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The Innovator's Playbook

1. Build Team Charter 2. Establish Vision Statement 3. Create better Meetings via Sprint Planning


Tool 1.1—Team Charter

You are about to embark on a journey of exploration that is different from any other as you will learn the ropes to create a startup. Well, it is more than just using sticky notes, for the journey is not a linear one; it is cyclical and iterative. It is about embracing the cloud of uncertainty—because somewhere inside all those uncertainties lie an opportunity to make your business better.

The ideal team, be it in a startup or a business, will consist of diverse characters and personalities as you will need to be able to cover a wide range of tasks within the given time frame. In need of someone to write a business proposal? Obtain a writer on board. How about someone to handle all things design for the team? And possibly, a coder…Well, you get the point.

Whether it is to understand your customers better or to design a new business model, preparation is key. You would not want to go into a battle without preparing, right?

The question is, how will all of you agree on your goals, expectations, and values yet at the same time not forgetting but dealing with challenging situations together? The answer is by designing a team charter together.

You have put together a team and have secured an environment to work together in. Now, it is time to actually work together efficiently and effectively. This week, you will learn how to prepare your team for the journey ahead and your environment for the work that will ensue—all by utilizing the tools that are provided so that you will get the best from everyone.

A team charter will help you to create a blueprint for the engine behind a project; a well-balanced team. It is always an advantage to know who you are working with!

The startup journey is not one to be taken alone. Success comes when a team of people are in it together and are collectively compelled to see the process through. So, set yourself and your team up for success by controlling what you can; do not leave things up to chance.

Mentor: Aaron Lim is a 90s young entrepreneur who founded Goody Tech in 2015. Goody Tech owned No.1 Chinese Digital Media Platform in Malaysia, making 7 digits revenue in its second year. Besides, Goody Tech has accumulated more than 500 brands and merchants to register under their advertising platform. Over the past 24 months, they expanded their team from two to 30. Goody Tech has more than 1000 Online Editor who creates content and profit through their platform. 20

Figure 1.1

Step by Step Guide 1. Decide on the role of each member. 2. Each individual team member will need to write on sticky notes what their expectations are (max 3), what they see as obstacles (max 3), their 1 most important value, and what will give them energy. Also, each should write down his or her most important value that they want to add to the group. 3. Take a step back and discuss about the expectations, values, energy sources, and obstacles.

The Innovator's Playbook


Download this tool at: toolbox/#/tools/teamcharter 21

The Innovator's Playbook