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Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension Eating high fat diet, too much salt and staying stressed all the time are foremost causes of high blood pressure, although, these are not so obvious causes of HBP - the condition which affects 78 million adults in U.S. and the data on the problem reveals, it is unavoidable side effect of aging.

Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension By 55, there are 90 percent chances of developing it and one of the leading ways to prevent it is to modify lifestyle, lose

weight, increase physical activities, regular exercising or yoga and go for wholesome diet. Blood carries oxygen and when

body's tubes - capillaries and vessels get narrow, the forces on the walls of the arteries and vessels increase.

Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension With too much force the walls get damaged and stretching causes weakness, which also increases the risk of rupture and tears in the tissues increasing blockages, pain - rising risk of strain, stroke and heart attacks. Since stress is one of the key causes for rise in BP, to bring down blood pressure herbs such as Bacopa monnieri and Withania somnifera are added in natural ways to reduce hypertension.

Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension The intake of these herbs relaxes mind, reduces anxiety and improves blood circulation to brain. Arjuna myrobalan is

another key ingredient, widely known to be effective in deterring cardiovascular weakness. Some of the unusual

causes of HBP include the intake of pain relievers where the anti-depressants and antibiotics can escalate pressure.

Stresx Capsules People with hypothyroidism are two times at the risk of hypertension as the condition reduces blood pumping

and elasticity of the blood vessels. Stresx capsule provides natural ways to reduce hypertension as it

contains extracts of Arjuna tree bark useful for cardio vascular health.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules Arjuna contains bioactive compounds that promise improvement in left ventricle function without any side effects, especially, when 500 mg of the extract is taken three times in a day. This was tested on human subjects where it was beneficial to all irrespective of their current health state. The herb provides protection to heart even after a number of cardiac insults including the beta 2 adrenergic agonists and catecholamine.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules Arjuna provides protection to the liver and kidney as it can bring down blood pressure in a safe way. It is high in

antioxidants and its ulcer protection properties are similar to pill Ranitidine. The potential to protect kidney in natural ways

to reduce hypertension is more potent than individual vitamin C and vitamin E source.

Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension The problem of high blood pressure is the most unpredictable and some people who continuously have low blood pressure,

sometimes, complain of the problem due to high blood pressure. Winter weather factors can cause BP to increase

due to constriction in the blood vessels, reduced sweat output and increase of salt load.

Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension People are advised to remain active in winters to bring down blood pressure and go out in sunshine for small doses of

sunshine, although, sunburn should be prevented. Low exposure to UVB Rays necessary for vitamin D synthesis and

less exposure to UVA rays can also cause change in blood pressure. UVB ray is needed to prevent hypertension and

UVA to prevent low blood pressure.

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Natural Ways To Reduce Hypertension And Bring Down Blood Pressure