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Ayotunde Oreoluwa Ogunmoyero

4102 Walnut St. Apt 1R. Philadelphia, PA, 19104 | 412-463-7908 |,


M.ARCH | 2016 - PRESENT | UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA · School of Design: Architecture

Graduation Date: 2019

B.A | 2012-2016 | UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH · Major: Architectural Studies · Minor: Computer Science · Minor: Studio Arts

Work Experience

INTERN | URBANALIA CONSULTANTS & ARCHITECTURE FIRM, LAGOS, NIGERIA | MAY 2014 – AUGUST 2014 · Worked with fellow architects to learn and participate in the design process. · Created digital models for already designed plans using Revit for 3D visualization. · Collaborated with other architects to make designs of an office building in Abuja, Nigeria. · Spent a week on a construction site to understand and participate in the process of building architecture designs. · Designed (plans, sections and 3D model) office building in Lagos, Nigeria TEACHING ASSISTANT | UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH | JANUARY 2015 – APRIL 2015 · Selected by faculty to serve in a leadership capacity for the class HAA 0940. · Served as a mentor to younger majors. · Helped train younger majors in site analysis. · Supervised the process by which students completed collaborative installations, site analysis and projects. · Facilitated fieldtrip to assist the students make real life connections with what is taught in the classroom. COMPUTER LAB CONSULTANT | UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH | MAY 2015 – MAY 2016 · Handled computer equipment throughout all shifts starting with cleaning them when opening. · Troubleshot faulty computers and printers. · Assisted customers with any complications or questions they may have. · Being sure to complete head-counts every half hour to keep track of usage (mobile computer counters, team rooms, phone chargers). · Performed printer checks to make sure printers are functioning as they should be.

Honors and Awards · · · · · ·

First Place, University of Pennsylvania/Manitoga pavilion competition. 2016. Artist of Residence at Manitoga - The Russel Wright Design Center. 2017. Third Place, Schenk – Woodman architecture competition at University of Pennsylvania. 2017. Dean’s list (University of Pittsburgh). Fall 2012, spring 2013, Fall 2015. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 2013. Lambda Sigma Honor Society. 2013.

Skills & Abilities

ART/ARCHITECTURE · Painting · Sculpting · Drawing and Construction · Photography · Design

TECHNOLOGY · Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop · Rhinoceros 5 · Autodesk Maya and AutoCAD · Java programming and coding · BIM/Revit software · Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint


COMMUNICATION · Possess and exhibit strong communication skill with public speaking, giving presentations, working well with as well as leading teams and working in customer based professions.

Extra-Curricular Activities · · · · · · ·

Member and Social Chair of Residents Student Association (RSA), Lothrop Hall, University of Pittsburgh. 2012 – 2013. Member of the African Students Organization (ASO), University of Pittsburgh. 2012 – Present. Member and Social Chair of Lambda Sigma Honor Society. 2013 – 2014 Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. 2013 – Present. Member of the Pitt Program Council, University of Pittsburgh. 2013 – Present. Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 2013 – Present. Member of the Black Action Society (BAS), University of Pittsburgh. 2013 – Present.

Volunteer/Community Service

· Volunteer work at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Pittsburgh where myself and my friends engaged the kids in fun sporting games like dodgeball and basketball every year. · Participated in Pitt Make A Difference Day (PMADD) on many occasions where University of Pittsburgh students went to neighboring communities and helped them out by cleaning, painting and other works they need help with. · Used my platform during an ASO pageant I participated in to represent and bring awareness to the Little Saint’s orphanage, Lagos, Nigeria.

Table of Contents 1.drop Pavilion competition for the MoMA PS1 courtyard. 2. F.U.B.U [For Us By Us] Multicomplex (Market, Train Stop, Garden etc.) at 41st Street, West Philadelphia. 3. Devour[ing] the Dark Pavilion designed for the Russell Wrigth residence at Manitoga, New York. 4. Russell Wright Carafe & Container Recreating a Russell Wright piece and housing it a coffin (container) inspired by a body part. 5. All Eyes on Me Art gallery located at Manitoga, New York.




FUBU is a market and community space for the people and by the people located in West Philadelphia. This space creates a new train stop for the community while also bringing life, beauty, economic opportunity, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables. FUBU does not

-----------for us, by us------------ simply provide these new amenities to the neighborhood, it empowers, creating opportunities Hours of Operation FUBU Cafe: 7am-10pm, Daily FUBU Produce Store: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Food Trucks: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm Farmer’s Market: Sat-Sun 7:30am-4pm

for residents to become community leaders and take on an active role in the development of this burgeoning urban hub. Hence the name, For Us, By Us.

The population of the Parkside Community has an average yearly income ranging from $14k - $40k. About 35% live below the poverty level and have an unemployment rate of 14%.

FUBU food trucks, shops, and markets provide employment and a new source of income to community members.

The Parkside Community is a food desert, containing only four small “grocery” stores with little to no fresh fruits and vegetables.

The FUBU roof garden is cultivated and maintained by the community, providing fresh fruits and vegetables for weekly farmer’s markets.

There is currently a lack of community space that allow all age groups, races and religions to gather.

A community space is provided for all ages, races, and religions, to gather, play, talk, and celebrate. They are also able to build and transform the open spaces to accommodate any event.

Este lado es la pared

White Sauce, Hot Sauce?


Group Members: Ayotunde Ogunmoyero, Katherine Lanski and Yitian Zheng


Tucked away in the woodlands of Manitoga, Devour[ing] the Dark is a mausoleum that presents a scene in which mischievous creatures appear to be in the midst of a gluttonous, cannibalistic act. The grotesque nature of their interactions both repulses and entices those who cross its path. Upon approaching the feast, an opening exposes the stomach of the mausoleum. Those who choose to enter will find themselves swallowed by a moist, squishy cavern for two.

WInning Competition Entry (First Place)













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1 1/2” = 1’0”

Group Members: Ayotunde Ogunmoyero, Katherine Lanski, Justine Huang, Lingxiao Teng, and Xieyang Zhou

SECTION 2” = 1’0”


2” = 1’0”

Russell Wright Carafe and Container







Exploded Axon


Do we take our privacy for granted? What is the line between private and public? If you are the open desert but you cannot see anyone else there, is it private? Is th the porta potty at Coachella public? Taking my precedent from the bathroom at th the Russell Wright house at Manitoga, the goal of my project is to create a space an and atmosphere of exposure and vulnerability by blurring the lines between priva vate and public, exposed and hidden. I have created macro to micro moments of ex exposure and vulnerability by using concentric circular shapes that increase th these moments as you move from outer to inner rings and on towards the cente ters. The concentric diagram needed to be modified to accommodate 3 separate pr programs so I chose the formal action of tension and compression to connect the 3 programs together. To do that, I ‘squished’ and ‘stuffed’ the programs in a m mouth shaped landscape therefore setting up tension as unifying the architectural language of my project. So the concentric rings which specifically are, the la landscape, manmade or otherwise, the circulation shaped as a mouth and the ga galleries shaped as balloons stuffed in said mouth, all prepare you for and lead yo you to the inner most spaces that act as the focal points of the design. Using su supposedly less important programs like the bathroom, office and café which end u being the innermost concentric rings, I have designed moments that blur the up lin n and keep the users always aware, never to be taken for granted. lines


Thank you for your consideration. (412) 463-7908

Ayotunde Ogunmoyero Portfolio 2016/2017  

University of Pennsylvania Architecture Portfolio