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Repeat A

Top 50 Children’s P with Repe v

Title: Aaaarrgghh! Spider! Author: Lydia Monks

Title: What! Cried Gra Author: Kate Lum Illustrator: Adrian Joh

Title: Abiyoyo Author: Pete Seeger Illustrator: Michael Hays

Title: What’s the Magic Author: Kelly DiPucchio Illustrator: Marsha Win

Title: Are You a Horse? Author: Andy Rash

Title: Who Stole the Co from the Cookie Jar? Author: Margaret Wang Illustrator: Christine Sc

Title: The Baby BeeBee Bird Author: Diane Massie Illustrator: Steven Kellogg

Title: Baby Shoes Author: Dashka Slater Illustrator: Hiroe Nakata

Title: Whoever You Are Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Leslie Staub

Title: The Wide-Mouth Author: Keith Faulkne Illustrator: Jonathan L

Title: Some Dog! Author: Mary Casanova Illustrator: Ard Hoyt

Title: Bear Snores On Author: Karma Wilson Illustrator: Jane Chapm

Title: The Terrible Plop Author: Ursula Dubosarsky Illustrator: Andrew Joyner

Title: Bedtime at the S Author: Kristyn Crow Illustrator: Macky Pam

Title: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick Author: Lucille Colandro Illustrator: Jared Lee

Title: Brown Bear, Brow Author: Bill Martin Jr. Illustrator: Eric Carle

Title: Tiger Can’t Sleep Author: S.J. Fore Illustrator: R.W. Alley Title: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury

Title: Chicks Run Wild Author: Sudipta Bardh Quallen Illustrator: Ward Jenki

Title: The Cow Loves Author: Karma Wilson Illustrator: Marcellus

Title: Down by the Bay Author: Raffi Illustrator: Nadine Bernard Westcott

Title: Previously Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Bruce Ingm

Title: The Flea’s Sneeze Author: Lynn Downey Illustrator: Karla Firehammer

Title: Roar of a Snore Author: Marsha Diane Illustrator: Pierre Pratt

Title: A Frog in the Bog Author: Karma Wilson Illustrator: Joan Rankin

Title: Shhhhh! Everybo Sleeping Author: Julie Markers Illustrator: David Park

Title: Froggy Gets Dressed Author: Jonathan London Illustrator: Frank Remkiewicz

Title: Silly Sally Author: Audrey Wood

Title: From Head to Toe Author: Eric Carle

Title: Snow Dude Author: Daniel Kirk

Title: Not a Box Author: Antoinette Portis Title: Oh, Daddy! Author: Bob Shea

Title: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Author: Eric Litwin Illustrator: James Dean

Title: Good Thing You Not an Octopus Author: Julie Markes Illustrator: Maggie Sm

Title: Goodnight Moo Author: Margaret Wise Illustrator: Clement H

Title: Green Eggs and Author: Dr. Seuss

Title: Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud Author: Lynn Plourde Illustrator: John Schoenherr

Title: Hilda Must Be D Author: Karma Wilson Illustrator: Suzanne W

Title: The Pout-Pout Fish Author: Deborah Diesen Illustrator: Dan Hanna

Title: I Ain’t Gonna Pa No More! Author: Karen Beaum Illustrator: David Catr

Title: I Want a Hug Author: John Rowe

Title: The Magic Hat Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Tricia Tusa

Title: I Went Walking Author: Sue Williams Illustrator: Julie Vivas

Title: Move Over, Rov Author: Karen Beaum Illustrator: Jane Dyer

Title: The Icky Sticky Frog Author: Dawn Bentley Illustrator: Salina Yoon

Title: My Little Sister A One Hare Author: Bill Grossman Illustrator: Kevin Haw

Title: Jump, Frog, Jump Author: Robert Kalan Illustrator: Byron Barton

Title: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Author: Linda Williams Illustrator: Megan Lloyd

Title: The Napping Ho Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Tricia Tusa

Title: No Sleep for the Author: Karen Beaum Illustrator: Jackie Urba

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