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covering the game of life

from the publisher Publisher

Joe Orr Editor

Curt Blakeney Hello Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine readers! Welcome to another issue. Art Direction & Design

Coming off our January/February issue with the Waste Management Phoenix Open as our cover story, the AZSAL team is very proud to bring you another fantastic issue with Jeff Bridges as this issue’s cover story. The Dude, His Dudeness, Dude-Ur, El-Dude-a-Rino! Whatever you shall call him, in whatever role you may most remember him, Jeff Bridges has been an A-list actor for decades, with an Oscar and many other awards adorning his mantle. AZSAL is proud to give readers a first-hand look at him and his guitar. One of my most memorable movie roles Bridges played was as Jack Prescott in "King Kong." I was all of 8 years old and watching him tame that beast was fascinating! As publisher of AZSAL, I'd like to personally give a special high five to AZSAL's fan-tab-ulous Lifestyle Editor, Lynette Carrington, for her stellar work on this cover story! She's one of our most polished writers and always knows how to get things done. The beginning of 2013 has been a great couple of months for AZSAL and its fans. We've launched a new website and TV show with great response from all of you. Please log on and watch our pilot episode at We'd love to hear from those of you who haven't seen the website or show yet. As always, in classic AZSAL fashion, we're bringing you great stuff ranging from cool gear, great eats, awesome events, sports, comedy, wheels and much, much more. Now, pardon me while I head off to go bowling with my buddies and enjoy a White Russian … and I’m taking the rug with me. We hope you enjoy this issue! Now keep reading …

Dara Fowler Senior & Lifestyle Editor

Lynette Carrington Associate Editor

I.R. Hunthausen Copy Editors

Todd Andrew Burton Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Laura Holloway Jennifer Reisinger Scott Verbout Director of Sales & Marketing

Dave Blouch Photo Editor

Gene Lower Advertising Design

Joe Becker, Kristin Moore Website

David Carrington Contributing Photographers

Dallas Caldwell Michael Fadyk Tommy Kowalski Kristin Moore Bill Nash Contributing Writers

Tony Capobianco Michelle Talsma Everson Laura Holloway Byron Kline Dr. Penny Krich Charles Hudson Jeff Locke Dr. Neal Schultz Ryan Woodcock AZ Sports & Lifestyle Magazine

Joe Orr, Publisher AZSAL

4537 E. Thistle Landing • Phoenix, AZ 85044

480.233.0409 • To subscribe or advertise call 480-233-0409 or email Copyright 2013 — AZ Sports & Lifestyle Magazine All rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without permission is prohibited. Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine is printed on 20% recycled (10% post-consumerwaste) paper. All inks used contain a percentage of soy base. Our printer meets or exceeds all Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) standards. PRINTED IN THE USA

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table of contents March/April 2013

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The Dude!


Felix Rising



It’s a shining senior season for Carrick Felix as he dominates for the Arizona State Sun Devils' basketball team


Tasty Times! Celebu-foodie Adam Richman takes a bite out of life

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Jeff Bridges & The Abiders bring the cool to the Valley of the Sun

The Diamondbacks Wear Prado New D-Backs third baseman Martin Prado — the team's biggest acquisition in the offseason — is focused on getting Arizona back to the playoffs

8 14 20

Leading Off


Good Eats Tutti Santi Italian Restaurant


Golf Course Review SunRidge Canyon Golf Club in Scottsdale


Theater Arizona Theatre Company


Travel Enchantment Resort in Sedona


Winter Gear Guide Best of Winter 2013


Rising Star Valley figure skater Dyllan McIntee


Fit & Trim Common sports-related injuries Fitness Gear Guide


Wheels 2013 Hyundai Genesis

74 78

AZSAL Was There


Good Health Sedation dentistry

The Sinister Cosby With mayhem on his side, comedian Christopher Titus proves laughter conquers all





Gear Guide Events Arizona BBQ Festival in Scottsdale Country Thunder

Self & Body Simple Steps to Glowing Skin

On the cover: Actor Jeff Bridges and his band The Abiders come to Mesa Arts Center, April 18th

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Ingredients: • 15 oz. Bulleit Bourbon • 30 mint leaves • 1 cup sugar • 1 cup water Preparation: Wash mint leaves, pat dry and put in a small mixing bowl. Cover with 3 ounces of Bulleit Bourbon and let soak for 15 minutes. Remove mint, place in a clean cotton cloth and wring over bowl, bruising the leaves. Dip back into bourbon and wring again. Repeat several times to create mint extract. Set extract aside for 1 hour. You can also put the leaves back in the extract for a more concentrated mint flavor. Combine mint extract (leaves included, if preferred) with simple syrup (1 cup sugar and 1 cup water) in a covered glass container or jar and refrigerate overnight. Fill julep cups (10-12 oz, preferably silver, but glass will do) with crushed ice or shaved ice and insert a fresh mint sprig. Add 1 oz of Bulleit Bourbon to each cup. Add marinated julep mixture to taste. Makes 12 servings.

Ingredients: • 1 cup mayonnaise • 4 oz cream cheese • 8 chopped scallions • 8 slices Boar's Head Fully Cooked Bacon • 1 cup shredded Boar's Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese • 1 cup shredded Boar's Head Chipotle Gouda Cheese

— Recipe courtesy of Bulleit Bourbon ( and Alliance Beverage Company (

BONITARITA Ingredients: • 1.5 oz Bonita Platinum Tequila • 0.5 oz Agave nectar • 1.5 oz fresh lime juice • Sea salt Preparation: Add tequila, lime, agave nectar and ice to your favorite cocktail shaker. Salt the rim of the martini glass with sea salt, and garnish with a curl of lime peel. Then shake and serve on the rocks. — Recipe courtesy of Bonita Tequila (




Preparation: Pre-heat oven to 350° F. Finely dice the cooked bacon. In large bowl, mix together the Colby Jack, Gouda, mayonnaise, softened cream cheese and scallions (about ½ cup). Place in an oven safe baking dish and cook for 15-20 minutes, until warmed through and cheese is melted. Stir before serving and garnish with crispy chopped bacon. — Recipe courtesy of Boar's Head (

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FAVORITE LUNCH STOP: HABIT BURGER THIS SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAIN, with four Valley locations (and a fifth opening in May) features made-to-order, flame-broiled “Charburgers." The menu is pretty simple: order the Charburger as a single, double, Teriyaki, mushroom or BBQ Bacon variation, and the 85-15 percent ground chuck burgers come with mayo, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun. The fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings are fresh, hot and crisp. Habit has an outstanding price point: a Charburger, fries and a drink cost roughly $5.95, and it’s perhaps the best burger value in the Valley. Want to mix it up? Try the outstanding Chicken Club Sandwich on a French roll, the Tri Tip Steak Sandwich on sourdough bread or a mixed salad. Sweet tooth? The shakes and malts are delicious.


Vitamin D plays a very important role in immune and muscle function. Studies have shown that proper vitamin D levels in the body are associated with muscle strength and performance and that vitamin D is essential for overall immune system function. Suggestion: 4,000 to 6,000 IU supplemental vitamin D every day. Fish Oil, or the omega-3 fats in fish oil, may decrease muscle protein breakdown. This may be through improvements in insulin sensitivity, and insulin resistance is associated with muscle breakdown. Fish oil is most commonly obtained through supplements and food, such as, not surprisingly, fish. Vitamin C is important for our muscles, and we need it to function properly. Vitamin C is required for collagen and elastin synthesis, and it is also an important supplement to take daily because it’s responsible for the health of the blood vessels, which support the muscles’ needs for oxygen and nutrients. Good sources of vitamin C include broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, and grapefruit. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that helps cell membrane recover from oxidative stress. Cell membrane reliability is essential for cellular function and growth. To add vitamin E into your diet, try almonds, spinach, carrots, and avocados. Many different oils are also good sources of vitamin E, such as olive oil, corn oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil. An array of B vitamins is essential to muscle strength and tone. B1 (thiamin) is important for protein metabolism and the formation of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to cells, including muscle cells. B1 nutrients can be found in cereal, bread, meat, rice, and nuts. B2 (riboflavin) is involved in energy metabolism, glucose metabolism, and the oxidation of fatty acids, with some effects on protein metabolism. B2 nutrients can be found in cheese, eggs, milk, and peas. B3 (niacin) is essential for energy production, and can be found in milk, eggs, fish, legumes, and potatoes. B6 (pyridoxine) is important for protein metabolism, growth, and carbohydrate utilization and can be found in soybeans, butter, brown rice, and fish. B12 (cyanocobalamin) is important for the maintenance of nerve tissue and is essential for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, energy metabolism, and cell regeneration. B12 nutrients can be found in milk, poultry, eggs, meat, and liver. And B7 (biotin) is important for amino acid metabolism, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Good sources of B7 include mushrooms, egg yolk, beef liver, and brewer’s yeast. Source: Dr. John Cuomo, USANA Health Sciences


Locations: 960 N. 54th St., Chandler, (480) 705-0306; 1817 E. Guadalupe Road, Tempe, (480) 456-8912; 745 E. Glendale Ave, Phoenix, (602) 265-1815; and 530 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, (602) 254-2931.



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FIVE REALISTIC TIPS TO SHED WINTER POUNDS ON AVERAGE, PEOPLE PUT ON TWO TO FIVE POUNDS OVER THE HOLIDAYS, and while most folks usually set a New Year's Resolution to shed 5-10 pounds, it rarely turns out that way. By March, their bad habits return. The makers of Twinlab Diet Fuel offer five simple ideas to re-start those New Year's Resolutions and get back on track. Follow these steps to get a new and improved body for spring. 1 • Journal What You Eat – Committing to writing down everything you eat, from one Hershey’s Kiss to a spoonful of cornbread stuffing, will help you become more conscious of what you put in your mouth and inevitably cause you to eat less. 2 • Never Arrive Hungry – You haven’t eaten a thing because you were saving your appetite for the main event, but now you’ve circled the appetizers twice and can’t help but stuff your face. Hate to say it, but cocktail franks, mini quiches and chips quickly destroy your weight management plans. One way to conquer calorieladen treats is to have a healthy breakfast or nutritious snack before the family dinner or party so you don’t attack the food. (Extra hint! Drink tons of water — it will fill you up and help you with portion control.) 3 • Take a Dietary Supplement – With many fat-burning supplements, you can boost your energy levels and metabolism, allowing you to shop, socialize and feel great, plus fit into that spring dress. Look for supplements with chromium, which helps support carbohydrate metabolism. 4 • Don’t Overdo the Spirits – Favorite happy hour drinks like martinis and margaritas can range from 200 to 1,000 calories a glass. Instead enjoy a glass of red wine or vodka and club soda, which are only 60 to 100 calories a pop. Light Beer is a good option too! Drinking not only adds calories but it also lowers your inhibitions, making you more likely to overeat. Always drink responsibly, whatever you choose. 5 • Increase Your Exercise A Tiny Bit Every Day – Hit the proverbial "wall." An extra 10 minutes on the treadmill or 15 minutes spinning will add up. Also, take advantage of exercising here and there throughout the day. Shopping at the mall? Park further away and walk at a brisk pace from store to store. Washing the dishes? Fit in some squats. Cleaning the house? Dance like no one’s watching. Remember if you eat more, exercise more to balance things out.




DISNEY ON ICE PRESENTS TREASURE TROVE AUDIENCES WILL DISCOVER ENDLESS RICHES when an extraordinary lineup of stories from the Disney vault comes to life in Phoenix as Disney On Ice presents "Treasure Trove," an incredible animation celebration. Performing at US Airways from April 11 to 14, Disney On Ice sets the gold standard with its newest skating spectacular, spanning tales from the first fulllength animated film to the 50th Disney film. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy embark on a fun-filled treasure hunt for some of the most popular Disney films of all time. Families will be entertained by Rapunzel and Flynn from "Tangled," Disney's 50th animated feature, as well as classic Disney princesses Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and Snow White. Youngsters of all ages will enjoy setting sail with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the cantankerous Captain Hook on an adventure beyond Never Land. The audience will trek the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the "Circle of Life." And no one wants to be late to a very important date with Alice and the Mad Hatter as they march with the Queen of Hearts’ Army of Cards. Disney On Ice's "Treasure Trove" highlights eight Disney movies and more than 50 Disney characters. Ticket prices range from $18, $24, $40 (VIP) and $58 (front row) and can be purchased through the US Airways Center Box Office, online at or by phone at 800-745-3000.

