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2011 United Way Baskets

Buy Your Tickets Today! Please give your completed basket ticket to any United Way team member. Remember to put the basket number on your ticket. For more information, contact Amber Yopp at ext: 6412

Basket #1 Real Estate Department

Gift Card Basket #1 $10 Uptown Joes gift card, $25 Carrabbas gift card, 2 Regal Movie tickets, $25 Target gift card, $25 Lowes gift card, $25 Olive Garden gift card

Basket #2 Libraries

Nook Basket Brand New Nook, Nook protective Cover, $50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card, Library Card Application

Basket #3 Parks and Recreation

Campfire Basket 48 Quart Coleman Cooler, Beef Jerky, Frisbee, Coffee, Throw, Taffy, AC Delco Industrial Flashlight, Batteries, Small Flashlight, Fire Logs, Playing Cards, 5 Bandanas, 3 boxes of tea, Book Bag, Tote Bag, Chair, Umbrella, Citronella Votives, Candles, 10 T-Shirts, Butterfly Net, Toaster Forks, Skewers, Hand Sanitizer, Wet Wipes, First Aid Kit, Coleman Picnic Table Cloth, Compass, Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Coleman Salt & Pepper Shakers, Coleman Waterproof Matches, Coleman Waterproof Match Holder, Pedometer, 2 Large Refillable Butane Lighters, Packs of Tissues, Poncho, Sunflower Seeds, Assorted Snack Mixes, Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars

Basket #4 City Treasurer’s Office

Autumn Harvest Basket 16 oz. Yankee Jar Candle, 2 Yankee Votive Candles, 1 Glass Votive holder, Autumn kitchen hand towel. 16 oz. apple butter, 1 bag of candy corn, sweet potato pancake mix, 13� metal pumpkin candle holder, 2 resin LED pumpkins, 1 wooden LED candy corn, 3 ears Indian corn, 4 apples.

Basket #5 City Manager’s Office

Thanksgiving Basket $50.00 Kroger Gift Card, 1 off-white 60 X 84 oblong tablecloth by Ralph Lauren, 1 floral-printed 60 X 84 oblong tablecloth by Ralph Lauren, 1 Thanksgiving- patterned 60 X 84 oblong tablecloth, Red kitchen mitts, Brown Kitchen Mitts, Orange Kitchen Mitts, 5 Sets of Dish Towels, Sweet Pumpkin Pie Candle, Turkey ceramic candle shade, Ceramic pie dish, a Recipe Box, 2 Scented candles & a Turkey stuffed animal.

Basket #6 Finance

Family Game Basket Clue Game

Life Game, Trouble Game, Jenga Max Game, Mancala Game, In a Pickle Word Game (2), Wood Block Game - Jenga, Brain Teaser - On the Dot, Dominoes, Pictionary (2), Trouble Pop-O-Matic, Phase 10 Rummy Game, Scrabble Card Game, Uno Card Game, Life Adventure Card Game, Skip Bo Junior Card Game, Uno Mod Card Game, Barbie Card Game

Basket #7 E911 Center

Pet Care Basket Blue Retractable Cord dog leash (Medium), Nail Clipper, Soft Slicker brush, Oster Oatmeal Naturals, 4 in 1 dog shampoo, Dispenser & Pick up baggies, Frisbee with paw print, Box of Milkbones, Bag of Chicken flavored rawhides, Snausages Beef & Cheddar snacks, Kong Wubba Toy, Squirrel squeaker / ball toy, Purple Loofa dog toy, $20 PetSmart gift card

Basket #8 Department of Social Services

“A Cold Winter’s Night” Basket Handmade blanket, Handmade scarf, coupon for free baked good of choice, $15.00 gift certificate to MVJ nails, DVD-"Ever After", Yahtzee board game, UNO card game and Dominoes Cozy socks and Foot lotion set, Bath & Body Works body lotion and Shower gel set, Body Relaxing bath salts, mugs with apple cider and hot chocolate, bag of Chex Mix, popcorn, box of tissues, candles.

