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Message from the President ............................................................................................. 4

Executive Committee ...................................................................................................... 5 Executive Members / Past Presidents .............................................................................. 6

2020 Review of the Year ................................................................................................. 7 Tournaments / Course Rating ......................................................................................... 8 Ayrshire Junior Golf League / Press & Publicity ............................................................... 9

In Memorium .............................................................................................................. 10-11 Junior Convenors Lot ................................................................................................ 12-13

Club Directory ................................................................................................................. 14 Other Notable Performances .......................................................................................... 15

2021 Fixtures ............................................................................................................ 16-17 Historical Records ........................................................................................................... 18

Roll Of Honour ................................................................................................................ 19

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A Message from the President Welcome to the eighteenth ediion of the Ayrshire Golf Associaion Yearbook. My second year as President of Ayrshire Golf Associaion has, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the cancellaion of almost every event, both locally and naionally, let me very litle to report. The Execuive coninued to meet when possible to keep up to date with all current developments. The last year was financially challenging for all Ayrshire Clubs with lack of visitor income and minimal hospitality acivity.

John W. Wat

As I look forward to my third year in office, we can though, all now look forward to beter things in 2021, and hopefully a return to a full compeiion calendar and clubhouses full of members and visitors.

I would also take this opportunity to thank all Ayrshire Clubs who have hosted Ayrshire Golf Associaion championships and events in the past, and those who have commited to hosing fixtures in 2021 and beyond. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated. To all Ayrshire golfers, I would encourage you to support your club and county compeiions as we return to a bit more of normality ater the COVID 19 pandemic, as the events, and indeed all our member clubs, need your support more than ever now to keep Ayrshire and its’ clubs at the forefront of Scoish Golf. Have and enjoyable and successful 2021 season, and it just remains for me to wish every club success in geing through these difficult imes and to urge all Ayrshire golfers to keep safe.

John W. Wat President


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 5

Honorary Life Presidents President Vice President Immediate Past President Secretary/Treasurer


R. Leslie Crawford (Kilmarnock Barassie) Iain Harvey (Kilmarnock Barassie)

John W. Wat (Prestwick St Cuthbert) Scot Gilchrist (Loudoun) John Rushbury (Royal Troon) Alasdair J. Malcolm (Prestwick St. Cuthbert)

Clockwise from top left – Vice President Scott Gilchrist, Martin Cairns, Barry O’Rourke, Sandy Walker, Past President John Rushbury, Secretary Alasdair J. Malcolm, Steven Wallace, Allan Coulter, Ricky Magee, Robert Wilson, Andy Gilligan, Mike Hazlewood. Centre - President John W. Watt.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 6


Marin Cairns (Prestwick St Cuthbert), Allan Coulter (Ayr Belleisle), Andrew Gilligan (Troon St Meddans), Mike Hazlewood (Ayr Neptune), Ricky Magee (Caprington), barry O’Rourke (Loudoun), Sandy Walker (Kilmarnock Barassie), Robert Wilson (Ballochmyle), Steven Wallace (Prestwick St Cuthbert). Ayrshire Junior League Rep. Scot Gilchrist (Loudoun)

1955-1956 1956-1958 1958-1960 1960-1962 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-1968 1968-1970 1970-1972 1972-1973 1973-1975 1975-1977 1977-1979 1979-1981 1981-1983 1983-1985 1985-1987

J.T. Shaw (Troon)


J. Rae (Prestwick St. Nicholas) E.W. Ecrepont (Troon) Robert Kirkland (Prestwick St. Nicholas) Sam Haswell (Irvine Ravenspark)

Archie Carroll (Prestwick St. Nicholas) Mathew H. Lygate (Troon Portland) Robert McLaren (Largs) David Murdoch (Prestwick St. Cuthbert) R.Leslie Crawford (Kilmarnock Barassie) John Wilson (Royal Troon) R.A. Innes McQueen (Troon Welbeck)

1987-1989 1989- 1990 1990-1992 1992-1994 1994-1996 1996-1998 1998-2000 2000-2002 2002-2004 2004-2006 2006-2008 2008-2010 2010-2012 2012-2014 2014-2016 2016-2018


Charles Bruce (Loudoun) John Boyd (Caprington) William Dowie (Ballochmyle) Angus MacPhee (Kilmarnock Barassie) John Rutherford (Caprington) Iain Harvey (Kilmarnock Barassie) Ronnie Pots (Irvine Ravenspark) Morgan Hall (West Kilbride) Robin G. Baker (Troon Portland) J.F. (Ian) Guthrie (Ballochmyle) Ricky Magee (Caprington) Alasdair J. Malcolm (Prestwick St. Cuthbert) David J Miller (Kilmarnock Barassie) Milton Murray (Irvine) James McMurdo (Ballochmyle) John Rushbury (Royal Troon)

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2020 REVIEW Of THE YEAR Coaching

The coaching scheme, coninued to develop under the direcion of Scot Gilchrist and Marin Cairns in 2020, with the aim of enhancing the squad development for the Ayrshire county teams. Scot and Marin will coninue to lead on the coaching scheme in 2021. Prestwick golf club coninued to provide excepional support in 2020 for the coaching scheme, allowing use of their faciliies throughout the programme.