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EDITOR’S PICKS DVD SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden recounts the gripping story of an extraordinary group of U.S. Navy SEALs who undertake the historic manhunt for the notorious terrorist. Despite inconclusive evidence about bin Laden's whereabouts, and ignoring the possible ramifications of an unannounced attack on Pakistani soil, the Pentagon orders the attack. SEAL Team Six bands together to complete their mission in a riveting showdown. $14.99 SOFTWARE Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium speech recognition software ignites new levels of personal productivity and convenience by enabling you to interact with your PC by voice. Dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage e-mail, search the web, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more. Say words and watch them appear on your computer screen — three times faster than typing — with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box. $179; HEALTH BOOK Fitness goes far beyond how long it takes to walk or run a mile. When you’re stressed out, emotionally drained, overworked or overweight, you can’t get much of anything accomplished. When you’re spiritually unfit, life is a greater challenge. Mark Allen and Brant Secunda have integrated their wisdom into one book, Fit Soul, Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You, providing practical tools you can adapt to your lifestyle to achieve results you never thought possible. $14.95;

BALLET ARIZONA’S 2013 SPRING SCHEDULE Tickets to Ballet Arizona's shows are on sale by calling (602) 381-0184 or at ALL BALANCHINE: MAY 2 - MAY 5, 2013 At Symphony Hall with The Symphony Hall Leading off this George Balanchine program that celebrates the choreographer’s contributions to ballet in the 20th century is "Serenade," the first and most popular original ballet Balanchine created in America. The electric and intricate Monumentum pro Gesualdo and Movements for Piano and Orchestra exhibit the dynamic talents of the Ballet Arizona dancers. The finale on this program is one of Balanchine’s most popular ballets, "The Four Temperaments."

Tickets: $26 and up TOPIA: MAY 14 – JUNE 1, 2013 At Desert Botanical Garden Performed on a custom-crafted, 80-foot-wide panoramic stage with the Desert Botanical Garden serving as the ultimate stage backdrop to create a unique and beautiful view. In 2012 Ballet Arizona performed Topia to sold-out crowds at the Garden, whose only disappointment each night was that the performance had to end. Don’t miss this outdoor ballet created specifically for the Garden and inspired by the natural beauty of the Sonora Desert landscape.

Reserved Tables of Four: $55 (per seat) General Seating: $40 (per seat)

SPORTS BOOK The Greatest Three-Way Rivalries in Sports History by James Simpson II offers a fresh take on competition in a book that debates player match-ups in terms of threes. Simpson, a diehard sports fanatic and historian of all sports, offers his top ten-list of the greatest threeway rivalries ever, backing up his opinion with statistics, stories, and details that are sure to engage and perhaps enrage readers. $24.99;




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1 • Cable Keeps secure your USB docking cable to 5W and 10W Apple power adaptors so that the cable and charger stay together. The design keeps your cables tangle free when stored in a bag or pocket and can become compact when plugged into the 3 wall. It also serves as a charging pedestal for iPhones and iPods. $16; 2 • iWalk's Extreme 2800, a rechargeable universal backup battery, iscompatible with all USB based smartphones and devices. It is wear proof and comfortable to touch. The built-in smart circuitry protection design keeps your devices from overcharge, overheat and short circuits, and as an optimal time-saver you can charge multiple devices at the same time. $59.99;


3 • Jabra's SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset provides wireless freedom and allows you to listen to music or take phone calls. With a secure and comfortable fit, you can enjoy your music without worrying about possible damage because of its military-grade rain, shock and dust protection. $99.99; 7

4 • Ibattz Battstation Tough Pro is designed to enable you to stay connected anywhere, without worries of damaging the power bank due to accidental drops or splashes of water. The dual USB output allows for the simultaneous charging of two devices and it comes with a carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks for outdoor activities. $29.90; 5 • Seidio's Obex Waterproof Case is certified to protect from dust, and during complete, continuous submersion in water 2 meters deep, as well as against extreme environmental conditions. Built with a springclip holster with optional locking mechanism paired with the material, structure and design of the OBEX case ensure the highest level of protection possible. $79.95; 6 • The HTC One S is T-Mobile's thinnest 4G smart phone ever, but packed with powerful features. An 8-megapixel camera takes sharp photos and video that can be shared instantly. Hear music the way it’s meant to be heard with built-in Beats Audio technology. Features a 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED touch screen and Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). $149.99 with T-Mobile activation; 7 • Ballistic's Every 1 Case comes with four layers of drop protection. Air Gap Suspension Springs surrounds your phone with 1mm of air so your phone never lies against a hard surface. High-strength latches also act as extra cushioning for the corners of your device. $49.99;

ARIZONA GIVES DAY THIS MARCH, EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT IN ARIZONA (THIS MEANS YOU!) IS BEING ASKED TO DO ONE SIMPLE THING: GIVE. Beginning at midnight on March 20 and continuing until 11:59 p.m., Arizonans can go online at to give where they live and support a local nonprofit in their community or pledge their financial support to one of the hundreds of nonprofits across the state. A day dedicated to communities that care, Arizona Gives Day, presented by First Bank, will focus on giving back to the organizations whose invaluable efforts have helped empower communities and provide services, products and more to those in need.




“For as little as $10, nonprofits in Arizona can and do make a difference,” said Patrick McWhortor, president and CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. “Together, we hope to raise more than $2 million on this single day.” Giving is as easy is 1-2-3! 1. On March 20, visit 2. Click on “Donate.” 3. Choose your nonprofit of choice and give away! Whether you give a little or give a lot, every donation will help the more than 20,000 deserving organizations statewide.

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gear guide

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Slingbox 350

The Slingbox 350 streams video from your TV, satellite receiver or DVR to your PC, tablet or smartphone with resolutions up to 1080p HD. Take complete control of your TV with the easy-to-use on-screen remote control and program guide, allowing you to change channels, schedule recordings on your DVR, fast forward, rewind, pause and play. $179;

The GO 2535 WTE is perfect for anyone who wants to travel outside of the US, Canada and Mexico … to Europe. The large 5″ fluid touchscreen makes it easier and safer to get around. You can zoom in and out of maps, or scroll through menus with a simple touch. Includes TomTom Maps with IQ Routes and Map Share technology. $299.99;

Powerful full-size deep cleaner provides professional results and includes the Pet Stain Eraser Tool for cleaning tough pet messes and set-in stains. The portable spot cleaner detaches to clean hard-to-reach places. The built-in water heater maximizes cleaning power, and its extra-large water tank require fewer trips to the sink. $279;

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Smith Serpico Slim Sunglasses

These pilot-shaped sunglasses give excellent coverage as well as a bold look. The slim metal frame fits a petite face while the 9x3 toric lenses provide the protection you need. $119;



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Bissell Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Deep Cleaner

▲ ▲ ▲

TomTom GO 2535 World Traveler Edition

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Kuvings NS-950 Juicer

▲ ▲ ▲

The low-speed masticating technology minimizes oxidation and preserves healthy nutrients. It quietly operates at 80 rpm with minimal noise levels at 40-50 dB. After use, it has a patented cleaning tool for easy cleanup with a stress-free 10-year warranty. $399;

Parker Ingenuity Daring Slim Pen

▲ ▲ ▲

Add a touch of elegance to your office with this classic pen, featuring Parker's 5th Technology, which combines the best features of a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball. Offering the look and style of a fountain pen without the hassle, it adjusts to your writing style after just a few words, providing you with a natural, smooth gliding point. $172;

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

Ultra-cool showerhead and speaker in one delivers up to seven hours of music, news and more by connecting wirelessly with your device enabled with Bluetooth technology. The silicone sprayface features 60 angled nozzles that can easily be cleaned of mineral buildup. You can also sync your device with the wireless speaker up to 32 feet away, and play your playlist, podcast or live broadcast in the shower. $149;

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

One of the most affordable Windows 8 laptops on the market, the Acer Aspire provides you with the technology of Windows 8 without emptying his wallet. It comes with a 15.6-inch display, a full keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad that allows you to easily swipe the new Windows 8 interface. To complete the package, it includes a DVD burner, dual-band Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 and HDMI. $499;

Acer Aspire V5 Notebook



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gear guide

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Bosch 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver

Mighty-might 2-speed Pocket Driver (PS21-2A) has 265 in-lbs. of max torque, making it more powerful than comparable products. It has a compact design, with the shortest head length and height in its class, making it easily portable without sacrificing power. The LED light allows for use in low light conditions, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. $119;

▲ ▲ ▲

Wolverine Terrain II Waterproof Hiker

This outdoor performance shoe from Wolverine has action frame stabilizers with wave mesh lining and a waterproof membrane. The OrthoLite footbed with performance arch support creates a comfortable, structured fit for the adventurous wilderness explorer. $149;

▲ ▲ ▲

Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22

▲ ▲ ▲

A lightweight carry-on for the active user, this bag features expandability so you can pack 15% more when you need it. Exterior and interior straps compress and stabilize your load, and a laundry chute keeps your dirty and clean separate. $230;

Beats Pill by Dr. Dre Lightweight and compact, the Pill provides booming bass and high-quality sound everywhere you go. You can change tracks from your phone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away. The Pill’s built-in microphone allows you to take incoming calls with amazing clarity. $199;



Gear_MrchAprl2013_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 7:52 PM Page 5

Gear_MrchAprl2013_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 7:52 PM Page 6

gear guide

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Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Thermal Optimal Brew

▲ ▲ ▲

This innovative coffee maker brews hotter, faster and better. It's engineered with advanced technology that heats water up to 205°F, coffee’s optimal brewing temperature. Coffee brews 26 percent faster than competitive units and stays hotter for hours with a vacuum-insulated carafe. A flavorful, fresh-tasting cup is poured every time. $79;

Pfister Typhoon Handheld Shower Good-looking handheld showerhead provides an invigorating and therapeutic spray and installs easily, in under five minutes. It has three customizable spray settings, a 60-inch metal hose and a lifetime warranty. $147;

▲ ▲ ▲

Excalibur 5-Tray Dehydrator w/Timer

Easy-to-use dehydrator comes with a 26hour timer and automatically turns off once the set time is complete. With an adjustable thermostat from 95 to 155 degrees, the temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables, and also high enough to meet safety standards for dehydrating meat for jerky. $249;



▲ ▲ ▲

Samsonite Gravtec 24” Spinner

This sleek, innovative spinner is constructed of tough polycarbonate shells. It combines durability and easy maneuverability with its dual spinner wheels. The two full zip divider panels minimize content shifting in transit, and the mounted TSA locks ensure the safety of the contents when checking your luggage. $179;

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Events_BBQFest_CntryThun_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 9:43 AM Page 2


Red Neckin' Good Time At the Arizona BBQ Festival on April 20, patrons can expect finger-licking barbecue, watermelon-seed spitting, dead lawn mower racing and hub cap hurling



organizers decided to up the antics and make it a good ‘ole honky-tonk at SRF. In the Redneck Games Arena, fans can expect the following: • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest • Dead Lawn Mower Races • Beer Pong Tournament • Arm Wrestling • Hub Cap Hurling Challenge • Bobbing for Pigs Feet • Pie Eating Contest • Horseshoe Tournament (with toilet seats) • Redneckiest Tattoo Contest • Rock Out With Your Dentures Out Eating Challenge • Mullet Beauty Pageant • Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots Pageant • Best ‘Stache Contest Outside the arena, a multitude of bands will jam on the Main Stage; and the Flavored Vodka Tasting Tent will serve up trending samples of the hottest flavored vodkas on the market. Also expect cooking demonstrations, bartender challenges, kid’s zone and much more. Tickets are $12 for general admission, kids 12 and under are free, the VIP tent is $60, and parking is free. For more information, visit ▲

▲ ▲ ▲

With delicious barbecue and an assortment of imaginative games and competitions this year, event organizers decided to up the antics and make it a good ‘ole honky-tonk at SRF.

THE 4TH ANNUAL ARIZONA BBQ FESTIVAL makes its way to Salt River Fields on Saturday, April 20, with more than 25 top barbecue purveyors, and now adds a new twist to the event: the Redneck Games Arena. This year, fans have the chance to enter the Redneck Games Arena — an ultimate showdown site designed specifically for hilarious competitions — where guests put their hick talents to the test in an assortment of, yes, redneck-inspired games. Yee-haw! “Although some of the most popular barbecue teams from years’ past will still be on hand to sell their award-winning ‘que, we wanted the event to be more lighthearted this year,” says event co-founder David Tyda. "And what’s more lighthearted than mullets and beer pong?” The 4th Annual Arizona BBQ Festival will be heaven on Earth for fans of smoked meat, with everything from $2 samplecups to full racks of ribs and BBQ plates. This is the scrumptious food that crowds can find only at the Arizona BBQ Fest. Salt River Fields became the home of the Arizona BBQ Festival last year, drawing some 18,000 people. With delicious barbecue and an assortment of imaginative games and competitions this year, event

Events_BBQFest_CntryThun_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 9:43 AM Page 3

It’s Time for Country Thunder! The highly anticipated music event comes to Florence April 11-14 By Michelle Talsma Everson

song “Yellow Brick Road” — is scheduled to perform from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13. She was recently named one of Country Weekly’s “Artists to Watch in 2013.” The magazine noted: “At 19 years old, Morgan Frazier looks like the perfect combination of sugar and spice, and the best part of it is, she sounds like it too. And she should. She has been developing her talent since she started performing at the age of 5. She made her first album at 9, picked up the guitar and started writing at 10 and won her first Nashville songwriting competition at 12, beating out much older, more experienced writers. That caught the attention of all the right people and Morgan found herself in the writers’ room with Nashville’s best, including Dean Dillon (George Strait’s “The Chair”) and Paul Overstreet (Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever, Amen”). She’s now out promoting her first single, a humorous look at finding the perfect guy, ‘Yellow Brick Road.’” Other artists performing at Country Thunder include Tracy Lawrence, Diamond Rio, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum and many more. Visit to see the performance schedule and learn more details. ▲

Up-and-coming country star Morgan Frazier

acts, Morgan Frazier — singer of the hit

▲ ▲ ▲

... one of the genre’s biggest music events of the year and features headlining artists in a festive atmosphere.

