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THE CHILIAD MYSTERY The Mysteries surrounding Los Santos

Anthony Zarif

Dedicated to Lester. I’ve already said too much.

Tinfoil hats at the ready

THE CHILIAD MYSTERY The Mysteries surrounding Los Santos

Anthony Zarif

Designed and edited by Anthony Zarif Typeset in Bevan and Courier New All photos taken in game by the Author Credit to /r/chiliadmystery for their never ending search

DISCLAIMER This book may contain spoilers to the GTA V game, read at your own risk. All content written is presented as a character living within Los Santos.



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Map of San Andreas



Section 1: Mysterious Markings Mount Chiliad The Mural Mountain Glyphs Galileo Observatory Mount Gordo

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Section 2: The UFO Silent Probe Mountain Storage Tanks Satellite Array Humane Labs and Research

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Section 3: The Egg Paleto Bay Underwater UFO

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Section 4: The Jetpack The Altruist Camp Fort Zancudo The Bunker Fort Zancudo Tower 1

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Section 5: The Secret


PROLOGUE Location : Los Santos_

We’re in Los Santos, San Andreas. It’s a sprawling metropolis, and like all big cities it is home to the wealthy and the downbeat. On one side are the golden sands of Vespucci Beach and the palatial villas of the rich in Rockford Hills; on the other the crimeridden, graffiti-riddled suburbs 10

of Davis and Rancho. At night, the ground blazes with the lights of traffic and the sky hums with helicopters. If you head north, past the sign for Vinewood, town gives way to hills, canyons and rivers. Keep going and the vegetation gives way

to the dust of the Grand Senora Desert and the town of Sandy Shores, on banks of the Alamo Sea at the foot of the mighty Mt. Chiliad.

of mysterious markings scattered around Mount Chiliad. Who put them there? What could they mean?

However if you look a little further and a little deeper rumours are going round about a series

So where are these markings and what are they? Let’s start by taking a look around.

This writer is about to find out.




MOUNT MOUNT CHILIAD CHILIAD Location : Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness_

Mount Chiliad is located far to the north, in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. It is the largest mountain in the region. Two small towns sit at its base: Grapeseed to the southeast, and Paleto Bay to the west. At the base and peak is an aerial cable car station to facilitate travel. There is a hiking trail running down the east side of the mountain. It is here, at this cable car station, that we find our first mysterious markings.


At the peak of the mountain is a small wooden observation deck. Two stationary telescopes can be found on the deck, which cost $1 each per use. In addition, two dirt bikes are parked at the peak of the mountain near the observation decks. Near the Gondola station there is a dirt bike course available to those expert riders only.

A mural can be found in the lift station, down the hill from the viewing platform. Inside the cable car station is a cryptic drawing on a wall that depicts what appears to be the mountain and various symbols. There appear to be two sealed doors leading to a cable car station room directly adjacent to the mysterious drawing. The meaning of this drawing is still unknown.


THE MURAL Location : Chiliad Cable Car Station_



THE THE MURAL MURAL Location : Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness_

On one of the walls in the lift station, a strange mural is painted on the wall, depicting what is assumed to be Mount Chiliad, with an eye or UFO above it, and lightning in the air above it. On the side of the mountain, boxes with X’s are drawn with lines connecting them. On the bottom, three squares are drawn with what appear to be a UFO, an egg with a crack in it, and a stick figure with a jetpack. It is still unknown as to when the mural appeared and many theories about how to correctly interpret the mural have emerged. Common speculations include theories that the mural’s lines and boxes depict actual tunnels running through Mt. Chiliad that physically lead to hidden treasures. 18

Some believe the diagram relates to a more metaphoric path of certain decisions or events to occur. Did humans or was it something else that left these markings? Others have tried various methods of overlaying the mural on top of the San Andreas map itself to see if any interesting relationships could be found. The exact meaning of the mural is still unknown. People have speculated that one of the figures appears to be a man with a rocket attached to his back. Does this mythical thing exist?

Close up photo of the mural as seen inside the cable car station.


MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN GLYPHS GLYPHS Location : Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness_

Five glyphs have been found scattered across the face of the mountain and given that there are five glyphs on the side of the mountain, it’s possible that the glyphs correspond to the five boxes on the mural.


This glyph shows what seems to be a mountain, probably Mount Chiliad, with a zigzagging path leading to its peak. At the top is a small box, which seems to be the lift station.

The Rain glyph depicts a UFO or eye with a rain cloud under it. This suggests that rain is very important to the mural’s meaning what ever it may be.


This glyph depicts the moon below an eye/ UFO, with three vertical dashes. Do the dashes have any numerical significance? Does the crescent moon represent a certain point in the lunar cycle?


The meaning of this glyph is still unknown, but people have suggested it’s referring to a ship no longer intact or crashed. No evidence has been found yet.

The fifth glyph to be found, the plain glyph is just an eye or a UFO. It’s meaning is unknown, as there appears to be nothing significant about it.

Also found on the mountain is this graffiti that appears to be an unknown face, this is most likely unrelated to the mural and placed there by somebody else.



The message “Come back when your story is complete� is written on the back of the observation deck. Another glyph can also be seen underneath the deck similar to the one on top of the mural. Does this represent the top, what needs to happen next?


GALILEO OBSERVATORY Location : Vinewood Hills_

The Galileo Observatory sits high up in the Vinewood Hills, allowing for a far reaching view all across Los Santos and upwards to the skies. However, closer to ground is where the mystery lies, as outside the front there is a strange statue. This statue if viewed from the outdoor terrace appears to line up with Mount Chiliad. The ornament on the top also resembles the glyph on the top of the mural.


Outside the front there is also an isolated lift which must access the sub levels of the Galileo Observatory; however it has never been seen accessed. Strange how this elevator stands alone in its own small structure.

Clockwise from left: The Galileo Observatory; Statue out front with Mount Chiliad in the Distance; Shadow cast on the floor from statue that resembles glyph on top of the mural; isolated from main building, elevator structure.


MOUNT GORDO Location : Blaine County_



MOUNT MOUNT GORDO GORDO Location : Blaine County_

Mount Gordo is another of the three mountains in San Andreas with the smallest peak. It is located in the northeast of Blaine County. Mount Gordo is well recognized as a popular place for yoga and camping.

It’s been speculated that the mountain glyph on Mount Chiliad really refers to Mount Gordo because of the zigzagging path on the glyph, and the fact that Mount Gordo has a zigzagging on its side. Mount Gordo also has a building at the top, which could be what the little square at the top of the mountain in the glyph is referring to.


In 1978, Jolene Cranley-Evans and her husband Jock Cranley were walking by the cliffs overlooking the El Gordo Lighthouse. The couple were known to be having troubles in their marriage. It has been speculated that during a hike Jock pushed Jolene off a cliff, and she later died from internal injuries due to her fall. The police concluded that Jolene fell off the cliff by accident, and Jock was released without charges. Her spirit appears at the top of Mount Gordo at night. On the rock that the ghost floats over, the name “Jock� is written with blood, accusing her husband of murder.





Silent Probe Mountain is located in Sandy Shores, Blaine County and is a must see sight for those interested in extraterrestrial life. The area itself is a large concrete art piece with references to UFOs, aliens, and strong support of peace and love. Upon your first visit there is a lot to take in, bright colours and strange symbols. Around the mound there are strange symbols that wrap around the mound; these markings are yet to be understood. Many theories have been put forward ranging from a ciphered message to lunar moon phases. A tribute to the WOW! signal can also be seen here; “6EQUJS�. This is a signal that was discovered by one Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while he was working on a search for extraterrestrial 34

intelligence (SETI) project at the Big Ear radio telescope. It has been thought that the 72-secondlong signal had the hallmarks of non-terrestrial origin past the solar system. Among the other markings around this location, two glyphs can be found that are of great interest on the search for truth. One is of the eye and rain; the second is the eye with three lines and the moon. These two glyphs are the same as a couple of those located on Mount Chiliad. No-one has been found to comment on the origin of these glyphs; however, they must be a step closer to discovering the truth. Others must be looking into the matter, hopeful that is it extra terrestrial life.