Despite the COVID-19 restricions, a reduced coaching programme was sill able to be delivered to the Under 18 county squad in early 2020, though the scheduled winter programme for late 2020 and early 2021 was abandoned completely.

Further coaching opportuniies, for a wider group of players, is regularly under review, with the aim of early idenificaion and development of young talent and enhancing the skills of present county team members. Club coaching grants to support individual coaching schemes within member clubs are projected to be available again for the 2021 season.

The efforts of our coaching professionals Richard Gordon (Ayr Belleisle) and David Fleming (Prestwick), and Brian Milligan of FitPit, Troon, who enthusiasically deliver and develop the coaching scheme along with The Associaion each year, are greatly appreciated by all involved.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 8

Coaching (contd)

Scot and Marin will again lead on the coaching front in 2021 with the intenion of implemening a full programme towards the end of the season as usual.


As was the case at clubs up and down the country, The Associaion hoped that the arrival of COVID-19 in Scotland in early 2020 would have a short term affect on the operaion of golf clubs, and the playing of fixtures.

However, by late February 2020 it became clear that the disrupion that the growing pandemic was having was likely to be a long term effect on many aspects of normal life and it was with no pleasure but with the best interests of the member clubs and Ayrshire golfers that The Associaion Execuive took an early decision to abandon all county compeiions for the 2020 season. Scoish Golf took the same acion shortly aterwards, cancelling all Naional Championships in 2020. The West of Scotland Inter County Boys League was also abandoned early but there was some hope that the Youths and A Team leagues would be played in September and October. This proved to be a false hope, with these events also being abandoned towards the end of summer 2020. Youth Team

Robert Wilson will coninue to manage the youth team in 2021, for the tenth successive season, supported by Sandy Walker and John Wat. boys Team

Scot Gilchrist, assisted by Marin Cairns and Robert Wilson will again administer the boys team in 2021. County A Team John Rushbury, assisted by Andrew Gilligan will look ater the A team in 2021.

Course Raing Mike Hazlewood, assisted by Ricky Magee, Allan Muir and John Rutherford oversaw the course raing programme in Ayrshire in 2020 and will coninue in this role in 2021. The Ayrshire course raing team have developed into one of the foremost raing teams in the country, ensuring that each course has a raing and Standard Scratch Score that accurately reflects the difficulty of the course. Through the hard work of Mike Hazlewood, several new volunteers have been recruited to assist with the Course raing assessments going forward. As all scheduled raings had to be abandoned in 2020, the Course raing team have a considerable workload scheduled for 2021 and beyond.

Scot Gilchrist remained as the AJGL representaive on the county Execuive in 2020 and will coninue in this role in 2021, again assisted by Marin Cairns.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 9

The Ayrshire Junior Golf League

The Ayrshire Junior Golf League followed The Associaion’s lead in early 2020, abandoning all fixtures for the 2020 season. Membership and Administraion

In 2020, membership of The Associaion remained steady, with a total of 63 clubs in the county of Ayrshire making The Associaion the second largest in Scotland.

During the year the Civil Aviaion Authority Golf Society (CAAGC), a long term member of The Associaion, changed the club name to the Prestwick Centre Golf Club. Another club has been added in 2021, with the South Ayrshire Golf Club becoming a member of The Associaion.

Press and Publicity

The Ayrshire Golf Associaion web page has been the main vehicle for publicising the work of The Associaion since its establishment in the autumn of 2004.

Associaion Secretary Alasdair Malcolm has administered the web page since its establishment and will coninue to be assisted in publicity maters in 2020 by Scot Gilchrist and Marin Cairns.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 10

Press and Publicity (contd)

The weblog coninues to prove popular with county players and club members alike, with strong visitor numbers every year, from Scotland and further afield.

Fixture lists, compeiion results and entry forms are all made available on the web page, which also features links to member clubs’ own websites and other useful golf links.

Local press oten use the web page as a source for press aricles, which are regularly being reproduced from the weblog in local papers and on golf related websites. Clubs are encouraged to forward anything of interest to Alasdair Malcolm at ayrshire.golf@binternet.com for possible inclusion on the web page. A Facebook page and Twiter account were also added in 2015.

The Ayrshire Golf Associaion Yearbook was produced again in 2020, its seventeenth successive year, and the quality producion by Ayrshire Media Services who are based in Dukes Road in Troon, has again been excellent and well received both within the county and beyond. The Associaion are pleased that Ayrshire Media Services have again produced the yearbook in 2021. Although, under the circumstances, the publicaion has been reduced in size and content this year, it is hoped that this publicaion will coninue to prove popular and useful to both members and adverisers alike.

Adverising opportuniies in the yearbook are available each year by contacing Ayrshire Media Services direct at info@ayrshiremedia.com

The Ayrshire Golf weblog can be accessed at www.ayrshiregolf.blogspot.com

The Associaion Secretary, Alasdair Malcolm, can be contacted at: Post – 17 Auchincruive Avenue, Prestwick, KA9 2DT E-Mail – ayrshire.golf@binternet.com Telephone – 01292 477657 Mobile - 07912 026341

In Memorium

As we look back over 2020, we remember friends and golfing colleagues who are no longer with us.