CELEBRATING ITS 20TH ANNIVERSARY, Country Thunder, a must-attend country music festival, welcomes fans from across the West coast and beyond. Happening April 11-14 in Florence, Ariz., Country Thunder can be considered one of the genre’s biggest music events of the year and features headlining artists in a festive atmosphere. Whether you’re going for a single day or staying for all four, you won’t be disappointed. Even though the event is near, there still are a variety of ticket options available. According to event reps, a limited number of single-day passes are available. As of March 1, single-day tickets are $45 (plus taxes and fees) on Thursday, April 11, and $80 (plus taxes and fees) Friday through Sunday, April 12-14. If you wait to buy tickets at the gate, those prices jump by $10 each ticket. For those who plan to stay the entire duration of the festival, as of March 1, 4-day passes are $180 (plus tickets and fees). If you wait to buy those passes at the gate, the price is then $210 for a 4-day pass. According to the Country Thunder website, all campsites and VIP options are currently sold out — but be sure to double check the website at or call 866-802-6418 for updates. One of Country Thunder’s exciting



Eats_Tutti_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 9:32 AM Page 2

good eats By Lynette Carrington

Tutti Santi Five Valley locations: • Scottsdale/Kierland • Scottsdale/Via Linda • Glendale • Gilbert • Phoenix

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Tutti Santi by Nina Elegance and homemade recipes make for an unforgettable experience at this popular Italian restaurant

WHEN YOU THINK OF GREAT ITALIAN FOOD, there could be any number of Valley establishments that come to mind. But when you are seeking the best food, an authentic Italian ambiance and an upscale establishment with the finest in personalized service, Tutti Santi by Nina should always be the first choice. There are several Valley locations of Tutti Santi: Scottsdale/Kierland, Scottsdale/ Via Linda, Glendale, Gilbert and Phoenix. The Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine crew visited the Phoenix location on 16th Street between Glendale and Northern avenues. The owner of the Phoenix and Via Linda locations is Roberto Mattsson, who also co-owns the Gilbert location. Right away, the ambiance of Tutti Santi told us we were in for an exceptional treat. The intimate bar gives way to two separate, smaller-sized dining areas framed with large windows and dramatic, merlot-colored velvet drapes on the street side. There is ample patio seating, which is also remarkably quiet. We kicked off our Italian experience when waiter Trace Wright (a.k.a. “The Handsome One”) came by to introduce the menu. He went above and beyond to meet and get to know each of us. Our group started our tour of appetizers with the escargot. This escargot was exceptional; perfectly soft and with just the right


amount of garlic butter sauce, then topped with baby spinach. If you’ve never tried escargot before, this would be the perfect spot to give it a try. “You can’t leave here without trying the gnocchi and the ravioli,” said Trace of their most popular appetizers. So we dove in and tried the homemade ravioli, which were tender, and the large ravioli pillows were stuffed with a delectable combination of ricotta cheese and spinach. Our third appetizer was gnocchi alla nina, one of the best gnocchi dishes we’ve had anyplace. The fact that the pasta is homemade by Roberto Mattsson’s mother is remarkable, and the difference is delicious. Dinner was remarkable, too, and our group was able to share the entrees. (Of note, entrees are big enough to share.) First up was the veal parmigiana, which was tender, with just a light breading and a sauce that was neither too tangy nor too overbearing to overshadow the veal. Served with spaghetti al pomodoro, it was a quintessential Italian dish made to perfection. Next up was a chicken Marsala and a chicken parmigiana. Again, we found each dish a perfect example of how to make a traditional Italian classic without making it too heavy. The sauces were light and tasty and served as a complement to the meat without drowning it out. By far, our group’s favorite was Tutti

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▲ Chicken Della Casa

▲ mascarpone cheesecake

To begin your Tutti Santi adventure, visit online at or call 602-216-0336. Reservations can be made by phone or online. ▲

We particularly loved that the restaurant was relatively quiet and lent itself to a very relaxing evening. We also got a chance to peek at their upstairs dining room, which is perfect for private events.

Santi’s signature, Chicken Della Casa. This dish had it all: a breast of chicken topped with fontina cheese, prosciutto sautéed in a brandy cream sauce with asparagus and porcini mushrooms, served with a side of penne pasta. Our entire group raved. But that was until dessert showed up at the table. While we liked their “lighter side” take on tiramisu, it was the mascarpone cheesecake that, well … took the cake. Hands down, this is the finest, creamiest, least heavy cheesecake we have ever had. The taste balance was nothing short of perfection and for some reason leaves you with less guilt than a heavier, traditional New York-style cheesecake. Even if you find you only have time for coffee and dessert, Tutti Santi should be your next destination.



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DUDE! THE DUDE. PRESTON TUCKER. STARMAN. KEVIN FLYNN. ROOSTER COGBURN. BAD BLAKE. Mention any of these characters and the acting genius that is Jeff Bridges reveals that it cannot be defined by any borders except one: “cool.” He’s an everyman that slips into each role with absolute comfort; perhaps this is why audiences flock to see him time and time again. He’s believable in everything he does. What some people might not know about the actor is that Jeff Bridges and his band, The Abiders, are traversing the country, entertaining in mid-size venues. Bringing outstanding tunes and classic Hollywood stories and anecdotes that span across decades of the Bridges acting dynasty, Mesa Arts Center welcomes Jeff Bridges & The Abiders on April 18th. As Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart,” Jeff Bridges portrayed a fallen-from-the-heights country singer who has lived hard and begins to find his way in life via a dogged journalist who uncovers the true man that exists within. For his endeavor in the role, Bridges brought home the little gold guy, Oscar. Winning an Academy Award was a great accolade, after having been nominated four times previously in “The Last Picture Show,” “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,” “Starman” and “The Contender” before snagging the top prize in 2010. (Of note, Bridges was nominated for Oscar gold

JEFF BRIDGES & The Abiders bring the cool to Mesa Arts Center

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By Lynette Carrington

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again for his role as Rooster Cogburn in 2010’s “True Grit.”) The heart that is laid bare in “Crazy Heart” will once again reveal itself onstage during the Jeff Bridges & The Abiders concert. I recently spoke with Jeff Bridges as he left the set of his most recent film shoot in Vancouver, "Seventh Son." He told me about his upcoming show at Mesa Arts Center (MAC), his musical influences and other things near and dear to his heart. When asked what audiences could expect during the Jeff Bridges & The Abiders show at MAC, I was greeted with the laid back coolness of “The Dude” from “The Big Lebowski.” “Well, I can’t tell you exactly, because I haven’t figured it out yet,” quipped Jeff Bridges. He continued, “I can tell you we’ll be doing some tunes from ‘Crazy Heart,‘ we’ll be doing some songs from both of my albums, ‘Be Here Soon‘ and the album ‘Jeff Bridges‘ that came out a couple years ago that T-Bone Burnett (recent Grammywinner for “Safe & Sound” from the “The Hunger Games”) produced. We’re also going to be doing some new stuff,” he said. As a talented singer/songwriter in his own right, Bridges has had a variety of musical influences. “My brother Beau, he’s eight or nine years older than I am, and so I was influenced a lot by his musical tastes and of course, he was a teen with the birth of rock 'n' roll with Chuck Berry,



• Jeff Bridges was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Star Walk of Fame on July 11, 1994. His star is located on the north side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard. • Married to his wife Susan since 1977, Jeff Bridges met his bride-to-be when he was shooting the film “Rancho Deluxe” in Montana. The first time Jeff asked Susan for a date, she said no. • The f-bomb in different variations is used 292 times in the film “The Big Lebowski.” • In the 1980s-1990s, Jeff Bridges and Nick Nolte were often up for the same roles. • As a child, Jeff Bridges frequently appeared on the show “Sea Hunt,” starring his father, Lloyd Bridges. • Producer, songwriter and musician T-Bone Burnett has been working with Jeff Bridges for years and has won multiple Grammys, an Oscar, a BAFTA Award, a Gold Globe and numerous other accolades. • In addition to being an actor, producer, musician, author and humanitarian, Jeff Bridges draws and is a noted photographer. He has hundreds of candid and behind-thescenes photos from the sets of his films at

"My brother Beau, he’s eight or

nine years older than I am, and so I was influenced a lot by his musical tastes and of course,

he was a teen with the birth of rock 'n' roll..." ▲



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Little Richard, Ella Fitzgerald. I think maybe my first 45 that I ever bought myself was ‘Peggy Sue’ by Buddy Holly,” Bridges explained. “I was really into the Everly Brothers … Bob Dylan was a big influence. I loved his music; and of course, the Beatles and whole British Invasion and all that.” Jeff Bridges & The Abiders are not just a touring group, but musicians and pals, too. “I’ve been playing music since I was a teen and I really enjoy playing. And a great group of guys I play with … they’re all hometown boys, all from Santa Barbara … we get to play quite often,” said Bridges. By his own account, Jeff Bridges has been on the go for nearly all of this past year doing films and now hitting the road performing. “I had a break here between movies. I did two movies last year, back to back. A movie called 'R.I.P.D.' and a movie I’m making up here in Vancouver right now called, 'Seventh Son.' So, I figured this next year I’ll take some time off and make some music,” Bridges explained. A devoted family man, he’s anxious to get back home to his bride of more than 35 years, Susan. As a show business veteran, Jeff Bridges reads hundreds of scripts and has been up for and even

(L-R) Ben Barnes as Tom Ward and Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory in fantasy action adventure "Seventh Son," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. © 2013 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. AND LEGENDARY PICTURES FUNDING, LLC. PHOTO BY KIMBERLY FRENCH



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turned down many roles. Looking back, was there any role he was sorry to have turned down? “Nothing’s coming to mind. There are a couple of roles that I remember liking and thinking, ‘oh, this is going to be a good movie,’ but it’s sort of like going into a store and liking a jacket you see there, you put it on and it’s just too small for you or too big … sometimes it gets like that, as far as picking movies,” said The Dude. (Yes, many people indeed call Jeff Bridges “The Dude,” even those that work for him.) As if being at the top of his musical and film career wasn’t enough, Jeff Bridges has also co-authored the book, "The Dude and the Zen Master,” released in January 2013. In the book, many parallels are drawn between Bridges’ iconic character of “The Dude” in “The Big Lebowski” and Lamed-Vavnik, a man in Jewish mysticism that is simple and unassuming. The book was co-authored with Roshi Bernie Glassman, Jeff Bridges’ close friend and Buddhist teacher. Like the show at Mesa Arts Center, the book includes observations and dialogue that enlighten all to be their best and deliver peace and goodwill into the world. The book is available at People all over the country are also familiar with the humanitarian side of Jeff Bridges, with his involvement in the global hunger crisis when he saw that it was rearing its ugly head in our country, too. “I helped found an organization called the ‘End Hunger Network’ and now we’re affiliated with an organization called ‘Share Our Strength.’ We teamed up and created a campaign called the ‘No Kid Hungry’ campaign. What we’re all about is going from state to state and working with governors and mayors and local business folks to shift them to the fact that there’s over a billion dollars of federal funds and it’s been designated to feeding programs for kids; some are feeding programs and breakfast meals and so forth,” Bridges stated of available program funds. “A lot of states aren’t taking advantage of (this) and we’re promoting that and trying to make sure kids who need to get the food are getting the nutrition that they need. In each community it’s kind of unique why that isn’t happening. So by working with the leaders of each community, we’re identifying what those bottlenecks are and we’re working with them trying to break those up and get the food to the folks that need it,” finished Bridges. To donate or find out more, visit When Jeff Bridges & The Abiders take the stage at Mesa Arts Center on April 18, the audience will get to share an unforgettable evening with a Hollywood icon and his friends, doing what they love. Mesa Arts Center brings world class musicians, performers and shows to town, including favorites such as Rita Rudner, Bill Cosby, Arlo Guthrie, Monterrey Jazz Festival on Tour (4/26) and Noises Off (5/31-6/16). To buy tickets for Jeff Bridges & The Abiders and upcoming shows, visit or call 480-644-6500.



