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How to Keep Your Turquoise Jewelry Gorgeous For Life Turquoise jewelry is indeed one of the most appealing stones in the history of mankind. It has been a huge part of history where this gorgeous blue green stone was used by royalty alone to adorn themselves. No two turquoise stones are alike and hence it is very important o know which is genuine and which is fake before you purchase your Turquoise Jewelry. There are many places where you can get your turquoise jewelry either in an online jewelry store or in a physical jewelry store. Depending on your taste, budget and type you can purchase one. Here Are A Few Tips When It Comes To Caring For Your Turquoise Jewelry 1. Your turquoise jewelry can be scratched easily hence, it is important to protect them from other stones and metals. 2. Store them in a separate jewelry box or a pouch to give them maximum protection. 3. Never come near chemicals with your Turquoise Jewelry on. Stay away from perfumes and hair sprays after you wear the turquoise jewelry. Or best use them first and put on your turquoise jewelry finally. Any types of chemicals and even body lotions will change the colour of the stone and make it dull and lifeless. Hence, if you do not want this to happen, ensure that you do not touch chemicals while you wear your favourite jewelry on. 4. It is a delicate stone and sometimes even soap can have a bad affect on it. 5. If you want to clean the stone or jewelry use warm water. Dip it in the warm water for a few minutes and use a brush it there is dirt on top. If not use a soft cloth to wipe away the water and you will have your clean turquoise jewelry back. 6. This is not the jewelry to wear it you are doing hard labour. Gardening, cleaning or even cooking can damage the stone and scratch it. Therefore, to be on the safer side always ensure that you remove your turquoise jewelry before you decide to start your work. By following the above tips you can ensure that your turquoise jewelry is going to last you a long time.

How to Keep Your Turquoise Jewelry Gorgeous For Life