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covering the game of life

from the publisher Publisher

Joe Orr Editor

Curt Blakeney Welcome to another issue of AZSAL Magazine. We’re right in the middle of the scorching summer heat and if you’re like me, you just can’t wait until this heat subsides. We all know where we live … in a desert! Summer + Desert = INFERNO! AZSAL presents plenty of summer “escapes” to help keep your mind off the heat.

Art Direction & Design

Dara Fowler Senior & Lifestyle Editor

Lynette Carrington If you’re looking for a nice getaway and don’t really want to pile in the car for a long road trip … look no farther than the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. This trendy, yet vintage, hotel offers up some of the best fun, food, amenities and customer care in the Valley. Each room has its own signature design, so every stay will be a unique experience. If you’ve never stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Associate Editor

I.R. Hunthausen Health & Wellness Editor

Dr. Mayur Dev Copy Editor

Also in this issue, AZSAL takes you into the kitchen of two terrific Valley restaurants: Eddie’s House, led by celebrity chef Eddie Matney, and Frank & Lupe’s, a laid-back and casual treasure trove of Mexican food delights. Both restaurants are in Oldtown Scottsdale off Marshall Way. We also present a success story about Arizona’s godfather of MMA, Roland Sarria. And we catch up with former Arizona Diamondbacks legend, Randy Johnson, to see what the Big Unit has been up to since he hung up his cleats and glove.

Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Teresa Gardner Jennifer Reisinger Director of Sales & Marketing

Bill Brandenburger Photo Editor

Gene Lower Don’t forget to log on at Submit a photo for our monthly contest. Or enter our Jet Ski rental-for-two contest courtesy of AZ Xtreme ATV & Jet Ski Rentals by texting “azsal” to 60259 for your chance to win. The drawing will be September 11.

Advertising Design

Joe Becker, Kristin Moore Website

David Carrington We hope you enjoy this issue of AZSAL Magazine. Contributing Photographers

Stay cool! Now keep reading … Best,

Joe Orr, Publisher AZSAL

Dallas Caldwell Michael Fadyk Tommy Kowalski Bill Nash Joel Zolondek Contributing Writers

Zack Cimini Ash Friederich Charles Hudson Clayton Klapper Justin Klemballa Scott Lewis Renée Rouleau Lana Whitehead AZ Sports & Lifestyle Magazine

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table of contents July/August 2012

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The Big Unit Now Pitching Designer Timepieces


Arizona’s House of Cards Could Topple Breaking down the 2012 NFL season with a position-by-position analysis of the Arizona Cardinals


Fighting with Success


Still Stylish After All These Years


Smarter Babies Through Water?

Roland Sarria’s wild ride as a fight promoter

From vintage Hollywood to chic hipster hangout, Hotel Valley Ho does the Valley proud

Research shows that swimming can actually improve your child's brain development

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Randy Johnson hopes to throw a perfect game in the business world


8 16 24

Leading Off


Golf Golf Instruction Golf Gear Guide


Theater Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza


Self & Body Skincare: Fighting wrinkles


Concert Roger Waters’ “The Wall”


Wheels Scion FR-S


AZSAL Was There


Good Health Dental procedures are less invasive

Gear Guide Restaurant Review Frank and Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant Eddie’s House

On the cover: Hotel Valley Ho

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RECIPES OF THE MONTH STARS & STRIPES MOJITO Ingredients: • 1 shot light rum • 2 parts Refine Mojito mix • 5 blueberries • 1 strawberry • 1 starfruit Preparation Muddle five blueberries and one strawberry in a large cocktail glass. Top it off with ice filled to the rim. Then in a shaker, add ice, rum and Refine Mojito Mix, shake and strain into the cocktail glass. Stir and garnish with the slice of starfruit. This cocktail is less than 100 calories. — Recipe courtesy of Refine Mixers (

ULTIMATE ROOT BEER FLOAT Ingredients: • Three 2.5 oz scoops Snöbar Brandy Alexander Ice Cream • Two cans of Barq’s root beer soda • Three shots of 3 Olives Root Beer Vodka Preparation In a tall frosted mug, pour in one can of Barq’s Root Beer Soda. Then add three scoops of Snöbar Brandy Alexander Ice Cream and three shots of 3 Olives Root Beer Vodka. Top with the second can of root beer to give the drink a 2 to 3-inch head. — Recipe courtesy of M Resort in Las Vegas ( and Snöbar (




LeadingOff_JulyAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:27 PM Page 3

CHIPOTLE CHICKEN MANGO SALAD Ingredients: • 4 cups Iceberg lettuce, shredded • 6 ounces Boar’s Head Chipotle Chicken, sliced 1/4" thick, diced • 6 ounces Boar’s Head Chipotle Gouda, sliced 1/4" thick, diced • 1 cup mango, diced • 1/2 cup mango chutney with jalapenos • 1/2 cup mayonnaise • 1/2 cup sour cream • 1 tablespoon lemon juice, fresh • 1/2 cup almonds, sliced Preparation Toss the lettuce, chicken, cheese and mango in a large bowl. In separate bowl, whisk together the mango chutney, mayonnaise, sour cream and lemon juice to make dressing. Pour dressing over salad and garnish with sliced almonds. Servings: 2 as entrée salad, 4 as side salad Cook Time: 15 Minutes

BATTLE OF THE BONE WING EATING CONTEST KICKS OFF IN SEPTEMBER THE PHOENIX AREA WILL FIND OUT HOW MANY WINGS ONE PERSON CAN EAT, as the Native New Yorker Restaurant announced the fifth annual Battle of the Bone contest, presented by Bud Light, will begin on Sept. 5. The preliminaries will take place every Wednesday over the course of 12 weeks. At select locations, Native New Yorker will crown the weekly winner, who will move onto the Battle of the Bone Finale, scheduled for Dec. 8. The rules are simple: pre-registered contestants will have “10 minutes and 60 seconds” to devour as many chicken wings as they can. Contestants will have to eat the wings to the “bone” with only water available. This contest is open to amateurs only. No Joey Chestnuts or Kobayashis allowed! To register and see the complete list of locations for the contest, please visit Registration begins August 15.

— Recipe courtesy of Boar’s Head (



ARIZONA SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET STORES are now carrying Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona’s gluten free, fat free and all natural salsas as the company continues to grow its retail distributors. Goldwater’s Foods was created more than 20 years ago in 1989 when Carolyn Goldwater Ross, Joanne Goldwater and Peggy Goldwater Clay brought all of their unique talents together combining business and food to what is now a growing and thriving family business.Known as the originator of the fruit salsa, Goldwater’s offers eight varieties of salsa, The Senator’s Chili Mix and delicious barbecue and grilling sauces. Sprouts is carrying seven different salsas in its Arizona stores. Ross is also featured on YouTube with new seasonable recipes. For more information on Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona and its complete product list, please visit the website at



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Neurofeedback Helping Athletes with Peak Performance


NEUROFEEDBACK IS ABOUT IDENTIFYING SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF THE BRAIN’S FUNCTION, isolating them and then using that information to help change behaviors in order to address shortcomings or enhance performance. It is a growing science that has shown measurable results over the past several years — leading to a growing popularity in the United States and abroad. Nowhere is neurofeedback growing faster than in the world of sports. The success or failure of an athlete depends upon the slightest difference of outcomes. What happens in the fraction of a second can mean victory or defeat. Imagine if there was a way to identify the areas of an athlete's brain that are responsible for decision making in these split seconds. To train the brain to react a certain way in certain situations would certainly lead to peak performance at both the professional and amateur levels. “Neurofeedback trains the person to re-train his or her brain, allowing them to focus, concentrate and be in better control of their impulses and emotions,” said Dr. Sanford Silverman, owner of Center for Peak Performance in Scottsdale ( How is neurofeedback being used in sports training? Focus: Neurofeedback helps athletes shut out distractions and activate only those parts of the brain that pertain to performance. By using neurofeedback, athletes are able to turn on and off the correct switches and eliminate the white noise such as crowds, stress or personal issues that can impede performance. Relaxation: Training programs use neurofeedback to isolate the areas of the brain that control relaxation and help the athlete gain more comfort in high pressure situations. If executed properly, this would completely remove the element of “choking” from an athlete’s game. Timing: Neurofeedback training has been a huge help in sports such as tennis and baseball that require split-second timing in order to achieve success. Again, the mapping of an athlete’s brain allows the experts at a sports mental training facility to enhance and improve upon the areas that control the swing of a club or bat — and enhance that area of performance considerably.


s s

out, grandma was right. Honey has amazing healing properties. Honey has been a staple of many civilizations and can be dated back to cave paintings in Spain from 7000 BC. It has been used as an offering to the gods by the Greek, Romans and Egyptians, and has long been known for its healing properties … as well as its sweet taste. Maty’s (, makers of allnatural remedies created from only the purest ingredients and straight from a mother's loving heart, offers the following healthful tips about honey: • Honey has always been a time-tested remedy for coughs and a wonderful throat soother. • The antioxidant content of buckwheat honey equals that of fruits and vegetables. • Honey never expires. The unique chemical composition of low water content and a relatively high acidic level in honey creates a low pH environment that makes it very unfavorable for bacteria or any microorganism to grow. • Honey is good for digestion. The oligosaccharides, types of sugar, in honey have been suggested to promote the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria in the colon.

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THIS SUMMER, 15 PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES GAVE BACK to their local communities simultaneously as part of the popchips game changers program. Sports stars including Tim Lincecum, Ray Rice, Hope Solo and our very own Ryan Roberts asked their fans, “How can I give back to our community?” Fans in Phoenix submitted local charities and causes for Roberts to support throughout the month of June. Roberts and 14 other athletes hosted local cause events across North America to give back to their fans who have made them the sports heroes they are today. On June 20, after hitting a career first inside-the-park home run during the afternoon game against the Seattle Mariners, Roberts hosted a special charity event at the Virginia G. Piper Sports & Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities in order to give back to Ryan House, the charity that was chosen by the local Phoenix community and Roberts. Ryan House provides respite and palliative care to children with life-threatening conditions and, as needed, end-of-life care. As part of the event, Roberts played an adaptive baseball game with all the kids of Ryan House helping them hit fly balls, run bases and slide into home plate. Kids also got to enjoy arts and crafts, bean bags and snacks provided by popchips. Roberts showed that it’s not just about the game, but it’s truly about the community. He had all

the Ryan House kids sign his popchips game changers jersey so he would have a keepsake of the event and was extremely humbled by his experience. He tweeted, “@ryanhouseorg @popchips Thanks so much for everything today. That was one of the best times of my life. Really touched my heart. #soblessed.” In addition to giving his time, Roberts is also donating all proceeds from his Tatman T-shirt line to Ryan House for the next 30 days. Visit to order a shirt and chip in for a great local cause. And for more information about Ryan House.

