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3 | Contact +905334341414 | Education 2005-2010 Robert College, Istanbul 2010-2014 Istanbul Bilgi University / Interior Design (100%scholarship) | Workshops and tasks - Proposed design was selected for the 2010 yearbook design of Robert College - IABA’11 (International Architectural Biennial, Antalya) / Augmented Structures, Salih Kucuktuna, Alper Derinbogaz - Assistant at Le Corbusier Le Voyage D’Orient 1911-2011 conference, Istanbul - Instrumentalising Istanbul, 2012, Vikrant Tike, Can Altay, Welsh School of Architecture - Vernal Workshop 2012, Imperfection, Ayse Birsel, Istanbul, the work was exhibited in an extension of Istanbul Biennial - Learning In Practice, Balmond Studio, Istanbul, 2013 | Internships 2011- Building Technologies, Nef, Kindergarten construction 2012- Construction site internship, Yalintanjeyanulku Interior Architecture, Eczacibasi Office Building 2013- Office internship, Metex Design, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum | Language skills Turkish English | Computer skills Rhinoceros 3D Autocad Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere (basic-) Sketch up, Vray for Sketch up Microsoft Office | Interests Photography, Travelling, Architecture, Urban design and Public spaces, Automobiles, Fashion design



HOTEL DESIGN IN ALACATI Designing the lobby in the main building of the hotel, and a sample room which is located on a terrace set with its own piece of garden and pool

5 > SAMPLE ROOM section AA’

a box of nature inside the room

circulation and functional zones around the box

setting of fuctions according to some experience paths


section BB’


’ AA


placing the giant sculpture of walls and locating main axis, according to the plan scheme of the building

determining functional zones and the circulation areas tracing the grid that has been drawn

within the areas, creating elevations and cavities, that form extensions of the main sculpture

7 plan

’ AA


section AA’

section BB’


RESIDENTIAL Designing an old waterside house for a couple who own an art gallery. The house should also provide for a ‘home office’ that includes storage and display areas for the art pieces. The client wanted the office and the home on separate floors and detached from each other. Also they wanted to use the garden for morning refreshments.

9 Since the house has a beautiful view of the Bosphorous, this facade is quite precious

Public/office Private/bedroom Living area Service Buffer zone Garden

10 1st floor plan


ground floor plan



section AA’

section BB’


TRANSFORMATION Transforming a historical building’Suriye Pasaji’ on Istiklal street at the heart of Istanbul. The building is originally made up of a passage going through the ground floor with retails on both sides, and apartments on upper floors, now to become a hotel.

Keeping the existing passage and the retail area at the ground floor, not blocking the public walking area and the daily flow of the neighbourhood. Locating the lobby on two sides, a small portion of the ground floor, and connecting these two sides with a mezzanine. Offering 3 types of experience: - for the hotel clients - the clients of the restaurant which is defining the atmosphere of the lobby - the users of the street


private public intervention

visual communiation as a concept

connecting two sides with a mezzanine

gently approuching the historical columns






partial ground floor plan

mezzanine lobby restaurant/bar public walk and retail


different use of the same design element


+0.50 0.00

partial section A-A’

section B-B’

floor plan with rooms


BOOKSHELF A bookshelf free on both sides, which can also work as a seperator. It’s modular structure help users to make their own arrangement of boxes and rows according to their needs.


front view


plan of boxes

detail 1mm lathwork (plumtree) 2mm papel (plumtree)

some configurations

white clothing on mdf

side view of box


PEELING BRIDGE Designing a floating stage located in Golden-horn, Istanbul. The old Galata Bridge which is abondoned near the Haskoy shore was chosen to place the stage. The bridge works as a link between the land and the water, while refreshing the urban memory. The proposal works both as a public space, and a performance platform. The intricate paths encourage users to decide where the walking and seating zones are.

19 having two perspective exhibition area

-facing the view -facing the bridge and haskoy

buildings green area intervention

multilayered organization of the zones site plan

searching for smooth transitions between layers at different heights

final design





Designing the garden of an existing kindergarten; creating a playground in both the interior and outdoor along with a sample classroom: to provide for a transformable space in which desks that allow working in groups and open area when needed, and storage should be provided. Forms are made up of basic shapes so that children will experience geometry while playing, also kids are free to interpret about how to use the objects and what to do with the forms of the topography using their imagination. Existing forms remind of some functions while also associating other probable activities and evoking toughts.

