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HELLO I'm Kadarus Fatahila, a multy-discipinary creative from Indonesia, currently working as a freelancer of 3D Artist and IT Technician. ProďŹ cient in 3D, Graphic Design, and Traditional Drawing. I'm interested in art since I was a kid. I like to learn new things. I enjoy watching good movies and tv series. Playing video-games, reading and do anything related to technology.

3D (Infrastructures)



This is my ďŹ rst 3D model "Masjid. I made

House is my ďŹ rst training assignment for

it during the Ramadan month in 2017.

Motion Graphic Arts class at BBPLK.

Software: 3D Builder | Year: 2017

Software: Blender | Year: 2019

The Sets I made The Sets for my second training assignment to be included in our project. Software: Blender | Year: 2019

3D (Low Poly)

Bus Terminals Bus Terminals is my last training assignment at BBPLK. This time, I'm using the low poly technique to create the 3D models. Software: Blender | Year: 2019

3D (Character) Si Nobo I made a 3D model character named Si Nobo. He is a kid that pretending to be a Cowboy Knight. Software: Blender | Year: 2019

3D (Furnitures and Electronics) The Homes

The Homes is a 3D model sets of furniture and electronic. Software: Blender | Year: 2019

The Toys

I made The Toys base on my favorite childhood toy including Lego, Rubik's Cube and Peg Solitaire. Software: 3D Builder | Year: 2018

Graphic Design

Asian Games 2018 Logo

Asian Games 2018 Mascot's

Asian Games 2018 Logo is inspired from

The mascots of the Asian Games 2018 are native animal

the form of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

from Indonesia, the name are Kaka, Atung and Bhin Bhin.

Software: Inkscape | Year: 2018

Software: Photoshop | Year: 2018

Brochure I made this brochure for my friend's clothing business. Software: Inkscape | Year: 2017

Graphic Design Drawing and Painting I'm having fun when I'm drawing and painting with Paint, my ďŹ rst one was back in 2012. Software: Microsoft Paint

Logo Software: Microsoft Paint

Traditional Drawing

Doodle For me, doodle is a freedom of art. Because you dont have to ďŹ xated with one perfection.

Traditional Drawing

Sketching Sketching is the basic of art but also a very important thing when you drawing.


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Portfolio Design of Kadarus Fatahila  

Portfolio Design of Kadarus Fatahila  

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