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QUARTER REPORT APRIL-JUNE 2013 “Raising our STANDARDS for sustainable growth”

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“A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”

Introduction One of our focus area for the year 2013 is brand development. Brand development for us an organization is both Internal {in terms of our member’s outlook, retention capacity and behavior} and External {in terms of how people in our community perceive AIESEC}. But how do we change a bad looking brand both externally and internally? Answering this question was our major challenge for quarter two. There is a saying that “A journey of a thousand miles, start with a single step”. This single step is what translates into our vision for the year which is “Raising our STANDARDS for sustainable growth”. So the major stride towards facing the challenge of bad brand was through a re-defined recruitment process, making investments both in our knowledge and infrastructure, eradicating potential detractors and sending out the right message to people. So sit back as we take you through reports from various functional areas. Enjoy and feel free to feedback to our various reports.

Yours AIESECly, AYOOLA Josephus Ajibola President, AIESEC IFE. 2013-2014.


Talent Management The major activities by the talent management functional area are; April: 

Membership review: We started the year with about 30 members on paper, but most were not active. So reviewing the status of each member was of major priority to the LC before we start recruiting new members. After the review process, we had about 15 members in all.

Recruitment process: Massive recruitment officially started in the month of April and ended May, but pocket recruitment was still on till June. We recruited 60 new members out of a pool of over 130 candidates.

May: 

TM synergized with projects: According to the LC structure, every member has to have a team experience working on a project. So the Talent Management functional area synergized with the projects development team to train members on project management.

June: 

Local Training Seminar was held for both new members.

Allocation of members to teams on was done So at the end of quarter two, we realized; TMP-150 and TLP- 41

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oGCDP & oGIP Raising of EPs for quarter two was a bit challenging due to exams, so we tried sales outside the campus community. We raised and realized two GCDP EPs in cote d'voire. Due to these challenges, marketing has been mainly limited to virtual platforms using the twitter: '@oautravelxp Facebook: OAUtravelxp and a Blog: Flyers were also made aid marketing. The blog is updated with stories of people who has gone on exchange which will also support marketing.

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IGCDP, iGIP & Projects. The following is a report on how the project department ran in the second quarter of the year, between the months of: April and June, 2013.







In accordance with the year plan, the project department was re-structured with proper division of labor and staffing due to the availability of new membership. The role of five Team Heads was created with each team having team members aside from the whole project team. There is a well detailed Job-Description (JD) for each role to achieve the bigger goal and objective of the whole team. From this, we are providing about one hundred and twenty (120) experiences from all the projects with over twenty (20) team leader experience and one hundred (100) team member experiences.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING A Project Management training was executed in the Local Committee for the new recruits and old members after the recruitment process ended. We had externals who were professionals to train AIESECers about Project Management and the nexus between Human Resource (HRM) and Project Management. They were also engaged with the projects we are running for the year, the project components such as: finance, logistics, publicity, learning and exchange, and the team structure. Each person was divided into Project teams with new roles assigned in the team. We had over forty eight (48) AIESECers present with up to nine (9) facilitators.

BELOW IS THE DETAILS FROM EACH PROJECT  PROJECT CURE  A timeline for project cure was created between July to August and September to October, 2013. ORPHANAGE OUTREACH: 4th and 5th of July ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY DAY: 10th-14th of august. PARENT AND CHILDS DAY: September 21st FREE HEALTH TEST DAY: October 4th UPDATES

        6

In line with plans for the orphanage outreach, which includes : Covenant orphanage, Moro, Osun-State. Solid Rock Orphanage, Ile-Ife, Osun-State. Project CURE has raised over: #50,000 as well as several material donations. Partnership with: The Virology unit at OAU Teaching Hospital has agreed to sponsor all materials necessary for our free health test day on the 4th of October Materials needed for each phases of our project has been listed out and planned for upcoming events. LEARNING: Constant Sales training for Project CURE was carried out during several team meetings. PUBLICITY:

A Facebook page for Project CURE has been created where we have upwards of seventy likes (AIESEC IFE, PROJECT CURE) a twitter account was also created tagged @projectcure13, with upwards of two hundred and fifty nine followers.  PROJECT BLACK PROJECT BLACK ACTIVITIES TIMELINE Project BLACK has three key events this year, divided into phase one, two and three PHASE ONE LEARN A LANGUAGE 

Learn a language begins – Monday The 8th of July 2013.

