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When we get closer to nature, be it a tree in our backyard or the untouched wilderness of the forest, we do ourselves a favour. Nature resets our mind and body and helps us to stay connected with ourselves. Azafran is our effort to take you back to where you belong, ‘the nature’.

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ORGANICS Skin Care..............................................6 Bath & Body Care................................15 Hair Care.............................................23 Sun Care.............................................25 Baby Care...........................................26

INFUSIONS Infused EVOO.....................................31 Cold Pressed Oils...............................34

CRAYONS Organic Crayons.................................38

HOME CARE Laundry Detergent..............................39

Pure, Organic & Natural Our formulations are made with organic ingredients grown at our own farms. We do not use any chemical fertilizers & pesticides when growing the herbs. All our ingredients are ECOCERT & USDA certiďŹ ed. We use only natural & earth derived ingredients in our products. The entire process from growing herbs till product packaging is done in-house to ensure maximum purity.

CertiďŹ ed under ISO 9001:2015 ISO 140001:2015 BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Azafran Organics is the ďŹ rst ever brand in India; to create personal care products with the concept of 'Farm to Face', where the entire range of products are made only by using natural methods and organic farm grown ingredients. We have approved our farming for organic certiďŹ cation of NOP and NPOP standards through ECOCERT.


SKIN CARE An organic skincare is essential to stay free from blemishes and enjoy soft, supple and younger looking skin. Our skincare range is specially formulated with the most effective plant extracts, trusted for generations to soothe and nourish the skin. So, whatever be your complexion, nourishing plant extracts work in harmony to feed and rejuvenate your skin.


Clear Skin Face Wash Made with multi fruit extracts rich in natural AHAs, organic neem & turmeric extracts. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells giving it a healthy glow. Reduces acne and blemishes with regular use. 5g




100g `400 6

Skin Brightening Face Wash Made with multi fruit extracts rich in natural AHAs and organic licorice extract. Brightens skin tone and helps to achieve visibly radiant skin with regular use.





Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash Enriched with Australian Tea Tree Oil for healing acne and blemish prone skin. Removes excess oil and other impurities without drying the skin.




MOISTURIZER Day & Night Nourishing Crème

Daily 3-In-1 Moisturizer

Skin Brightening Face Crème

Made with multi fruit extracts, olive butter and vegetable squalene.

Made with multi fruit extracts, soya butter, aloe vera and organic oils of coconut, olive and almond.

Made with Vitamin B3, Organic Soya butter and Organic coconut oil.

Hydrates and smoothens skin tone. Ideal for day and night use.





Moisturizes, brightens skin tone and gives natural sun protection.

5g 50g

`10 `350

Reduces pigmentation and blemishes and brightens skin tone.




`300 8


Spend just few minutes a week with our gentle, yet effective exfoliator and treatment mask. Formulated with pure, natural and organic ingredients, to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth and glowing skin. Our scrub and mask is like a visit to the spa - in a tube.





Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Masque Made with multi fruit extracts, kaolin clay, vetiver oil and Organic soya butter. Deep cleanses pores, removes toxins, purifies and firms the skin. Reduces inflammation and gives a natural glow.





Everyday Gentle Face Scrub Made with multi fruit extracts, organic jojoba beads and organic coconut shell powder. Removes dead skin cells while keeping the skin soft and moisturized.


ANTI-AGEING Ageless beauty from the apple orchards

COVER STORY In spring, the ambient air of the apple orchard and the scent of the pink and white blossoms oat the soul away with its delicious perfume and glowing colours. During Autumn, the orchard transforms into another beautiful painting with the sight of the trees bedecked with apples. Apart from creating such poetic inspirations, what other magic can these apples cast? They add a magic touch to the skin.


Nutri Active Advanced Skin Firming Cream Made with the stem cell technology of the rare Swiss apple along with olive oil, coconut oil and Vitamin B3, our cream reduces pigmentation, reverses signs of ageing and premature ageing. A targeted treatment for ageing concerns. Gives triple effect. 1. Smoothens the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines 2. Gives a lifted & sculpted look 3. Treats age spots & pigmentation

Best for everyday anti-ageing, fighting wrinkles, crow's feet, skin firming, pigmentation & lacklustre skin. Cherry on the cake; the cream also optimizes hydration levels for a satin finish and dewy appearance.

