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Azazul Fikar

Manager at Promitom

Azazul Fikar Works Well with Others One of the reasons Azazul Fikar’s employer’s value him so much is his ability to work well with others. Azazul Fikar has mastered the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. In fact, he has experience working with extremely diverse groups, something people oftentimes have trouble with. Azazul Fikar is able to work well with these groups because he knows how to listen, promote ideas, create deadlines, and meet goals. He is dedicated to team-growth and improving company performance.

The Goal Oriented Azazul Fikar As a Production Supervisor and former Manager, Azazul Fikar has mastered the ability to set specific goals and reach deadlines in a timely, efficient manner. Azazul Fikar uses goals to keep his team of employees on the same page. People like to have tangible goals they can reach for, and goals provide a solid framework for this. Azazul Fikar has the unique ability make people focus in on specific goals, a trait his company greatly appreciates.

The Responsible Azazul Fikar

With his job title of Production Supervisor at Pharmavite LLC came a lot of responsibility. The fact that he has been given so many responsibilities is a testament to how much Azazul Fikar’s company trusts him. Some of his many job duties include inspecting expensive machinery, monitoring department employees, assisting in departmental operating expense and capital budget reports, and supervising and training employees. Azazul Fikar meets all of his responsibilities and duties with determination and focus. Currently, Azazul Fikar works as a manager at Promitom.

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Azazul Fikar  

Azazul Fikar received his Masters of Commerce from National University in 2000. He took classes from the non-profit institution from 1995-20...