JEFF BRIDGES CAREER HIGHLIGHTS 1951: Credited as “Infant at Train Station” in his first documented film role 1972: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Duane Jackson in “The Last Picture Show” 1975: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Lightfoot in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” 1976: Starred in “King Kong” alongside Jessica Lange 1982: Starred in groundbreaking film, “TRON” as Kevin Flynn/Clu, a role he reprised in 2010’s “TRON: Legacy” 1985: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Starman in “Starman” 1989: Starred with brother, Beau Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys” 1991: Starred in “The Fisher King” opposite Robin Williams 1996: Starred in “White Squall” as Captain Christopher "Skipper" Sheldon 2001: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as President Jackson Evans in “The Contender” 2003: Starred in film “Seabiscuit” 2007: Voiced the role of Zeke "Big Z" Topanga/Geek in animated film “Surf’s Up” 2008: Starred in “Iron Man” as Obadiah Stane 2010: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart;” won that year beating out fellow nominees George Clooney, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman and Jeremy Renner 2011: Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Rooster Cogburn (a role first made famous by John Wayne) in “True Grit"

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It’s a shining senior season for CARRICK FELIX as he dominates for the Arizona State Sun Devils' basketball team By Byron Kline PHOTOS BY JASON WISE

CARRICK FELIX IS IN A GOOD PLACE RIGHT NOW. Finally. In fact, the Phoenix native has not experienced this kind of success on the court since his senior year of high school. The resurgent Arizona State men’s basketball team has been one of the surprise stories in college basketball this year, and Felix’s remarkably improved play has drawn the attention of NBA scouts, salivating over his unbelievable athleticism and relentless hustle. But it’s what has taken place off the court that has made Felix the man he is today. The last year of his life has forced Felix to mature, maybe even a bit quicker than he anticipated. Becoming a father has that effect. But it’s also motivated Felix to reach his potential, becoming the ultimate student-athlete. Felix starred at Millennium High School in Goodyear, where as a senior he led the Tigers to a 4A state championship, averaging 19.7 points and 13.2 rebounds while also being named the league's player of the year. Despite that, though, his achievements went largely overlooked by college recruiters, forcing Felix to continue his hoop dreams at the junior college level instead. “Coming out of high school, I was just 17, and at the time I was probably only 6-foot-6 and 165 pounds soaking wet, so I knew going to a Division I school probably wasn't going to be the right fit for me," Felix said. "I still needed to develop my game some more. That led me to the College of Southern Idaho, which at the time was the number one junior college program in the country for basketball.” After a broken wrist forced him to redshirt his freshman year at Southern Idaho, Felix hit the ground running the following season, leading the Golden Eagles to a 20-12 record while averaging 14.8 points per game and earning scholarship offers from more than 30 Division I schools across the country. Felix made headlines that spring when he became the first junior college player ever to be offered a scholarship by legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski, committing to Duke University before having a change of heart. He returned home to play at Arizona State, where the Sun Devils had just wrapped up their third consecutive 20-win season under Head Coach Herb Sendek. The transition wasn’t easy for Felix, though, as he had yet another season cut short, this time due to a severe stomach virus, and the Sun Devils struggled to win just 22 games total in his first two years back in Tempe. But that’s when Felix’s life began to change as the then-21-year-old became a father for the first time last summer, forcing him into taking a different approach heading into his final year.

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“It has definitely changed me as a person,” he said. “It made me grow up a lot faster than I expected. Just having my daughter (Zayah), you know, it's a life-changing experience. I've never been so happy in my life.” “She gives me a whole new motivation,” Felix added. “I know every day when I play basketball, or just with anything that I do, I'm setting an example for not only myself but for my daughter as well. And just having someone to look at before each game, someone who always puts a smile on my face ... she's had a huge influence on me.” Having graduated last May with a bachelor's degree in Communications, Felix not only spent the summer working on his game while learning how to become a parent, but he also enrolled in the liberal studies master's program at ASU, taking on one more challenge. “Not in a million years did I ever think I would have the chance to get a master’s degree,” Felix remarked. “But now that I have the opportunity, it's great. I'm actually going to be graduating this May, and it's been an exciting journey. Just all the people I've met and all the classes I've taken ... it's been a lot of fun.” Rejuvenated and inspired, Felix has hit the hardwood with a vengeance this season, leading a Sun Devil squad that was predicted to finish 11th in the conference at Pac-12 media day before the season to its best start since 2008-09, when James Harden led Arizona State to its last NCAA tournament appearance. Felix's numbers are up across the board, averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and minutes played per game, while also being the only player in the conference to rank in the top 10 for each statistical category. “Over the summer I watched a lot of film and talked to the coaches about some of the things that I could improve on,” he said. “Slowing down the game was something that was big for me, and taking some smarter shots. I think I've become a better player and have just been taking the opportunities that opposing defenses have given me. And then also, generating offense from my defense by playing man-to-man and me being able to play help-side and gamble sometimes, that helps out too.” Even before his return to Tempe, Felix has always described himself as a defensiveminded player and someone who takes pride in matching up against an opposing team’s most potent offensive threat. But as a senior, he has committed himself to becoming a

"... He always wears a smile. He's always upbeat. He cares about everybody. He's the ultimate gentleman. The coaches, myself included, the players, we all benefit from his presence on a daily basis." — HEAD COACH HERB SENDEK



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defensive stopper for the Sun Devils, using his long frame and exceptional athleticism to his advantage, flourishing in Arizona State's new defensive approach. “Just making sure I'm playing with an edge and always playing with a will to compete,” remarked Felix about his approach to defense. “Just making sure the guy I’m guarding knows I’m there, that's something I take some pride in and something all my teammates know.” "I love playing with a guy like that," said teammate Jahii Carson. "I love to play defense and he loves to play defense. We get stops and then get out. I’m a running guy and like to get my buckets in transition and he likes to get his dunks, so we connect." Before the season began, Sendek spent the summer encouraging Felix to step up and be the type of leader ASU desperately needed. Following the 2011-12 campaign, the Sun Devils lost four players due to transfer while also welcoming six newcomers to the current team, including the highly touted Carson from Mesa. Sendek challenged Felix, as one of just three seniors on the Arizona State roster, to be the floor general for the Sun Devils and to show his teammates the type of effort required to be successful at the college level. "Being a leader definitely comes naturally to me," said Felix. "My whole life I've just kind of wanted what's better for others. I do whatever I can for my teammates, whether it's getting into the gym with them, or talking in their ear when they're down. And they help me out a lot, too, so however I can help, on the court or off of it, I just do it." "Carrick has provided us with as good of leadership as we've had in a long time," added Sendek. "Since the end of last season, he has put it upon himself to be the voice of our team; to encourage guys, to admonish guys, to instruct and teach guys, and to bring guys together." So far, the results have been overwhelmingly positive for both the senior and the Sun Devils. Arizona State reached the midway point of its conference schedule recently boasting a 17-5 record overall and 6-3 in Pac-12 games, including marquee wins over both Colorado and UCLA on its home floor at Wells Fargo Arena. It marked just the sixth time in the program's history since joining the Pac-12 in 1978 that an ASU team had won at least six of its first nine conference games, and the first time since 1994-95. For his efforts, Felix has been named the Pac-12's Player of the Week three times already this season, becoming just the sixth Sun Devil ever to accomplish that feat. "He's having a brilliant senior year, and he's been doing it the old-fashioned way, with a lot of hard work and a lot of energy," commented Sendek. "I've been tremendously blessed to have the opportunity to coach him. He always wears a smile. He's always upbeat. He cares about everybody. He's the ultimate gentleman. The coaches, myself included, the players, we all benefit from his presence on a daily basis." With Felix playing at an all-conference level and the team exceeding most everyone’s expectations, the Sun Devils have their sights set squarely on making a return to the postseason this year. But no matter how the season finishes for the Sun Devils, the experience has had a profound effect on Felix with the playmaker becoming the ultimate winner off the court. “My life off the court has carried over onto the court, and just having confidence in myself and my teammates believing in me, I think that's been the biggest difference this year,” he said. “Definitely being a father changes things a lot. Things become more important now, and that's something that has definitely changed me.”



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Y TIMES! By Lynette Carrington

Celebu-foodie ADAM RICHMAN takes a bite out of life I SAY “CELEBU-FOODIE” BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE QUITE DESCRIBES TRAVEL CHANNEL STAR, ADAM RICHMAN. How else could you refer to someone who can talk up the world’s most exotic cuisine, perform insane food challenges and still convey to an audience the finer points of making a good burger? If it has to do with food, Adam Richman has been there, done that. Adam Richman was the host of the insanely popular "Man v. Food" and "Man v. Food Nation" on the Travel Channel. Although he has since called it quits on the crazy, state-traversing, over-the top food challenges and “hung up his fork," he has taken on a new challenge, to find the greatest thing since sliced bread to actually go on sliced bread with another Travel Channel show, "Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America." Recently, Richman was in Scottsdale for the "Street Eats Food Truck Festival" at Salt River Fields. Yes, the specialty food festival is just what it sounds like; food truck-a-palooza! Some of the trucks participating included Taste Rite (Po Boy sandwiches), Mustang Corral (traditional Native American food), Q-Up! (BBQ), Queso Diyas (quesadillas) and a host of other food and dessert truck vendors. Adam Richman was there greeting crowds and conducting a food demonstration. He’s always very humble about his cooking skills and does not necessarily regard himself as a renowned chef, but rather as a fan of food and cooking. “I have so much to learn, but these are just tricks and stuff I’ve picked up,” said Richman of what he shared with the audience. He also believes that anybody could learn to appreciate even more foods and experiment with interesting ingredients. “Quite honestly, I think that there is a plethora of ingredients in the average grocery store that fall into that weird, ethnic aisle, that people never explore, never play with, never experiment with,” noted Richman. “What I want to do is de-mystify some of the ingredients and give just a couple of really fun, really keen ways to explore that aisle, those foodstuffs in a way that integrates regular American comfort foods with some great Asian flavors and ingredients.” Richman is also not a stranger to Arizona. In the past, he shot two episodes of "Man v. Food" in Tucson and Phoenix as well as an episode of "Man v. Food Nation." “I did the Scottsdale Food and Wine Festival out there and also, I’ve done a pretty decent amount of traveling there,” he said. He has been to Camp Verde, the Grand Canyon, Williams, and his godfather lived in Carefree. “I love it quite a bit,” Richman added. PHOTO BY JEFF KATZ

Particularly well-known for his crazy food challenges on "Man v. Food," Richman tackled gigantic-sized foods at places ranging from roadside diners to Texas steakhouses. Often, Richman came away the victor, but there were a few times where the food got the better of him and he had to bow out. When asked if there was ever a food challenge that he was sorry he wouldn’t or couldn’t finish, he said, “There were several. Atlanta (Carnivore Pizza challenge) was a little tough because it was my partner ... that stopped the challenge. That would have been particularly cool if I had that ability. I don’t blame my partner, but still it

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AZSAL would have been fun to be the first team to win it.” He also cites a café in Seattle where he wound up leaving a couple of bites behind. More than anything, he hates to disappoint fans. “I always try to give my fans everything I possibly can,” Richman said. Indeed, his fun demeanor and willingness to poke fun at himself continues to win him fans around the world. As an enthusiast of so many different types of food, Richman doesn’t necessarily single out one particular national cuisine as his favorite. “There are elements of each that I really, really love,” he explained, “My top three are Japanese, Latin and Thai.” As far as fast food goes, he claims to be a fan of Taco Bell, but Sonic edges out the south-of-the-border competition.


• During his time on "Man v. Food" and "Man v. Food Nation," Adam Richman did 59 challenges, chowing down on such things as uber hot chicken wings and peppers, monstrous burritos, piles of oysters, placemat-sized steaks and mountains of nachos.

“Because they have Cherry-Lime Aids and they have tater tots that elevate them to god-like status,” quipped Richman. When it comes to typical pig-out food, he likes chicken wings and nachos. Although he has finished up with his weighty food challenges, he is happy to be enjoying food in a more “normal” way now. A Travel Channel staple for many years Richman was once again tapped to participate in "Trip of a Lifetime." Hosted by travel expert Samantha Brown, the show features Travel Channel stars Richman, Bert Kreisher and Anthony Melchiorri as they reveal some of the coolest hotels, sights and undiscovered foods from their over-the-top vacation. In connection with the special, the Travel Channel also gave away a $100,000 vacation along the Dalmatian Coast. As part of the cast’s vacation, their escapades were also taped along the Dalmatian Coast and the Adriatic. “It’s heart-stoppingly beautiful,” noted Richman. “It’s olive oils and wines that rival Italy, remarkable cuisine, remarkably affordable, breathtaking scenery, beautiful people, and the architecture is a hodge-podge of all the empires that have ruled that territory,” he said of

• Adam Richman is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama. • As an Actor, Adam Richman has appeared on "Joan of Arcadia," "My Children," "Guiding Light" and "Law & Order: Trial by Jury." • Self-described as “having held just about every job in the restaurant biz,” Adam Richman shares his unique culinary insights with audiences on every food show he does.

what he discovered during those travels. Richman has some other projects in the works, but they are still under wraps (obvious food joke reference). “Anything can happen during development,” he laughed about what occurs as a potential show goes through the streamlining process. But as his legions of food ▲

and travel fans have come to know of Adam Richman, anything he gets involved in is delicious

and we’ll be in for a treat.

• Of all the regular, chain-style American restaurants, Adam Richman singles out California Pizza Kitchen as his favorite. In particular, he likes the California Club Pizza that actually has a “salad” on it.



Adam Richman conducting a food demonstration at the "Street Eats Food Truck Festival" in Scottsdale.