David Reynolds, who was a long ime supporter of junior golf in Ayrshire, passed away at home on Wednesday the 8th of July 2020 at the age of 89.


A member of Kilmarnock (Barassie) for many years, David was deeply involved in the Naional Playing Fields Associaion, now Fields in Trust, and it was through David’s drive that the charitable body agreed to donate the Macrobert Thistle Trophy for the Ayrshire junior golfer of the year, which was introduced in 1989. The trophy was a boys award, but David’s influence later ensured that an idenical award for girls was introduced in Ayrshire also. He retained a keen interest in the award and kindly agreed to atend the annual Ayrshire Junior Golf League dinner, year on year, to present the trophies and commemoraive medals he provided, to the worthy recipients.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 11

In Memorium (contd) David was an affable and friendly individual and his company will be missed by many in Ayrshire, though his memory will live on for those who knew him, as the Macrobert Thistle trophies are presented in Ayrshire each year.

Former Ayrshire Golf Associaion President Bill Dowie of Ballochmyle Golf Club passed away on Tuesday the 11th of August 2020.

A Past Captain and Club Champion of his home club, and laterly Honorary President at Ballochmyle, Bill was well known in Scoish golf circles as well as in his home county. Bill joined the Ayrshire Golf Associaion Execuive in the 1980’s where he served for over 20 years, holding the post of Area President from 1990 to 1992. He later went on to represent Ayrshire on the Scoish Golf Union Execuive from 1993, holding several posiions within the naional body, including Convenor of Championships, before reiring from both the Scoish Golf Union and Ayrshire Golf Associaion Execuive posiions in 2003.

Bill was a ‘weel kent face’, a friend to many and could always be relied on to take part in lively discussion and speak his mind, especially in golf related maters, whilst always being recepive to other views. Though burdened with failing eyesight and health in recent years, Bill sill retained his keen sense of humour and love for his parent club, despite his health burdens.

BILL DOWIE Bill Dowie was a good friend to many of the golfing community in Ayrshire, Scotland and beyond, and those who knew him no doubt mourn his passing but will have fond memories of Bill, whom it was a pleasure to consider a good friend over many, many years.

Former Largs Golf Club secretary and founder member of the Scoish Seniors Golfing Society Keith Howie passed away on Monday the 25th of January 2020, ater a short illness.

A member of West Kilbride golf club, Keith was one of life's true gentlemen and was one of a small band of golfers who were instrumental in establishing the very successful Scoish Seniors Golfing Society a number of years ago.


Keith's was an accomplished golfer in his own right and his success within the Seniors Golfing Society was not confined to the administraion side, as one of the golf itles he collected in his many years playing the game was the Scoish Super Seniors Matchplay crown at Southerness in 2014.


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 12


The following aricle was first published in 1991 in a copy of The Ayrshire Golfer, the early manifestaion of the Ayrshire Golf Associaion yearbook. Although published 30 years ago, the message is as relevant today as it was when first published.


Many golfers are inclines to take their club for granted. They play their game, have a drink perhaps, and then go home unil their next round. Most have their opinion of what should be done in the clubhouse or on the course to improve things but prefer to voice their opinions about what ‘they’, the dedicated band of volunteers who form the commitees of most clubs, should do about it. Very few golfers actually put much into the organisaion and running of a golf club. Those who do realise that many hours require to be put in to do the job properly. In addiion, if you happen to take on a convenorship or other post such as treasurer, captain, or secretary, then the hours you put in increase dramaically. Any one of the above posts requires dedicaion but consider this. Imagine a post within a club which combines match secretary, handicap secretary, treasurer, house convenor, starter, coach and odd job man. Such a post, you would expect, would have no willing applicants, yet throughout the county there are a small band of club golfers who fill just such a posiion – The Junior Convenor. The junior secions of most golf clubs are much maligned at imes by their senior colleagues and unfortunately the junior convenor usually takes the brunt of the moans. Consider how many imes you have seen a junior member of the club behave on the course or in the clubhouse in a manner not becoming of a golfer. Now consider what you have done on such an occasion. Many members are more than willing to approach the junior convenor at the first opportunity, normally when the later is stepping onto the first tee in the monthly medal, to bemoan at great length ‘What I saw one of your juniors doing the other day’. However, if the junior convenor asks what acion was taken at the ime the usual reply is that it is his job to do something about it. So, we have a minor incident that happened three days earlier involving one of about 60 junior members – name not supplied – and the junior convenor is supposed to do something about it! Boys will be boys and youngsters come in for a great deal of criicism at imes from their elders, but all club golfers should bear in mind that oten junior golfers only learn from example of those elders resuling in ignorance of the rules leading to poor eiquete and behaviour. In such a situaion, surely the best course of acion is for a senior member to take the youngster aside and explain to him at the ime, the correct rule or behaviour expected so that he understands how to conduct himself in future. In this way all paries are beter off, not least the junior convenor who will have more ime to devote to his other jobs, and will be able to enjoy his game in the monthly medal in comparaive peace. Any member taking on the mantle of junior convenor can expect his own golf to take a back seat during his convenorship. Most Sundays during the season are taken up organising the ballot, returns and handicaps in the club junior compeiion or taking the boys to other Ayrshire clubs to complete fixtures in the Ayrshire Junior Golf League. In addiion, some league fixtures take place during the week, necessitaing rushing home from dayime employment in ime to get the fixture played. Few convenors grudge the ime however, as much pleasure is gained in seeing boys, whatever their ability, improve their game and compete in one of the few remaining sports which is played in a true sporing manner. Many junior convenors manage to combine their posiion with service on the commitee of their club also, which is surely a tribute to their resilience and dedicaion.Some convenors serve for outstanding periods of ime in the post, and earn great respect throughout their club, and fellow convenors, for this. Two such examples who come to mind are Sam Coulter