Image taken above of Silent Probe Mountain. Photo taken in a helicopter with iFruit mobile phone.

6EQUJ5 is found in the camp this is a reference to the 1977 WOW signal.

Glyph featuring the UFO with three dashes and the moon, painted yellow on red surface.


Glyph identical to the one of the side of Mount Chiliad. An eye/UFO with a cloud of rain underneath. Painted red on a yellow surface.

A station wagon with a flying saucer on top can be found parked on a concrete red circle in the middle of the camp. A big red arrow on the ground also points to this.

Photo of the tall wide concrete pillar nearby the camp.

Photo of the second concrete pillar found by following the first concrete pillar at the Hippie Camp.


There are two strange tall wide concrete pillars to be found here. The first one is near the camp and has a white sign with a red arrow on it. After following the direction the arrow points, you come to a second concrete pillar, again with a white sign and red arrow.

All that is to be found nearby is another glyph drawn in the sand. This represents the zigzagging path leading to a box with the UFO above it. Just to the right of it is the WOW! signal drawn in the sand. There is an arrow to the left of the glyph with the letter N; this could possibly be referring to magnetic north.

After following this arrow, there is no further trail and nothing else to find.

There is still currently a search on to see if this leads to anything.


STORAGE TANKS Location : Alamo Sea_


These two painted storage tanks are located along the rail line just west of Stab City. They are covered in graffiti resembling that of the Silent Probe Mountain. People can occasionally be seen doing Yoga on top or near the tanks. It has been speculated that the satellite dish points directly at these two tanks, maybe there is something inside them?


SATELLITE ARRAY Location : Grand Senora Desert_




The satellite array is located in the southeast area of the Grand Senora Desert. There are six satellites in total and they are supposedly used as a radio astronomy observatory that studies celestial objects emitting radio frequencies. They are usually used as a group linked together facing the same direction. This achieves a higher degree of accuracy in the information received. However, people have been talking and have observed how one satellite is facing west. There are fears that this satellite is being used for surveillance purposes. The one satellite that faces west points in the direction of Fort Zancudo, Mount Josiah and the storage tanks. 42


Every day at 10:00AM, government officials have been spotted visiting the satellite array, paying close attention to one of them. They appear in unmarked FIB vehicles and can be seen wearing earpieces used for communication. One agent in particular stands out as he is wearing a grey suit; this is extremely unusual for FIB agents. What role does he play in this?


Three scientists with clipboards arrive at the same time as the FIB. They are holding clipboards and stand together scrutinising one of the satellites. The satellite they examine is not the odd one facing west, although it is always the same one. What data are they collecting?




Recently there has been an article in the Daily Globe about the Surveillance Law reform, described as ‘worrying’. This is a photo inside a local 24/7 supermarket.


After keeping a close eye for suspicious behaviour, more activity has been found around the U-shaped bend on Chainski Passage.


Four FIB agents are found with an engineer gathered in front of what looks like a communications building. There is a telecommunications tower right next to it.

They can be seen at the location early in the day from 6:00AM to quite late in the evening.

This U-shaped passage leads onto the Humane Labs and Research Facility. Are these people linked to the research labs or the satellites?


HUMANE LABS AND RESEARCH Location : San Chianski Mountain Range_



The Humane Labs and Research Facility is a chemical research company located on Chainski Passage, Blaine County. Don’t let the name fool you; they have been known to create dangerous chemical weapons and carry out testing on animals. The public is led to believe they are an innocuous perfume factory.


Although access to this facility is heavily restricted, we do know the names of the departments within: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Administration Specimen Handling Cryogenics Pharmacology Molecular Biology Microbiology Biochemistry Genetics




PALETO BAY Location : Blaine County_



PALETO PALETO BAY BAY Location : Blaine County_

Paleto Bay is a lovely little town that you can visit if you’re driving down the Route 1. Way north along the coast you will find this town situated at the base of Mount Chiliad. Home to the large Cluckin’ Bell chicken factory this place is obsessed with eggs and chickens: they are everywhere. Led here to search for clues related to the cracked egg on the mural: there could be a mystery here to crack.