21 Playing with the topography of the triangular garden, using folding methods

2 1

1- playscape climbing wall slide

2- mini theater stage as an inclined surface

Applying the same method for designing a built in toy/scape considering the circulation paths

22 *group project

PRAYER SPACECELLULAR SPINE This project that has been carried in cooperation with Balmond Studio, was an investigation on how form, material, and structural facts can work together and define one another. Change of behavior of the units when they connect in different configurations were tested, instead of forcing the material to create the intended form. Because the behavior is shaped by the connection rules, coding the process is another important part. Group members: Ceren Hamiloglu, Faik Balkuv, Arda Karaburcak, Necdet Yagiz Ozkan, Ayse Nur Karaaslan

23 Units



PLG>2A(-), 2C>TC(-), TA>TC(+), TD>TA(+), TB>2C(+), 2B>TB(+), TC>P2C 1 2 RTB>TC(+), TA>TA(+), TC>TC(-), TB>LE(-), LF>TA(+), TC>LG(+), LE>LF(+), LE>TB(-), TA>RTC(+) 1 2


K2B>LF(+), LE>TC(-), TA>TA(-), TB>TA(-), TC>2A(+), 2C>LF(-), LE>TB(+), TA>LE(+), LF>K2B(+) 1 2


STA>LF(-), LG>TA(+), TE>LE(+), LG>2C(+), 2A>TA(-), TC>LE(-), LG>LF(+), LE>LG(+), LE>TB(-), TA>LG(+), LF>STA(-) 1 2 TC>LG(+), LF>LE(+)

LF>LG(-) LE>TB(-), TD>2C(+) TA>TC(-)




GUEST HOUSE A guest house was designed for artist and performers coming from other cities. The house is for 3 person, who need both private space and a common space to spend time together. In this project, the structural system, lamination of elements such as walls roof, floors, and climate control were given importance. Visual effect and practical facts have been discussed together.


section BB’

section AA’

site plan


ground flloor plan


1st floor plan

partial section BB’ detailed


UMBRELLA SHOP A conceptual umbrella shop was designed for an existing retail space in Beyoglu, the heart of the city

radial arrangement

exit focal point



display area

top view

front view


ZEN INTERIOR The same space was given to design a facade to create an atmosphere of Zen philosophy inside.



*group project


Golden Horn used to be one the most vibrant part of Istanbul and was the center of the city during the Ottoman Empire. During the 1980s, it became an industrial area which caused an almost irreversible pollution to its environment. Today, it is a district occupied by the less privileged section of the community resulting in a growth of unlicensed constructions. Important historical buildings and disused large green areas lying on the shore are accompanied with a bad odor caused by the polluted sea. After multiple field trips and several interviews with academics and locals, an unorthodox map marking areas such as public squares, renewed/abandoned/still used industrial structures and historical buildings was produced. Along with the map, a short documentary was shot and edited in order to demonstrate and draw attention to the socio-cultural and architectural conditions going on in the Golden Horn. Group Members: Ceren Hamiloglu , Batuhan Ă–zbulut, Faik Balkuv, Ulufer Celik, Zeynep Satoglu, Aysenur Karaaslan


INSTRUMENTALISING ISTANBUL Designing an instrument for the city that is played by wind. It is located on the old Galata Bridge which is broken into two halves resting on each side of the Golden Horn. The instrument interacts with the other side via the reflections, while also creating sound for it’s surrounding. Group members: Ayse Nur Karaaslan, Viviana Garcia, Christie Yeung, Dan Hayes

*group project


1:1 A 3m spanning structure made with tension wires and wooden sticks working in compression, creating parabolic hyperboloid surfaces that work together and stand as a whole. It was exhibited in hotel The Marmara Antalya in scope of IABA’11 (International Architectural Biennial Antalya 2011)


IMPERFECTION Creating an imperfect Turkish tea experience using the deconstructing/reconstructing method. Vernal Workshop - Ayse Birsel (coordinator) The ‘Imperfection’ theme of Istanbul Biennial 2012

Ayse Nur Karaaslan - Portfolio  

design and architecture portfolio

Ayse Nur Karaaslan - Portfolio  

design and architecture portfolio