A Summer Worth Sharing THE ARIZONA OFFICE OF TOURISM (AOT) launched its new interactive summer advertising campaign, “Discover a Summer Worth Sharing.” Geared to drive in-state travel and increase tourist activities during the summer months, the campaign is the agency’s latest effort in using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to encourage travelers to share their Arizona travel experience with others to discover. By uploading photos and posting travel itinerary ideas on the campaign’s website,, travelers engage in conversations about their own adventures throughout the state. The website comprises five types of travel categories based on what residents enjoy doing during Arizona’s summer months: AZ Explorer, Family Vacationer, Outdoor Adventurer, Urbanite and Water Enthusiast. Each “Travel Type” has custom travel ideas of places to go, things to do and even a sample itinerary to experience. Additionally, each category includes a comment section to share travel stories and a photo carousel where visitors are invited to upload their own Arizona travel pictures. Comments and photos are then viewable to anyone visiting the website. is mobile and tablet (i.e. iPad) friendly. Expanding beyond AOT’s current marketing campaign, which features Arizona’s scenic and iconic landscape, the Discover a Summer Worth Sharing campaign conveys a nostalgic, first-person tone featuring family-style photos of various statewide travel adventures. www.




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FUNKY ARTWEAR OFFERS CUSTOM JEWELRY WITH FLARE AFTER TWELVE YEARS OF WORKING in the fine jewelry industry, Jeffrey Bell was ready for a change. He took his years of expertise, gave it a little twist and changed out precious gemstones for just a little bit of funk. Voila! Funky Artwear was born. Based in Scottsdale, the homegrown jewelry designer offers a wide variety of quality, handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even a fun assortment of holiday themed jewelry. Don’t see exactly what you want online? Not a problem. Just send a note about the specific earrings you want and they’ll be custom made by the artist himself. Some of the fun materials used in the jewelry created by Funky Artwear include glass, enamel, agate, coral, assorted beads, pearl, aventurine and acrylic. Some styles are even painstakingly wrapped in thin wire, creating an even more interesting piece of jewelry. All posts and backings are made of stainless steel and backings can be done in clips, wire or lever backs. Custom requests are some of Bell’s favorite. Beads, designs, semiprecious stones and wire-wrapping can all be made to order. “Nobody is making the stuff I am. It’s very unique,” stated Jeffrey Bell. To shop online, visit Any orders over $30 will include a free pair of earrings. Shop local. Shop funky. Shop FunkyArtwear.




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gear guide

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Vivitar Hands Free Speaker

The Hands Free Speaker is a portable speaker stand that doubles as a speaker phone (with a built-in microphone) and automatically switches from music to iPhone when receiving a call. $59;

BodyMedia FIT Advantage Weight Management System

▲ ▲ ▲

The BodyMedia FIT Weight Management System Armband helps you pinpoint what actions you should take to reach your weight-loss goals. With the Armband and the online Activity Manager, this holistic system tracks your calories in, calories out and sleep quality. Providing important information about calories burned and calories consumed, BodyMedia technology is clinically proven to help users lose three times more weight than those who try to lose weight on their own. $99;

Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker The Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker is a convenient small kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into a dessert that looks and tastes like soft-serve ice cream, without the addition of milk, ice, sugar, yogurt, etc. It is the perfect guilt-free treat that is lowcalorie, high in fiber and packed with the vitamins and minerals your body craves. Yonanas is perfect for anyone that wants to maintain a healthier lifestyle. $49.99;

▲ ▲ ▲

Athleta Stride Top

Athleta’s lightweight, seamless run top is breathable and quick drying. Sports great looks that don’t sacrifice performance. Meryl Skinlife fabric — a soft and stretchy blend of nylon, polyester and spandex — combats odors and wicks to keep you dry. $49;



Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:31 PM Page 3

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Zeal Equinox

▲ ▲ ▲

Equinox is your ultimate training partner. For long morning runs or a quick pump on the bike, Equinox ensures that you always have the performance you need. Lightweight construction and strategic venting allows for maximum performance. Polarized Hyperion lenses block harsh UV rays, reduce glare, resist scratching and provide optical clarity, especially on the water, snow or road. $139;

Ready Clips Tangled cables anyone? No more worries with the AViiQ Ready Clips. They easily clip onto your bag or pocket for easy transport and their small size make tangled cables a thing of the past. Use Ready Clips for simple, short connections between your laptop or desktop's USB 2.0 port and most portable devices, including Micro and Mini USB devices as well as those with Apple connectors. $15.99; ▲ ▲ ▲

Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you have your sights set on a big race or you're working hard to stay fit, the Suunto Quest will take your training to the next level. The Quest provides accurate real-time heart rate data as you work out, making your training as beneficial as possible. Track your real-time heart rate, calories burned, and average heart rate to help keep you in the right zone for maximum energy use. Includes a stopwatch with laps. $249;

▲ ▲ ▲

Dr. Weil Compass Sandal

Restore your feet to their natural alignment with Dr. Weil’s Integrative Footwear. The podiatrist-designed, biomechanical tri-planar motion control footbed has a deep heel cup that stabilizes, supports and naturally realigns the feet. Specifically designed to aid foot alignment, this sandal can also improve posture, allowing you to move easier and more efficiently. It’s also quite handsome with a full-grain leather upper and recycled rubber outsole. $95;



Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:31 PM Page 4

gear guide

Black & Decker V1 Rechargeable Spotlight In an emergency, don’t get stuck with a cheap $2 flashlight during a storm or power outage. Light up the night with the Black & Decker V1 Rechargeable Spotlight, featuring a powerful quartz halogen bulb that delivers a bright, tight beam. The rugged pistol grip design ensures a comfortable fit and ease of use. With the built-in 120 volts AC charger, just plug into any household extension cord or outlet to recharge. Also includes a 12-volt DC vehicle charging cord. $29.99;

Cat Cora Stainless Steel Cookware Set

▲ ▲ ▲

As a professional chef, Cat Cora's first choice for home cooking is tri-ply stainless steel. This stackable set, bearing Cat Cora’s moniker, is durable enough to withstand daily use, while providing even cooking and consistent results whether you’re browning meats or whisking delicate sauces. The set features tri-ply construction for rim to rim heat distribution, riveted stainless steel handle design that provides a secure grip, and graduated interior that makes measuring easy. The set is oven safe up to 500°F (260°C). $299;

K-Swiss Blade Foot Run

▲ ▲ ▲

▲ ▲ ▲

Performance and good looks, K-Swiss delivers with the Blade Foot Run running shoe. It’s a zero heel lift running shoe — with your heel and forefoot nearly level with the ground — that encourages a natural foot strike. Features light and responsive cushioning; the air mesh upper provides excellent ventilation. Experience the natural bliss of this barely-there shoe. Lightweight at only 8 ounces. $90;

Cuisinart 2-lb Bread Maker

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread with the programmable Cuisinart CBK 100 bread machine Simply add the ingredients, choose from several options using the touch-pad controls, and it takes care of the rest. It will mix the ingredients, knead the dough, let it rise, and bake it to perfection — soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. $185;



Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:31 PM Page 5

Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:31 PM Page 6

gear guide

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Nest Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps you stop wasting energy, while providing control using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. Consider that your thermostat controls about half your energy bill — more than TV, appliances and lighting combined. But it's wasting energy every time it turns on the heating or cooling system in an empty house. The Nest Learning Thermostat solves this problem by programming itself, turning itself down when you're away, and keeping track of your energy use. $249;

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill

▲ ▲ ▲

Traditional charcoal grilling is easy with the Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill at your disposal. Whether you are a hardcore griller or someone who occasionally likes to try something different, this compact charcoal kettle grill provides many options, making it a perfect addition to your outdoor cooking lifestyle. Boasting a solid, four-legged design, with two heavy-duty wheels, you can move this grill to wherever the action is. With its convenient size and mobile nature, this grill has a generous 70 square inches of total cooking area for gourmet grilling wherever you go. $159;

Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver Enjoy an icy treat anytime with the Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver (68506). It makes delicious slushies and snow cones in minutes. Can also blend up a mean frozen margarita, daiquiri or piña colada. Easy to clean; all removable parts are dishwasher safe. $29.99; ▲ ▲ ▲

Asics GEL-Cirrus33

Superior cushioning meets lightweight performance in the Asics GEL-Cirrus33 running shoe. No-sew mesh upper offers breathability to help keep the foot cool. Personal Heel Fit (PHF) is a two-layer memory foam lining in the heel collar that creates a personalized fit. Solyte midsole improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown. Rearfoot GEL cushioning system attenuates shock during impact. Forefoot GEL cushioning system attenuates shock during toe-off. Sounds technical, but what it means is a comfortable shoe that delivers incredible performance. $149;



Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 9:00 PM Page 7

Now also available at select Fry’s, Bashas’ and QT stores

Gear_JulAug12_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:32 PM Page 8

gear guide

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Jaybird Sportsband Headphones

These sleek Bluetooth headphones boast a colorful design and CD quality sound. Control music and calls with integrated controls and a concealed microphone — all done wirelessly. Equipped with apt-X, which cleans up and adds depth, bass and treble to create an amazing audio experience. Jaybird is an official partner of the USA Triathlon. Available in bold colors like toffee apple red, runners red and black. $99;

▲ ▲ ▲

Shaun White McGoat Shoes

These comfortable and casual shoes from Shaun White are affordable and stylish. Designed by White in partnership with his brother, Jesse, the collection draws its inspiration from the life and times of Olympic Gold medalist and action sports superstar Shaun White. The McGoat boat shoes for men feature cushioned Insoles, padded tongues, tagless footbeds and padded collars. Sold exclusively at Target. $34.99; ▲ ▲ ▲

Out of Print T-Shirts

▲ ▲ ▲

Go retro with a stylish Out of Print t-shirt. Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Shirts feature iconic and often out-of-print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art. $28;

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS

The Timex Ironman watch — featuring GPS and heart rate monitor — is a must-have training gadget for any dedicated runner and data fiend. You can customize the display to feed four sets of data, keep an eye on your target heart rate and download the data — as well as plot your route on your computer. You can track your distance in real time and map it on your home computer. Timex includes all of the features that have made its Ironman watches so popular like multiple alarms, countdown timer and a hands-free chronograph. $185; ▲



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good eats By Lynette Carrington Photos by Kristin Moore

Frank and Lupe’s 4121 N Marshall Way (off Indian School Rd.) Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480-990-9844

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲



The Whole Enchilada Old Mexico meets swank Scottsdale at Frank and Lupe’s Restaurant

FRANK AND LUPE’S IS A TESTAMENT TO MEXICAN FOOD DONE RIGHT. It’s not pretentious, showy or trying to reach outside of the realm of what it really is. It doesn’t boast of anything except its authenticity. For more than 25 years the quaint restaurant has sat in one of the highest rent districts of Scottsdale and continues to attract people from all over the Valley because what you see and what you taste doesn’t need to be hyped. It’s part atmosphere, part experience and, of course, mostly food. Best of all, you won’t leave the restaurant feeling bankrupt. This place got it right every step of the way. Frank and Lupe’s Restaurant is owned by Frank and Lupe Bernal and their sons, Eddie and Teddy. (Of note, the original Frank and Lupe’s restaurant is in Socorro, N.M.) Combining family tradition, a flare for flavor and industry know-how, Frank and Lupe’s has been delighting Arizona residents and visitors alike. They have carved out a niche that belongs solely to the restaurant. “Scottsdale was a small place with just a few restaurants and businesses. So the success of a restaurant that combined the traditional Mexican and New Mexican cuisines was almost guaranteed,” said Teddy Bernal. Starting with the intimate dining

room, visitors feel like they’re dining in someone’s home. The service is friendly and the drink specials are definitely … well, special! Kicking things off were the chips and salsa. The chips are a corn and flour combo, making for a not-so-run-of-themill style chip. The salsa was not too spicy and just the right beginning for our dinner. Appetizers are plentiful and you’ll find all the usual suspects: mini chimis and tacos, cheese crisps, loaded nachos and Eduardo’s guacamole dip. Go for something different and try the Ceviche. (Oh, and they even grow their own chili peppers in Mexico. How's that for authentic?) The Holy Mole is a perfect introduction for those wanting to start simple. The chicken with traditional Mexican mole sauce (which is equal parts sweet and slightly spicy) is served with rice, beans and tortillas. Either mixed or eaten separately, it’s a great, lower fat option over some of the more traditional dishes. Also, the El Flaco (vegetarian burrito) is a great, heart healthy choice. The stuffed sopapilla is packed with tender and juicy carne adobada, rice and beans and is exceptional. The Shredded Beef Blue Corn Flautas are also a uniquely flakey and flavorful selection. It was a bit difficult to pick out a favorite dish. There were simply too many contenders. As a

Eats_FrankAndLupes_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:34 PM Page 3



• Frank and Lupe’s offers patio dining, private parties and Latino events. • Be sure to visit Frank and Lupe’s website for a fun, interactive piñata game. Win a prize, too!