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New D-Backs third baseman MARTIN PRADO — the team's biggest acquisition in the offseason — is focused on getting Arizona back to the playoffs By Tony Capobianco PHOTOS BY JORDAN MEGENHARDT/ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS

DBacks_Prado_MagSeven 3/5/13 8:56 AM Page 3


PRADO IT'S 7 A.M. ON A SATURDAY, and as the sun peeks over the crest of the McDowell Mountains in the background, Martin Prado is shagging ground balls with his new teammates at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. Prado — the centerpiece of the trade that sent star outfielder Justin Upton to the Atlanta Braves in the offseason — would like to make a good impression on Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson, and arriving early and leaving late is what is expected in Gibby's house. If Prado hopes to make D-Backs fans forget about Upton, he's going to have to do it with hustle and hard-nosed play, two traits always embraced by the faithful at Chase Field. “He fields ground balls in the first group,” Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson said of Prado, “hits in the second group. He’s a tireless worker.” On the team's first spring training game in late February, it's no different for Prado. He's out on the infield early prepping for the day's opponent, the Colorado Rockies. For Diamondbacks fans, the team's first spring training game is the best day of the spring, when hope springs eternal. It’s a day for them to see their new-look team play for the first time of the year. For Prado, it’s a new team, new spring training league, new uniform and new fans. “To be honest with you,” Prado said, “I was actually kind of nervous. There were a lot of people there screaming stuff. That actually is kinda cool that you go there and see these guys supporting you and to watch the game. That gives you that extra push you need for the first game.” Every D-Backs fan at Salt River Fields that day was supporting Prado because he was the main guy who came back from the Upton trade. For the last five years, right fielder Upton served as the face of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They even named the right field section "Uptown." But after years of inconsistency, the D-Backs went through a facelift during the offseason. On Jan. 24, they traded Upton and third baseman Chris Johnson to the Atlanta Braves for Prado and four minor league players, making him the new face of the Diamondbacks.

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Prado, a native of Venezuela, is D-Backs manager Kirk Gibson's kind of player. He is the gritty, versatile, consummate professional who can and will be called upon to be the role model for the rest of the team. Of course, that's what people expect from a product of the Atlanta Braves. Prado grew up in the Braves organization. He started back in 2003 at the young age of 19 in the Gulf Coast League with fellow future major leaguers Kelly Johnson and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Then in 2005, Prado continued his ascension in Mississippi playing Double-A ball with Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur. Finally, after spending some time with the Mississippi Braves and the Richmond Braves in 2006, Prado broke through and got a month-long taste of the real Braves and the same guys that he rose through the ranks with made it with him in the majors. “With the [Braves organization], I knew everybody,” Prado said. “Everybody came up together.” From 2008 to 2012, Prado became a fixture in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse. He became versatile when needed and hit over .300 in four out of five years. In 2010, he became an All-Star by hitting .307 with 184 hits, 40 doubles and 100 runs (top 10 in each statistical category) while helping his team reach the playoffs for the first time since 2005. Prado had a career year in 2012 with 186 hits, 42 doubles, six triples and 58 walks. It did help that he learned from the best. “I got Chipper Jones and all the big names there,” Prado said modestly, “and for some reason, I'm not at that level. But I tried to get better and better every day, not to be like them, but to create that balance between big guy and me that I can do a lot of things that can help our team to win.”” Now in Arizona, Prado is tasked with being the .300-hitting face of the Diamondbacks and a prime example of what it truly takes to be a Kirk Gibson-type player. However, according to the fans, Prado represents what they got back for Justin Upton. “They make a comment like, 'Is this guy gonna be the next Upton?' Who knows?” Prado said. “I don't want to put that pressure on me because he's a different kind of player. I'm different so I don't try to be like him, two different situations. I don't want to just go out there looking for something that I've never





• Martin Prado would likely be a mechanical engineer if he weren’t a Major League Baseball player. • Favorite subject in school was mathematics. • Was a recipient for the Heart and Hustle Award in Atlanta in 2012. • Played for four different minor league teams nicknamed “Braves,” Rome, Mississippi, Richmond and Gulf Coast League. • Went to the playoffs in Bobby Cox’s final year and Chipper Jones’ final year.

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been. I can work on different stuff like driving the ball a little more or pulling the ball, but other than that I just be myself.” The 2013 season stands as the third year of the Kevin Towers/Kirk Gibson era, and everything is in place this time. When April comes around, they will have 25 players who emulate the identity that Towers and Gibson have worked so hard to establish. They traded Upton to get Prado, traded Chris Young to get Cliff Pennington, and signed Cody Ross and Brandon McCarthy. There are no stars on this team. Prado is the closest to a star as they get, and he doesn’t even consider himself a star. By design, Towers filled the team with gritty and for the most part efficient professionals who hustle all the time, never give up, run with newfound speed and just don’t go away. And that’s the kind of team that Towers and Gibson like. “The most important thing is you put together a good group of guys that actually work hard to have real good performance up there during the game,” Prado said. “When you got nine guys just working hard every day, something has to happen. Something good has to happen.” Arizona's hitting strength last year was the players’ ability to get on base, and their patience helped. Their .328 on-base percentage was the third best in the National League, and their 539 walks, which were the second highest in baseball, attributed to that. Their high strikeout total nearly contradicted their strength, but their roster changes project them to strike out less and draw more walks. Thus, give them a better OBP and maybe even a better batting average. The running game should also see an improvement in 2013. Center fielder Adam Eaton will get his shot this year. Last year in Reno he topped the Pacific Coast League by hitting .381, stealing 38 bases and scoring 119 runs while leading the Aces to the Triple-A championship. They also have depth in speed with newly acquired outfielder Tony Campana, who stole 30 bases in 89 games. If Campana makes the team, he would provide Gibson with a speedy option as a fourth or fifth outfielder. Despite the departures of Young and Upton, the Diamondbacks have five hitters with 20 home runs and 80 RBI potential. Their lineup is very well balanced and with the additions of Eric Chavez and Eric Hinske to go with Willie Bloomquist and Gerardo Parra, the Diamondbacks will have the proper depth to keep going. The Diamondbacks’ pitching staff finished 2012 in the middle of the pack with a 3.93 ERA and 1,200 strikeouts, but they didn’t walk many batters. Their main acquisition was the signing of McCarthy, who before his season-ending skull injury had a 3.24 ERA, 73 strikeouts in 111 innings pitched and 24 walks. The Diamondbacks’ rotation doesn’t strike out many batters, but they don’t walk many batters either. Their 3.93 ERA, which should improve due to McCarthy and a rebound year from Ian Kennedy, should make the Diamondbacks a solid sleeper pick to win the National League West this year.



“When you got nine guys just working hard every day, something has to happen. Something good has to happen.”

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With mayhem on his side, comedian CHRISTOPHER TITUS proves laughter conquers all By I.R. Hunthausen

EVERYTHING IS ABSURD… Despite his, dare I say, hazardous and semi-psychotic upbringing, Christopher Titus comes off as a pretty well-adjusted guy — at least over the phone. Even through the small, not so dynamic speaker in my phone that makes everything twangy and too loud, there is a zealous appeal in the tone of his slightly throaty voice. Therein lies, in a strange nutshell, the appeal of Christopher Titus. No matter the medium, he gets through to whoever is listening. Even to the point where he has saved at least one life because of it. So, how does a mildly educated guy who had a mentally ill mother and was raised by an alcoholic father (who married and divorced six times) survive? “When you write it down and see the words, it’s a lot of dark stuff,” Titus says about his life story. “There was a point I got to a long time ago that I realized everything is absurd; even [my] successes are absurd. That I barely got out of high school, that I went to one semester of college and have no formal education, [but] have a Writers Guild nomination, that I produced my own television show and just produced my fifth comedy special. That that happened is absurd.” These transgressions and triumphs of absurdity seem staggering, but Titus managed to find a semblance of sanity in it. “Once I got that [I survived] was absurd, not heavy, that’s when everything changed.” With his unique point of view on life, Titus began to design his own style of comedy by modeling it after one of the greats. He gravitated to Bill Cosby and his ability to draw in listeners through real-life anecdotes. “The reason you can never steal that from Cosby is because he is telling stories about his specific life. He’s not going 'you ever notice.'" Titus’ voice changes from a fast-paced exuberance to a slower, methodical one as he breaks down the layers of his craft. “[Cosby] did these stories; none of them were really dark, but they were pretty wild for little kids. I grew up on that. So, when I started writing about my life, I started writing stories, but my stories weren’t [Cosby] and his buddy building go-carts. My stories were my dad blamed his first heart attack on me, going to the mental hospital and seeing my mom. Those were my stories.” Even to this day, if you listen closely, there is a Cosby element in Titus’ timing. Mr. Huxtable runs deep.

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AZSAL The issue back then for Titus wasn’t timing, though, it was delivery. Running around playing baseball in the street, for Cosby, is one thing, but trying to tell a story about your girlfriend punching you in the face in that same way is something else. “I was trying to tell [my story] in a really happy way.” That wasn’t working, and it took time and a friend to help him see that. SNEAKING A PEEK AND TRASHING FRESHMEN … Ever since he was a child and watched Johnny Carson on television, Titus wanted to do comedy. However, catching a glimpse of the legendary show wasn’t as easy as, say, walking over to the sofa and taking a seat. “My dad drank a lot so he would stay up late. When I would hear Carson, if I was still awake, I would sneak down the hall and hide behind the couch.” Literally on his hands and knees like a recon soldier, Titus would maneuver himself to the side of the sofa, avoiding the eyes of his father. “I would watch [Carson] and then sneak back to bed.” Titus’ first attempt at comedy was at his high school’s senior follies performance. “I wrote a five-minute piece on how to trash a freshman. I wanted to show the incoming seniors how to. We had this volunteer kid tied up. It was really funny and did well.” From there Titus attended one semester of business school. “About halfway through that semester I wanted to take my own life.” Titus’ voice affirms the statement with absolute conviction. So, he left. It would take a fistfight with his dad and some time living with his aunt to get his comedic prowess locked down. GOD’S LITTLE SHOT OF HEROIN … Titus’ epic truly began in his aunt’s garage, writing material and recording it over and over and over. “I would literally stand in my aunt’s garage with a boom box cassette player and I would tape myself with the microphone that stuck out of the thing. The mic wasn’t even on a cord. It was like an antenna and just stuck out of [the player] and I would record the stuff I wrote.” Titus lets out a soft chuckle talking about his former practice. After about two weeks, Titus worked himself up enough material and took his act to The Punch Line in San Francisco. “I remember walking on stage. I don’t remember the center of it and I remember saying, ‘Thank you, goodnight.’ I worked the stuff so hard I couldn’t forget it and I killed. The next six times I ate it horribly.” Despite a few bombs, the high Titus got on stage from a live audience’s reaction is what kept him up on that stage night after night. “My first time on stage, the universe god or whatever gave me that little shot of heroin and said, ‘Here, this is what it’s going to feel like when everything goes well.’ Once you get that [feeling], you can’t get rid of it.” From there Titus would go on to become a club headliner over the course of 12 years, although it wasn’t the Titus we all know and love. “I was doing crappy material. I mean, they were good jokes, but I was doing the same bits for six years. I was growing a tumor on my soul. I was going to quit and go open a body shop.” WTF ARE YOU DOING … Before he could leave comedy, Titus had what you could call a sort of epiphany thanks to his good friend and former manager who laid a helpful truth on him that




• At age 16, Titus took his first show business gig doing a birthday party as Darth Vader at an ice cream parlor. It went south when he reached out for the birthday boy, who started to cry when he saw Darth at his party. “The kid grabs his throat and starts freakin’ out and his mom is looking at me like I did something wrong.” • After a set, an audience member handed Titus a letter. Signed simply “Ron,” it described this young man’s near attempt at suicide and his haphazard viewing of one of Titus’ specials at just the right time, which kept him from pulling the trigger. Titus keeps this letter in his nightstand. • One night in Georgia, Titus was pulled over for doing 103 mph. The cop told Titus if he could make him laugh he would let him go. Titus replied, “I hear that radar detectors are giving you guys testicular cancer so I tell all my audiences that if you get stopped by a cop just smile and take the ticket because while he is writing it, he's dropping a nut out his pant leg." • If he had to choose, Titus’ favorite car is his ’56 Chevy wagon that was built for the Titus show. “It's one of the few cars I really feel connected to.” • There is a halfway house in Ontario that requires all the new residents to watch "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding," Titus’ first special. When they’re done watching, the manager of the house simply says, “Yeah, and he didn’t end up in prison, did he. Now tell me how bad your story is.” • Look for "Special Unit," Titus’ latest television show, where he leads a band of physically and mentally handicapped cops on a series of adventures.

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resulted in a comedic renaissance for Titus. “He turned [to me] and basically said what the f*** are you doing. You’re starting to write all this stuff about this dark situation and you’re telling them like you’re Seinfeld.” While Titus realized and acknowledged his buddy’s advice, he feared what the audience would think if he showed them his true colors. That didn’t worry his pal, who simply told Titus that if he didn’t start being himself on stage, he would never be successful. Thus was born a bit called, "We Need Comedy to Get Rid of Our Desire to Kill." “It was this four-minute bit about the worst day you can have where at the end I’m stabbing my boss in the chest screaming, ‘I just need a good laugh.’” It worked and the crowed loved it. After the bit, he still had 10 more minutes on stage. “I went back to my old material. The audience went from cheering in four minutes to hating my guts. They didn’t laugh once.” This was the genesis of today’s Titus. “That’s when I started really bearing down on Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding and started telling the stories of my mom’s suicide and telling the stories in a way I was actually myself — that angry guy you see [now].”


