the wet, so he headed out. After leaving and spending one season as a ski bum in Jackson Hole, he hitchhiked to Phoenix, where he started his career in concrete. In 1984, after working at Artcraft for a few years, Barnier bought their concrete division and started Suntec Concrete. Professional advice: “This business is a lot of fun when you are part of a team that can build great buildings. And its art when that happens.” Trend to watch: “I think the mid-height multifamily construction will transform to manufactured modular units that stack. That trend will impact the structural frames we build.”


B JERRY BUESING CEO and owner // Buesing Corp. // buesingcorp.com Buesing started his firm in Long Lake, Minn., in 1965 at the age of 21 with one material transport truck. He grew the business over the next couple years and moved the company and its operations to Phoenix in 1988. Buesing’s construction business acumen has allowed him to be successful over five decades in the industry. Industry outlook: “I am optimistic that development and construction industry in multiple market sectors in Arizona will prosper through 2019 and perhaps continuing into 2020. The economic growth across the U.S. that is benefiting the construction industry is positively impacted by relaxed federal regulations, federal tax cuts and development opportunities that is prime for increased capital, both from domestic and foreign investors.”



C KIRK BUTLER Founder and CEO // Cactus Stone & Tile // cactusstone.com Butler started Cactus Stone & Tile at the age of 22 and attended night school on the GI Bill. Personal strengths: “First, believing that anything is possible and employing common sense, logic, hard work and perseverance in all circumstances.” Professional advice: “A business philosophy that’s driven by a desire to sell the cheapest product is a loser. In other words, making it up in volume is foolishness. Deal in the best product you can find. Never compromise on product quality or customer service.” Industry outlook: “The market has been flooded with cheap stone slab products. Our efforts to raise the bar on quality, variety and all the stones the earth presents to us has put us in a very good position to serve all who prefer high quality and a bold selection over a low price.”

D JAMES DINAN Owner, president and CEO // Bel-Aire Mechanical // belairemechanical.com Dinan is the owner of Bel-Aire Mechanical, which was founded in 1986 as a full-service HVAC, mechanical and plumbing contractor and is now the largest private and locally owned signatory mechanical, plumbing and service contractor. The company’s project markets are diverse and include hospital/healthcare, data centers, higher education, laboratory, casino/ resort, corporate office, manufacturing facilities and service/maintenance. Industry outlook: “Increased project opportunities will continue throughout 2018 and well into 2019. The shortage of skilled labor will dictate the pace at which new projects are designed and built. Attracting and retaining highly trained and motivated employees to handle the growth opportunities and replace the aging construction workforce will prove challenging.” “”


E CHARLIE FERER President and CEO // Paradise Greens // paradisegreens.com As president and chief executive officer, Ferer is responsible for the management of Paradise Greens’ overall operations, resources, marketing, finance and strategy. Since opening Paradise Greens’ doors in 2005, Ferer has built a family feeling for company culture and teamwork. Ferer continues to lead the business by offering only United States-manufactured products that are made specifically to cope with the harsh Arizona climates and modeling value for the customer. Ferer is actively involved in the community, including supporting several charity organizations in the Valley.

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