• “The décor, menu and atmosphere will reflect that of an old tequila hacienda,” said Teddy Bernal of Santo’s Lounge.

miss the drink specials! I would offer that having to trek outside between Frank and Lupe’s to get to los banos is kind of a drawback, but because I’ve been to the restaurant a several times now, it somehow fits the overall Old World Mexico charm of the place. With Frank and Lupe’s the experience of dining there is half the fun. It exudes its own ambiance and you will most likely forget you’re in Scottsdale. Everything about Frank and Lupe’s is authentic. I would dare say that it is the Valley’s Mexican restaurant that you don’t want to miss. ▲

• Santo’s Lounge (around back) was one of downtown Scottsdale’s first residences and it remains intact. Not much was changed when developing it in to Santo’s Lounge.

group, we discussed and the winners were the Poblano Cream Chicken Enchiladas. Just a bit of spice, very creamy and meltIn-your-mouth amazing, we absolutely loved them. Santo’s Lounge is located right behind Frank and Lupe’s and is a part of the restaurant family. A traditional lounge, it is a beautiful fusion of Old World and Latin styles. Enjoy a large selection of Mexican wines, handcrafted Sangria and generous menu of Mexican appetizers. With the traditional décor, you will certainly believe you are in Mexico. Happy hour is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. And you definitely won’t want to

• Off-site catering is available along with on-site space for corporate parties and gatherings.



Eats_Eddies_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:53 PM Page 2

good eats By Charles Hudson

Eddie’s House 7042 E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale AZ 85251 480.946.1622

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲



Eddie’s Still in the House! Celebrity Chef Eddie Matney wows patrons with a colorful and innovative approach that is … all Eddie

EDDIE MATNEY, THE VALLEYS’ MOST POPULAR CHEF, opened Eddie’s House in Old Town Scottsdale’s upscale dining district in 2008 to much fanfare. Four years later, the award-winning eatery is still one of AZSAL’s favorites, so we thought it would be nice to experience the bold and innovative flavors once again. Chef Matney is known for his colorful and gregarious personality. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can catch him as the co-host of “Your Life A to Z” on Arizona’s Channel 3. Matney’s been celebrated for his unique culinary style in a number of prestigious publications including Phoenix Magazine, Food and Wine, USA Today, Bon Appétit and Money Magazine. Long before Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay were entertaining the masses on Food Network, Eddie Matney was charming patrons at Eddie’s Grill in Phoenix in the late 80s and 90s. Then he opened up his signature restaurant, Eddie’s House, in Old town Scottsdale’s upscale dining district. And calling it Eddie’s House is aptly named; the place is comfortable, laid-back and intimate. The decorations — including bookshelves filled with family photos — coupled with the small, intimate setting give the vibe of hanging out at Eddie’s actual home. Chef Eddie is hands-on, so on any given night, he may greet guests at the

door, answer the phone, roll up his sleeves and prepare a dish, or stop by a table to schmooze with diners. The interior of Eddie’s House is decorated in dark tones, with olive green and eggplant accents. The ambiance is relaxed and pleasant. Matney’s culinary mantra is “simple, but complex, savory and delightful.” And that sums up the appetizers and entrées pretty well. Matney's Mediterraneaninfluenced New American cuisine is time tested and consistently full of flavor. Over the years, we’ve developed our favorites at Eddie’s restaurants. For starters, Mo’ Rockin Shrimp — served with chili-beer dipping sauce and dough balls — has a nice kick and subtle Moroccan spices and flavors. Chef Eddie has had this dish on his menu for years, and for good reason; it masterfully blends jumbo shrimp with cayenne, Dijon mustard and red chile seasonings into a scrumptious dish that will have you finger-licking the plate. Seafood wontons with cream cheese and apricot voodoo sauce are delectably light and tasty. The toasted horseradish/ mashed potato stuffed shrimp packs a zing, a perfect complement to an ice-cold mug of beer. And just in time, Eddie’s House and Sonoran Brewing Company teamed up to concoct a new, refreshing summer brew called the Triple FFF Summertime Beer.

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outs: garlic broccolini, sugar snap peas, grilled asparagus, asparagus risotto, grilled vegetables, country mashed potatoes and bacon Brussels sprout. The prosciutto mac and cheese is a meal in itself and one of the best side dishes you’ll find anywhere. For dessert, the chocolate chip tiramisu — a dark chocolate cookie, crunchy toffee, raspberry syrup and chocolate chip cookie dough in place of ladyfingers — is rich and will satisfy your sweet tooth. ▲

Another great comfort dish is the bacon-Infused meatloaf, served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, mushroom jus lie and onion strings. Not much to say about this. Meatloaf, good. Bacon, good. Other Chef Eddie entrées include prime ribeye, seared diver scallops, doublecut pork chop, Eddie’s House chicken, EastMeets-West sesame tuna and parmesan halibut, and a Southwest seafood tower. À la carte vegetables offerings to accompany the main courses are knock-

If you’re craving for a cool, refreshing salad, the Fetoush salad will satisfy. Crisp romaine lettuce is tossed with chunked tomatoes and cucumbers, and topped with toasted pita strips and lemon-sumac and mint dressing, which highlights the wonderful flavor of sumac, a lemony, piquant Middle Eastern spice. Then it's on to the main entrées. Main courses celebrate abundance, though half portions are offered. My personal favorite entrée is the chermoula roasted Chilean sea bass. Chermoula, a wonderful Moroccan marinade consisting of cilantro, garlic, paprika and lemon, offers bright flavors for grilled seafood. The sea bass is served with candied lemon broccolini, a green vegetable similar to broccoli but with smaller florets and longer, thin stalks. The Famous, One and Only, What’s In This Steak — featuring a tender grilled filet, covered with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, dusted with parmesan cheese and panko bread crumbs, then served on top of sautéed vegetables and Cabernet demiglaze — is delightfully decadent and worth the trip if you’re a meat and potatoes lover.



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G UNIT By Clayton Klapper Photos by Bill Nash

Now Pitching Designer Timepieces Randy Johnson hopes to throw a perfect game in the business world

DEDICATION, CLASS AND INNOVATION can all be used to describe Randy Johnson, one of the most dominant pitchers baseball has ever seen. The same can be said of Ulysse Nardin, one of the most innovative, classy and dedicated companies the world has ever seen. Ulysse Nardin is a watch company based in Switzerland that specializes in high-end pieces, and has done so since 1846. It has most recently brought in Randy Johnson to become an ambassador for the company. The two have joined forces to design a limited edition watch, fittingly to be named, “The Big Unit.” At Chase Field on June 4, Randy Johnson was joined by Ulysse Nardin’s CEO, Patrik Hoffmann. The two were on hand for an event benefiting the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute, but also to unveil their new partnership. The majority of Hoffmann's work has been to integrate the watch company into the Northern American market as well as Central America. Hoffmann and Johnson started plans on “The Big Unit” in February of this year. The two went back and forth on what the watch should look like, until they came to a consensus. The process will take about nine months, according to Hoffmann. They wouldn’t reveal what the watch will ultimately look like, but did say it would not be a small one. On the field, Johnson was a five-time Cy Young award winner, second on the all-time strikeout list at 4,875. He was elected co-MVP of the Diamondbacks’ 2001 World Series Championship against the New York Yankees alongside Curt Schilling. Of the 11 playoff wins needed for the Diamondbacks to win the 2001 World Series, Johnson collected five of them, including three of their four wins in the best-of-seven series with the Yankees. Johnson is one of only 22 pitchers to ever throw a perfect game, and did so on May 18, 2004, against the Atlanta Braves. Aside from his perfect game, two of his most notable outings were in games six and seven of the 2001 World Series. Johnson started game six and threw seven innings, with seven strikeouts and giving up just two runs. On the very next day, after throwing 104 pitches the night before, Johnson came in as a relief pitcher and retired all four batters he faced to pick up the win in game seven. Since retiring in early 2010, Johnson has spent the majority of his time with his wife and kids, choosing to stay out of the limelight, but took time to sit down with AZSAL while unveiling his new partnership with Ulysse Nardin.

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AZSAL: Everyone knew what your persona was on the field, what do you pride yourself on now that you're retired? Johnson: I've been out of the media and the limelight. I have four kids, and so I'm attempting to be a husband and more of a dad now. A lot of the things I've done since I retired I wouldn't have been able to do while I was playing baseball. I just got back from Afghanistan, I was over there for about 10 days. I started off in Italy and visited some air force bases there. I then went down to the USS Enterprise and into Kandahar and then I finished up in Germany and went to Rammstein and visited a lot of the wounded warriors there. That's the third tour that I've done. Last year I went to Okinawa, and the year before that I went over to Kuwait and Iraq. So, I'm staying busy. Those are fun things to do, but really rewarding things to do. Those are real things to do. Playing baseball for 22 years was really a privilege. It was the little boy in me. But now I'm doing stuff that is much more rewarding and as I get older has a lot more meaning to it. It's real stuff. AZSAL: Do you find yourself at Chase Field very often? Johnson: Last time I was here was last year. I was here for the 10-year anniversary of the World Series. It was great to have a gathering of all the players that were here for the 2001 World Series. I still follow the team a little bit. I'll pick up the paper and follow the team. But, at almost 50 years old, I have other interests now that I can focus on. AZSAL: You've been involved in a lot of charity work in your career, how did you become involved in that? Johnson: I started in 1988, when I was in Montreal. When I got traded to Seattle I wasn't married and didn't have kids yet, but I'd be walking around the streets and I met a lot of homeless people in Seattle. I took it upon myself with my photography and some of the money I earned to reach out and try to start giving back to the community. As my name got bigger, I had Circle-K match everything that I donated per every strikeout that I had and I would allocate those checks that were donated to homeless shelters. That was really rewarding because I was there from the beginning to the very end. Raising the money, allocating the money, and in a lot of cases seeing how the money was spent. The biggest charity that I was a part of was the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and that probably raised, in the 20 years that I was affiliated with them, probably anywhere between $10 million to $15 million. The things that I took upon myself probably didn't raise as much, but it was just as rewarding to know that I was trying to help out. AZSAL: How did you become involved in watches? Johnson: Playing baseball, I had a lot of spare time. When I was in another town and wasn't playing golf, I started walking around the town and really started to enjoy watches. I would go to some of the watch stores, whether it was in New York, Florida, Chicago or Los Angeles. So I started buying watches. I looked at it as almost blue chip stock. You were



AZSAL FAST FACTS • More people have orbited the moon than pitched a perfect game. • In two stints with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson collected 118 wins. • In a freak accident on March 24, 2001, during a spring training game, Johnson threw a fastball that struck and killed a dove. • Johnson holds the record for most strikeouts in a relief appearance (16 against San Diego on July 18, 2001). • Randy Johnson is the first American to have a timepiece made in his honor by watchmaker Ulysse Nardin.

