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19 MAY – 19:00


EdFringe Review “Inventive and impressive...

WELCOME TO INCOMING FESTIVAL, our first celebration of the best emerging theatre companies from across the UK and beyond. We’re lucky to have such exciting theatre companies creating work that is brave, beautiful or just bloody brilliant. Incoming Festival is about championing these companies and saying “watch out, we reckon these guys are the future, they’re onto something good”. Across the week, we are presenting 15 shows from 17 emerging companies, including two brand new pieces. We’ve got companies from Plymouth, Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol and London, offering everything from physical theatre to puppetry, devised work to devilish comedy, new writing to re-workings of fairytales. We really hope that this week will entice you to try something new, whatever your theatrical taste. Every ticket across the whole week costs just £5, and the entire programme of workshops is completely free, so there really is no excuse not to get involved. Read on for information on every company and show, and get booking – some shows are already selling out. See you at the New Diorama Theatre, 19-25 May. Enjoy the shows, and do come and find us in the bar afterwards...

funny and moving” A Younger Theatre

THE WARDROBE ENSEMBLE returns with its new play, 33, an outlandish, touching and funny modern legend of men on the brink of death, fame and madness. THE WARDROBE ENSEMBLE uses soulful stories, macho choreography and original music to present its version of the Chilean mining crisis. 33 tells the tale of the 33 men stuck half a mile below ground, the journalists in the desert above them and the world that watched them

from afar. A tale of friendship, hope and Elvis Presley, 33 takes you beyond the newsrooms, past the cameras and leaves you 2,000 feet under the ground. Developed at the National Theatre Studio, the Berkshire Fringe Festival and Bristol Old Vic.

THE COMPANY THE WARDROBE ENSEMBLE is an emerging theatre company made up of nine theatre practitioners based in Bristol and London. Originating from the Bristol Old Vic Young Company, the company formed during Bristol Old Vic’s one year training course, Made in Bristol. It has made three shows so far: RIOT, 33 and Eliza and the Wild Swans.

David, Eleanor and Jake Incoming Festival Directors

Incoming Festival is presented by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre, with the support of New Diorama Theatre, Arts Council England, the Kevin Spacey Foundation, Ideas Tap, White Light and OneKX. Tweet @ayoungertheatre #IncomingFestival @newdiorama



19 MAY – 20:30


20 MAY – 19:00


“Beautiful and heartfelt” Everything Theatre

“A clever script with a sterling performance... phenomenal talent” The Guardian “New Model Theatre is a young company that already impresses” Exuent

“Imagine someone told you a story, a story so real, so detailed, that it became your world, and your world, no matter how small, became a part of that story. The narrative of this story has power over your life.” Static brings together brilliant storytelling with verbatim news reports to tell a coming of age story that spans a decade. From watching the World Trade Centre fall live on television, to standing on top of Tory HQ during 2010’s summer of discontent, through talking to girls at drunken teenage parties and coming home with a bloody nose. Written partly in response to the student demonstrations of recent years, Static asks what it takes for a generation so used to interacting from behind a screen to open their doors and take to the streets.


THE COMPANY NEW MODEL THEATRE is based in Plymouth. It looks beyond form to create modern theatre for a modern audience. Its work responds to a changing world while keeping a very human element at its heart. Static is NEW MODEL’s second show. Since 2013, the company has been supported by the Barbican Theatre Plymouth as part of its Flourish artist development programme. The 2014 UK tour of Static was supported by Arts Council England.

After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, Ted goes on the trip of a lifetime... and so does his pet fish. Humorous, heart warming and hopeful, this new collaboration tells the story of Ted’s final journey. As the disease starts to cause his mobility to degenerate, Ted rushes towards experiencing a world that is outside his comfort zone.

CELL uses puppetry, physical theatre and an original score to explore a man’s loss of movement. This project has been supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

THE COMPANIES SMOKING APPLES and LITTLE CAULIFLOWER are both puppetry companies and have been making work individually for a number of years. They are part of Creative Youth’s Creative Talent programme and this is their first collaborative venture together. They have been assisted by Gemma Williams from Red Threaders Dramaturgy.


