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PORTFOLIO Aysen Miller: N0510751 Fashion Communication and Promotion (Level 1) Visual Awareness FASH10105


3 multimedia moodboard 5 project 1 brand moodboard

7 project 2 brand analysis presentation 16 project 3 brand-zine 33 reflective journal 35 pinterest 37 polyvore 39 additional work


The first task we had been set was to create a multimedia moodboard on our favourite fashion designer. The brief was to identify signature motifs, overriding themes, and moods or personality. We needed to also consider any other cultural or contextual references outside of fashion relating to our chosen designer.


Project 1 was to create a brand visual analysis moodboard, considering the then and the now. In our teams, each person was assigned an individual brand with which to identify any prevalent visual themes and cultural references. This project was to develop visual awareness of brands and to consider the then and the now of a specific brand’s visual DNA and individual identity.


For Project 2 we had a group task of a brand analysis presentation. This brief involved the then, the now and the other. This project had to include: a brand analysis, an understanding of the brands position and their consumers and competitors, communication touch points and a new concept that we had to create for the brand.


Project 3 involved creating a 2-part brand-zine for a brand of our choice. It needed to be a visual document to consider the brands identity and visual DNA. The zine also needed to include a brand analysis and a proposed creative strategy.


Over the duration of this module we were set a brief to create a reflective journal which should be a useful and engaging tool that helps to make the most of taught content and helps to develop ideas.


Aside from the work in our lectures and seminars and my reflective journal, I have also been keeping a Pinterest account where I have been taking ideas from lectures and creating boards on different concepts and ideas that I find interesting.


Aside from the work in our lectures and seminars and my reflective journal, I also have a Polyvore account which I use to style and put together different outfits and select certain accessories or clothes that I like.