Nutri Active Advanced Skin Firming Cream 40g


Stem cells from the rare Swiss Green Apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber are used as an active ingredient in anti-ageing skin care products.

This formulation has age reversing abilities, treats wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C in green apples protect skin cells from ageing. Anti-oxidants in the apple helps in cell rejuvenation. Skin care creams crafted with the Swiss apple stem cell technology delays the onset of wrinkles, lifts the skin and gives it a natural and youthful glow.


A SCENTED STORY At our organic farms, we grow plants from organic seeds or from the cuttings taken from our mother stock at the farm. Special care is taken for plants like the geranium which grows at an altitude of 1500 meters. Herbs are harvested and their essence is captured in the most natural way perfectly capturing the soul of botanicals.

Rose Geranium at our Green House


Rose geranium harvest 12

TONER & MIST Our mist nourishes & hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Spritz gently to tone the skin, set the make-up or refresh your mood anytime. Hydrate, brighten & illuminate your skin with just a hit of our mist!

Illuminating Dewy Face Mist Made with fruit extracts, aloe vera, rose scented geranium, healing chamomile and antibiotic tulsi. Hydrates, refreshes and tones the skin.




BEAUTY REGIME FOR YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN Treat your complexion to a 4 step Organic Beauty Regime. Made with certified organic ingredients to draw toxins and impurities out while tightening the appearance of pores. Regular usage reveals smoother and more refined complexion with a healthy glow. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Cleanse Scrub Masque Moisturize

Complexion purifier to remove any impurities from the skin. Removes dead cells to instantly smoothen & brighten the skin. Deep cleanses pores, reduces dark spots & evens skin tone. Melts into the skin for long lasting nourishment & hydration.

Kit Includes Clear Skin Face Wash 5g X 3 Everyday Gentle Face Scrub 5g X 3 Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Masque 5g X 3 Daily 3 in 1 Moisturizer 5g X 3


`80 14

BATH & BODY CARE Do you dream of having a ďŹ rm body with velvet soft and smooth skin? A regular body care regime is required to clean pores, remove dead skin cells, provide gentle exfoliation and encourage cell renewal.

Our body care products are crafted with organic; high performance ingredients to gently remove dead skin cells and dirt revealing a smoother, radiant looking skin. Organic butters and oils help to balance oil and sebum without disrupting skin’s natural pH balance and over drying.


MEDITATION WITH THE RAIN Rain has the unique ability to pause our train of thoughts, bring our awareness to the present moment and ďŹ ll us with awe. Seeing the movement of water on its journey reminds us of our own journey in time. We become conscious of the unseen laws that govern the ow of nature and life.

Mineral Rich Rejuvenating Body Wash Inspired by rain water, the purest form of water, we created our Body wash with mineral rich water and a blend of organic coconut oil and natural fruit sugars. Gently glides on to cleanse and moisturize the skin; leaving it ravishingly radiant.

100g 200g

`225 `400

Rainwater harvesting Capturing rainwater and using it is a simple, yet beautiful idea. We believe that developing sustainable water supply is one way to ensure our organic farms and community has enough fresh water.


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil to gently cleanse the skin without stripping its natural moisture. Anti-bacterial and antifungal formulation reduces blemishes with regular use.

Australian tea tree oil



Australian tea tree oil comes from the tea tree plant (Melaleuca alternifolia) native to Australia. The oil is more effective in treating acne. It dries out white heads and black heads thus preventing further breakouts. It controls oil production, removes damaged skin cells and treats blemishes.

Endowed with anti-inammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties; it is widely used in making skin care formulations. Soaps with tea tree oil cleans the skin with an invigorating scent and keeps it fresh and clear. It controls blemishes without drying the skin. Body wash with tea tree oil doubles up as a revitalizing refresher. The oil gently cleanses the skin without stripping its natural moisture. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulation prevents blemishes with regular use. 17

Our soap making story takes one into the cutting edge of beauty & hundred years back into the past. Inspired by our genuine love & respect for all things natural, we use organic botanicals, plant oils & butters to formulate our soaps that will nourish your skin & also be kind to our planet.

