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MARZANO enters the tradefloor which consists of 50 traders all conversing with one another before the market opens at 9:30AM. He sits on his chair and starts conversing with the other traders around him. JERRY STACKS AND LENNON JOHNSON are all traders. BBC is a stock that is estimated to be a highly sought after stock. JERRY STACKS Yo Marzano, if you had 1 wish today, what would it be? MARZANO I want BBC to go out the fucking roof JERRY STACKS Oh yeah (skeptical tone), thats the hotshot for the day. APPL (apple stock) was supposed to skyrocket and what happened to that? MARZANO It was the fuckers at Stan (Morgan Stanley) kept selling short and messed with the market. Wasn’t our fault. This one is going to big. I can bet on her. LENNON JOHNSON Hey Marzano! How was Lattazani? (upscale New York City restaurant) Good choice, eh? MARZANO Not bad. Lauren loved it. LENNON JOHNSON Best place to take women, I’ll tell you that. MARZANO Yeah, well thanks cause that would be the only advice on women I’ll ever take from you. LENNON JOHNSON Fuck off, will ya! I made $55,000 on Friday. What about you?



2. JERRY STACKS He thinks he’s gonna catch the big fish today. MARZANO It’s gonna get big. Watch me get rich.

The floor manager, JIM KANE, walks through the trade floor to rattle up his traders for the day as the market is seconds from opening. JENNY is the assistant on the floor JIM KANE Allright boys, lets blow these son of bitches from Stanely (Morgan Stanely) today. You guys know what to do. Buy big, sell short. No losses. Markets open! MARZANO If i get to 5K before you today, your buying me lunch baby. LENNON JOHNSON If I get to 5K first, your getting me a Philly Cheesesteak. 20% off today so its your lucky day, pal. MARZANO Hey Jenny! Come over here real fast. I need you to run these reports and cross check the new prospects and potential clients from the old ones. JENNY Yessir, right away. You trying to get that big fish (David Robinson Marzano’s biggest client) again? MARZANO Show goes on. He’s not gonna say no to this one. Marzano MARISON to sell Marzano

is calling his clients and his first client is BILLY who is a doctor in Brooklyn, NY. Marzano is trying Marison stock.Dr. Marison is in his office and is calling from the tradefloor. DR. MARZANO Hi Mr. Marison! this is Marzano Marino calling from Goldman Sachs. How are ya!




MARISON Marzano! I’m doing great man. It’s good to hear from you. DR. MARZANO Glad to hear your doing well pal. How’s that yacht treating ya? MARISON It’s been great. Took her to Flordia and fished. Could not have done it without you DR. MARZANO (laughs) Mr. Marison, I can do so much more for you. Listen, today is your lucky day. There is this stock called BBC and its going out the roof right now. It’s a pain reliever as well as a medication for those who suffer from arthritis. This drug is different from all the other brands out there because it does not have any side effects and this drug is currently on the 3rd stage of the evaluation process. DR. MARISON Hmmm, okay. MARZANO This drug is about to hit market and I have already invested in it quiet heavily myself as well as a lot of my other clients. And I would definitely not want you to miss out on this rare opportunity.Once this drug hits the stores, it will explode. DR. MARISON Well thing is, I would really love to, but I currently don’t feel confident in this stock yet. Why don’t we just wait till the day the the drug actually hit stores..and then buy it from there? MARZANO Sir, by then everyone would be buying the stock and the price would not be the deal price we have (MORE) (CONTINUED)



MARZANO (cont’d) now. Listen, Dr. Marison, you are a doctor correct? DR. MARISON (Puzzled) Why, yes.. MARZANO You are often forced to make decisions even when time is not on your side, right? DR. MARISON Yes, but this is different MARZANO Dr. Marison, you are about to make a decision of a lifetime. Think about all the people out there suffering from arthritis who would benefit so much from this investment? DR. MARISON (thinking to himself) true, well MARZANO Dr., knowing that we have done business before and that my return rates are envious among the thousands of traders here on Wall-Street, you know what I can do and you know DAMN well that I won’t let you down. DR. MARISON Allright allright. I’ll pick up some shares of BBC MARZANO Thats great Dr. Like I said, this is an investment of a lifetime. Why don’t we start on a smaller scale and then gradually move up to the major leagues? Here, I’ll start you off with about 1,000 shares. How does that sound? DR. MARISON I’ll take it! Just make sure you let me know the return percentages as soon as possible