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 13


of Maybole, who has assisted the juniors of the club for many years, as well as serving as assistant secretary of the Ayrshire Junior Golf League, and the late W. Kerr Ferguson of Prestwick St. Cuthbert Gc, who held the posiion of junior convenor at his club for 16 years unil 1988. Kerr’s dedicaion to the post was recognised by the club when they conferred Honorary Membership on him a number of years ago. His guidance to many juniors has resulted in some, such as Brian Gunson, moving to the professional ranks, and others moving into the organisaion side of golf at both club and county level.

When interviewed for a press aricle in 1973, Kerr made a statement which all club golfers would do well to consider in relaion to their own standing in the club when he said, “I have been a member of St Cuthbert for a long ime and have gained a lot of enjoyment from the club. I like to think that by helping out in running the junior secion I am managing to put something back into the club to help repay what it has given to me”. This statement is as true for commitee members as it is for junior convenors and if all club golfers adopted this philosophy, then our clubs would undoubtedly be the beter for it, with everyone pulling together for the good of the club and not criicising the honest efforts of others. And so, if you see the juniors doing something wrong this season, take ime yourself to explain to then the error of their ways and leave the junior convenor to devote his efforts elsewhere for the benefit of the juniors and your club in general. Finally, in a tribute to the junior convenors, and with apologies to Robert Burns, a poem. When gowfin’ buddies leave the links, And to the bar adjourn for drinks, As gowfin’ days are wearin’ late, And players, finished, tak’ the gate. Some sit boozin’ at the nappy, Aye, geing’ fou an’ unco happy, They think no on the boys’ convenor, Who’s clubs lie dormant in his locker, Whilst he collects the scorecards from the boys, Wha the course’s par, again destroyed, And then returns, for winners’ names, And adjust their handicaps, doon again! The monthly medal scores are done, Oor man goes home, his Sunday’s gone, But back he comes on Monday nicht, A junior league match fur tae fight, He sees them oot, and gies them cards, The tae the course tae watch the lads, And ater the result is kent, The boys, in shirt and ie, are sent, Tae dining room, fur bill o’ fare, Where both teams meet, and friendships share, And then tae hame, once boys are gone, Another golfing day, fur oor man is done.

On Wednesday a game at last, Our hard worked mans’ days toil is past, With friens he gaes forward tae begin, The Wednesday medal, a bid tae win, But ere he gets near teein’ ground, A moanin’ member oor man has found, Who rants and raves ower juniors seen, A week ago, on thirteenth green, On hiin’ shots to hear the pin, Forgot tae fill the pitchmark in, A misdemeanour slight enough, That moanin’ member finds it tough, To enquire of the offender’s name, But sees fit to ruin our mannie’s game.

Now, wha this tale o’ ruth shal read, Ilk gowfer an’ club man take heed, Whene’er to moanin’ you are inclined, O’er junior members that come tae mind, Think if ye can advise the sinner, You’ll help yer owerworked boys’ convenor.


Alasdair J Malcolm

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 14

THE AYRSHIRE GOLf ASSOCIATION www.ayrshiregolf.blogspot.com MEMbER CLUbS

MEMbER CLUb Abbotsford Ailsa Craig Alton Annanhill Ardeer Auchenharvie 88 Ayr Belleisle Ayr Carrick Ayr Dalmilling Ayr Neptune Ayr Seafield Ballochmyle Beith Braehead Brodick Caprington Carrick Speakers Corrie Crosshouse Doon Valley Drongan Dundonald Links Girvan Glacier Golf South Ayrshire Irvine Irvine Ravenspark Kilbirnie Place Kilmarnock (Barassie) Lamlash Largs Loudoun