20 MAY – 20:30



21 MAY – 19:00

Fest Magazine

What’s On Stage “Totally inspired… MUST SEE!” The Stage

Words are no longer enough, the body must now speak. And what will it say? This is about the private and the perverse, an experiment, an investigation into the murkier parts of the human psyche, where the inexplicable becomes visible. Let us take a look at womanhood in all its deformity. Let us shred our skin and bare all. Let us be observed. Plunge headfirst into this visceral world. Farewell to the unity of time and place, let compulsion and dark desire prevail.


THE COMPANY REMOTE CONTROL is a physical theatre company from Italy, Norway, the USA and the UK, whose members met at Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. Its pieces are collectively devised without an appointed director. It is dedicated to making bold and innovative theatre that challenges and moves. Nominated for a Total Theatre Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013. Winner of Wildfire Critics’ Choice Award, Ignite Festival 2013. Shortlisted for most exciting emerging company, Fest Live 2013.

Combining a raw, energised and wordy playfulness, MANIC CHORD THEATRE presents a darkly comic and physical tale. Hidden within a laboratory, three scientists set out to create a machine that can extract thoughts. In the process, these scientists become the subjects of their own experiment, unearthing the unexpected and questioning their creation. Consumed by their machine, they become trapped within a world of endless chalk, frantic movement and snappy word play.

THE COMPANY MANIC CHORD THEATRE was formed in 2012 by Alex Monk, Dave Cartwright and Sam Berrill, with the intention of working in a collective, energised, playful manner. MANIC CHORD THEATRE prides itself on its physical and competitive style. Carving out a distinct method of collective creation, the company aims to entertain and raise questions through its work. MANIC CHORD THEATRE is the resident theatre company at Temple.Works. Leeds and is supported by stage@leeds.

“...hysterically funny... an unforgettable experience” Ed Fringe Review “A rollercoaster of devised mayhem that gets the laughs all the way” The Stage


21 MAY – 20:30

MOVE TO STAND in association with LITTLE MIGHTY

This is a story about sex, death, family and hope. The lives of three friends collide on the streets of a foreign city. A young couple struggle to balance careers and the pressure to start a family. New lodger Tom hunts for memories of his lost father and dreams of swimming the Thames.

While each of them searches for a new beginning, tragedy threatens to pull them apart. The trio must hold on to their unlikely friendship as they choose what to leave behind and decide what it means to come home. An international cast tells an award-winning story inspired by real events, featuring an original musical score and highly skilled physical performances.

THE COMPANY MOVE TO STAND is a Brighton-based company led by Martin Bonger, co-creator and star of The Plasticine Men’s Keepers, and a collaborator with NIE. Martin is joined by Richard Kiess, who recently starred in Stickman for Scamp Theatre, and Merce Ribot, who has been in BBC2’s The Trip and in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror (Channel 4). The show is directed by Ben Kidd, who recently directed The Shawl at the Young Vic after being awarded the Genesis Future Directors Award.

22 MAY – 19:00

AWKWARD CITY @awkward_city

Dissolve is a collection of fragmented memories from inside the mind of our fictional character, Olivia. It is about memory loss and the struggle to find coherence. Olivia’s memories are constructed live with the use of sound effects and props, and framed with real-time projected footage. We invite our audience to watch her world being constructed and deconstructed around her.

In our day-to-day lives, we repeatedly capture moments on film, to share and look back on as proof of who we are, who we were. Like a broken tape head, Olivia sees, but she does not record. If you could hold on to only one memory for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

THE COMPANY AWKWARD CITY is a London-based multi-media company run by Amy Lewis and Carla Lewis. Its work is driven by an interest in human behaviour, and it creates work using new and interactive technologies.


