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Touch Coffee Brewer

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Touch brewers are fully compatible with any portion pack or K-Cup. It starts brewing coffee in under 20 seconds after being off all night. Unlike other machines, Touch reaches the ideal temperature (195205 degrees Fahrenheit) for best brewing results … and a piping hot cup of coffee. With Touch, hot water has more contact with coffee grounds for optimal coffee extraction and bolder taste. Works for single cup and carafe. $239;


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What would you call an action film about a killer sandwich? “Rye Hard”? “Alien vs Breadator”? “You’re Toast” (starring Burnt Reynolds)? The object of Schmovie is to write funny titles for make-believe movies based on an outlandish premise. Collect Schquid Trophies for winning titles as you laugh yourself silly. $19.95;

Running Buddy Pouch A lightweight and beltless pouch that fastens to any waistband using cutting-edge magnetic technology. Made with dri-fit and water-resistant fabrics, the Buddy Pouch keeps all your essentials sweat-free and dry. Conveniently holds your personal items like smartphones, keys, cash and credit cards while you’re jogging, running, hiking or exercising. $13.99 and up.

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Shark Steam & Spray Pro

Sound Blaster Jam Headphones Keep it light and breezy with these ultra-light wireless headphones that give you freedom to roam in comfort, no matter how long your playlist is. Untethered and untangled, you can play, pause and personalize your audio experience with bass enhancement … all within one click. Features Bluetooth 4.1 and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. $49;


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The Steam & Spray Pro provides three ways to clean hard floor surfaces within one cleaning system, from light cleaning to breaking down the toughest floor messes. It offers amazing versatility by swapping out two convertible heads. The steam head turns ordinary tap water into super-heated steam for deep cleaning. For quick jobs, the unit transforms into a cordless spray mop by swapping in the lightweight, batterypowered spray-only head. $119;


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