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3 Tips To Get Customer Products Reviews

With latest shift as in online shopping, customer products reviews are the news shopping assistants. Tagged as the next phenomenon to enrich our pre-sale decisions, the special aspect of these opinions is that they are omnipresent- shopping portals, products comparisons, brand PP, Blogs etc. Acting as free “sales assistants”, genuine & unbiased user’s opinions – their significance gets more value when our hard-earned money is at stake.

To help consumers pick the right products, the new online syndrome has lots of takers. AS this syndrome if web-related, trustworthy research also exhibits surprising stats. About 23 % & of net shopping decisions were influenced by buyers’ kith and kins. Right from friends to family members, everyone had their respective role in that ‘one’ online shopping. Whereas, you would be surprised to know that more than 30 % chose to check what others say about their favourite product. This is a great decision when E-Commerce has got a new sidekick for the boom & it cements a great potential for involvement of people. Now, let us see that how can we get make people more inclined towards reviews? Why? It affects our wise-shopping choice when every review really counts:

1. Bring Them Back: It is always advisable to keep buyers in the loop. By making them in connection with the good they purchased, it means that no matter how old was the purchase made or what is it significance on a particular day – it is always great to make their presence felt. How? It can be done by encouraging them to review their purchases so that every new lot is inspired.

2. Provide Space: Provide customers with a link to a review site in post-purchase communications. Right from the word go, you should make things easier for the buyer. Give him/her the freedom of saying about the product right from the home page – to make him aware of ‘here you can write reviews’.

3. Negativity is the New Positivity – It is great to take every brickbat into stride. Do not count negative reviews as something taking you years back. Remember – black is black when there is white. So make it useful for everyone. Even though if there are negative feedbacks, count them as second-chance for products to secure place again in buyers’ heart. So, blend of right as well as negative feedback is always good for unbiased presence of reviews. Did you say human faces? – You are right! Involve You Tube reviews to have a human connect. There has been news about paid reviews online. Genuine people talking really look genuine.


Reviews42 is the ultimate destination of genuine & unbiased products reviews. Right from white good products like washing machine reviews, water purifier reviews, to tablets & electronic products reviews.

3 Tips To Get Customer Product Reviews  

Consumers product reviews help make important purchase decisions.By the same token, getting unbiased reviews of products is also a daunting...

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