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buying nice timepieces that were limited edition and would always hold their value. A lot of the times the watches I was buying I wouldn't even wear. I would keep them in the box and put them on a shelf. Some of these watches are nonexistent now and the ones I have are brand new. They don't go down in value. I learned more about the craftsmanship, and what goes into different types of watches. AZSAL: How did you become involved with Ulysse Nardin? Johnson: I met a gentleman in Florida who[m] I had bought a lot of watches from, and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of the opening of his boutique and I said sure. I also met Patrik Hoffmann at the same time, and about a year later Patrik asked me if I wanted to come on board and be a part of Ulysse Nardin, and I said yes.

Anything I do, I want to have my full attention toward that. So when Ulysse Nardin asked me, I wanted to give them 110 percent like I did on the baseball field.

AZSAL: (Directed to Patrik Hoffmann) What made you interested in partnering with Randy Johnson? Hoffman: We knew that Randy had our watches before we met him a year and a half ago. For us, if we're picking an ambassador, it's important that we know it's a legend. And for us we know that Randy is a legend on the baseball field. For us it was important to have an ambassador who was a true friend of the brand and we knew that with Randy.

recall the first watch I ever had. As a young boy I didn't keep time too well, I was always late for things. As I got a little bit older, I think my first watch may have been when I was in high school. As I got to college, I got a watch from my dad that was his. As I got a little bit more money, I started reading more about watches and I think that all went into the collecting that I do.

AZSAL: (Directed to Patrik Hoffmann) What drew you to watches when you were young? Hoffman: On one side, the technical craftsmanship which goes into it and on the other side the aspect of fashion. You have those two elements that make a watch really special. If you're in a commercial field like me, I don't want to work in a bank and count money. I prefer to work with a product that has thought and true craftsmanship behind it.

AZSAL: Can you describe the process of designing “The Big Unit” watch? Johnson: Anything I do, I want to have my full attention toward that. So when Ulysse Nardin asked me, I wanted to give them 110 percent like I did on the baseball field. When Patrick and I were talking about designing the watch, he came up with a lot of ideas. In the watch that we designed, we came up with some simple ideas to incorporate baseball into the face, the hands and the other parts of the watch. If that materializes, that's great, but I just wanted to give him some feedback.

AZSAL: Do you remember the first watch you owned? Johnson:: I probably couldn't have even taken it apart. I can't really



AZSAL: (Directed to Patrik Hoffmann) Can you describe your experiences with baseball? Hoffman: Baseball in Switzerland is not known. I used to live in Florida, for about 13 years, and I'm probably the only Swiss guy who knows the game of baseball and the rules. At least maybe 80 percent of them (the Swiss) don’t know the game. As good as we are, and as passionate as we are in producing watches in Switzerland, I think the Americans have that passion for baseball. That's something we have in common … is passion. ▲

AZSAL: (Directed to Patrik Hoffmann) Do you remember the first watch you ever owned? Hoffman: My first watch … I was probably 12 years old. I remember it was a mechanical watch and I took it apart. That was the end of it! That was from a very small company near where I was from and I actually ended up working for that company for about 13 years.

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QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY Breaking down the 2012 NFL season with a position-by-position analysis of the Arizona Cardinals By Zack Cimini PHOTOS BY GENE LOWER

KEN WHISENHUNT HAS SEEN THE HIGHS AS A COACH WITH THE CARDINALS. The team has sold out home games and has watched rabid fan support re-emerge after a Super Bowl appearance in 2009. Losing seasons have clouded fan support, however, and the Cardinals even had their super-talented wide receiver pitching to land Peyton Manning. The Kurt Warner days are over, yet Arizona is still trying to figure out which quarterback will assume the reins for a complete season. Finding an offensive identity on a week-to-week basis has yet to come. And whether at quarterback or running back, the Cardinals need to land the right combination if the team is to experience sustainable success. Playing in the weak NFC West, it’s critical to seize the opportunity to reach the playoffs. Last season, despite a 1-6 start, the Cardinals gained ground and fell just short of capturing the last wild card spot. And it was all because an injury to Kevin Kolb caused John Skelton to be thrown into action, which changed the dynamics of the Cardinals’ passing game. With Skelton at the helm, the Cardinals routinely stuck around by playing smart – limiting the young passer to basic throws and relying on the ground attack to push the ball up and down the field while the defense focused on stopping its opponents from putting the ball in the end zone. The strategy worked well, and the Cardinals turned things around, but it was too little too late. Further, Cardinals’ brass is well aware that in order to replicate the second-half success, they’ll need more than the restrained Skelton to get the job done. Because of this, Arizona boasts one of the league’s hottest training- camp quarterback battles. After two straight seasons of dancing the quarterback shuffle, Whisenhunt must solidify the position by naming Skelton or Kolb as his starter long before Week One. Leading off the season with consistency is the kind of decision that hopefully translates to the field. Arizona Sports and Lifestyle Magazine takes a look at each position and rates the talent based on roster depth.

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QUARTERBACKS: CDrafted: Ryan Lindley (Sixth Round) Throwing money and a contract at an athlete does not necessarily equate to on-the-field expectations being met. Last season was a missed opportunity for Kolb. He was indecisive in the pocket and failed to build a rapport with his playmaker, Larry Fitzgerald. That Fitzgerald’s numbers significantly increased with Skelton under center reveals that the offensive system is not the reason why Kolb struggled. Rather, he was antsy in the pocket, seemingly unsettled from Day One. Despite that, he played just well enough to keep the Cardinals competitive — even if they weren’t racking up the wins. Skelton just happened to put a few more points on the board and reversed the outcome of the close games. Four of six losses Kolb suffered were by four points or less — all haunting games for Cardinals’ fans. One was a game against the Ravens, where the Cardinals jumped out to an early, multiple touchdown lead only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Another was against the New York Giants, where Victor Cruz’s mistake opened the door for the Giants’ winning drive.

Throwing money and a contract at an athlete does not necessarily equate to on-the-field expectations being met.

A closer look shows that despite the Win-Loss differential, Skelton and Kolb’s statistics were pretty close. Kolb should win this battle, but only if he devotes himself to learning the system better and making the necessary adjustments. What the Cardinals need is the Kolb that took over for Donovan McNabb and excelled in the big games. Skelton is a formidable backup who had his fair share of comeback victories last season. His play was unorthodox and failed to scream, “Starter!” No matter which direction Whisenhunt goes, it would not be surprising to see Lindley serve as the Cardinals' backup. It opens the door for a fresh look at quarterback if the starter goes awry. Lindley has been impressive in off-season camps, and recent history has been on the side of rookie quarterbacks getting an opportunity with the Cardinals. RUNNING BACKS: B Free agent additions: Javarris James Due to an unfortunate season-ending injury in the preseason, Ryan Williams never was able to complement Beanie Wells in 2011. With the injury, it forced Beanie Wells to become the focus as Chester Taylor just was not capable of fulfilling a proper backup role. Wells battled through injuries most of the season, but had a breakout game against St. Louis in which he ran for more than 200 yards. The rushing attack needs to improve from the 24th ranking it was last year to get this team in contention for a wild card berth. Any improvement from the quarterback position should bolster the running game as a whole for the Cardinals.




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Durability questions for Wells are definitely high. He has not been healthy a full season as a Cardinal. Look for the Cardinals to lean more toward Williams as the season stretches on; similar to the way the Cardinals would with Tim Hightower before Hightower’s final season as a Cardinal. Third-string running back LaRod Stephens-Howling continues to do be an all-around solid player for the Cardinals. Adding a pass catching dimension that was nonexistent with Wells last year, and being a reliable special teams performer. WIDE RECEIVERS/TIGHT ENDS: B Drafted: Michael Floyd (First Round) Addressing the needs of your star athletes is typically a good sign. It shows the commitment an organization has for that player and recognizes what its star athlete is suggesting and then making the necessary improvements. Fitzgerald’s statistics did not falter in 2011, but the offense did. If it wasn’t a big play for Fitzgerald than the offense stalled after a first down or two. Defensive coordinators realize they’re not going to shut down Fitzgerald, but they did enough to disrupt the Cardinals' offense frequently. Fitzgerald realized he needed a proper counterpart as he had before with Anquan Boldin. A big target that can stretch the field or go over the middle. Michael Floyd is the answer to that, and should provide immediate dividends. Training with Fitzgerald and learning how to be a professional should prevent the off-the-field issues that plagued Floyd at Notre Dame. Arizona wants to make Kolb as comfortable as possible. While at


Houston and with Philadelphia, the spread offense with three capable standout receivers was key. In Philadelphia, he had the trio of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant and a tight end that thrived over the middle in Brent Celek. All of that can happen now for Kolb with Fitzgerald, Floyd, and either Early Doucet or Andre Roberts at the third receiver. Roberts really came along last season and should hold off Doucet for No. 3 on the depth charts. Roberts runs better routes and would complement the tandem on the field of Fitzgerald/Floyd better. At tight end, Todd Heap returns for his second season as a Cardinal. Injuries and hard hits have taken their toll on Heap. Counting on any performances you became accustomed to seeing from Heap as a Raven are long gone. He is a red zone and third down threat, and the same can be said for Jeff King. There will be plenty of games, though, that teams look to shut down the outside routes, which will leave the middle open for King and Heap. OFFENSIVE LINE: CDrafted: Bobby Massie (Fourth Round), Senio Kelemete (Fifth Round) and Nate Potter (Seventh Round) Free agent additions: Adam Snyder; Free agent losses: Deuce Lutui Developing chemistry with an offensive team all starts with a solid offensive line. Arizona devoted a big part of its NFL Draft in bolstering its offensive line. Three picks were used in Bobby Massie, Nate Potter, and Senio Kelemete. Most rookie offensive linemen need to adapt and take their licks on the field. Thus year one with the new tandem of offensive linemen will likely be a work in progress.