Our Ingredients We grow, harvest & extract nature's purest ingredients at our own facilities. Plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown in our Greenhouses.

botanical concentrates & healing herbs. Various botanical essences are used for enhancing & individualizing the soaps.

Organic & Handmade The batch is mixed for hours and is then allowed to thicken slowly. As the soap solidiďŹ es, it is removed from moulds & placed in custom made drying racks & cured.

The Process Our soaps are made using age old processes. Organic oils are mixed with The process produces the mildest, moisturizing soaps that are extremely soothing for the skin. Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches. Nothing artiďŹ cial, just wholesome natural ingredients. Keeps the skin soft, smooth and radiantly healthy. 18

SOAPS Our soaps are the first ECOCERT certified and organic soaps in India.

Neem & Turmeric

Licorice & Saffron

Australian Tea Tree

Clear Skin Soap

Skin Lightening

Anti-blemish Soap

Made with organic neem


Made with Australian Tea

and turmeric extracts, soya butter and coconut oil.

extract, saffron, coconut oil,

Reduces acne and

safflower butter and olive

blemishes. Promotes clear


and glowing skin.

Tree Oil. Deep cleanses the

Made with organic licorice

Prevents blemishes with clean and refreshed.

keeps it smooth.


Pack of 3




natural surface oils.

regular use. Keeps the skin

Brightens skin tone and


skin without stripping the





A Behind the Scenes look at the extraction & preparation of our signature ingredient; ‘Soya Butter’. When saps of the soya plant flows and stimulates growth, the young buds are filled with a power to soften, moisturize, soothe and firm the skin. Our research lab works to incorporate these exceptional properties of soya into our products.

Oil is extracted from soya grown at our organic farms and from the oil, butters are derived at its purest form. Our many formulations contain a rich percentage of soya butter with a blend of other potent botanicals.

Soya butter is a decadent moisturizer. Each of our products are delivered fresh from the farm & we accept nothing less than perfection. Simple and imperceptible, our products deliver perfect results.


BODY BUTTERS Why use Body Butters? Body butters are a decadent moisturizer for the skin, be it face, feet, hands or body. A small amount of body butter will soak right into the skin for everyday use, and a larger amount will make a perfect night time application. Coat it on dry hands, aky elbows, toes, heels; where ever there is need for an extra dose of moisture. Our body butters contain less water, more butters and natural oils. Luxuriously thick and come in a classic assortment of botanicals and scents to go with everyone's preference. No chemicals involved, so it's a guilt free indulgence!

100g 200g

`375 `600

200g 100g 200g

`400 `700

`700 21

Soya Milk Skin Nourishing Body Butter Made with organic soya butter, coconut oil and vitamin B3. Nourishes and brightens skin to give a luminous complexion.

Aqua Milk Skin Revitalizing Oil Trio Body Butter Made with organic oils of coconut, olive and almond along with milk proteins. Hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin from environmental damage.

Aqua Milk Skin Balancing Aloe Vera Body Butter Made with aloe vera extract, vitamin E and milk proteins. Heals, moisturizes and prevents premature ageing.

Ingredients in our body butters Aloe vera improves dry skin and reduces premature ageing. Milk proteins repairs, heals and moisturizes the skin. Olive oil keeps skin looking healthy and promotes even skin tone. Soya butter smoothes wrinkles, reduces pigmentation and nourishes the skin. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and keeps the skin radiant and healthy looking. 22

HAIR CARE Our hair care range is packed with organic & natural ingredients like coconut oil, sun ower oil and soya butter to gently cleanse all the while nourishing the scalp and strands effectively.




100g 200g

`250 `495 5g



`125 `225


Aqua Halo Scalp Rejuvenating Shampoo

Aqua Halo Rejuvenating Conditioner

Cures dry, damaged and dandruffprone hair.

Made with 80% water rich in minerals of iron, magnesium, and calcium essential for healthy hair growth. Vitamin E & Glycerine hydrates, keeps hair soft and provides long lasting conditioning and colour protection.

Suitable even for sensitive scalps.


Soya Rich Triple Action Shampoo Soya butter repairs damaged hair and restores strength. Organic glycerin smoothens rough hair while effectively moisturizing strands with a conditioning effect.Boosts keratin production, reduces split ends and enhances hair growth.