“...stunningly impressive... beautifully imaginative” A Younger Theatre 8


22 MAY – 20:30


“Devastating beauty” A Younger Theatre

A post-suicide support group meet to reflect upon their lives. Ignoring symptoms of their own deaths, three characters guide us through the strange and disquieting landscape they now inhabit. A plastic wasteland where domestic disputes last thousands of years, death doesn’t work and milk-drinking children make the rules. A place of bloodbaths, shopping lists, premature burials and polite tea drinking. Award-winning CLOUT THEATRE returns with its trademark absurdism and dark clowning in this physically bold, visually arresting and fiercely ironic piece, about human frailty and the essential futility of our lives. Developed with support from Battersea Arts Centre, ShowRoom, Owl Barn Residencies and Arts Council England.


THE COMPANY CLOUT THEATRE is a Lecoq-trained physical theatre ensemble with members from Russia, France, Turkey and Scotland. CLOUT strives to make physically bold theatre for an international audience. Using absurd humour, violence, mess and visual poetry, the work casts an irreverent eye on the human condition in all its sublime ridiculousness. CLOUT THEATRE was mominated for a Total Theatre Award in 2012 and 2013, and won Audience Award Physical Fest 2012 and Onestop Arts Audience Award 2013.

23 MAY – 19:00

BUCKET CLUB @WeAreBucketClub

Alan. 23. Recent graduate in Marine Biology (high 2:2). Son of North Norfolk. Bedroom dweller and seal tour guide extraordinaire. One August, Alan discovers a mysterious young woman lying amongst the seals and their lives become irreversibly entwined. But who is Lorraine? Where does she come from? And why does she take so long in the bath? Lorraine & Alan is a modern re-telling of the Orkney Selkie myth. It’s a show about co­ dependency and how those we love shape who we are. It’s about moving out of your parents’ house and the sleepiness of little England. It’s about female identity and delicious salty peanuts.

Lorraine & Alan is performed by two actors and two musicians with live sound design, song, a modified Wii remote and several hundred plastic bottles. The show was developed during an Emerging Artists residency at the Lyric Hammersmith and has been previewed at the Bristol Old Vic. It was recently awarded The Pleasance Theatre’s Charlie Hartill Fund for Theatre and will be performed in Edinburgh this summer. It is supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh, Farnham Maltings, Colchester Arts Centre and Arts Council England.

THE COMPANY BUCKET CLUB is an associate company of Farnham Maltings. It is a collective of writers, directors, producers, performers, designers and musicians, aiming to make work that is, above all, playful. BUCKET CLUB met at Bristol University and started working together in early 2013. Members have recently worked with Ben and Max Ringham, David Greig, Punchdrunk, Shunt, Fine Chisel, Bristol Old Vic, Theatre 503, the Arcola and Wildworks.


23 MAY – 20:30 & 22:30

KILL THE BEAST @kill_beast

24 MAY – 16:30


What’s On Stage “A scorchingly talented young company” Time Out

“Sweet, profound, superb” Broadway Baby

“A charming hour of theatre for audiences of any age” The Stage The year is 1974, the sleepy town is Hemlock-Under-Lye and when werewolf attacks threaten to ruin teatime, there’s only one person you can call… Having splattered much of the UK with its criticallyacclaimed debut, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, macabre comedy-knitter KILL THE BEAST returns with a brand new tale of supernatural slaughter. Combining


beautiful visuals, original music, quite an important pigeon and several different coats, He Had Hairy Hands will take you on a dark, tangled journey through an exceptionally upsetting mystery. Hemlock is always delighted to welcome visitors. Please excuse the mess.

THE COMPANY KILL THE BEAST are a comely comedy quintet comprised of David Cumming, Oliver Jones, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts and Clem Garritty. After holding ex-Time Lord Tom Baker hostage for several weeks in a boarded up Little Chef just off the A4, the company persuaded him to give up the rights to his only novel. Some say he signed the contract in HP sauce. Having wowed and disgusted audiences across the UK with subsequent debut show The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, KILL THE BEAST is now back with a brand new offering. The company specialises in physical comedy, gorgeous visuals, splendid hats and blackmail. They are currently awaiting your call.

