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By Aysha s. Abrar 1

PREFACE Assalamualaikum! Bismillah In sha Allah, In this e-book I will be sharing some memorable bytes of my Hajj experience 2012. Through these bytes, my aim is to bring awareness of some common mistakes during hajj that we make as in ourselves, during this sacred journey. These tips will enlighten some areas where we can help our Hajj being accepted by Allah and purify us of our sins. There is no other memorable journey in your lifetime except Hajj and May Allah give you the chance to fulfill your final pillar in Islam and increase you in Imaan. Aameen




Before Undertaking the Journey


Ziyarah of Madina


Madina to Dhul Hulayfah to Makkah


Makkah to Mina


Mina to Arafah to Muzdalifah


Muzdalifah to Mina, Jamarat


Mina, Tawaf Ziyarah


Jamarat, leave Mina


Makkah Aziziya(Hotel), Departure





Hajj Bytes 1- Before Undertaking the Journey Plan before hand. Be mentally prepared for a ‘lot’ of Adjustments. Take only essential items. Research, research, research. Attend lectures. Have trial packing sessions 7-10 days before departure. After reaching Madina, freshen up, don’t just go to the Masjid (this is something trivial, but I believe it should be conveyed) Worship as much as you can but do not tire yourself with it because you have much longer and achieving days ahead, the real test arrives during the stay at Mina.


Hajj Bytes 2- Ziyarah of Madina Do not forget to pray 2 Nafl @ Quba Masjid (There is no authentic narration that you have to make dua standing near the Uhud mountain as some people do, just say the dua for the dead and that is enough.) [Remember to pray Tahiyyatul Masjid when you enter] Remember to pray 2 Nafl Rak’ah at Riyadul Jannah. Do not push the people in the front as it may lead to stampede. Give everyone a chance to pray. Do not get irritated when you get pushed, it does happen because of few who are hasty, keep your calm and do not utter a word of complain. Whatever you go through, bare it for Allah’s sake and gain the reward. Stick to your partner and hold hands tightly.


(There are separate timings for men & women to be allowed to enter the Riyadul Jannahdepends on the tour package)


Hajj Bytes 3- Madina to Dhul Hulayfah to Makkah A reminder again: Do not shove and push, if you find yourself in this situation , come out of the crowd and wait for some time until the crowd clears. Start reciting the Talbiya as soon as you make your Niyyah for Umrah. Women’s ihram is anything according to the normal Islamic dress code, there is nothing like she should be wearing only white. Any color is allowed. The Ihram that men wear ”white cloth” does not mean they are in the “inviolable state”. The muhrims enter the “state” of Ihram only after they have crossed the Meeqat and made the Niyyah. Journey by Bus from Madina to Makkah is about 9-11 hours, remember to be hydrated throughout the journey, even though there


might be issues with public toilets, just bare with the situation and be patient. Be prepared to “not sleep” from the start of this journey. From this day onwards there is no such thing as “rest”. All is for the sake of Allah and you will be rewarded, in sha Allah. Remember to pray the Funeral prayer, as it is very rewarding. (Learn how to perform it before undertaking this journey). Even women are allowed to perform this prayer.


Hajj Bytes 4- Makkah to Mina First and foremost, DON’T fret and fume, you have come for HAJJ, the journey of a lifetime. [In the Tent] The places get occupied on first come first serve basis, so in- case you reach late, you may or may not find the place you wanted, its Allah’s will. You may not have enough space, even to turn over, take it easy, adjust but don’t get angry, recite ‘Aaudhu billahi minaashaytaan irrajeem”. Seek refuge in Allah, from the outcast Shaytan! Do not get into fight with other ladies even if they might get irritated and snap at you. Do not push others to give you space, instead ask them politely. Make sure you keep yourself calm and remember Allah continuously, not only here, but all your life.


The bathrooms are filthy, so be careful when you take your things there, do not let anything fall down! Some ladies get into conflicts in queues, wait patiently don’t fight in case someone comes in front of you or pushes you , let them. Allah will help you through it if you are patient. Remember the location of your tent, the pathways are crowded and very similar so you can get lost, take someone with you when you go to the bathrooms. Control your diet because everyone has to get food. Drink lots of water (this is one thing that is abundant there, Alhamdulillah) Note: Having a bath in the state of Ihram is permitted, if it is necessary.


Hajj bytes 5- Mina to Arafah to Muzdalifah Remember to note down the location of your tent. You tour operator will advise you to take pictures of the tent number, nearest landmark and the street number. [You can refer to my blog to see the types of locations you must keep in record] How to note down the location: Take pictures of your tent, information is attached on the top of each tent. Memorize the area of your tent, and see for landmarks nearby and lookout for the country flags. Note the ‘Emergency exit no.’ & ‘Mina Station number’. This will help you find your way back to the mina gate for your tent. Do not exhaust yourself in the early hours of the day in Dhikr and Ibaadah, take rest In between. 11

Increase your Prayers and Duas between Asr and Maghrib. Especially near to Maghrib. Allah’s mercy is to its nearest on this day. SubhanAllah! Leave Arafat immediately at sunset. Go in pairs or groups because from here you are on your own till the time you return from Muzdalifah. Going in groups is better. Getting a place on the land at Muzdalifah is not much of a hassle. Spread your bed-sheet , pray and have a good night’s sleep.


Hajj Bytes 6- Muzdalifah to Mina, Jamarat Leave Muzdalifah at the proper time and NOT before Dawn. Be it elder or young women, it is a must to throw the pebbles unless they are sick or cannot walk. It is best to throw the pebbles before Maghrib and not delay till midnight or even after that.


Hajj Bytes 7- Mina, Tawaf Ziyarah Remember to perform Tawaf Ziyarah at the earliest and try not to delay it. Do not delay the throwing of the pebbles until midnight, without a legitimate reason. It is obligatory to spend the night at Mina and don’t make it “just 1 hr is ok”. Carry with you a pocket Hajj guide so that these confusions do not take over your time.


Hajj Bytes 8- Jamarat, leave Mina Try your best to throw the pebbles at least in the ring since it is not valid if it does not reach the inside of the ring. (Also discuss this issue with the scholars ‘, in case of unavoidable reasons you don’t know if it has reached inside the ring or not, because you can’t see clearly in the huge crowd) Leave Mina by Zuhr and stone the Jamarat only AFTER Zuhr.


Hajj Bytes 9- Makkah Aziziya(Hotel), Tawaf Al Wada’a- Departure Perform Tawaf al Wada’a (Farewell tawaf) as the name itself says, ‘just before’ bidding farewell to Makkah, hours before departure. Pack your things, keep everything ready and then leave for the farewell tawaf. Prepare for departure, pray to Allah that He accepts from you and from now onwards you begin to lead a life of righteousness, in sha Allah.


This is the end of my journey itinerary with you. In sha Allah, pray that my Hajj is Hajj Mabroor and May Allah guide us in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah and forgive all our sins. May Allah save the Ummah from the Hell fire and grant us the highest abode in Paradise. Aameen. In sha Allah, hope this book benefits you, your family and may your Hajj be Hajj Mabroor, in sha Allah. In this book, what is good is from Allah and what is not is from me. May Allah forgive me if I’m wrong.

Jazakallah khair


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