WEbSITE www.abbotsfordgolf.co.uk www.annanhillgolfclub.co.uk www.ardeergolfclub.co.uk www.auchenharvie88.co.uk www.ayrbelleislegolfclub.com www.ayrcarrick.golf-club.website www.adgc.webs.com www.neptunegc.co.uk www.ayrseafieldgolfclub.com www.ballochmylegolfclub.com www.beithgolfclub.co.uk www.brodickgolf.com www.capringtongolfclub.com

www.dundonaldlinks.com www.golfsouthayrshire.com www.theirvinegolfclub.co.uk www.irgc.co.uk htps://www.kilbirnieplacegc.co.uk ww.kbgc.co.uk www.lamlashgolfclub.com www.largsgolfclub.co.uk www.loudoungowfclub.co.uk

MEMbER CLUb Machrie Bay Malletsheugh Maybole Moorpark Muirkirk New Cumnock N B. Parkstone Pontoon Portmann Prestwick Prestwick Centre Prestwick St Cuthbert Prestwick St Nicholas Redburn Routenburn Rowallan Castle Royal Troon Shiskine Skelmorlie South Ayrshire Juniors Stewarton Tam O Shanter The Chase Troon Merchants Troon Portland Troon St Meddans Troon Welbeck Turnberry Turnberry Staff Wallacetown West Kilbride Western Gailes Whiing Bay


WEbSITE www.machriebay.com



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With almost all local and naional events being abandoned in 2020, there were sill a couple of notable performances by Ayrshire golfers in two of the presigious championships that were completed. The R & A managed to hold The Amateur Championship in late August at Royal Birkdale and two Ayrshire players qualified for the matchplay stages.

Ruben Lindsay (Ayr Belleisle) took pride of place, leading the qualifiers for the matchplay stages with a four under par round of 67, ater the strokeplay qualifying was reduced from 36 to 18 holes. Stuart Easton (Irvine) also qualified for the matchplay stages but unfortunately both Ayrshire players bowed out in the second matchplay round.

Hazel McGarvie (Royal Troon) qualified for the matchplay stages of the Womans’Amateur Championship at West Lancashire Golf Club, but lost out in the opening round of matches. Ruben Lindsay


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 16

Ayrshire Golf Associaion fixture List 2021 ** Doc Thom Ayrshire Order Of Merit Couning Event ** Woman’s & girls’ events **Ayrshire Junior Order Of Merit Event DATE fEbRUARY 19th MARCH TBC TBC APRIL 7th - 9th 7th - 9th 16th – 18th MAY 9th 16th 22nd 28th – 30th 29th 30th 30th JUNE 4th - 6th 5th 6th 7th – 12th 12th 12th 13th 16th – 18th 22nd – 25th 27th 27th 29th – 30th JULY 1st 2nd 4th 5th – 8th TBC 6th – 8th 11th 12th 13th 14th – 18th 16th – 18th 20th 27th 27th – 31st



Annual Dinner and Presentaion (Postponed)

Prestwick St Cuthbert

Ayrshire Vs South of Scotland (Postponed) Ayrshire A Vs Loudoun GC (Postponed)

Loudoun Loudoun

*** Scoish Boys Open Strokeplay **Scoish Girls Open Strokeplay ** Helen Holm Scoish Open Strokeplay

Lundin Links Longniddry Royal Troon

* West of Scotland Strokeplay * Hillhouse Cup * Stevenson Trophy * Scoish Men’s Open Strokeplay * St Cuthbert Open Ayrshire U18 Vs Glasgow U18 * West Kilbride Men’s Open

Gleddoch Royal Troon Girvan Southerness Prestwick St Cuthbert Ardeer West Kilbride

** Scoish Women's Championship * Ayr Seafield Open * Belleisle Cup **Woman’s Amateur Championship *** Golf South Ayrshire Junior Open Strokeplay * The McGilchrist Cup Ayrshire Junior Team Championship Scoish Seniors Championship **Scoish Senior Woman’s’ Open Strokeplay Ayrshire U18 Vs Renfrewshire U18 * Ayrshire Strokeplay Championship *** West of Scotland Boys Matchplay

Gullane No.1 Ayr Seafield Ayr Belleisle Kilmarnock (Barassie) Ayr Belleisle Ardeer Troon Darley Duff House Aberdour Fereneze Loudoun Rowallan Castle

*** Largs Junior Open *** Troon Welbeck Junior Open Ayrshire Club Championship * Ayrshire Matchplay Championship Ayrshire U18 Vs Sirlingshire U18 Scoish Boys Under 16 Strokeplay * The Gowf Cup *** Loudoun Junior Open Ayrshire Seniors Championship *** Scoish Boys Championship **Scoish Girls Championship *** Harris Junior Open *** Tom Lehman Junior Open ** Scoish Amateur Championship

Largs Troon Welbeck Troon Lochgreen Prestwick St Cuthbert Away -TBC Dumfries & County Loudoun Loudoun Rowallan Castle Bruntsfield Links Strathaven West Kilbride Troon Municipal Murcar/Portlethen


AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 17

Ayrshire Golf Associaion fixture List 2021 ** Doc Thom Ayrshire Order Of Merit Couning Event ** Woman’s & girls’ events **Ayrshire Junior Order Of Merit Event DATE AUGUST 2nd 5th 6th 6th 7th 8th - 9th 8th - 9th 8th 9th - 12th 9th 10th – 14th 10th - 15th 12th 13th 15th 21st 22nd 22nd 27th – 29th