Since his renaissance, Titus has gone on to become a beloved and even life-saving comic. “The weird thing is the audience knows when you’re lying. As a collective conscience sitting in that room, if you don’t tell them the truth, they just don’t think you’re that funny. If you let your guts show a little bit, they will lean in and lean in and eventually they will start to love you.” The adoration of fans combined with Titus’ no-holds-barred style of funny has been the high-octane concoction that’s fueled a hit television show, "Titus" (for which he was nominated for a Writers Guild award), five comedy specials (the latest, "The Voice in my Head," comes out April 1), and a podcast that has been killing it since 2011. Not to mention Titus still hits the road doing what he loves the most. “When I do stand-up, I have the freedom to do what I want, say what I want and make the points that I want,” Titus remarks while discussing his time working on his television show. “The problem with television is you have to piddle yourself through all these executives who have their own points and their own objectives. All it takes [in television] is one person to kill the idea. With stand-up I can get up and as long as I can hold the audience and keep them laughing, I can deal with anything.” Titus has spoken his mind, across just about every medium, about an intense list of taboo topics — pedophilia, suicide, alcoholism, rape. Those themes even managed to manifest themselves on camera during Titus’ overly short run on the air. “I don’t know how we got away with what we did.” Titus recalls an episode dealing with the sexual molestation of his onscreen niece, which was based on a real event. The method behind Titus’ success is simple and poetic. “Be normal and the crowd will accept you. Be deranged and they will make you their leader.” Lead on, Titus. Lead on.



“... the audience knows when you’re lying ... if you don’t tell them the truth, they just don’t think you’re that funny. If you let your guts show a little bit, they will lean in and lean in and eventually they will start to love you.”

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By Jeff Locke

Take a Whack at SunRidge Canyon’s Wicked 6 Unfolding around the rugged ridges and shady canyons on the eastern edge of Scottsdale, SunRidge Canyon Golf Club provides an unparalleled golfing experience


Below: Home to the Jim McLean Golf School, the customclub-fitting services of Hot Stix Golf and the golf-specific physical training of Method Athlete, the new 1,600-sq.-ft. performance center is a one-stop shop for game improvement. Bottom: The 533-yard, par-5 16th hole.


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It’s this gradual yet significant uphill climb to the clubhouse that personifies the malevolence of the Wicked 6.

EVEN AMONG THOSE ONLY MILDLY INTERESTED IN GOLF, Scottsdale is well known as the place to play. The numbers would support that notion. Start with 1,223 holes and 51 golf courses located within the city limits, then sprinkle in an additional 156 courses across the Valley and it’s easy to see that Scottsdale delivers a target-rich environment for golfers. And few places hit the mark quite like SunRidge Canyon Golf Club, where the defining number is 6 — the Wicked 6. “Over the years, the Wicked 6 has generated some rich feedback,” said Jeff Lessig, general manager of SunRidge Canyon Golf Club. “Those six holes are certainly memorable, and not just for their difficulty. Architect Keith Foster did a wonderful job of weaving them through the canyon. He followed the lay of the land in a way that also resulted in a very visually appealing desert golf design.”

As Lessig mentioned, the golf course at SunRidge Canyon wanders down the length of its namesake canyon on the way out before climbing back up on the way in. It’s this gradual yet significant uphill climb to the clubhouse that personifies the malevolence of the Wicked 6. Made up of two par 5s, two par 4s and two par 3s, all except the par 3s play uphill. Those golfers who finish strong on the Wicked 6 certainly earn their post-round brew. Those who didn’t? Well, they’re buying. Luckily, there are a number of opportunities to pay up. Aptly dubbed the Wicked 6 Grill, this evil eatery serves up breakfast, lunch and early-evening fare with a Southwestern flair on the patio or in the dining room. Plus, the Players Pit invites golfers to kick back on old-school rocking chairs and warm their tired dogs by the relaxing fire pit as they take in the game of the day on one of the many HD TVs. In addition to golfers gnawing on Wicked Wings and sipping a cold one, the local motion picks up considerably on Wednesday and Friday evenings during the club’s live music performances. At least until the furnace of summer returns, Jared Blackstone will continue to perform on Wednesdays and Sage Gentle-Wing will deliver his acoustic attack on Friday


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• 18 holes of golf designed by Keith Foster, including the beguiling Wicked 6. • Home to Jim McLean Golf School, one of 13 worldwide, only one in Arizona. • Hot Stix Golf custom-club-fitting services located in new performance center. • Wicked 6 Grill sports a cool 19th-hole hangout known as the Players Pit. • Live music performances on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

team at SunRidge Canyon has worked hard to reestablish the club as one of Arizona’s finest public courses. Golfweek magazine noticed, ranking the club among the top 25 courses in Arizona for two years in a row. Likewise, Golf magazine included SunRidge Canyon on its list of the 30 best public golf courses in Arizona. By the numbers, that’s pretty darn good, especially in Scottsdale, where finding a place to play is like shooting fish in a barrel. Visit for more info.

ance center allows guests to swing away in air-conditioned comfort when the heat is on. Hot Stix’s master club fitters also leverage state-of-the-art technology along with the ability to view ball flight — a luxury not available at big-box retailers. Method Athlete rounds out the gameimprovement services offered at SunRidge Canyon. Founded in June 2011 by Damon Shelton, Method Athlete combines proven methodology with unmatched experience to help each client achieve his/her fitness and performance goals. In terms of golf, Shelton has worked with some of the top 100 golf instructors in the world to develop golfspecific exercises that increase flexibility, and strengthen and teach proper motor learning to encourage a solid golf swing. “The idea is to facilitate game improvement from different angles, and we think we’ve accomplished that by providing a place for these three distinguished organizations to work their craft,” said Lessig. “McLean deals with the how-to part of the golf swing. Hot Stix figures out which club to swing, and Performance Athlete prepares the body to actually make the proper swing.” Since taking over a few years back, the


Above: The Players Pit offers a great place to enjoy the after-golf hang around the warming fire pit and outdoor bar. Below right: View of Four Peaks and the 432-yard, par-4 18th hole, the final challenge of the Wicked 6.

evenings. SunRidge Canyon also hosts the popular Jazz in the Hills concert series. The general vibe is more relaxing than rockin’ but still adds a little verve to this otherwise sleepy neighborhood. Although the golf course and the hang in the grill tend to be the main attractions, golfers striving to play better will find solace at SunRidge Canyon. Recently, SunRidge Canyon gathered together a couple close friends to complement its world-class golf experience. Jim McLean headlines the instruction action for the club, and armed with the new indoor/outdoor performance center located on the practice facility, McLean’s master instructors have been fixing slices and straightening out hooks ever since. Lessons by the hour, golf schools, junior instruction, golf clinics, low handicappers, high handicappers — they do it all. And at the Jim McLean Golf School, they guarantee results. Hot Stix Golf recently joined the strokesaving team at SunRidge Canyon. They brought with them decades of custom-clubfitting experience built on a foundation of independent R & D as well as a keen understanding of the art of club fitting. The indoor/outdoor capability of the perform-




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By Lynette Carrington Photos by Tim Fuller

A Stage Classic Takes the Stage Arizona Theatre Company presents Neil Simon’s 'The Sunshine Boys' at the Herberger in Phoenix

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Although written and produced for the Broadway stage back in 1972, the stage classic exists in its own time bubble as a beloved play that has captivated audiences on stage, television and the big screen. Peter Van Norden and David Green as Willie Clark and Al Lewis in "The Sunshine Boys" at Arizona Theatre Company.


“Freud’s Last Session,” Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) is presenting Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” from March 28 through April 14. Although written and produced for the Broadway stage back in 1972, the stage classic exists in its own time bubble as a beloved play that has captivated audiences on stage, television and the big screen. “The Sunshine Boys” are Al Lewis and Willie Clark, an aging duo that was a hot vaudevillian act back in the day. Although the two grew to despise each other, they have been approached by CBS to pay tribute to vaudeville in one final performance.


After not speaking to each other for more than a decade, can the duo set aside their differences and emerge to perform at the peak of greatness once again? Resentment and hilarity ensue in preparations and onstage of the duo’s performance of their swan song. Two real-life veteran stage performers have stepped into the roles that, after debuting on Broadway, were memorably made famous to the masses on the silver screen in 1975 by Walter Matthau and George Burns. At ATC, Peter Van Norden takes on the role of Willie Clark and David Green portrays Al Lewis. The duo began their journey as Lewis and Clark rehearsing for the show that will open at ATC’s home in Tucson at the Temple of Music and Art, before moving to the Herberger Theatre Center. Van Norden returns to ATC after doing “Inventing Van Gogh” more than a decade ago. He’s excited to be back for “The Sunshine Boys.” “They’re extraordinary really. They just do such good work. And they’re such a nice group of people to work for; just delightful, and they’ve been together for so long, they’re really a company of craftsman at this point,” said Van Norden of ATC.

Theater_SunshineBoys_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:06 AM Page 3

level. Audiences will get to discover the Vaudevillian brilliance of “The Sunshine Boys” in one of the most memorable stage plays by Neil Simon. The final show of the Arizona Theatre Company season will be the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning drama, "Clybourne Park." The provocative and clever story puts a new spin on the story of race and real estate, based on the events of “A Raisin in the Sun.” The play will run April 6 through 27 in Tucson and at the Herberger May 2 through 19. Single tickets and season tickets are available by calling 602-256-6899 or online at ▲

Previously, Green appeared in “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club” during the 2011-2012 ATC Season. With “The Sunshine Boys,” the love/hate relationship is a very unique portrayal of two men from a certain time period. “Peter and I are kind of organically putting this relationship together during the rehearsal process. It’s a lot of work to find the balance and to find the truth of the relationship between these two guys,” Green stated. Van Norden and Green had never met prior to their work on “The Sunshine Boys,” although they have many mutual friends, which made them click on a personal

The New York actor earned his BA at Colgate University and trained with renowned teacher, Sanford Meisner. “The structure of the piece is so strong, it’s so crafted (Simon’s such a brilliant craftsman) that you really have to just play the script and never mind trying to imitate Walter Matthau or imitate George Burns or imitate anybody you’ve ever seen do it. Just play the script,” said Van Norden. He said that even the portions of the play that are not Vaudevillian still carry that flavor and timing. Some of the movie and television credits Van Norden has done include “Gigli,” “ER,” “Caroline in the City” and many more. Working on “Gigli” was nothing but a positive experience for Van Norden. “I had a delightful time on that film. I had a terrific time working with Ben (Affleck) and Jennifer (Lopez); they were so sweet to me,” said Van Norden. Green is also no stranger to Arizona. His wife, Tony Award-winning stage actress Judy Kaye, also performed with ATC in “Souvenir” and “Lost in Yonkers.” “My wife has done shows here, I’ve done shows here in Phoenix, my wife was born and raised in Phoenix, so until recently I’ve had a lot of family there,” said Green.



Travel_Enchantment_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:08 AM Page 2


By Charles Hudson

Paradise in Red Rock Country Sedona’s Enchantment Resort offers a one-of-a-kind getaway experience

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Named among some of the most elite hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure and recognized as a top getaway by Condé Nast Traveler for several years running... Enchantment Resort is the perfect getaway

ENCHANTMENT RESORT and its signature Mii amo spa in Sedona transport visitors to a paradise surrounded by the area’s signature red rocks and beautiful landscape. Named among some of the most elite hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure and recognized as a top getaway by Condé Nast Traveler for several years running, Enchantment Resort — which spans out more than 70 acres at the doorstep of Boynton Canyon — is the perfect getaway for couples, families and even work retreats. Lodging: Inspired by the Southwest, casual yet sophisticated Arizona style, and

Native American traditions, the accommodations at Enchantment are unique amongst other places to stay in Sedona. Here, it’s all about options. Depending on your budget, number of people and length of stay, you can choose from the resort’s casita, junior suite, hacienda and casa options. Some of the stand-out features include soaking tubs, private pools, expansive patios, full kitchen options, and even private covered parking for some. No matter which lodging option you choose, the interior is sure to impress. Each room features the latest technology as well as new furniture, linens, décor and outdoor patio furniture, according to resort reps. Many of the decorative features are made by local jewelers and artisans, giving each room a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Recreational Activities: With more than 70 acres in Sedona's scenic Boynton Canyon, guests of this family resort enjoy Sedona hiking, tennis, swimming, an outdoor whirlpool spa, mountain biking, a pitch 'n putt golf course, championship croquet, bocce ball and ping pong. When it comes to family vacations, Enchantment doesn’t leave the kids out. At Camp Coyote, kids ages 4-12 can be entertained and educated while parents relax and enjoy. Some of the camp’s activities

Travel_Enchantment_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:08 AM Page 3

The resort’s signature restaurant Che-Ah-Chi features an award-winning wine bar and contemporary American cuisine infused with Southwestern influences. Enjoy breakfast or dinner there. Interested in tasting local cuisine? Tii Gavo, the resort’s more casual, Southwestern restaurant, offers up freshly prepared soups and salads, burgers and flatbreads, tacos and entrees — enhanced by views of the stunning Boynton Canyon from the terraces and lounge. Add in the fact that the restaurant boasts one of the largest selections of Arizona-made wines and you have a recipe for a delicious night. Want to enjoy the view and a light meal? View 180, one of the newest ventures at the resort, features light tapas, drinks and —

Enchantment Resort 525 Boynton Canyon Road Sedona, AZ 86336 928.282.2900 ▲

include nature walks, art projects, star gazing, obstacle courses, and more. Not planning on bringing the entire crew? Enjoy the resort’s Native American program that pays homage to the area’s indigenous cultures through a variety of hands-on activities. Work up a sweat with fitness activities at Mii amo spa, which include everything from dance classes to yoga to hiking the red rocks. And, you can delve into your culinary side by attending a cooking demonstration, wine tasting or even exploring different types of tea. Dining: With a delicious variety of on-site restaurants and 24/7 in-room dining options, the food and drinks at Enchantment are almost as spectacular as the views.

you guessed it — a panoramic view from its unique indoor/outdoor setting. And, if you head on over to the Mii amo Café, you’ll enjoy exclusive contemporary, intelligent cuisine. Each dish there places an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients made from local and organic sources. Spa: An experience within itself, Mii amo Spa is a world-class destination spa that is open to Enchantment Resort guests or those wishing to experience an all-inclusive spa experience. The facility, which houses the café and its own suites for spa guests, places an emphasis on finding balance and harmony. Mii amo offers a variety of treatments — including skincare, massage, mindfulness, fitness classes and more — with an emphasis on Native American traditions and the Sedona environment. It also is home to a fitness center, library, studio and indoor and outdoor pools with amazing canyon views.