Learn a language ends – Thursday The 8th of August 2013.


Day one –Saturday The 24th of August 2013.

Day two – Saturday The 31st of August 2013


Tuesday The 1ST OF OCTOBER 2013.


Partnership with: The Language Place(TN taker) Partnership with Association of Foreign Languages(OAU) As Learning partners. To provide upwards of four (4) tutors each for every language course. Languages include: French, German, and Portuguese.

  7

Income: #45,000 Registered interest for the project: 150 people.

 PROJECT DISCOVER  Executed a leadership and career development training sessions in two High Schools in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Namely: Moremi High School: had a target audience of fifty five students (55), five facilitators and six AIESECers present. Obafemi Awolowo University International School (OAUIS): had a target audience of one hundred and twenty students (120), eight (8) facilitators and fourteen (14) AIESECers present.  Partnership with two High Schools as TN takers.  Publicity: Facebook Page (AIESEC IFE Project Discover): 72 likes. Twitter Handle (@PRO_Discover): 136 followers. 



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Finance and Administration INCOME 70 60


50 40 40 30 20 10 10 0 Recruitment Proceeds

Exchange Series 1

   

Membership Dues Column1


There was an increase of about 50%, as compared to the 1st quarter The major source of income in the second quarter, was mainly from recruitment process. Proceeds from projects were anticipated, but due to lateness in commencement, it wasn’t realized. There was an increase in Expenses in the 2nd quarter as compared to the 1st quarter.




30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Information Systems


Travel Expenses

Audit Fees

Training Fees Debt Settlement


GENERAL UPDATES Ø New Financial Policies were created, to serve as guidelines for financial transactions in the LC. Ø Members have been delegated as Team Head, Finance and Administration under various projects, hence, the proper tracking of financial transaction and processes. rd. Forecast for 3 Quarter nd Ø We anticipate increment in income for the next quarter, as projects will either be on the 2 phase of implementation or completion. Ø We also anticipate a realization of the new secretariat.

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PR, Communications and Alumni. First quarter report was sent to the Alumni by Ajibola Ayoola Josephus (LCP) after we were added to the google group, the report consisted of an introduction of Ajibola as the LCP, Linda Obi as the EB in charge external relation and me as the Alumni Coordinator. The condolence visit to the family of Late Nkiru Odilibe (LCP 2002) which was scheduled for 19th of May 2013. Activity report was sent on the Alumni through google group by me. The hangout which was to be held on. 3rd week of July was been planned and Alumni management got eight hosts. The Alumni database was updated from 40 to 74 contacts. Alumni whatsapp group was created, Facebook group was created but was later deleted due to the discovery of an existing Facebook group which has 107 members. Alumni management got 3 prospective TN takers.

PR and Communications: Standings on social media platforms as at June 30th;    

Twitter {@AIESEC_IFE} followers: 465 Facebook {AIESEC IFE} likes: 615 YouTube {AIESEC IFE} Views: 82 Google+ {AIESEC IFE} +1’s: 32.

Our official LC website is live: or Our Exchange blog:

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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Sales in quarter 2 was not that much. Below are highlights of some of the activities that occurred during the quarter:

Development and implementation of Hotel Internship Program (HIP): this is an initiative to sell GIP opportunities to hotels around Ife and Osun state. We sold the initiative to 10 hotels and we got only one favourable response which was to raise internship the year end.

The Sales team was set up during quarter two. Sales training was also held for the team members. Some practical sales was done, but much could not be done due to exams in school.

Preparations for AIESEC IFE Management and Entrepreneurship Seminar {AIMES} is the planning stage and we got 2 partners for logistics already.

Market segmentation for Ife, Oshogbo and Ilesha was also done by the team. This will aid selling also.

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Aiesec ife quarter 2 report  

AIESEC IFE, Nigeria report of activities from April to June 2013