100g 200g

`300 `500

Soya Rich Triple Action Intense Intense Conditioner Adds softness and shine while deep conditioning dry and damaged hair. Boosts keratin production and enhances hair growth. Reduces stress when styling, nourishes and keeps the locks soft and shiny.



50g 100g

`150 `225


SUNSCREEN D’fend your skin Sun rays cause more than 80% of skin ageing. Studies reveal that regular use of sunscreen significantly reduces signs of ageing. Organic soya butter in our sunscreens reduce redness of the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Both SPF Crèmes are free from artificial fragrance, paraben and sulphate. Suitable for all skin types; even for those with sensitive skin and gentle enough to use on children above 2 years. Ideal for year-round usage. Blocks more than 90% of the UVA and UVB sunrays. Can be used all year round. Does not leave a residue of white patches on the skin. Sweat and water resistant. Suitable for all skin types and safe for kids.

For face and body

Does not cause acne.










BABY CARE Be it, bathing your baby, or before bed snuggles – everyday rituals with your baby becomes memorable and powerful when multiple senses like touch and scent are stimulated. Our baby care range is created with certified organic ingredients that are gentle and soothing on baby’s delicate skin. Organic and non-toxic nature of the products help to soothe, nourish and soften baby’s delicate skin. Its pleasant scent paired with your loving touch will strengthen the bond between you and your little love.

From Head to Toe… Being obsessed with purity and sustainability is a part of our process; from growing ingredients to manufacturing, packaging and beyond. Our baby care range is created with gentle, pure and organic ingredients and come from the place of love. We stay far from Paraben, Sulphate and other harsh chemicals that can dry and irritate the skin. Instead we use only plant based certified organic ingredients like coconut, soya and olive that are gentle and smell amazing.

Massage oil in a tube No more messy oil bottles! A head to toe massage oil in a tube & travel friendly. Made with a rich blend of Coconut butter, Sesame butter, Palm wax and oils of Olive and Palm to keep baby’s delicate skin smooth, shiny and healthy. Regular massage improves skin texture, muscle tone and overall growth.Can be used before bathing as a massage oil and also for moisturizing after bathing.


Nourishing Cream Formulated with organic olive oil, organic soya butter and vegetable derived squalane.

Made with a blend of Mineral rich water, Coconut derived ingredients and organic Glycerine. Gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin and hair without drying.

Moisturizing Soap Made with organic oils of coconut and olive, soya butter and soya wax. Removes impurities, moisturizes and reďŹ nes skin texture.











50g 100g

`250 `350

100g 200g

`225 `400











Gives a healthy look while providing intense moisturization.

Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo



BATHING YOUR BABY Bubbles, splashing, coos and giggles - bath time is the perfect time to engage the baby’s senses and create an intimate bond between the parent and baby. Azafran helps you understand how best to bathe your little one. Just like massages, bathing babies get them ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Start only with a few inches of warm water. Support your baby’s back, neck and head with one hand and continue bathing with the other. Lather the soap/body wash onto the baby gently. Rinse off with a hand-shower or cup. Never leave the baby alone in the tub. Wrap the baby in a towel with a hood. This keeps the baby’s ears and head warm.

Supports the sensitive skin barrier of your baby. Effectively removes impurities including oil and fats.

pH Mild formulation to avoid irritation to the delicate skin.


YOUR EVERYDAY ORGANIC BEAUTY REGIME Clear Skin Face Wash Illuminating Dewy Face Mist Everyday Gentle Face Scrub D’fend SPF 30+/50+ Crème

Exfoliate without redness & irritation

Cleanse & glow Key to fresh faced radiance is what lies underneath. Our non drying cleanser revitalizes & refreshes skin after every cleansing.

A blend of botanical actives to gently buff away dead skin & rough spots.

A perfect base

Skin tonic spritzer Quick fix to cool, calm, refresh & delicately fragrance the skin.

Deeply hydrating & nourishing botanical formulation keeps skin noticeably soft & smooth. Moisturizes & gives sun protection.

See the bright side! 29

Azafran Infusions was created with the concept of ‘Food infused with good health’ - from our farms to your plate. We offer food products that are tasty and nutritious, ingredients being grown at our organic farms.