Cards_Recap_MagSeven 7/9/12 1:04 PM Page 6

DEFENSIVE LINE: BThe Cardinals did not make much noise with free agents, but they did utilize their franchise tag to retain Calais Campbell. The 6-foot 8-inch Campbell was a force on the edge and tallied eight sacks last season. Darnell Dockett continues to be the leader of the defensive line, even though his sacks have declined each of the last three seasons. Give the defensive line a lot of credit though. There were a lot of games last season where the team could have folded watching the way the Cardinals’ offense was performing. Yet, they kept the Cardinals in the majority of games, and came up with key stops time after time. LINEBACKERS: C Free agent additions: Quentin Groves Daryl Washington is a tackling machine, and is part of a linebacker group that does not wow you with names. All have adequate intangibles which feed off each other. Paris Lenon and Clark Haggans are the core veterans, and Sam Acho supplies the speed to rush the quarterback. Keep an eye on Quentin Groves. If he makes the team he could be a sleeper amongst the group. He is a former second round pick that has had his struggles since entering the league. Stewart Bradley is also a depth-filler linebacker that had a key season with the Philadelphia Eagles just a few seasons ago when they had their fair share of injuries at linebacker. Depth is always key at a crucial position such as linebacker, and the Cardinals have the depth to play through injuries.


SECONDARY: BDrafted: Jamell Fleming (Third Round,) Justin Bethel (Sixth Round) Free agent additions: James Sanders and William Gay Free agent losses: Richard Marshall and Sean Considine The Cardinals decision to let Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie go proved to be not as costly as many thought. They decided to go young at the cornerback position and have done well with Patrick Peterson. Opposite Peterson figures to be a four-way battle between rookie Jamell Fleming, AJ Jefferson, Greg Toler, and ex-Steeler free agent signee William Gay. After losing Richard Marshall who replaced AJ Jefferson as starter for nine games last season to free agency, the Cardinals will have a tough decision to make opposite Peterson. Fleming has the experience coming from Oklahoma and will be highly involved in Cardinals’ packages, even if he is not named starter to begin the season. William Gay is a strong veteran that has been playing at a high level for many years. Adrian Wilson continues to roam at safety and is the big name star that gives the Cardinals’ defense an identity. SPECIAL TEAMS: B Igniting rallies were often sparked by the Cardinals electrifying punt return specialist Patrick Peterson. As a rookie he not only changed field positions for an inconsistent offense but he also ran back four punt returns for touchdowns. Veteran journeymen kicker Jay Feely continues to be reliable and is one of the few athletic kickers in the NFL. Dave Zastudil was re-signed and will retain the punting duties. He had a solid mark of just five touchbacks all season. ▲

The veterans on the offensive line will have to step up and prevent their quarterbacks from taking a beating. Registered sacks between Kolb and Skelton were 53 combined; an inordinate amount that needs to decline for the health of this team and performance to increase.


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FIGHT I ROLAND SARRIA’S wild ride as a fight promoter

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T INGwith

By Scott Lewis and Ash Friederich Photos by Kris Henrey

SUCCESS THE PHONE RINGS FOR JUST A MOMENT before the call is answered, “Hello, it’s the biggest promoter in the world that nobody cares about, can I help you?” A moment of awkward silence is finally followed by laughter, which is followed by more hyperbole, and so begins a telephone call to Roland Sarria, the controversial founder, owner and promoter of Rage in the Cage, Arizona’s longestrunning and most successful mixed martial arts event. Many consider the 49-year-old Sarria to be the Godfather of MMA in Arizona, a point that is clearly illustrated by the 43 fighters that have made the progressive move from competing in Rage in the Cage to plying their trade in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s largest professional MMA organization (including current UFC 135-pound champ Dominick Cruz, former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez, current UFC stars Jamie Varner, Seth Baczynski, George Roop and Kyle Kingsbury, and former Octagon competitors Drew Fickett, Edwin Dewees, Joe Stevenson, among many others). All told, he has promoted over 150 professional MMA events, ranging from small venues with enough room for several hundred fans to huge stadiums and arenas like that has brought in thousands. Yet, Sarria has taken his fair share of hits in a sport that is oftentimes brutal and downright violent. As affable as he is — always quick with a joke or a one-liner, one of his favorite lines is “the ladies love me ‘cause I’m Cuban, because they know I’m not human,” — the incendiary promoter has faced criticism from all sides of the spectrum, be it from the commission, fighters who complain about pay, competing promoters who have accused him of sabotaging their shows or even some “friends” who have felt slighted at his events. “I had this one guy that I have always given tickets to, for him and his friends at every show,” Sarria says. “And this last show I had I wasn’t able to connect with him for tickets and

when I saw him in the stands he flipped me the middle finger. I give him tickets every show, and this one time I don’t get it for him and that’s what I get.” There was the time, years ago, early in the developmental days of Rage in the Cage, where a disgruntled fighter — who will go unnamed — barged into Sarria’s gym, which was then called the Brausa Academy, with several friends in a dojo storm that, ultimately, went nowhere. But the perceived threat was clear and stated that day, and taken seriously by Sarria. He claims to harbor no resentment towards that person, but when asked if he had heard from him recently, a classic Roland response is quickly deadpanned, “I don’t know, I heard he got a bad disease or something, he might be dead, I don’t know.” TRUE CALLING How Sarria found himself as one of the most prolific promoters in the world (over 300 total events promoted, from pro and amateur MMA, to boxing, kickboxing and even midget wrestling) is a wonder in itself. Growing up, his jobs ranged from being a box boy at a local grocery store to an on-ramp agent working for US Airways and finally a dancer at a local club, which was his first taste of the entertainment industry. Sarria quickly began to learn the importance of self-promotion, and he knew that somehow, someway, entertainment was going to be his niche. He met Rickson Gracie in 1994 (the legendary Gracie family founded the UFC just one year prior, in 1993) at a Jiu-Jitsu tournament in California, where Sarria had grown up, and it was there that he discovered his passion for the martial art known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a sport that focuses on grappling, ground fighting and self-defense. “I moved to Scottsdale in 1996 (to open my own academy) and I started to promote MMA shows in 1998,” said Sarria about his start in martial arts. “(At that time MMA) wasn’t a recognized or

RolandSoria_MagSeven 7/9/12 12:43 PM Page 4

sanctioned sport, but yet it was legal and there was a gray line, but I did it anyways being the maverick that I am.” “I can remember going to shows and the Boxing Commission being there,” said Sarria, reflecting on some of the uphill battles he had to face. “They would threaten me not to do the show, that same day before the show. I just looked at them and said, ‘I do it my way.’ ” The number of shows promoted by Sarria continued to increase as well as the Boxing Commission’s close eye on him. “I would look at them and say ‘I’m sorry, but you have no grounds, so sit back and enjoy the fights, if not leave me alone.’ That’s what I did for three years.”

A NIGHTMARE AND A DREAM In addition to having to deal with the difficulties throughout the years with the Arizona Boxing Commission, Sarria has also been faced with the financial issues of trying to promote what is still a fairly new sport. “Promoting has been a nightmare and yet a dream at the same time,” Sarria said about his experiences in the business, while leaning against the cage prior to a recent Rage in the Cage at the Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler, Arizona. The headliner for this show is local star and eight-time UFC veteran Joe “Diesel” Riggs. Riggs began his career training under Sarria and started fighting for Rage in the Cage when he was 18 years old. “I was a state wrestling champion in high school and I boxed as a kid with my dad, so the day I turned 18 I went down to his gym and signed up to fight in one of his shows and started training,” Riggs said. “My goal is to get back into the big show, the UFC, but it is nice to be able to fight in my hometown in front of my friends and family. Roland and Rage in the Cage have always provided that for me. I’m grateful for everything he has done for me and my family.” The crowd is expected to be a good one, as they often are when a big name with drawing power like Riggs is on the card, and the turnout of over 2,000 fans on this evening is a boon for Sarria’s business. For the casino shows at the Wild Horse Pass, Rage in the Cage receives a site fee for putting on the show, plus other bonuses depending on the gate. A far cry from when Sarria would run his main Rage shows in front of hundreds at small bars like Midnight Rodeo as he did in the early 2000s. “Imagine promoting on your own with your finances, while living and dying off the gate,” Sarria says. “You pray that some other major sports event doesn’t pop up that same day. You hope that your main event doesn’t fall out.” Sarria has to bankroll the rental location, hire attendants and make arrangements for refreshments. It can be a little stressful. “I have learned to handle my emotions and fears. I’m a fighter just like the fighters in the cage. I’m a promoter and I believe in the sport,” Sarria says. “It also provides for me to eat and live and I am at a point of no return. So, I fight and I scratch to survive and it’s not always the most fun thing.” As often as Sarria has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he talks, there is no sign of a smile or a smirk as he talks about his wild ride promoting Rage in the Cage. This isn’t just his career … this show … this business is his life. And just like the athletes that compete for him when the cage door closes, he is always ready to fight for it.



“I have learned to handle my emotions and fears. I’m a fighter just like the fighters in the cage. I’m a promoter and I believe in the sport ...” Rage in the Cage promoter Roland Sarria with his father, John, at a recent event at Wild Horse Pass Casino.

Sarria congratulating one of his top draws, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch after a victory.

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STILL STYLISH After All These Years



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From vintage Hollywood to chic hipster hangout, Hotel Valley Ho does the Valley proud By Lynette Carrington

ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO, IF YOU MENTIONED Ramada's Valley Ho Resort, you might have heard a collective groan. Fast forward to 2012 and the world over embraces the iconic Scottsdale hotel as one of the coolest, friendliest and most posh places to stay, see and be seen. But to understand the metamorphosis of Hotel Valley Ho, you have to go back and see how the hotel that was frozen in a 1960s' time warp has completely changed, yet stayed exactly the same. For perspective, you have to realize that — save for the addition of a tower and a few buildings on the property — Hotel Valley Ho literally looks exactly as it did when it was constructed in 1956. A shining example of mid-century architecture and design, it most definitely reflects Frank Lloyd Wright-esque elements that lend a solid and recognizable look. Driving up to the hotel is the same as it was back then, too. The semi-circular drive drops you at valet service and the low-ceiling walkway ushers you in to the open lobby. The massive stone wall in the main room is a testament to the outstanding detail in workmanship levied back in 1956. The main entrance and lobby area are entirely inviting and carry a hip vibe. Music from the 1960s simply lulls you back in time. Sitting at the bar, adjacent to the lobby, you would swear that Sammy, Dean, Frank and Peter were going to come sauntering through the lobby doors at any moment. What you really see are business people, families, Scottsdale models and moguls, along with Hollywood notables. (Sorry, can’t say who. You know ... privacy.)

