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• Greg Fitzsimmons is a four-time Emmy winner. • There will be a Greg Fitzsimmons one hour special coming up in August 2012. He doesn’t yet know on what channel it will air. (Probably the channel that offers him the best toilet paper!) • Hecklers help to keep the comic on his toes and often present impromptu material at shows. When it gets to be too much, “I appreciate the staff stepping in and telling them to shut up,” laughed Fitzsimmons. • Greg has written for The Man Show, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, Politically Incorrect and The Ellen Degeneres Show. • He is often called on to help develop television shows and game shows. Some of them make it to the air, some of them don’t. Don’t judge.

Greg for forcing me out of my “box” and making me write a little bit more “smart assy” than usual.

kick back and enjoy an awesome night of cerebral humor. Oh, and bring your own toilet paper. Tickets are on sale now at And thanks to



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