SEPTEMbER 3rd - 5th 5th 5th 5th 11th 12th 12th 18th 19th 19th 19th 20th 26th 26th 26th 26th OCTObER 3rd 3rd 10th 10th 17th 17th NOVEMbER 1st



*** Turnberry Junior Open *** Ayrshire Boys Championship Ayrshire Champion of Champions Semi Finals *** Prestwick Junior Open * Troon St Meddans Open Scoish Boys Under 14 Strokeplay **Scoish Girls Under 16 & 14 Strokeplay * Viking Krus *** Ayrshire Boys Matchplay *** Ballochmyle Junior Open **Girls Amateur Championship *** Boys Amateur Championship *** Ayr Belleisle Junior Open Ayrshire Champion of Champions Final * Mainholm Cup * Ballochmyle Rosebowl *** Byrne Howard Trophy Ayrshire U 18 Vs Lanarkshire U18 ** Scoish Woman’s County Finals

Turnberry - The Bruce Ballochmyle Royal Troon Prestwick St Cuthbert Troon Municipal Kirkcaldy Sirling Largs Prestwick Ballochmyle Fulford Royal Cinque Ports/Princes Ayr Seafield Royal Troon Ayr Dalmilling Ballochmyle Royal Troon Caprington Forres

Scoish Men’s Area Team Championships Ayrshire Finals Day AJGL Under 16 Knockout Final AJGL Wallace Thornton Trophy Final * The Stone Trophy Scoish Boys Area Team Championship *** Prestwick St Nicholas Junior Open * Arrol Cup Ayrshire U18 vs Dumbartonshire U18 Ayrshire A Vs Glasgow A Ayrshire Youths Vs Glasgow Youths ***Irvine Junior Open Ayrshire A Vs Sirlingshire A Ayrshire Youths Vs Sirlingshire Youths AJGL Champion of Champions Final AJGL Junior League Championship Final

The Kings Club, Inverness Kilmarnock Barassie Irvine Irvine Largs Routenburn Dullatur (Antonine course) Prestwick St Nicholas Prestwick St Nicholas Clydebank & District Gailes Links (1200) Largs Irvine Irvine Ravenspark Away - TBC Irvine Irvine

Ayrshire A Vs Lanarkshire A Ayrshire Youths Vs Lanarkshire Youths Ayrshire A Vs Renfrewshire A Ayrshire Youths Vs Renfrwshire Youths Ayrshire A Vs Dumbartonshire A Ayrshire Youths Vs Dumbartonshire Youths

Hamilton Prestwick St Cuthbert Bonnyton Troon Darley Prestwick St Nicholas Douglas Park

Ayrshire Junior Golf League Dinner



AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 18



J. Robb (Prestwick St. Nicholas)

1923 1936 1959 1961 1985 1987

J. Wilson (Prestwick St Nicholas) J.M. Dykes (Prestwick) W. D. Smith (Prestwick) J. Walker (Irvine) C. Montgomerie (Royal Troon) C. Montgomerie (Royal Troon)

J.L.C. Jenkins (Troon) G. Sherry (Kilmarnock Barassie)

1987 1989 1991 1995 2011 2015 2019

P. Girvan (Prestwick St Nicholas) J.W. Milligan (Kilmarnock Barassie) J.W. Milligan (Kilmarnock Barassie) G. Sherry (Kilmarnock Barassie) M. Stewart (Troon Welbeck) J. McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie) E. Walker (Kilmarnock Barassie)


J.S. Marin (Kilbirnie Place)

1980 1986

J.M. Cannon (Irvine) A.N. Sturrock (Prestwick)


Kilmarnock (Barassie)

The Walker Cup Team

The briish boys Championship 1931 1947 1955

1914 1995

briish Youths Championship

H. Thomson (Irvine) J. Armour (Troon St. Meddans) S. C. Wilson (Troon St. Meddans)

The Seniors Amateur Championship The European Mens Club Championship

The Disabled briish Open Championship 2012

A Berry (Irvine Ravenspark)

1922 1931 1937 1939 1947 1950 1951 1957

J. Wilson (Prestwick St. Nicholas) J. Wilson (Prestwick St. Nicholas) H. McInally (Ardeer) H. McInally (Ardeer) H. McInally (Irvine) W. C. Gibson (Prestwick St. Cuthbert) J. M. Dykes (Prestwick) J. S. Montgomerie (Kilmarnock Barassie)

1958 1961 1969 1987 1988 1989 1994 2010

W. D. Smith (Prestwick) J. Walker (Irvine) J. Cannon (Irvine) C. S. Montgomerie (Royal Troon) J. W. Milligan (Kilmarnock Barassie) J.A. Thomson (Ayr Belleisle) H. McKibbin (Troon Welbeck) M. Stewart (Troon Welbeck)