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The entire property is designed using a variety of geometric implementations. From the muted gold, single-hue, polka-dotted wallpaper, rectangular bathroom vessel sinks, round acrylic tables and square wall units to the overhead bubble lamps, geometric-design carpet and round hotel pool, every design and piece of furniture has a distinctiveness that makes a cohesive statement. Yes, it’s vintage, but it’s futuristic at the same time. It’s totally "The Jetsons," except Astro doesn’t bowl you over when you walk in the door. The furniture throughout the entire resort is modular and period-specific. If you have any appreciation for art, décor, design, color or style, that alone would be a reason to stay, or at least go for a cocktail in the main lounge. Several years ago, Ho was sold and bought by MSR Properties. Management was taken over by Westroc and remodeling took place for the next several years starting in 2004 — receiving a facelift and a new vision. The “everything old is new again” sentiment wasn’t necessarily the goal, but with the creative décor, addition of the tower and thoughtful re-implementation of the '60s style, Hotel Valley Ho came full circle and quickly became the Valley hotspot. It’s an indescribable vibe that will win you over every time. OH Pool. If you haven’t heard about Hotel Valley Ho's OH Pool, join them for an event as soon as you can. During summer, DJs, local bands and beautiful guests descend on OH Pool. OH Pool is open seven days a week, but restricted to overnight hotel guests on Saturdays when guests will enjoy the valley’s coolest pool party from 1:30-5:30 pm. You think the Valley of the Sun is sizzling in summertime? You haven’t seen



• Robert Wagner and wife, Natalie Wood, held their wedding reception at Valley Ho Resort. • Hotel Valley Ho was the first hotel in Scottsdale to have central air conditioning and thusly the first to be open year-round. • The original blueprints for the hotel included plans for a tower. At the time (the 1950s), that was considered very forwardthinking, but not practical. Those plans were brought to fruition during the recent remodel. • When it first opened, rooms at the Hotel Valley Ho were a whopping $7.50 a night. • Fashion shows were frequently held poolside at Hotel Valley Ho , a tradition that continues today, with names such as Robert Black taking part. • VH Spa for Vitality + Health was voted one of the Top 55 New Spas in the World by Condé Nast Traveler.



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local ingredients. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, a Bloody Mary bar (Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.), devilishly delicious desserts and convenient room service are all expertly executed by Executive Chef Charles Wiley and Chef de Cuisine Sean Currid. Of note is their wickedly decadent twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich: melted fontina, green apple and fig jam on sourdough. Check it out on the Happy Hour menu. It’s fan’ZuZu’tastic! Hotel Valley Ho is on the roster of Historic Hotels of America, is a AAA Four Diamond Award recipient and is a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts. Visit or call (480) 248-2000 for additional information on hotel specials and events. ▲

anything as hot as the OH Pool. Sssmmmokin’ summer fun for adults! The drink specials are also among the best in the Valley. VH Spa for Vitality + Health is also a perfect way to supplement your Hotel Valley Ho stay … or just stop in to receive some top-notch pampering. Go for a Deep Bodywork massage, Myofascial Release, an Idebenone Anti-Aging Peel or a Coffeeberry Yoga Facial. No matter what you choose, you’ll find relaxation and pampering by a group of attentive experts. Don’t want to leave your room? In-room pampering is also available. Even if a luxurious and futuristic-noire stay at Hotel Valley Ho is not in the cards this summer, be sure to take the uber informative historic tour. You can visit the wide variety of rooms and condos and stroll the property while learning about the vast history of the hotel and its past guests and dignitaries. Just call the hotel to arrange a time. (Cleverly, the tour is $19.56, the dollar-to-year equivalent of when Hotel Valley Ho first opened.) ZuZu (located inside Hotel Valley Ho) continues to tempt hotel guests and Valley diners alike. ZuZu's eclectic menu reflects a wide variety of high-quality food items, innovative recipes and fresh

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Smarter Babies Through Water?

Research shows that swimming can actually improve your child's brain development By Lana Whitehead

SWIMMING HAS BEEN ENJOYED SINCE PREHISTORIC TIMES. It is a fun, full-body exercise that’s easy on the joints and a great competitive sport. For children, learning to swim can help them feel more confident around water and, ultimately, keep them safer around water. Additionally, swimming brings another benefit to kids and it may surprise you. Swimming is beneficial for a child’s brain development. Fascinating new research shows that a baby's brain develops through bilateral cross patterning movements like the movements required for swimming. Queensland University School of Nursing is using swimming to help people diagnosed with dementia access their memories because the bilateral cross patterning movement aids overall efficiency in brain processes. For children, the more bilateral cross patterning movements, the more nerve fibers develop in the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a tract of nerve fibers — 200 million nerve fibers that connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain and facilitate the communication, feedback and modulation from one side of the brain to the other. Cross patterning movements such as swimming activate both cerebral hemispheres and all four lobes of the brain simultaneously, which can result in heightened cognition and increased ease of learning. Recent studies have also shown the amount of person’s movement affects the size and memory capacity of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a memory and learning area of the brain located in the medial temporal lobes. Art Kramer and his colleagues at the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh discovered that people who move more or “higher fit people” have bigger hippocampi. They concluded that more tissue in the hippocampus equates with increased ability in certain types of memory. Scientific studies of young swimmers at the German Sports College, Cologne, have shown that early water movement develops the child physically, mentally and emotionally. As compared with a control group which did not take year-round lessons, the children who swam consistently from infancy (3 months) were significantly stronger and more coordinated when tested at 2, 3 and 4 years of age.

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... children who took part in baby swim lessons from the age of 2 months to 4 years, were better adapted to new situations, had increased self-confidence and independence than non-swimmers.



Scientific studies have shown participation in swim class helps to strengthen a child’s self-confidence. In a longitudinal study, Dr. Liselott Diem and her colleagues reported that children, who took part in baby swim lessons from the age of 2 months to 4 years, were better adapted to new situations, had increased self-confidence and independence than nonswimmers. In swim class the child cooperates within a social structure to take turns, to share and to cooperate. This fosters a sense of belonging, which builds self-esteem and develops social confidence. More recent research has shown that swim lessons for babies advanced their physical development. Studies conducted at Norwegian University of Science & Technology with Dr. Hermundur Sigmundsson and his colleagues found baby swimmers developed better balance, movement and grasping techniques than non-swimmers. This difference persisted even when the children were 5 years old; the baby swimmers still outperformed their peers in balance, movement and grasping skills. So, whether your child wants to be an Olympian or just a safe, skilled swimmer, parents and educators can use this information to make sure aquatic training is given top priority and is recognized as an invaluable tool to their child’s learning experiences. ▲

The children also scored higher for intelligence and problem-solving, which carried over into excellence in academic achievement. Emotionally, they were found to be more self-disciplined with greater self-control and an increased desire to succeed. From consistent goal setting and skill achievement in swimming, they rated higher in self-esteem. Finally, the children were more independent and comfortable in social situations than the control groups. Earliest learning is stimulated by reflexes which develop into movement exploration. When the exploration experiences are repeated, nerve pathways are created. These new nerve pathways set down intricate neural networks that direct a child’s higher level brain development. The more plentiful and diverse the experiences, the more complex patterns for memory, learning and reasoning will be established. Research in Australia has also demonstrated that early participation in swim lessons can accelerate a child’s cognitive development. Starting in 2009, Griffith University embarked on a four-year early years swimming research project with 45 swim schools across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The preliminary results show that children, younger than age 5 involved in learning to swim, are more advanced in their cognitive and physical development than their non-swimming peers. The results also show minor benefits to social and language development. In 2011 researchers in Melbourne, Australia, reported intellectual and physical benefits for early swim lessons. The scientists determined, children who were taught to swim by 5 years of age, had statistically higher IQs. The research also showed that by moving in high water, resistance strengthened the child’s muscles more rapidly than, for example, playing on the floor, because swimming activates more large muscle groups.

Lana Whitehead is the founder of SWIMkids USA in Mesa. Conceived as a child-development center, the facility supplements its pioneering swim instruction with child-friendly programs in gymnastics, dance, and jujitsu. Lana holds degrees in exercise physiology and special education and her involvement in the world of swimming as an author, educator, swimming official  and speaker has also taken her all over the world including to the  U.S. Olympic Training Center and the World Aquatic Baby Congress. For more info, visit

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By Justin Klemballa

Throw in the Towel Chip away at improving chip shots with … bath towels?

▲ ▲ ▲

The hit-between-the-towels drill helps golfers feel the proper mechanics of the chip shot. It requires a few basic props: two bath towels, golf balls and a sand wedge.

FOR THOSE STRUGGLING TO MAKE CLEAN CONTACT WITH THEIR CHIP SHOTS, I recommend what I call the hitbetween-the-towels drill. It’s an easy drill derived from a tip given to me by Jerry Mowlds, who is a Top 100 Instructor with Golf Magazine, and also a lead master instructor for Jim McLean Golf Schools. THE FAULT Amateurs tend to bring the club back too shallow, or low (see incorrect backswing, image 1), and follow through by using very little lower body, allowing their hands to do most of the work or “flipping” at the golf ball. This essentially causes the angle of attack into the golf ball to be too shallow frequently resulting in the dreaded skull that rockets across the green. THE FIX The hit-between-the-towels drill helps golfers feel the proper mechanics of the chip shot. It requires a few basic props: two bath towels, golf balls and a sand wedge. First, fold two large towels so that each is nice and thick, and place them a sandwedge club-length apart. Then place the golf ball in the middle of the two towels. The objective of the drill is to draw



the club back a bit higher so that it misses the back towel. To do this, golfers should hinge their wrists slightly in order to elevate the club head (as illustrated in correct backswing, image 2). Then in the follow through, the idea is to stop the finish short of the second towel. A great way to get the feel for this is to imagine that the right knee is actually guiding the club through impact and the hands are resisting the club in an effort to stay short of the second towel. Observe the action of the right knee in the correct follow-through picture (image 3) compared to the right knee in the incorrect follow-through picture (image 4). Essentially, this helps to achieve a steeper angle of attack and crisper contact. This drill reinforces the fundamental of striking the golf ball with a flat or slightly bowed left wrist. This critical fundamental is a common trait shared by all great ball strikers, whether they are performing a full swing or a chip shot. Conversely, the lack of a flat left wrist at impact is the primary reason for the loss of power that many amateurs experience in their swing. The swing-between-the-towels drill is the beginning of a natural progression of maintaining a flat left wrist, first, while performing a chip shot and then by

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4 2

Image 1 Incorrect back swing: Shallow backswing with no wrist hinge causes club head to hit the towel. Image 2 Correct backswing: Slightly hinge the wrists to avoid the towel on the backswing. Image 3 Correct follow-through: Right knee guides the club head through impact, while hands “hold off” the club head short of the towel.

4 3

Image 4 Incorrect follow-through: No lower body movement with hand “flipping” over the towel.

incorporating that same concept into the full swing. In the end, this drill not only encourages better contact around the greens, it sets the foundation for solid ball striking with every club in the bag. Good Luck with your golf game! Justin Klemballa is the Master Instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club. For more information, visit or call (480) 837-5100.