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gear guide


BEST OF 2013

Seirus Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Edge $79;

Westcomb Cayoosh LT Hoody $300; ▲

Spyder Fanatic Full Side Zip $200;

Vibram Fivefingers Lontra $150;



Darn Tough Vermont's Fang Skis/Ride Sock $23;

Nobis Makayla Beanie $40;

Gear_BestOfWinter3_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 1:27 PM Page 3

Incrediwear Shredder Sock $22.90;

Ibex Woolies 220 Crew $95; Ramp Sagebrush Snowboard $349;

Bootights $34; ▲

ThumbDogs $14.99; Vans Ferra Snowboard Boots $215;



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risingstar By Laura Holloway

Skating Toward an Olympic Dream Dyllan McIntee, a Phoenix teen, proves herself a worthy opponent in the world of competitive figure skating. day, she asked her family for lessons, and she joined the “Learn to Skate” program at Polar Ice Peoria. Within six months, she had progressed to the most advanced level class available, and it became clear that skating was not just going to be a hobby. Her mother, Bridget, said they have always been very careful not to push her. Bridget said, “There’s a fine line between pushing and supporting, and we always say that PHOTO COURTESY OF U.S. FIGURE SKATING

▲ ▲

THE TYPICAL TEENAGE GIRL spends her time surfing the Internet, reading about fashion and celebrities, and singing along to the latest Justin Bieber jam on the radio. Dyllan McIntee is anything but your typical teenage girl; she’s much cooler. I would even go so far as to say she’s as cool as ice. In 2009, Dyllan was the Golden West Champion. In 2010, she placed first at the Juvenile Girls Competition, and recently she qualified to compete in the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championship, after placing third at the Pacific Coast Sectionals. At the Qualifying, she placed seventh in the nation. So, yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. But it isn’t luck that sets this skater apart from her competition; at only 14 years old, she is the definition of an athlete, working every day to perfect her craft, both on the ice and in the gym. When you grow up in Phoenix, you tend to look for ways to keep cool, and the desire for colder temperatures was what first drew the McIntee family to the ice rink. Dyllan was only 6, but her natural talent was obvious right away. For her seventh birth-

“There’s a fine line between pushing and supporting, and we always say that when Dyllan says she is done, that’s when she will be done.”



when Dyllan says she is done, that’s when she will be done.” But Dyllan doesn’t seem to want to take a break anytime soon. Even after the trip to Qualifyings recently, her family tried to get her to take a little time off, but she refused. This was her fourth time at Nationals, and her mother says that Dyllan showed “a real sign of maturity. She walked away knowing more about herself.” Dyllan

RisingStar_Dylan_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:00 AM Page 3

this young athlete has exactly what it takes. Dyllan is a normal teenage girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends, taking ballet lessons, baking and watching movies ... a normal teen on the fast track to Olympic recognition. ▲

impossible the challenge, if you are determined, you can accomplish anything.” Accomplishment comes to those who put in the work, and Dyllan’s schedule is evidence of a work ethic made of steel. She spends 21 hours a week on the ice, in practice or lessons, and 20 hours in off-ice practice, whether it be Pilates, ballet, stretching, or other conditioning activities. Having taken first place in numerous state and regional competitions, her views are becoming more and more focused on an Olympic competition, and anyone who has seen her double axel would agree that

Accomplishment comes to those who put in the work, and Dyllan’s schedule is evidence of a work ethic made of steel.

wanted back on the ice, and quickly. This determination and work ethic is clearly a reflection of the way she has been raised. Dyllan and her younger brother are home-schooled, and their father works three jobs to assure that she has everything she needs to pursue her dream and that her younger brother is able to receive all of the support and physical therapy he needs. Dyllan’s younger brother has spina bifida, and despite doctors saying he would never walk, he was very determined, and now he stands. Dyllan said, “The most inspiring thing I can learn from him is that no matter how



Fitness_Injuries_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 10:05 AM Page 2

fit&trim By Dr. Penny Krich

Avoiding the Bench Common sports-related injuries and a doctor’s take on prevention

▲ ▲

SPORTS BRING OUT AN UNNATURAL PASSION in so many individuals. From the thrill of a touchdown to the camaraderie of the team, athletes are at their most driven when they are on the field. During this heat of the moment, however, is when the possibility of injury is greatest. The risk of a sports-related injury is prevalent beginning the moment a child joins a youth team and carries all the way through to the professional level. The trick is to not fear injury, but rather become educated on the causes of common injuries and the necessary steps to assure safety. Remember: injuries, for the most part, are preventable. Across ages and skill levels, here are the most common injuries and how to prevent them: SPRAINS AND STRAINS Possibly the most common of sports injuries, a sprain or strain occurs when trauma happens to a muscle or ligament. Ranging from a minimal pull to a complete tear, sprains and strains should be treated

The trick is to not fear injury, but rather become educated on the causes of common injuries and the necessary steps to assure safety.


professionally so the healing process can begin as soon as possible. These occur most commonly in the foot, ankle and wrist. Any sport that involves running and quick stop-and-go movements make sprains and strains a little more common. • Signs of a sprain: Heavy swelling, tenderness, pain, bruising and instability. • High risk sports: Basketball, football, soccer and gymnastics. • Prevention tips: Wearing the correct shoes and supportive insoles will greatly reduce the chance for a foot sprain or strain in a high impact sport. Taking proper precautions like stretching during warm up can also help curb chances of this injury. FRACTURES Typically produced by the same impacts and falls as sprains and strains, a fracture is the break in the bone that can be instigated from a one-time injury — an acute fracture — or repeated stress to the bone over time, also known as a stress fracture. Acute fractures are the most common in impact sports, while stress fractures are more likely to happen in long-distance running. • Signs of a fracture: Sudden and severe pain, swelling, movement and inability to place weight on limb. • High risk sports: Football, basketball and cross country running. • Prevention tips: Because acute fractures are usually due to an impact or fall, injury


prevention begins with using equipment correctly and learning a sport’s proper form. Stress fractures are a little easier to prevent since they occur from physical stress over time. Listening to your body, not overextending yourself and choosing the right equipment (like proper shoes) will all help in the prevention of stress fractures. MUSCLE PULLS Not quite as severe as a sprain or fracture, muscle pulls should still be taken seriously. After an injury, apply ice and rest until the pain and swelling subside. The ice relaxes the muscle and helps relieve any spasm, and it should be applied for about 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off, over a few days. The dull ache of a muscle pull usually disappears within a few days. • Signs of a muscle pull: Aches and inflammation. • High risk sports: Wrestling, football, baseball, soccer and golf. • Prevention tips: Warming up and properly stretching before physical activity is crucial in muscle pull prevention. Regular strength training will help keep muscles fit and more resistant to injury. KNEE INJURY Up to 25 percent of all sports-related injuries are knee injuries, as even everyday activities are already putting stress on the knees. When sports are added into the

Fitness_Injuries_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 10:05 AM Page 3

mix, knees are bent, twisted and banged, making them very susceptible to injuries. Some of the most common are an ACL tear and Patellofemoral Syndrome, which is an injury resulting from the repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone. • Signs of a knee injury: Swelling, popping, stiffness, weakness, locking or inability to straighten. • High risk sports: Skiing, football, basketball and track and field. • Prevention tips: Wear shoes with arch supports, learn the sport’s proper techniques by listening to a coach and use the equipment correctly. Wearing knee braces are a good decision if the activity has a high likelihood of falls.

Injuries can be frightening and it is vital to seek professional help when a

major injury happens or if any type of pain is reoccurring. Listening to a doctor’s advice is often the key in recovering quickly and being able to return to the sport, ready to play again. ▲

• Prevention tips: Ensure proper daily requirements of calcium and always wear the recommended equipment, such as a helmet or shin guards. It’s also best to take a coach’s recommendations in reference to children’s safety equipment and injury prevention.

Penny Krich, M.D. is a musculoskeletal radiologist at EVDI Medical Imaging, the leading diagnostic imaging services across the greater East Valley region.

GROWTH PLATE INJURIES Growth plate injuries are the most concerning among children, as their bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments are still growing. Growth plates, areas where cartilage is still developing, are weaker than ligaments and tendons. As a result, injuries to these areas can be much more serious in children, possibly causing a growth stunt later in life. • Signs of a growth plate injury: Inability to put weight on a certain area and swelling. A doctor will be able to determine if the growth plate has been impacted. • High risk sports: Gymnastics, running and baseball.



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fit&trim GEAR 1

▲ ▲

1 Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale The Wahoo Scale keeps track of your weight and BMI over time to help you achieve your health goals. You can use it as an everyday scale as well as sync it to health apps on your smartphone to set different user profiles and goals. The internal memory holds up to 130 weigh-ins so you can sync your phone when convenient. $99.99;

2 Hyperice Knee Brace The Hyperice knee brace is designed for the treatment and prevention of knee pain and inflammation from strains/sprains as well as other knee injuries that athletes experience. Its non-restrictive design allows for a large range of motion with a comfortable fit. The internal ice cell conforms to the body, maximizing points of contact, and is sealed tight against leaks. $99.99;

3 Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells These adjustable dumbbells (BF-0250) eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells and can be adjusted from 10 to 50 pounds by simply moving the adjustment knob to the desired weight. They are built from durable heavy-duty chrome-plated steel and come with two storage trays. $299; 2




Fitness_Gear_mrchaprl13_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 10:01 AM Page 3

Fitness_Gear_mrchaprl13_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 10:01 AM Page 4

fit&trim GEAR


4 ▲ ▲

4 Brooks Men's PureFlow 2 The PureFlow forms closely with your foot while providing comfort with minimal materials. With lightweight construction, surprising comfort and durability, you can depend on these shoes for 250 to 300 miles. $100;

5 Merrell Protera VIM Sport This lightweight sports shoe has a glove-like fit, designed for optimal natural movement via durable Stratafuse technology that eliminates bulky construction. The low-profile midsole delivers more heel-to-toe ground contact for increased control and agility. $100; 5

6 New Balance W1260 This stability running shoe from New Balance is closer to the ground for better control and is lightweight and cushioned for optimal comfort and ease of movement. Enhanced with Stabilcore medial posting and dual-sided T-beam technologies, it provides great support for your arch and gait. $149;

7 Skora BASE Shoes BASE offers a stretch-mesh sockfit with an adjustable X-strap system, elastic heel strap, reflective details and stitch-down construction with an


Ortholite sockliner. This innovative shoe offers an anatomical fit that closely matches the foot’s shape, as well as a curved section profile in both the forefoot and heel that allow for natural movement and performance. $110;

8 ASICS GT 2000 A breathable sneaker designed for neutral to sever overpronators with a synthetic and cool mesh upper. The ComfortDry sockliner provides cushioning while keeping the feet dry, and the double-layer memory foam in the collar creates a custom and secure fit. $120;





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Wheels_HyundaiGen_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:15 AM Page 2

wheels By I.R. Hunthausen

Photos by Hyundai Motor America

Engineering the New Luxury Speed and style unite under one hood in the Hyundai Genesis

▲ ▲ ▲

Genesis has become a heavy hitter in the luxury market, taking on veterans in the arena such as the 5 Series BMW, Mercedes’ E-Class and Lexus’ GS models.

