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BIO   My  name  is  Aysha,  born  in  28th  of  November  1992.  I  am  a  Sagittarius,  the  most   open-­‐minded  sign  in  the  Zodiac.  Yes  I  am  nineties  kid,  who  still  watches  loony   tunes  &  the  Rugrats.  I  have  many  friends  in  spite  of  myself.  I  live  with  purpose,  I   say  the  courageous  things,  I  celebrate  a  simple  gift,  and  I  follow  my  dreams.  This   is  my  happy  life.  I  do  what  I  love  and  most  passionate  about,  horse  ridding.  I  am   an  active  person  who  loves  sports.  Fast  learner  and  love  to  try  new  things.  And   when  I  take  a  chance  I  never  look  back!       I  graduated  from  Dubai  National  school  and  currently  studying  in  Zayed   University,  majoring  in  Interior  Design.  Interior  design  is  something  I  love  and   it’s  my  dream  to  get  to  work  as  a  designer  someday.  Things  always  get  better   with  me  because  I  surround  myself  with  people  who  are  only  going  to  lift  me   higher.              

white leather hood. Good quality. Highly expensive.

Description: The burqa is a pair of small-sized face of the bird has a small hole in the middle comes out the beak of the falcon, and the burqa comes in soft colours and beautiful forms must be comfortable for the falcon or the falcon will reject the hood outright. This burqa is beautifully made in Suede Leather Arab Hood. It belongs to my father’s favourite falcon “Wirya” died 5 years ago. Was a Gyr female falcon dark black to fairly white.

The Hood (Burqa) is the most important piece of equipment because it keeps the falcon in a calm state. The hood is handmade, often from kip leather or suitable kangaroo leather. This hood designed to best represent the shape of the falcon’s head, also allowing space for the eyes with an adequate neck width. This hood is nearly 7 years old, it is still being used for other falcons that belongs to my father. Due to its expensive price and good quality. Interview Techniques: Name: Abdulla Saif Bin Thalith Relation: Father Interview Questions: Is there a story behind this burqa? How old is this Burqa? Who bought it? What is it made of? What is so special about it? Where is it now? Does it symbolise anything? Who was the first to wear this burqa? And is it being used now? This Burqa was so special to my father, for some reasons. First

it was a gift from His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His dearest friend. For the best gyrfalcon at that time “Wirya� who was the first to wear the burqa. My father & Sheikh Ahmad both shared the same hobby, falconry. Its not just a hobby is a lifestyle. Falconers must devote time to their birds each and every day, 365 days a year. 7 years ago until now this burqa is being used by my father for his other falcons. The Burqa is handmade, beautifully made in Suede Leather supplied with black leather braces. Leather symbolises and represents the falcons status, strength and heritage.

HH Sheikh Ahmad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum training Queen Of Spades

Abdulla Saif, My Father, training Zaal.

“Falconry is an art. It requires long hours, constant devotion, finesse, subtlety and skill. The falconer must train a bird of prey to fly free, hunt for a human being and then accept a return to captivity.” According to Ted Benzon, administrator for the falconry program for South Dakota’s Game Fish & Parks Department.


Memories never die  

My photo essay will include my bio, introduction about my family's background and 3 objects i choose to