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gear guide


Martin Golf Golf industry icon Rick Martin, who returned to the business with his new company, Martin Golf Apparel, announced Martin Golf Apparel's new Fall 2012 collections. In keeping with Martin's longtime philosophy of creating apparel that's both traditional and timeless, the Fall 2012 Martin Golf Apparel collections will continue the company's focus on not only natural fibers, but what Martin calls "natural colors" as well. $59;

adidas crossflex Created for golfers who want style, breathable performance, flexibility and extreme comfort, crossflex looks and feels more like a running shoe than a traditional golf shoe. Built on a running last with spikeless, geometric outsole this innovative shoe delivers cushioning and performance that transitions easily from the golf course to the street. $100;

▲ ▲ ▲

▲ ▲ ▲

AUR S.Café Golf Shirt

▲ ▲ ▲

S.Café for women by AUR uses a patented process that transforms coffee grounds into yarn, which is then used to produce polos. Most coffee grounds end up in our landfills, which contributes to our overall solid waste management problem. Producing a garment with S.Café fabrics helps in easing landfill concerns. Plus it looks great on the golf course and is super comfortable. $52;

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Putter The Ghost Spider’s white head contrasts with the turf to make aiming dramatically easier and squaring the clubface. White finish eliminates glare and "hot spots." Black, easy-to-see "basketball court" alignment lines make it easy to aim. PureToll technology promotes forward spin for smooth roll. New Surlyn face insert delivers soft sound and feel . $179.99;



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do you like what you see? Dara Fowler Graphics (DFG) designed this publication. From conception through production DFG will be there to help you set your objectives, discuss ideas


and meet your goals — all without the commitment of long-term contracts, retainers or agency prices.

• • •

• • •



DARA FOWLER GRAPHICS advertising + design



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By Lynette Carrington Photos courtesy of OSA Images

Not Just Clowning Around Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza is a spectacular event filled with incredible sights, sounds, acrobatics and theatrics

▲ ▲ ▲

It dazzles and tantalizes as various acts of human endurance and artistry are combined with the most spectacular and innovative of costumes and masterful makeup.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’S LATEST TRAVELING SHOW TO VISIT ARIZONA IS KOOZA. Circus + Dream + Reality + Human Spectacle = the mystical world of Kooza. Brought to life under a massive, air-conditioned Grand Chapiteau (big top) next to the University of Phoenix Stadium, guests of Kooza should expect the unexpected. It is where anything can happen. Kooza took Cirque du Soleil back to its roots of acrobatic performance and nonsensical clowning. It dazzles and tantalizes

as various acts of human endurance and artistry are combined with the most spectacular and innovative of costumes and masterful makeup. The talent that makes up Kooza is from every corner of the globe. Senior Artistic Director Michael G. Smith sat down with Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine to share some insight about the talent, dancers, musicians, athletes and artists of Cirque du Soleil. "This year will be a bounty for us,” Smith said. Because of the Olympics, there will be a pool of potential performers hot off the games that will retire out of competition and join the Cirque du Soleil family. Athletes further develop their artistry, expand on emotional expression and continue on a rigorous training and workout regimen. “Group acts are what really impact the audience,” Smith explained. Smith joined Cirque du Soleil in 2005 after spending 15 years as a theatrical performer. He has worked on many of the Cirque shows and draws a line between the mass-audience “arena” shows and the more intimate “big top” shows, like Kooza. With the arena shows, there’s more distance between the show and most of the audience. But

Theater_CirqueKoonza_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/8/12 5:42 PM Page 3

Bataclan. Acts are brought forth from this magical place and, aesthetically, it’s the perfect way to move performers stealthily from one place to another. First to emerge from the massive Bataclan was a group of artists performing tricks while balancing on giant balls followed by a gal who performed on a pole. It would have been nice to see her do a bit more as pole dancing done artistically is breathtaking. Next, was a trio of contortionists. You couldn’t tell at first. From the initial presentation, the women only appeared to be a beautiful, golden-hued present that came forth to the stage and magically unwrappeditself to reveal that indeed it was three remarkably talented ladies. This particular act was absolutely exquisite, pure athletic perfection and my personal favorite.

The flying sprite was something out of a circus a la Mad Max. With wild locks flowing, the aerial goddess scaled to the heights of the Grand Chapiteau and let it fly … literally. With extreme trapeze swinging from one side of the big top to the other, this artist was nonstop with catch-andrelease movements that kept guests on the edges of their seats, certain that she was ready to plummet to the stage any second. The unicycle duo was the most unusual act. Take a beautiful couple and throw in a unicycle. Add a good dose of pure muscle, a bunch of unique choreography and a dash of a haunting love story, and the unicyclists were a very welcome addition to the Kooza family of exceptional artists. A quad of highwire performers kicked it up a notch by riding bikes while balancing

under the Grand Chapiteau (the big top), “It becomes much more about the performer,” Smith noted. Even in group acts, each performer is revered and celebrated. Clowns are everywhere for Kooza, but maybe not the traditional “red ball nose and floppy-footed type” that typically come to mind. There are a small group of clowns that work the crowd and stage interchangeably throughout the show. “The King of Fools” is the head of the bunch and he tries to take charge of the other clowns, his “servants.” Together, The King and his servants provocatively tease the crowd, exchange mildly crude dialogue and play tricks on each other. Leading off Kooza is The Innocent, a sweet, child-like waif who is a wide-eyed loner. As he loses his kite to the skies, a mysterious package arrives for him. What is delivered is the gateway to Kooza (which means "box" or "treasure" in Sanskrit), The Trickster. He is fun, fierce and always tantalizing to the The Innocent. Actor Jason Berrent portrays The Trickster with a fiendish twist that remains engaging throughout the show. Backed by a masterful live band and two lovely songstresses, each act of Kooza comes from within a tower called a



Theater_CirqueKoonza_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/8/12 5:42 PM Page 4

theater continued


• All Kooza costumes, shoes and hats are custom-made in the costume workshop at the international headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. • Artists and performers with Cirque du Soleil shows are cast from around the world. In addition to hiring retired Olympians, the producers even keep a keen eye on shows such as "America’s Got Talent" for exceptional acts. • For members of the Kooza show, Cirque du Soleil provides a school so that children traveling with their parents don’t miss a “formal” education. • Cirque du Soleil performers often participate in private functions and other high-profile events such as the 2012 telecast of the Oscars. • Cirque du Soleil was founded by Guy Laliberte. He originally began as a stilt walker, fire eater and accordionist before founding the organization in 1984.



Lastly, the teeter board performers (even some on stilts) flipped and twirled to end the show. Kooza was everything you’d expect from a Cirque du Soleil show: supreme athleticism, gorgeous costumes, make-up and choreography, soaring artists and acts that were a downright outrageous display of human audacity. The infusion of the clown acts, led by the “King of Fools” (as expertly enacted by Ron Campbell) was a fun side trip. As the “Grand Marshal” of the Kooza clowns, Campbell elevated the art of clowning to regal buffoonery. ▲


an additional man sitting on a chair. The Wheel of Death was probably the biggest crowd pleaser as two athletes ran, flipped and executed death-defying tricks in and on a dual-wheeled suspended apparatus. An oriental gymnast was next, cleverly manuevering acrobatic moves atop a chair tower that he painstakingly built and then de-constructed as part of his act. His strength and athleticism were incredible. A petite performer then swept on to the stage in a fuchsia feathered cape, doffed her adornments and did an outstanding hoops routine that defied explanation.

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self&body By Renée Rouleau

A New Wrinkle in Preventing Wrinkles Everyone can age beautifully with a few tips. Here’s how …

▲ ▲ ▲

Sun is the top environmental factor that contributes to the aging process, but pollution, smog and secondhand smoke do, too.


WISDOM MAY COME WITH AGE, but unfortunately, so do fine lines and wrinkles. How to minimize the signs of wrinkles and aging, as well as prevent them from forming, is one of the most discussed skincare topics that I have with my clients. While stopping the signs of aging entirely is impossible, there are many procedures people can incorporate to prevent and minimize them. Wrinkles form due to the weakening of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and one of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles is long-term sun exposure. As we age, repeated facial movements also create smile, frown and laugh lines around the mouth and eyes. Although you can’t prevent the natural aging process, you can prevent sun damage and other causes of wrinkles and fine lines with the proper skin care regimen, and by protecting yourself from sun exposure. My favorite anti-aging product also happens to be the best way to prevent wrinkles — and that’s by wearing SPF 30 daily. Broad spectrum sunscreen blocks out harmful UV rays; the same rays that cause loss of elasticity, premature aging, skin cancer, dark spots, damaged capillaries, etc. Sunscreen should be worn 365 days a year, whether you’re relaxing at the beach,


driving a car or working inside your office near windows. Remember, the leading cause of wrinkles is due to sun exposure, both direct and incidental. I’d never recommend not cracking a smile, but try to eliminate unnecessary and repetitive facial expressions that can cause wrinkles. Of course, our faces were meant to move, but you do want to avoid unnecessary facial expressions. For example, don’t put off getting your eyes checked because squinting from blurry vision will accelerate wrinkles around the eyes. Also, be sure to wear sunglasses when outdoors since brightness also causes squinting. Try not to use straws as that can cause “frown lines” around the lip area. There really is such a thing as “beauty sleep.” The way we sleep can actually cause wrinkles believe it or not. To prevent creases around the décolletage, and to avoid marionette lines around the mouth as well as wrinkles around the eyes, try sleeping on your back. This keeps the skin in a relaxed, smooth position. It really works. In addition to adopting good lifestyle habits like getting enough sleep, not smoking and keeping yourself hydrated and active, there are a few products that can help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

Beauty_skinWrinkles_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:45 PM Page 3

choices. Many of the age-old advice on living healthy also applies to keeping our skin looking young and radiant such as eating unprocessed foods high in nutritious value, and avoiding smoking, excessive drinking and second-hand smoke, getting seven to eight hours of sleep at night, scheduling regular facials to lessen stress (and of course, get your skin healthier) and by wearing SPF daily. While aging can’t be stopped, follow these easy tips to help you age beautifully and healthily. ▲

Sun is the top environmental factor that contributes to the aging process, but pollution, smog and second-hand smoke do, too. As a result of exposure to these elements, your body creates harmful free radicals that are the underlying cause of aging. To combat these free radicals, incorporate topical antioxidants into your regimen. Antioxidant vitamins C and E can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while encouraging collagen production. These wonder ingredients work from the inside-out to nourish and treat skin. Add foods high in antioxidants to your diet, like berries, spinach and even red wine. No skincare regimen is a magical potion so it’s vital to make good lifestyle choices that can help slow down how skin ages. You may be surprised to know that approximately 25 percent of aging is genetics and 75 percent is determined by lifestyle

Renée Rouleau is a trusted skin care expert and celebrity esthetician who has been helping men, women and teens of all ages attain glowing, beautiful skin for 25 years. For more information, visit

Wrinkles and fine lines are considered indentations in the skin, so by exfoliating regularly, the lines and wrinkles will be less deep, and therefore, less noticeable. Studies repeatedly show the effectiveness of exfoliation with glycolic acid to reduce the appearance of past sun damage, smooth the skin, and increase the cell turnover rate. I always recommend treatment serums that contain glycolic acid because they are extremely effective and gentle. In addition to exfoliation, focus on giving the skin intensive hydration to fill the cells with moisture. This will keep skin and fine lines plumped and less noticeable. Dry, flaky skin can exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles and even draw attention to them. Invest in an ultra-hydrating serum and day-and-night creams that will lock in moisture and are skin-type appropriate.