MARZANO -- Will do doctor. Would you like me to send you the confirmation number to your house or to your office?-DR. MARISON -- office, like the usual would be great!-MARZANO -- Absolutely. I’ll forward that to my assistant right away! Like always, it was a pleasure doing business with you -DR. MARISON -- Then I will be hearing from you soon then.-MARZANO -- Of course! You have a good day then, Dr. Marison.-2. INT. CARNEGIE DELI - NEW YORK CITY. MID AFTERNOON (2003)


After selling a large number of stock to many of his clients and witnessing a monument drop in the market, Marzano is taking a big loss. A loss this big would greatly damage his reputation and ultimately, may cost him his job. As a result, Marzano contacts one of his clients, LORENZO CARDIN, a memember of Manzella - an infamous mafia clan. He asked his client for a loan in order to cover up the losses and is directed to meet with a "CHARLIE" of Manzella. Marzano quickly arranges a lunch meeting at Carnegie Deli. Marzano walks into the deli and looks for the "brother" named Charlie. MARZANO Hi, are you Charlie? CHARLIE Yes, that is me. Marzano? The two order sandwiches and sit down at a table MARZANO (Eating sandwich)So I talked to Lorenzo about my situation and he was more than willing to help me (MORE) (CONTINUED)



MARZANO (cont’d) out. So he said you were the one that would able to assist me. CHARLIE (Eating sandwich)Yes, well I was informed that you need some money to cover up a loss that you had incurred recently? MARZANO Right, that is pretty much exactly what happened. Do you think we can arrange a deal? CHARLIE Yes we have done this before, but there are some steps that you must follow if this were to go through. MARZANO Allright, fair enough. CHARLIE You will have to set up an offshore account under a different name. And from there we will transfer funds from our own offshore account. MARZANO How long do I have to wait unti I can transfer money from the offshore account to my existing one? CHARLIE Wait about 2 weeks, and transfer a quarter of the funds every 2 weeks.That is all. MARZANO I’m going to have to sit on this for a few hours. I’ll give you a ring in a few hours. CHARLIE Very well. As you well know, if any legal issues were to arise, the trail does end with you. The two men shake hands and depart. 2 hours later, Marzano calls Charlie and agrees to go through with the plan.

7. 3. INT. MARZANO’S APARTMENT - NEW YORK CITY. LATE EVENING (5 YEARS LATER 2008) 3. Marzano recieves a phone call from Charlie after Marzano failed to cover up the investment fraud conducted with Charlie back in 2003. MARZANO Yes? CHARLIE (Desperate tone)Marzano. I don’t know how to word this, and you may think I am crazy, but before you do anything, please, please, please listen to me. Marzano checks his watch, mentally noting that Charlie will only have 25 mins before the assisination. MARZANO Sure. go for it. CHARLIE My real name is Andrew Marino. You may not like to hear this, but I am your real, biological father. MARZANO (Sketpical tone) Am I really supposed to believe this? For all I know, your Charlie. CHARLIE Marzano, I left your mother, Kate back in 89’. I was so caught up in the business I couldnt keep myself together. I know there is never a good enough reason for me leaving the family, but I did, and it was something I really really regret. MARZANO How do I know your not bullshitting this? CHARLIE Your mother will be able to confirm this story.I’m very very sorry. I’ve been hiding this for the longest time and its just unbearable for me anymore. Look, can I meet you at the park? (CONTINUED)



MARZANO WHAT?! I swear, don’t you fuck with me. How do I know this is real? There is no way you can prove this. CHARLIE Like I said, your mother will be able to confirm this story and you can check the records. I doubt she would ever talk to me again, I can’t blame her.I know this is hard for you and you may not want to hear it, but can I meet you at the park? I can explain everything in detail. MARZANO I’ll be there in 15. Marzano drives to the park, while just realizing that it is only 10 mins till midnight - the time when Charlie/Andrew is going to be assissinated. Marzano arrives at the park and as soon as he steps out, he hears 3 guns shots in the bathroom. Marzano runs towards the bathroom and opens the door. Andrew’s body falls down, covered in blood. CHARLIE/ANDREW Marzano, I just wanted you to succeed. A 4th bullet is fired and Andrew immediately dies.

unit 1 project - the script  

the script

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