1950 1961 1964 1985 1986

A. Miller (Marr College) K. Thomson (Ayr Academy) W.R. Lockie (Marr College) A. McQueen (Troon Welbeck) A. Tait (Irvine)

1992 2008 2011 2019

A.E. Reid (Kilmarnock Barassie) M. Stewart (Troon Welbeck) D. Wilson (Troon Welbeck) R. Lindsay (Ayr Bellisle)


1986, 2008, 2015



C.S. Montgomerie (Royal Troon)

Scoish Amateur Championship

Scoish boys Championship

Scoish boys Area Team Championship

Scoish Area Team Championship

Scoish Open Strokeplay Championship 1993

A.E. Reid (Kilmarnock Barassie)

Scoish Mid Amateur Championship

Scoish boys Strokeplay Championship 1998 2005 2009

1998, 2007


G. Holland (Ballochmyle) S. McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie) J. McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie)


C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle)

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 19

Scoish Club Championship 1992 1993 1994 2009 2011

Scoish boys Under 16 Strokeplay Championship

Kilmarnock (Barassie) Troon Welbeck Kilmarnock (Barassie) Prestwick Ballochmyle


Scoish Seniors Championship 1978 1980 1981

Scoish Junior Order Of Merit 2008

D. Addison (Kilmarnock Barassie)

M. Stewart (Troon Welbeck)

Scoish Junior Champion of Champions

1982 1983 1985

2012 G Telfer (Prestwick St Cuthbert)

Scoish Mens Order Of Merit

J.M. Cannon (Irvine) J.M. Cannon (Irvine) I.R. Harris (Royal Troon) Dr. J. Hasings (Royal Troon) A.N. Sturrock (Royal Troon) J.M. Cannon (Irvine) W.D. Smith (Prestwick) A.N. Sturrock (Prestwick)

Mens Scoish Golfer of The Year

2008 - S. McEwan (Caprington) 2010 - M. Stewart (Troon Welbeck) 2013 - J. McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie)

2011 - M Stewart (Troon Welbeck) 2012 - J McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie)


2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010


A. Gourlay (Irvine) G. Bryden (Girvan) R. Duncan (Brodick) T. McInally (Loudoun) A. Gourlay (Irvine) D. McLure (Troon Welbeck) S. McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie) J. Shanks (Irvine) S. Wallace (Prestwick St. Cuthbert) J. Shanks (Irvine) T. McInally (Loudoun)

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020


J. Mackay (Kilmarnock Barassie) D. Wilson (Troon Welbeck) S. Robin (Prestwick St Nicholas) J. Shanks (Irvine) T. McInally (Loudoun) G. Telfer (Prestwick St Cuthbert) A. Connery (Irvine) J Johnston (Ayr Belleisle) M. Smyth (Royal Troon) No Compeiion

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 20

AYRSHIRE MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

A. Bagnall (Troon Welbeck) A. Gourlay (Irvine) A. Gourlay (Irvine) B. Crawford (West Kilbride) D. McLure (Ballochmyle) D. Addison (Kilmarnock Barassie) T. McInally (Loudoun) S. Murray (Troon Welbeck) C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle) S. Brown (Turnberry) E. Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie)

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Graham Fox (West Kilbride) Alex Gourlay (Irvine) Alex Gourlay (Irvine) Barry Crawford (West Kilbride) Barry Crawford (West Kilbride) Stephen McBlain (Prestwick St.Cuthbert) John Cairney (Irvine Ravenspark) Brian Moore (Largs) John Cairney (Irvine Ravenspark) Keith Hamilton (Ayr Belleisle) Tommy McInally (Loudoun)

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

B.H. McGunnigle (Lamlash) S. Pennington (Troon St. Meddans) A. Fraser (Annanhill) T. McInally (Loudoun) T. McInally (Loudoun) T. McInally (Loudoun) B. Moore (Largs) J. Cairney (Irvine Ravenspark) P. Moultrie (Troon Portland) T. McInally (Loudoun) T. McInally (Loudoun)

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Largs Routenburn Carrick Speakers North Beach Caprington Annanhill Troon Portland Ayr Belleisle Irvine Ravenspark West Kilbride Annanhill Maybole

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

M. Smyth (Royal Troon) D. Wilson (Troon Welbeck) M. Smyth (Royal Troon) C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle) M. Smyth (Royal Troon) J. Shanks (Irvine) C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle) M Smyth (Royal Troon) M Smyth (Royal Troon) No Compeiion


Michael Smyth (Royal Troon) D. Wilson (Troon Welbeck) Stuart Robin (Prestwick St Nicholas) John Shanks (Irvine) John Shanks (Irvine) Steven Stamper (Turnberry) Michael Smyth (Royal Troon) Jim Johnston (Ayr Belleisle) Michael Smyth (Royal Troon) No Winner


S. Brown (Turnberry) S. McEwan (Caprington) S. McEwan (Loudoun) G. Bryden (Girvan) P. Moultrie (Royal Troon) J. Sloan (Doon Valley) M. Smyth (Royal Troon) P. Denim (Loudoun) C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle) No Compeiion



Kilbirnie Place Brunston Castle Maybole Brunston Castle Brunston Castle Largs Troon Welbeck Brunston Castle NB Parkstone No Compeiion