Beauty_skinWrinkles_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/9/12 12:45 PM Page 4

self&body continued

AZSAL RECOMMENDED SKINCARE PRODUCTS 5 Borghese Sali Esfoliante Salt Scrub exfoliates and moisturizes with botanical extracts and minerals from Tuscany while helping to purify and brighten skin. The mixture of gentle exfoliation with natural oils leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. $39; ▲

3 Renee Rouleau Daily Protection SPF 30 offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection that is lightweight and completely greaseless. This sunscreen and moisturizer in one can be used as a daily moisturizer under makeup. Micronized zinc oxide serves as a UV reflecting physical sunblock that doesn't leave a white cast on the skin. Green tea soothes the skin. $34.50; 4 Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream is an ultra-rich cream that enhances skin's cycle of repair, encouraging healthy cell renewal to reveal younger-looking skin. Wrinkle length and depth appear improved with regular use. This cream helps to improve the moisture barrier, strengthen skin and protect collagen, the key protein in maintaining firm skin. $19.95; ▲

2 VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Cream utilizes a unique combination of cellular rejuvenation and rebuilding, micro-dermabrasion and antioxidant repair to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It rejuvenates, re-texturizes and re-firms skin, making it notably stronger, smoother and more youthful in appearance and actual intrinsic, structural and cellular behavior. Green tea and rice phytic acid provide antioxidant benefits. $85;

1 The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is the only FDA-cleared, at-home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The laser generates short pulses of micro-fine laser light that reach deeply into the skin’s sublayers, where wrinkles form, treating the aging support structure. Then the body’s natural healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh new collagen and elastin — the crucial building blocks of smooth, youthful skin. Each treatment session takes just 3 to 4 minutes. Use it daily for one month, and then just two times per week to maintain your results. $499;


2 3





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Concert_Waters_Health&Body BEAUTY 7/8/12 5:44 PM Page 2

concert By Charles Hudson

Just Another Brick Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ is a timeless masterpiece of music, emotion and achievement

crisscrossing red flares, curtains of fireworks and a bomber plane scorching across the arena ceiling and crashing into the wall in a brilliant fireball. Two songs later, Waters broke out “Another Brick in the Wall Part 1,” “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” and “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2.” Pieces of the wall began crashing down and fans enthusiastically chanted: “Hey teacher, leave those kids alone.” The highlight of the show was the band performing “Comfortably Numb,” with Robbie Wyckoff (who handled David Gilmour’s singing parts throughout the show) and guitarist Dave Kilminster standing atop the wall. Waters paraded the stage below and roused the fans, thrusting his arms into the air to lead the crowd through the soaring chorus. Later, Waters and the band donned their black fascist attire with marching hammer armbands, as they busted out “Run Like Hell,” accompanied by the infamous black floating pig. The song list was an impressive 29 songs spread over two sets, performed in the exact order as they appear on the double album. Waters’ “The Wall” is a tale reborn with a new agenda. The music is ageless and timeless, and there is a new generation of world politics and social agendas to tie into the songs’ themes and messages. ▲

▲ ▲ ▲

Waters’ “The Wall” is a tale reborn with a new agenda. The music is ageless and timeless, and there is a new generation of world politics and social agendas to tie into the songs’ themes and messages.

TO CLASSIC ROCK AFICIONADOS, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” — originally released in 1979 — is generally considered one of the greatest albums of all time. So it was no surprise to see Floyd fans pack US Airways in mid-May to experience “The Wall,” as performed by Roger Waters — the founding member and troubled genius of Pink Floyd — without his former bandmates. Shirking Pink Floyd’s huge catalog of rock anthems, Waters performed only songs from the “The Wall,” the semi-autobiographical rock opera about a rock star named Pink pushed over the edge by life’s challenges, still tormented by the loss of his father in World War II and his abusive teachers. And make no mistake … this was not a concert from an aging rock star staged at a reservation casino. Waters’ $60 million production includes a crashing plane, a flying pig, a 240-foot-wide corrugated cardboard brick wall, July 4th-caliber pyrotechnics, a children's choir and a touring ensemble of seasoned musicians. Waters indicated that it likely will be his final tour — so fans relished the splendid music and theatrics. At 68, Waters is still a vibrant presence on stage and can still belt out the vocals to the band’s most celebrated tunes. Waters opened the show with “In the Flesh,” and the visuals were spectacular:

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wheels By I.R. Hunthausen

Feeling Fly Like an ‘Eight-Six’ The Scion FR-S is a new breed of sports car seamlessly blending speed and sexy in an affordable package

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Designed and produced jointly by Toyota and Subaru, the FR-S is the first sports car produced by Toyota in more than half a decade.

I’D BE LYING IF I SAID I DIDN’T HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS walking on to the Power Toyota lot to get behind the wheel of the new Scion FR-S. Designed and produced jointly by Toyota and Subaru, the FR-S is the first sports car produced by Toyota in over half a decade. I grew up driving a 5th generation Celica GT which sported the 2.2 liter, 130hp 5S-FE engine

which I later upgraded to the 200hp 3S-GTE. While the Celica was seen more as a “sporty” coupe it was the Supra Mark IV, which was discontinued in 2002, that was Toyota’s definitive flagship sports car of the last ten years. This sexy beast killed it on the asphalt with a stock inline 6-cylinder 2JZ-GE that bolstered some 220hp naturally aspirated. A couple of turbos boosted the Supra to nearly 276hp. It’s not just for nostalgia’s sake that I bring up these iconic street machines, but to emphasize the anticipation and legacy the FR-S has to live up to. The Scion FR-S does pay homage to its predecessors with its non-American moniker, the Toyota 86, pronounced “eight-six,” which is a throwback to the Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno series AE86s of the 80s. The FR-S mark stands for front engine, rear-wheel drive sports car. The FR-S uses a boxer-style engine, which is what was also used in Toyota’s first sports car, the Toyota Sports 800. Like the saying goes, in order to get respect one must pay it, and the FR-S certainly earns some. The FR-S comes standard with a 4-cylinder, 2.0 liter, 200 hp boxer engine that pushes 151 foot-pounds of torque. A



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6-speed manual or automatic transmission revs the FR-S while electric power steering and double wishbone suspension keep the car going where you want it to go. Not bad, considering the FR-S is just less than 14 feet in length and 2,758 lbs. Like its older siblings the FR-S sports some sick lines. The designers put a lot of thought into her curb appeal. A low-profile front end with two sinister looking lights stares out at onlookers. Wide fenders give the FR-S a sturdy, almost menacing look. Seventeeninch alloy wheels come standard, giving off just the right amount of flash. The interior is kept simple. There is a race-minded steering wheel, small with a wide grip, a sports shifter, a tac with digital speedometer display, climate control, a few electronic toy plugins (Bluetooth, OnStar, iPod jack, and USB input), and audio controls. No fancy touchscreens or voiceactivated controls here.



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wheels continued


• The Scion FR-S comes with 3 years/36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper and a 5-year 60,000 powertrain warranty. • The numbers “eight-six” played a big role in the development and release of the FR-S. There were initially only 86 selected customers. The AE86 (Toyota Corolla GT-S) heavily influenced the concept and development of the all-new vehicle. The engine also displaces an equal bore and stroke of 86mm, and the exhaust pipe exits beneath the vehicle’s rear diffuser are 86mm in diameter. • The Scion FR-S also goes by the Subaru title of Subaru BRZ. • On 19 May 2012, the GAZOO Racing and Toyota Swiss Racing teams joined the 40th ADAC 24 Hours Nürburgring race. Gazoo Racing won the SP3 class with its Toyota 86 and Toyota Swiss Racing won the V3 class.



pipes unparalleled. With a wide wheel base and such a small body, the FR-S was responsive and very easy to maneuver in and out of traffic. The bass coming from the 8-speaker Pioneer Audio System pounded my race bucket-seat as I sprinted onto the freeway sparing nothing. While the FR-S left a little to be desired in the power arena, it’s oneof-a-kind look and price tag made up for it. Starting at $25,000 MSRP, the FR-S is a great deal as is or a brilliant place to start building a true custom car. If the Scion tC is any indicator of what the company has in mind for FR-S in the custom car arena, then I think we may have a car ready to carry the torch for Toyota and a whole new generation of young import Motorheads. ▲


Getting the chance to take an FR-S out was quite an opportunity. They arrived May 15th in the Valley. “Normally the only way to buy one is to pre-order one and they are only available in seven states,” said Tom Pringle of Power Toyota. It felt good pushing back the clutch and tearing through first and second gear like butter. However, muddling through four more seemed unnecessary given the specs on the FR-S. While 200 horses were at my disposal, the 151 foot-pounds of torque didn’t seem to want to keep up. Granted that fewer gears with a higher ratio wouldn’t help the problem necessarily, it simply seemed like there should have been more power somewhere, especially on the downshift. On the upside, however, the shifting was smooth, the clutch grabby, and the

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AZSAL was there Photos by Gene Lower

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RIGHT: And then there were three. Original Van Halen members Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth were joined by Wolfgang Van Halen on bass when the band rocked US Airways in June. OPPOSITE, TOP: Creed, led by singer Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti, thrilled the Comerica Theater crowd with a set of their most popular tunes. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM LEFT: During May’s solar eclipse, the moon passed in front of the sun; and AZSAL’s Gene Lower was there with camera to capture the celestial fireworks. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM RIGHT: Arizona Cardinals first-round pick Michael Floyd hauls in a pass during the team’s rookie camp.

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goodhealth By Lynette Carrington

When It Comes to Dentistry, Learn The Whole Tooth Dental procedures are less invasive, more comfortable than ever before

... there are advancements in the field that have made many services more comfortable, far less invasive and more accessible than ever before.



lasting anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Clients from around the world have come to The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts for their dental artistry. Onlays and inlays are used now instead of immediately resigning to the use of a crown. Patients have almost no discomfort and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is not necessary. For those who experience dental anxiety, oral medications can be used. A patient will typically sleep through and not even remember a procedure. The good news is that recovery is very quick because medications leave the system quickly.

Approximately 80% of all adults have some level of periodontal disease. Surgery used to be the answer. Gums were sliced and cleaning was performed. It was heavily invasive with a good chunk of time spent recovering. Today, lasers are used, discomfort is minimal, the procedure is very effective and no surgery is involved. To learn more about exceptional advancements in routine and cosmetic dentistry, visit

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IN YEARS PAST, IF YOU MENTIONED CERTAIN DENTAL PROCEDURES, it would have struck a chord of fear in even the strongest of people. But today, there are advancements in the field that have made many services more comfortable, far less invasive and more accessible than ever before. Veneers, crowns and periodontal disease treatment are procedures which are now executed with far less invasive methods. “It’s changed tremendously over the past ten years,” said Dr. Trent Smallwood, DDS, of The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts. In particular, veneers have always been a beautiful option for creating a “new smile,” but the loss to the tooth was about 80%. In stark contrast, today’s advanced methods have reduced that to a mere 5%. “We can achieve the same beautiful results,” Dr. Smallwood noted. Even if the patient wanted to have the veneers removed, they could return to their original teeth. Veneers can be like a car and last as long as they are expertly placed and properly cared for, with a set

Trent Smallwood, DDS 420 W. Warner Rd., Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85284 Phone: 480.894.8101

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Now available at select Fry’s, Albertsons, Bashas’ and QT stores

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