WHEN I HEAR THE WORD “GENESIS,” three things come to mind: Phil Collins, Sega and the Bible. The two former haven’t done a whole lot for me in the last 15 years or so, and the readings from the good book flash me back to religion class at my Catholic elementary school. Each holds a unique staple in my childhood timeline, to say the least. Now, thanks to Hyundai, I have a fourth reason to remember Genesis fondly. Originally introduced as a concept car back in 2007, the Hyundai Genesis has become a heavy hitter in the luxury market, taking on veterans in the arena such as the 5 Series BMW, Mercedes’ E-Class and Lexus’

GS models. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given the car’s moniker that it is the first of many new primo designs Hyundai will be releasing in years to come. In 2009, Hyundai revealed the incredibly agile and extremely comfortable Equus, which has taken full-size luxury to the next level. Besides the typical “luxury” car bells and whistles like leather seats and trim, plush head rests and plenty of vents and cup holders, the first thing that caught my eye was the trunk. If I were ever kidnapped, this is the trunk I’d prefer to be stuffed in. As an avid snowboarder, there was plenty of room for my boots, helmet, jacket, and duffel bag of food and a change of clothes —not to mention my board thanks to an innovative feature that allows owners to remove the center portion of the back seat to allow something, like a snowboard, to stretch out inside the cab without folding down the entire back seat, thus maximizing space and vehicle efficiency. While it is becoming a common trend in most modern cars, I can always appreciate the keyless ignition’s safety and lazy day perks. With the exception of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness and some KBAQ 89.5, after a long day, my car radio has succumbed to

Wheels_HyundaiGen_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:15 AM Page 3

who are allowed to sell the Equus," he said. "We were certified last year.” The training paid off. Victor was like a walking, talking, enthusiastic version of Genesis’ Wikipedia page. He knew the Genesis down to every doorjamb and wheel well. Impressive, but what I wanted to know is would he drive it. “Hyundai has come a long

way in the last three or four years. I’ve been doing this for 10 years,” Victor tells me. "I’ve worked with Honda, Infiniti, Lexus. I never thought I’d sell Hyundai, let alone own one. My wife and I had six Infinities in a row; then we got her an Azera and she loves it." The Azera is one of Hyundai’s signature sedans. “And you don’t have to put premium

my new iPhone and its immense iTunes playlist. Like most suckers, I have a threefoot cable sticking out of my dash’s AUX input that’s tangled around my parking brake and the two-week-old cup of coffee in its holder. Trying to connect that cord to my phone is maddeningly unsafe to set up while driving. Genesis allows, via Bluetooth, wireless streaming of music from a mobile device. Taking the Genesis out on the road became more of a cruise than my typical rambunctious test drive. Victor Merrihew, one of San Tan Hyundai’s Genesis “Champions,” accompanied me on the ride. “Mike [Young] and I are the only two



Wheels_HyundaiGen_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 11:15 AM Page 4

wheels continued

• 3.8L 333 HP DOHV V6 engine • 8-speed shiftronic auto transmission • 17” alloy wheels • EPA combined estimated 22 MPG

GENESIS 5.0 R-SPEC • 429 HP, 5.0L DOHC V8 • Sport tuned suspension • 19” alloy wheels • 0-60 in 4.8 seconds

Experience the Genesis and all Hyundai has to offer; visit Victor Merrihew at San Tan Hyundai, 3252 S. Auto Way in Gilbert.

heavier Equus with the 5.0 V8 available in some Genesis models, I can only imagine the git-up and go with such a lighter chassis. Victor and I spent some of the drive talking about what the import scene was like a decade ago when you couldn’t drive more than a few miles without seeing a giant spoiler on the back of a car or hear the high-pitched buzzing of a beefy exhaust pipe. Back then, even Hyundai had a dog in the fight. The Tiburon was the forerunner to the Genesis coupe — a chopped-down, sported-up version of the Genesis sedan. The coupe sports a 2.0 turbo 270 hp engine and an optional 6-speed manual transmission or, for those who want to really get down, there is a 3.8L V6 that puts out 358 hp. The future is looking good for Hyundai with updated designs and brand-new models coming out in 2014. ▲


fuel in, just basic," Victor continues. "Hyundai has the best warranty on the market, insurance costs, and low maintenance. If we wanted a comparable car with options and stuck with Infiniti, we would have probably paid about 12 grand more.” Like the perks in the Azera, the Genesis comes with cooled seats and shares the low insurance rates and, thanks to design features such as a chain timing belt, cuts down maintenance considerably. The Genesis gave me a smooth ride; so smooth, in fact, that my phone stayed in place on the center console the entire dive — rights, lefts and even on and off the freeway. On the freeway, the Genesis was no dog. With six cylinders on its side pumping out 333 hp, this puppy can keep up with the pack and isn’t afraid to flaunt it with a speedometer rated up to 160 mph. Having driven the

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▲ ▲ ▲

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Saturday’s third round was the largest attended single round/day in golf history. Tournament champion Phil Mickelson broke four records and tied eight others, including joining Arnold Palmer, Gene Littler and Mark Calcavecchia as three-time tournament champions. Fans were in awe of Mickelson’s 28-under par performance Mickelson was an incredible 9-under par on the par 3s at the 2013 WMPO, breaking the previous record of 7-under par set by Chris DiMarco (2003) and Scott Hoch (2003) In addition to Mickelson and the field’s record-setting performances, the tournament also set attendance records during Friday’s second round (121,901) and Saturday’s third round (179,022). Mickelson is the all-time leading money winner in tournament history with $3,694,782 in 24 tournaments played.



AZSAL there_MarchApril13_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 8:35 PM Page 3



AZSAL there_MarchApril13_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 8:35 PM Page 4


▲ ▲ ▲ TOP: The Bat Mobile original #1 (four total were built) sold to a local Ahwatukee gentleman for $4.6 million. The car had been the sole property of its creator, legendary car customizer George Barris. The final price includes a 10% sales commission. PHOTO BY DAVE BLOUCH

BOTTOM: Jay Leno was on hand to sell former President George W. Bush's 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4x4 SuperCrew. It was facilitated by the Gordon D. Sondland and Katherine J. Durant Foundation and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Fisher House Foundation, with the consignment fees waived. PHOTO BY MICHEAL FADYK


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Beauty_Skin_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 8:04 PM Page 2

self&body By Dr. Neal Schultz

Simple Steps to Glowing Skin Using the wrong skincare products or even overdoing it with the right ones can take its toll on your skin. It's time to take care of your skin the right way.

▲ ▲ ▲

“If a little is good, then more is better” does not apply to most skincare products...


WHEN IT COMES TO SKINCARE, people spend countless hours of time and energy finding the perfect products and treatments to get glowing, healthy results. However, if people aren’t educated properly on how to use their skincare, these same products and treatments can cause skin to become red, sensitive and irritated, causing more harm than good. Consider this your “skincare 101” primer, with the knowledge you need to help you get glowing skin without any of the negative side effects. One common mistake people make that causes irritation is using products at too high of a strength. Many people will look at a product with a 20% active ingredient and think it will be more effective than a product with a 10% active ingredient. In the long run this may be the case, but starting out with a product at such a high concentration can actually cause skin to become irritated. By starting with a lower strength product, skin can get used to and even eventually accommodate some of the potentially irritating effects of some products. “If a little is good, then more is better” does not apply to most skincare products and routines. For example, I start my patients on an 8% glycolic product nightly and after a month, add a 10% product on


alternate nights. Then a month later, I have them replace the 8% glycolic with a 15%. This gradual increase in the active ingredient enables skin to steadily adjust to the potential irritancy of the exfoliant. If you add a product to your regimen and find skin getting irritated, take a night off in between use. On the off night, be sure to apply products with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea, aloe vera or willowherb. One more thing to keep in mind when trying to avoid irritation — if you are considering an in-office treatment, make sure you tell your doctor everything you are using on your skin at home. There are a number of inoffice procedures that can treat a variety of skin conditions from hyper-pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, and many of them are non-invasive and have little to no recovery time. This includes chemical peels, nonablative lasers (they only treat the skin’s top layer) and microdermabrasion. If you are already using exfoliating ingredients at home, your doctor can check that you aren’t overdoing it. After an in-office treatment, even with no recovery time, skin tends to be slightly more sensitive, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to the products you use. Your doctor will give you specific

Beauty_Skin_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 8:04 PM Page 3

to irritated skin for 5 or 10 minutes. The evaporation of the liquid causes a cooling sensation and the protein in the milk buffers skin. Another option is to use an over-thecounter 1% hydrocortisone cream or ointment. Lastly, look for soothing products with ingredients including essential oils like lavender, tangerine, ylang ylang and calendula extract, allantoin, green tea, panthenol, cucumber extract, bisabolol, geranium oil, sage extract, licorice, and witch hazel. ▲

No matter how diligent you are in tending to your skin, at some point you will most likely experience sensitivity and irritation. There are a few reliable actions you can take to soothe and calm skin.

Neal B. Schultz M.D. is a leading, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Park Avenue Skin Care in New York. During the last 30 years of practice, Dr. Schultz developed the skin care principles that now guide him and his proprietary BeautyRx Skincare line (

instructions for your skin, but in general I recommend bland emollients, milk and water compresses and even over-thecounter products with green tea, aloe vera and willowherb if there is any irritation. No matter how diligent you are in tending to your skin, at some point you will most likely experience sensitivity and irritation. There are a few reliable actions you can take to soothe and calm skin. First, always listen to your skin. If something is causing irritation, discontinue use immediately and discuss with your dermatologist, especially if it’s following a treatment. To instantly calm irritated skin, an easy at-home remedy is to soak a smooth material (like a t-shirt or handkerchief) in equal amount water and skim milk and then apply it



Beauty_Skin_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 8:04 PM Page 4

self&body continued 2 3



1 Suki's Concentrated Balancing Toner features potent antioxidants that helps strengthen, hydrate, rejuvenate and fortify skin. Contains a therapeutic, tonic proprietary blend of rose, calendula and lavender. Shiitake, green tea and olive leaf antioxidants prevent early signs of aging, balance pH, repair past and prevent future damage. $29.99; ▲

2 MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub contains dual skin polishers and dissolving enzymes to quickly exfoliate dead skin cell build-up and unwanted debris in pores. Super-smooth Jojoba beads and refined bamboo stem powder gently polish the skin without irritating or tearing the surface. Fruit enzymes further dissolve away dulling residue for ultra-smooth, ultra-soft skin. $17.99;


3 Night Breeze by Arcona delivers oxygen deep within the dermis, to promote healing and stimulate cell renewal. Pure botanical oxygen suppresses P-bacteria, the leading cause of acne, and revitalizes skin. Fumaric acid promotes healthy cell formation, while allantion heals and soothes skin. $52; ▲

4 The Power Performance Pack by R Cooper will help keep men's skin healthy and younger looking. Perfect to treat yourself or ready for gift giving, this set includes daily face wash, face toner, face erase serum and daily face moisturizer with SPF 30. $138.90; ▲

5 Experience dramatic transformation in your skin with the award-winning Jan Marani Skin Care Management System Plus. This revolutionary system utilizes synergistic layered technology to address all the skin's needs for measurable improvement in the appearance of common skin conditions such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. By following the easy daily regimen, results will be sustained and improved over time. $350;




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health_DentalFear_Health&Body BEAUTY 3/5/13 9:02 AM Page 2

goodhealth By Dr. Trent Smallwood

Fear Keeps Many Away From Dentist Oral conscious sedation provides a viable option for those who are apprehensive about dental work For patients with severe anxiety who are in good health, oral conscious sedation is as simple as taking a small, safe pill that allows them to relax comfortably throughout their appointment. Well-trained clinical team members monitor the patient closely to make sure that they are comfortable throughout the appointment. Often, years of dental neglect are corrected in just one very relaxed, comfortable visit. Many of these fearful patients begin smiling with confidence and chewing without pain for the first time in years after their sedation appointment. These benefits can have positive, lifechanging consequences for people who have postponed enhancing their smile or

Many of these fearful patients begin smiling with confidence and chewing without pain for the first time in years after their sedation appointment.



improving their oral health due to fear. Most sedation patients feel no discomfort and have little or no memory of their dental visit. It would be wise for you to seek care as soon as possible from an office that is well-trained to minimize your dental anxiety. These benefits can have positive, life changing effects for people who have postponed enhancing   their smile or improving their oral health due to fear. ▲

▲ ▲

DENTAL ANXIETY IS VERY REAL, and it affects millions of Americans. It has been estimated that almost half of adults don't even see a dentist regularly. Many of these people have let fear keep them from maintaining good oral health. Fortunately, dental techniques have taken this fear into account, and many patients feel that it is easier and more comfortable than ever to have dental work completed. Having a dental team that is good at listening to your concerns and prior dental history helps alleviate anxiety as well. For patients who need extensive dental treatment, oral conscious sedation is often an excellent option. My team routinely sees patients with severe dental phobia, and we have had great success in helping them improve their oral health utilizing this approach. Some of these patients have postponed dental care for many years, even though they have been in pain.

Dr. Trent Smallwood, DDS, oversees the Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, located at 420 W. Warner Rd., Suite 101, Tempe, AZ, 85284. Visit or call 480-894-8101 to learn more about advancements in routine and cosmetic dentistry.

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