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2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Irvine Ballochmyle Irivne Largs Prestwick St. Nicholas Irvine Irvine Ravenspark Irvine Prestwick Loudoun

2003 2004 2005 2006

Ballochmyle Ballochmyle Troon Welbeck Ballochmyle

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Ballochmyle Girvan Turnberry Prestwick Largs Prestwick St. Cuthbert Ballochmyle Troon Welbeck Irvine No Compeiion


Division 1 Troon Welbeck Loudoun Loudoun Irvine Irvine Prestwick St. Cuthbert Prestwick St. Cuthbert Prestwick St Cuthbert Loudoun No Compeiion

2007 2008 2009 2010

Division 2 Ballochmyle West Kilbride Ballochmyle Prestwick St Cuthbert Turnberry West Kilbride Irvine Ravenspark Troon Portland Ballochmyle No Compeiion

Division 3 Prestwick St. Cuthbert Largs Girvan Turnberry Troon St Meddans Largs Troon Portland Largs Royal Troon No Compeiion

Irvine Troon Welbeck Loudoun Kilmarnock (Barassie)

Division 4 Prestwick St. Nicholas Girvan Turnberry Troon St Meddans Rowallan Castle Troon Portland Largs Routenburn Royal Troon Prestwick St Nicholas No Compeiion

Division 5 Girvan Rowallan Castle Doon Valley Brunston Castle No Compeiion Moorpark No Compeiion No Compeiion No Compeiion No Compeiion


2000 2003 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Cameron Greer (West Kilbride) Frank Moore (Irvine) Ronnie Pots (Irvine Ravenspark) Ronnie Young (Irvine) George Millard (Irvine Ravenspark) Tom McKay (Annanhill) Billy Moore (Loudoun) Andy Gilchrist (Loudoun)

2017 2019

Ayr Dalmilling Kilbirnie Place

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Allan J Merry (West Kilbride) Iain McKenzie (Annanhill) Allan J Merry (West Kilbride) Alex MacNeil (Rowallan Castle) John Paterson (Louodun) Stephen Lucas (Ayr Belleisle) No Compeiion


Kilbirnie Place No Compeiion

GARY bRYDEN MEMORIAL SALVER - Scratch Club Team Knockout Compeiion

2016 2017 2018

Loudoun Prestwick St Cuthbert Royal Troon

2019 2020


Royal Troon No Compeiion

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 22

2016 2017 2018

PRESIDENT’S PUTTER - Handicap Club Team Knockout Compeiion Brunston Castle Ballochmyle Brunston Castle

2019 2020

Alton No Compeiion


2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Andrew Brown (West Kilbride) Craig Hamilton (Ballochmyle) Alasdair E. Leggate (Kilmarnock Barassie) Cameron Gray (West Kilbride) Iain Menzies (Largs) Jamie Mackay (Kilmarnock Barassie) John Shanks (Ardeer) Euan Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie) Scot Brown (Turnberry) Colin Robinson (Largs) Charlie Macneal (Troon Welbeck)

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Nicky Sinclair (Kilmarnock Barassie) Jamie Murchie (Lamlash) Euan Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie) Kyle Smith (Kilmarnock Barassie) Malcolm Pennycot (Whiing Bay) Scot Brown (Turnberry) David Wilson (Kilmarnock Barassie) David Wilson (Troon Welbeck) Callum Beveridge (Troon Welbeck)

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Robert McKnight (Kilmarnock Barassie) Steven McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie) Jamie Mackay (Kilmarnock Barassie) John Shanks (Ardeer) Euan Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie) Scot Brown (Turnberry) Jack McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie) Charlie Macneal (Troon Welbeck) David Wilson (Troon Welbeck)

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Callum Beveridge (Troon Welbeck) Euan Walker (Kilmarnock Barassie) Louis Murray (Troon Welbeck) Jack Thomas (Irvine) Craig McKenzie (Troon Welbeck) Jack Broun (Ayr Belleisle) Jack Broun (Ayr Belleisle) Sean Addie (Ayr Belleisle) Kerr Brooks (Irvine) No Compeiion

AYRSHIRE bOYS MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Greg Telfer (Prestwick St Cuthbert) Louis Murray (Troon Welbeck) Jack Thomas (Irvine) Robbie Muir (Kilmarnock Barassie) Euan Ferguson (Turnberry) Euan Ferguson (Turnberry) Euan Ferguson (Turnberry) Ross McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie) No Compeiion

AYRSHIRE JUNIOR ORDER Of MERIT TROPHY 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020


Greg Telfer (Prestwick St Cuthbert) Conor McKay (Loudoun) Jack Thomas (Irvine) Euan Ferguson (Turnberry) Jack Broun (Ayr Belleisle) Ewan Milligan (Kilmarnock Barassie) John McCracken (Kilmarnock Barassie) Ross McDonald (Kilmarnock Barassie) No Compeiion

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 23

AYRSHIRE_GOLF_BOOKLET_2021 24pg_AMS Golf Book 28/04/2021 15:54 Page 24