Along the Great Ocean Highway in Paleto Bay, come back at nighttime and you will see some strange markings appear on two of the signs at the RON gas station. There are three signs in total with the western one having the clearest visible symbol on it. The next one appears to be faded and the eastern one has nothing appearing on it. These symbols only appear at night and their meaning is unknown. Some people believe the sign with the faded symbol aligns with the peak of Mount Chiliad and is involved in the mystery.


UNDERWATER UFO Location : Northern Ocean_


Located in the ocean north of Paleto Bay you can find a Sunken UFO that must have crashed a long time ago, as much of the surface appears eroded by the sea.




ALTRUIST CAMP Location : Chiliad Mountain



THE THE ALTRUIST ALTRUIST CAMP CAMP Location : Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness_

The Altruist Camp is home to the Altruist cult situated west of Mount Chiliad in a very isolated location away from civilization. It’s eerie to approach as a tall wooden wall surrounds the camp. Behind the walls lies a small camp made of wooden shacks and beaten up houses.


Follow the path inside and it leads to a large stone, which they use for sacrificing young blood.

Recently a shadow has been observed on the stone that resembles the jetpack figure as seen on the mural. This could possibly be a coincidence, or this could be a conspiracy.

Although the Altruists are against technology some have been seen driving cars and they operate a website that is regularly updated but unreadable. A radio tower is nearby that they must use. What do they use it for? Some people believe they know more than we thought; it’s a possibility that the markings around the camp, if understood, tell us something new just like the mural does.


FORT ZANCUDO Location : Chiliad Mountain


If there is alien technology to be found, Fort Zancudo must be the place. A US Air Force base surrounded by high anti-scale fencing, the only point of access is by two controlled checkpoints. Located by Lago Zancudo swamp at the base of Mount Josiah in Blaine County.


THE BUNKER Location : Fort Zancudo_



THE THE BUNKER BUNKER Location : Fort Zancudo_

If you are lucky enough to get inside Fort Zancudo there is some activity that sticks out over at the bunker. Visit this bunker at nighttime at 21:00 and a red light can be seen flashing on the bunker. Wait around longer and the brightest green glow you’ll ever witness begins to shine around 1:00AM. This only lasts until 3:00AM and everything is over by 5:00AM. Is this extraterrestrial life? Further investigation shows that the life is stuck below ground level at floor -1 and inaccessible. What is it that is below there? What is in the sky? Legend has it that a military base called Area 69 once housed jetpack technology that was stolen. Does this have anything to do with what the mural is trying to communicate?



FORT ZANCUDO TOWER 1 Location : Fort Zancudo_








3 AM At 3AM visit Mount Chiliad

PEAK OF MOUNT CHILIAD Reach the peak of Mount Chiliad and stand on the viewing platform

RAINING It must be raining or a thunderstorm


MOUNT CHILIAD UFO Location : Above Mount Chiliad_



SANDY SHORES UFO Location : Above Silent Probe Mountain_





FORT ZANCUDO UFO Location : Above Fort Zancudo_






This is one possible explanation for the Mural; the rest is up to you. There is still hope of a Jetpack, who knows if one day it shall be uncovered. Visiting Silent Probe Mountain there is a station wagon with a flying saucer on top, which is parked on a concrete red circle in the middle of the camp. If you use a helicopter and fly as high as you can, above the camp you will find a UFO. Visiting Paleto Bay just off the coast, use a submarine and you will find a sunken UFO that must have crash-landed a long time ago, who knows about it we are still unsure.


Flying above Fort Zancudo you will find another UFO, built with much more modern technology. It is possible humans built this. At the top of Mount Chiliad, under certain conditions a UFO will appear when stood at the observation deck, this is however believe to be a projection and not a real UFO perhaps serving as a distraction. Visit this location at 3AM during rain or a thunderstorm. This answers the basics but it may just be the beginning. For the letters ‘FIB’ can be seen on three of the UFOs, what do they have to do with this? Keep on searching.



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The Chiliad Mystery  
The Chiliad Mystery  

The mysteries surrounding Los Santos. Everything about one thing UWE