Basket #9 Clerk of Circuit Court

Gift Card Basket $5 Subway gift card, $5 McDonald’s gift card, $5 Frogurt gift card, $10 Taco Bell gift card, $10 Cheddar’s gift card, $20 Sheetz gift card, $15 Macado’s gift certificate and a $25 Best Buy gift card

Basket #10 Planning Building & Development and Code Endorsement & Lead Safe

Pampered Pet Basket Pet Grooming Kit, Microfiber Pet Towel, Squeaky Dog toy, Woofer’s Natural Dog Cookies, Doggy doo bags & dispensers, Cat danger destroyer, Chicken dog treats, Beef cat treats, Metal Pet dishes, Super dog plush pet toy, Hartz cat toys, Booda cat litter scooper, Grand cat scratcher.

Basket #11 Economic Development

All Around the Village Basket $40 gift card to Isaac’s Restaurant, $10 gift card to Viva La Cupcake, 2 Matinee passes to Grandin Theatre, 2 Evening passes to Grandin Theatre.

Basket #12 Management & Budget

Date Night Basket 2 movie tickets to Valley View Grand, $25.00 gas card, $25.00 gift card to Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse, 2 bags of microwave popcorn and a flower arrangement.

Basket #13 City Clerk’s Office

Office Supply Basket Scissors, White Out, Pack of Sharpie's, Gel pens, Binder Clips, Hand sanitizer, Wet Wipes, Scotch tape, Envelopes, Miniature stapler set, Calculator, Mints, Highlighters, Push pins, Rulers, Paper clips, Post-it Notes

Basket #14 Fire EMS

Family Fun Night Build a Bear Firefighter, $20 Firehouse Subs gift card, $25 Regal Cinemas gift car, $15 Coldstone Creamery gift card, Coloring books & crayons, Candy, bubblegum, popcorn, pop rocks, Historic Fire Station 1 Christmas Ornament, Phineas & Ferb PEZ dispensers, Pens, Rulers, Silly Badz, Race Car, 9 volt batteries for your smoke detectors!

Basket #15 Human Resources

Date Night at Grandin Village $25 Visa gift card, $15 Cups Coffee and Tea shop gift card, $25 Isaac’s gift card, $30 Local Roots gift certificate, $10 Pops ice cream shop, 1/2 Doz. free cupcakes from Viva La Cupcakes, 2 Grandin Theater movie tickets, Cups t-shirt and bumper sticker, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op shopping bag.

Basket #16 D.O.T.

Coffee Addict Basket $50 Starbuck’s gift card, coffee grinder, Puerto Rican Mug & coffee set, Biscotti, Coffee scoop, Starbuck’s instant coffee, Large mug, various ground coffee, shortbread cookies, raw sugar, travel mug, coffee creamers, various spices and whole bean coffee.

Basket #17 City Attorney’s Office

Fish Tales Basket Tacklebox

with hooks, floats, spinners, worms & jigs, Fish net, Tackle box with 6” steel fillet knife, multi purpose sharpener, 6” precision pliers, 28 lbs. scale, tape measurer, line clipper, protective license holder, ergonomic fish scaler, small adjustable tacklebox, gummy worms, fish container, and large box of goldfish snack crackers.

Basket #18 Outreach Detention & Youth Haven

Car Wash Basket 1 blue bucket, 1 squeegee, 1 brush, 1 soft grip wash sponge, Armorall original protection spray, Meguiars Car Cleaner Wax, Meguiars Quick detailer, Meguiars shine foam, Cleaning towels, Drying towels, Tuff Stuff spray, Deep Crystal liquid car wash.

Basket #19 Solid Waste Management

Football Basket 1 blanket, 2 boxes of popcorn, 14� inch portable grill, set of BBQ utensils, Kroger gift card, wine bottle opener, plastic wine glasses, 2 pair of foot warmers, Hot Chocolate, Mugs, Styrofoam plates, 1 bag of pretzels, 1 bag of corn chips, 1 jar of salsa, 1 pair of fingerless gloves, 1 football.

2011 United Way Baskets  
2011 United Way Baskets  

2011 United Way Baskets