Calling all superheroes, both little and large. Superhero Snail Boy shows that even the smallest of superheroes can grow to be bigger than their fears. In a place where hope grows in the form of enormous flowers and breakthroughs are found in the smashing of plates, parents are parented by the wisdom of the young and solace is sought from a giant snail. Be brave and join us on our journey through the dark – it isn’t as scary as you think. Suitable for everyone 9+.

Originally produced by VERTICAL LINE THEATRE and following a highly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, SCRIBBLED THOUGHT presents a new imagining of this show with support from Arts Council England. Winner of The Audience Award for Best Family Show 2013. #snailboy

THE COMPANIES SCRIBBLED THOUGHT is a creative production company founded in 2013 by Steph Connell and Ross Stanley, and is a Supported Artist of Greenwich Theatre. VERTICAL LINE THEATRE is an award-winning company formed in 2010 with the aim of nurturing and developing innovative new writing and writers through its flagship events: Creating Lines, LineOut and LineUp. It is also one of Greenwich Theatre’s supported companies.


24 MAY – 19:30

TIN SHED @TinShedTheatre

24 & 25 MAY – 20:30


Broadway Baby

The Latest

Mary Shelley will roll in her grave... Through the depraved eyes of one cynical raconteur and his faithful gaggle of gormless goons, Mary Shelley’s classic gothic horror story, Frankenstein, is retold in stunning detail as a play within a play, immersed in the twisted

and debauched world of a Victorian freak show. TIN SHED THEATRE uses puppetry, mixed media and a high-energy performance style to bring you the critically-acclaimed, darkly comical and sickly twisted Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show.

THE COMPANY Based in Newport, Gwent, TIN SHED THEATRE is Justin Cliffe, Antonio Rimola, Georgina Harris and Peter Farago, three performance artists and a multi-platform artist who want to introduce themselves to strangers, be bold and brave, amaze with a tale and transport audiences to a place that, although detached from the literal, can enlighten our perceptions of the real world all the same. Nominated for Theatre Critics of Wales Best Ensemble 2014 and Best Literature Event of Brighton Fringe.

Some of the greatest questions about life answered for just the price of your ticket! Plus the chance to win a pack of Justin Bieber stickers. THE NEW WOLSEY YOUNG ASSOCIATES tackle some of the fundamental questions that have puzzled generations: Why is the fluff in your belly button always

blue? Why do donuts have holes? War, what is it good for?* The show creates a 10-step guide to adult life, from the perspective of four young people who have yet to experience their own adult lives. *Absolutely nothing, say it again y’all.

THE COMPANY NEW WOLSEY YOUNG ASSOCIATES is made up of young people aged 18-22 who are actively pursuing a career in the arts, and want to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in a professional theatre environment. This is its second show; its first was the triple-award-nominated Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit Party Piece.

“What is also refreshing to see from a young company is genuine, energised, fresh curiosity, about both theatre-making and the world” Exeunt 14


25 MAY – 16:00

FINE FRENZY @fFrenzyTheatre


25 MAY – 19:00

“Performed with elegance and flair - a must–see” Three Weeks “Gripping, moving and well-made” A Younger Theatre

Vessel is a heartfelt new play about five siblings building a boat. Ten years ago, their brother John walked out into the rough Irish Sea and disappeared. Today, they reunite on a rainy beach to build a vessel in his memory and confront their past in the way they did as children – by telling stories, acting them out and disagreeing violently at every turn. But their reunion is haunted by an

approaching storm and the unforgiving Ireland of their childhood. Shot-through with moments of powerful physical theatre using only raincoats, rope and torchlight, Vessel looks at the dangers of making myths out of memories and the fact that we can never escape family.

THE COMPANY FINE FRENZY was founded in 2012 by three friends looking for a reason to never sit still and stop messing about. Operating under the slogan ‘Big Kids telling Big Stories’, the theatre it makes could come from any genre or period but it will always aim to engage the heart before the head.

No-one’s been into the White before. Except Crab. Battling against icy blizzards and mythical beasts, Crab leaves the safety of her village to journey across a vast and desolate frozen landscape. She’s searching for something else. Where the White stops. Using polyphonic song and playful physical storytelling, ANTLER tells the great adventure of Crab and her tragic obsession with the unknown. Following a criticallyacclaimed run in Edinburgh and a sell-out run at The Bush RADAR Festival, ANTLER THEATRE – winners of the Ideastap-Underbelly Award 2013 and nominees for The Stage Best Ensemble Award – brings Where The White Stops to the INCOMING Festival.