INFUSED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS Our infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil range is a classic love story of Spanish olive oil infused with exotic, organic Indian spices. Our olive oils are artfully and skilfully crafted utilizing our knowledge in olive varietals and expertise in sensorial assessment.








DIP, DRESS, DRIZZLE Traditional methods are adopted to ensure maximum extraction of antioxidants in our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Ingredients used to infuse the olive oils are cultivated at our organic farms using organic farming techniques and optimizing natural cycles and resources without using chemical fertilizers. Our infused EVOO intensifies the taste of any recipe while enhancing overall health. Use it as a dipping oil with crusty bread, whizz up the tastiest salad dressings or add a finishing flourish to soups, the choices are just endless.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With Organic Basil Hand-picked; fresh basil leaves from our farms are used to infuse the oil. Use in marinades, seafood courses, sauces for meats, and vegetables, or simply as a dipping sauce with crusty breads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With Organic Chilli Infused with organic, farm grown chillies. We use age old techniques to extract the flavour of chillies while retaining its taste & health benefits. Use it for making snacks, starters, side dishes, or for jazzing up your salads; the choices are just endless.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With Organic Garlic Garlic from our farms is used to infuse the olive oil creating flavoured oil bursting with taste & aroma. Wonderful choice for pastas, flavoured rice, focaccia, or even for simply drizzling on your favourite dish.


Deviled Eggs

Healthy Veg. Sandwich



2 Large eggs 2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise Dried herbs 2 Teaspoons Mustard Salt and Pepper Chili flakes Coriander leaves, for garnishing

4 slice of Bread 2 Tablespoon Grated Onion 1/4 Cup Chopped Capsicum 2 to 3 Tablespoon Boiled Sweet Corn 1 Deseeded or Chopped green chilli 2 Tablespoon Grated Carrots 1 Tablespoon Mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon Mustard Chilli flakes Salt and Pepper

Azafran’s Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Azafran’s Chili Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Preparation Step 1 – Boil the eggs. Place 4 eggs in a pan, immersed in water. Start boiling it for at least 10 minutes. Then after, remove the pan from the stove, cover it with a lid and let it stay for 5 minutes or so. Step 2 – Peel the eggs gently. Place the eggs in an ice water first so that peeling becomes easier. Then slice the eggs in half and place them on a plate. Step 3 – One by one, remove the yolks from the slices eggs and transfer all the yolks to a mixing bowl. In the mixing bowl, mash the yolks with a fork and add Mayonnaise, Mustard, Seasonings, Salt, and Pepper. Also, add Azafran’s Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and blend the mixture well. This way a tasty filling is formed. Step 4 – Transfer the filling one by one to the sliced eggs, one can use a spoon to scoop all the filling into the eggs. Sprinkle with paprika, fresh coriander leaves and Azafran’s Chili Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil to serve

Azafran’s Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Preparation Step 1 – Take onions, Capsicum, Sweet Corns, Carrot, and Green Chilli in a bowl and mix them well Then add Salt & Pepper, Mayonnaise, Mustard to a mixture and blend them well. Season the mixture with some Chilli Flakes in the end. Step 2 – Now, drizzle some Azafran Infusion’s Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive oil to the mixture to get that amazing garlic flavour and aroma. Step 3 – Drizzle some Azafran Infusion’s Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Olive oil on the slice of a bread, spread it evenly and put the mixture on top of it. Put another slice of the bread on it. Step 4 – Put the sandwich in the toaster griller and in 1 to 2 minutes, the healthy veg. Sandwich is ready.


COLD PRESSED OILS Cold press process involves crushing the seeds through traditional methods to extract the oil thereby retaining the natural nutrients, aroma, and flavour of the oil.


`375 1L

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil


Cold pressed oils contain greater antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, thus superior in terms of potential health benefits.

Rich in vitamin E. Stimulates digestion, balances cholesterol levels and boosts immunity. Free from artificial colouring, preservative & flavouring. Suitable for dressings, sauces, sautéing and cooking.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Good source of vitamin E with a light and delicate sesame flavour. Free from artificial colouring, preservative & flavouring. Is a medium heat cooking oil. Suitable for cooking, sautéing, marinades and salad dressings.



Rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamin E. Reduces cholesterol and helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Suitable for sautéing, frying, grilling, baking and cooking.


Rich in vitamin E, improves immune system and helps in maintaining healthy skin. Has high smoking point. Suitable for dressing, cooking, sautéing and deep frying.


Rich in essential fatty acids. Wonderfully versatile in both savoury & sweet dishes. Adds flavour in marinades, popcorn, salad dressings and baked goods.


Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil


Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Homemade Protein Shake/Smoothie Enhance your protein power with a smoothie made with healthy and delicious ingredients. By using coconut oil, smoothies taste better, aid digestion and give more energy. They also promote healthy looking skin, nails and hair. Try adding organic cold pressed coconut oil in the smoothies. All that is needed is 10 minutes and a few ingredients. Ingredients


1 cup strawberries 1 cup coconut milk 1 spoon peanut butter 1-2 egg yolks 1-2 tablespoons Azafran’s Cold pressed coconut oil 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil or just the flaxseeds 1 date, 1 walnut Pinch of sea salt

Add strawberries, coconut milk, and chopped walnut & date to a blender. Blend it well and then add peanut butter along with Azafran’s Cold pressed coconut oil, flaxseeds, sea salt and egg yolks. Blend it again until it has become smooth enough to be called a smoothie!! Pour the mixture into the glass and tadaaa...a healthy smoothie / protein shake is ready.


Experience the world of natural & organic colours!

Azafran’s crayons are x

100% Organic & Eco friendly

Ever wondered how Azafran creates its Organic Veggie Crayons? How the best ingredients that the nature has to offer are blended and captured in cute little blocks of different colours?


Non Toxic & Waterproof


Non sticky; transfer resistant

Ingredients for the crayons are grown at Azafran organic farmhouses. Plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown in their Greenhouse facilities. Ingredients are awarded the USDA & ECOCERT stamp of approval. No animal derived by-products are used in the process.


Non greasy


No animal derived ingredients

Playing with colours just got a lot more enjoyable!

After the harvesting process, butters and waxes are extracted in its purest form and are blended. Food grade colours are added to the mixture and blocks are moulded in small batches. This way, 100% organic, bio degradable, ecofriendly & non-toxic crayons are created at Azafran’s facility. Organic crayons have countless advantages when it comes to safety; for both your kids and the environment. They are a perfect win to become your toddlers first scribbling tool!



Organic Crayons 120 g


Kids explore everything by tasting it or putting it into their mouth. The only concern is that it should be safe. Being passionate about creating products that are safe and inspire the inner artist of children, we have created 'Organic Veggie Crayons'. Made with sustainable Soya Wax, Palm Wax, Soya Butter & Food grade colours, our crayons are 100% Organic, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic (hand to mouth safe). Made from renewable resources, these are completely biodegradable.

What is unique about the blocks? Encourages hand-eye co-ordination Improves motor skills Does not roll off the table Never needs to be sharpened Fun for stacking




laundry detergent

6 IN 1 ECO-FRIENDLY Liquid Laundry Detergent Our Eco-friendly natural laundry detergent is made with gentle, yet effective stain ďŹ ghting power of plant-based ingredients. Specially formulated to tackle tough stains with all natural means without compromising on the quality of the fabric. Natural ingredients and essential botanicals rinse easily leaving clothes soft, fresh and clean. Free from fragrances, dyes & chemicals. Suitable for top load, front load and hand wash.


`400 39

Sustainable living is all about respecting the limits of earth’s capacity. We seek solutions that lead to simpler & more sufficient way of living - a higher quality of life, toxin-free homes and more time spent in nature. We offer a range of home care products to help you reduce home utility expenses and improve efficiency. We strive to drive sustainability through our products, helping you to make better living choices. Our products are made without any compromise on quality fulfilling our commitment to the environment.

6 Benefits in 1 Detergent








SOMETHING NEW IS COMING... Our range of essential oils are pure, highly concentrated natural oils derived from plants, leaves, owers and stems that are grown by practising organic farming methods. Our oils help to bring a balance of body and mind, treat stress, reduce fatigue and more. They help to promote clear looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of ageing and natural healthy looking skin and hair. These botanical essences can be inhaled through steam, applied topically or incorporated into massage.






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