THE COMPANY ANTLER was born from a shared urge to create. Working together for three years under the mentorship of Uri Roodner and East 15’s Contemporary Course, the company made its debut at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe, with This Way Up and Maria, 1968 both receiving critical acclaim. 2013 saw ANTLER’s debut short film, Emmeline, win Best Fiction at the BFI Future Film Festival and it was selected for the Academy qualifying New York International Children’s Film Festival.

“A young company to watch” The Scotsman “One of those shows that make your heart sing” The Stage




Monday 19 May

Introduction to Puppetry





10:00 – 12:00 Monday 19 May Led by Smoking Apples and Little Cauliflower

Tuesday 20 May 19:00




This workshop offers participants the chance to come and learn basic puppetry skills in a two-hour crash course. The participants will learn how to bring objects to life and will also get to work with table-top puppets, including the puppets from CELL. There will be a specific focus on building character non-verbally and the puppeteer as a performer.

Wednesday 21 May

Theatre Reviewing


After What Comes Before by MANIC CHORD THEATRE


The Collision of Things by MOVE TO STAND

13:00 – 14:00 Monday 19 May Led by Matt Trueman

Thursday 22 May 19:00

Dissolve by AWKWARD CITY


The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity by CLOUT THEATRE

Marketing and Press for Theatre Companies

Friday 23 May 19:00

Theatre critic Matt Trueman leads a theatre reviewing workshop on the best methods for writing and responding to theatre. Matt’s extensive career will give participants the knowledge and beginner skills for understanding and writing about theatre. Participants will receive a workshop followed by an opportunity to review one of the Incoming Festival shows with feedback from Matt.

Lorraine & Alan by THE BUCKET CLUB

20:30 & 22:30 He Had Hairy Hands by KILL THE BEAST Saturday 24 May

13:00 – 14:00 Tuesday 20 May Led by Jake Orr and Eleanor Turney of A Younger Theatre How do you effectively market your theatre show and theatre company? How do you get press coverage for your work? Join Jake Orr and Eleanor Turney for a workshop on marketing and press for emerging theatre companies.




Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show by TIN SHED THEATRE

Lecoq Training for Performers


Frequently Asked Questions by NEW WOLSEY YOUNG ASSOCIATES

10:00 – 12:00 Wednesday 21 May Led by Clout Theatre

Sunday 25 May 16:30



Where The White Stops by ANTLER THEATRE


Frequently Asked Questions by NEW WOLSEY YOUNG ASSOCIATES

Looking at the dynamics of movement with influence from the training of Jacques Lecoq, Clout Theatre offers a practical workshop exploring movement and character creation. Using elements, materials, colours and movement, participants will explore character development and choral work. Acting: One Thing At A Time 10:00 – 12:00 Thursday 22 May Led by Fine Frenzy Theatre

BOOKING TICKETS Tickets for all shows are £5 and can be booked via New Diorama Theatre’s website at or via the box office (between 10:00 – 18:00) on 020 7383 9034.

A practical refresher for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by the number of things they need to keep in their mind whilst performing. Working on duologues, participants will explore how you can build on the foundations of a performance, looking at intentions, place and relationships. Gus Miller, Artistic Director of Fine Frenzy Theatre, will lead this workshop. International Touring and Collaboration

Workshops are free and can be booked via the IdeasTap website at

13:00 – 14:00 Friday 23 May Panel Discussion How do you collaborate and tour internationally? What is the process for theatre companies and artists to take their work abroad? Featuring a panel of industry experts including the British Council and Idle Motion, you’ll have a chance to pose your questions and learn how theatre can be made and toured internationally.



HOW TO FIND US Performances take place at New Diorama Theatre See for directions or see the map below:

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Incoming Festival Brochure  

The brochure for Incoming Festival by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre